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  1. Many years ago one of my fishing pals had a RX300. The most miles he did in one day was 800 in Italy and that was towing a caravan. John
  2. Yes I have it now. Camouflaged by some black stuff. It does work but when I turn the key I hear the motor whirl so would this work if the 12V battery were flat? John
  3. Lee, Did this key slot come in with the 2008 model them? My 2007 does not have it. John
  4. See especially the posts by Britprius. I followed his suggestion and fitted Three A 245/40/18. C/B/69dB I think from memory. So far so good...... John
  5. Spotted a lovely red 17 reg RC300h in a drive of a house on the NE outskirts of Oxford today. Does it belong to anyone on here? John
  6. IS300h cvt gearbox

    I too have always been curious about how things work. The Toyota HSD has a lot of stuff to be curious about. I've given up on anything except basic understanding and accept that it works and works very well too. The throttle response on my Mk3 GS450h is so much better/smoother than it was on my Mk2 GS300. Two years in I'm still enjoying driving it. John .
  7. IS300h cvt gearbox

    And if you want to read rather than watch then Wikipedia is good and detailed
  8. IS300h cvt gearbox

    Bernie, You may find this explanation and simulator helpful John
  9. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Try John
  10. GS450h 2007 Shock Absorber Failed

    Have you or anybody else other than the dealer actually seen the leak yet? John
  11. Chris, Weird behaviour. The key fob batteries are sometimes very poor even brand new. You could try a new one and if you have a voltmeter measure its voltage before you fit it. Also measure the present battery. New ones can be found for less than a £1. Try and buy them from a supplier with a good turnover to ensure fresh stock. My wife and I have a key each with our own settings for seats. I have noticed that if she leaves her bag with her keys in the car or boot I cannot lock the car. I have to remove her keys in order to lock it. My keys never leave my pocket. The doors unlock when I touch the handles and the boot unlocks when I press the little button. Doors can be locked by pressing the little black button on any handle. Press twice to deadlock. There is no need to get the keys out of my pocket. I never use the buttons on the key fob. John
  12. I learnt to drive about 1961 on a Morris Minor and my Dad had an A35 for work and my Mum had a Ford Anglia 105E which she used for Hospital Car Service. (Do they still exist?) So very roughly 1/2 ton, 40bhp, top speed 70mph and 35mpg. Petrol was 4/- gallon or 20p in todays money. Contrast this with the GS450h at just under 2 tons, 300+bhp, top speed 155 limited and 40mpg. i.e. 4 x the weight, 8 x the power, 2 x top speed and more to the gallon. I find this an amazing achievement. If I remember correctly improvements really got under way with the first fuel crisis in the early 70s. John
  13. Next Kemble meet - 27th August 2017

    I didn't like to bring up the subject of butlers on Sunday. Now I am wondering if I had asked mine to source an NSX he would have stayed. Worse he took the cook with him.
  14. Next Kemble meet - 27th August 2017

    I enjoyed meeting you IS F owners and seeing an IS F for the first time. Well 5 actually. And a little sample ride too. Impressive! Thank you Mark(?). At the risk of showing colour prejudice I must say I personally liked the blue one. The red RC was fabulous. Did Lexus ever do a red IS F? (I like red) I must ask if the guys with silver/grey cars had their butlers come by plane? John
  15. New Member - About to buy GS450 SE-L

    More experiments: With a warm engine, I hit reset as I went down slip road onto eastbound M4 at J18 with cruise set to 65 (i.e. 60 mph). There was little traffic so held that speed. There are also no hills of note until Swindon. Consumption hovered between 52 and 56 for many miles. I left the M4 at J134 and went up A34 to Oxford. This does have some hills and there was more traffic so some slowing and speeding up. Still over 45mpg when I arrived home in Oxford. Repeated the journey next day a bit faster (cruise on 80) and added the A road bit onto Kemble for IS Fs and again recorded 46. Traffic again was light so not much slowing down and speeding up. So to the list of things that drop the mpg I would add accelerating before hills. John
  16. Next Kemble meet - 27th August 2017

    Thanks Dav. Apple maps has it by postcode on the satellite view but not explicitly on map. The satellite view is very good. Google maps does have it. Looking forward to Sunday but first we have intermediate service tomorrow so perhaps mine will get a wash. John
  17. Next Kemble meet - 27th August 2017

    She is indeed fabulous at cakes but I had not wished to push my luck too far. Getting her to come at all was an achievement. She had no trouble hiding her disappointment when I told her I got the dates mixed up. I have 2012 maps but can find no way of getting the AV8 GL7 6BA into the satnav. Even tried by map but can't see any roads. Will print a bit of Google maps. The place in Chipping Sodbury is new so no chance of finding that either. Google Maps does not have it. Satellite view shows building site BUT Apple maps does have it. When did Lexus satnavs enable destinations by postcode only? John
  18. Next Kemble meet - 27th August 2017

    I'm so glad you mentioned Sunday Ratty. I had in my mind and diary that is was Saturday. Thus I also arranged to visit an old friend in Chipping Sodbury afterwards and it was because of this visit that Mrs OldTrout was coming. If I can reassure those who were worried that a WOMAN was coming that this will now not be the case. John
  19. Next Kemble meet - 27th August 2017

    I'm coming for the repartee. The sight and sound of ISFs will be a bonus.
  20. Next Kemble meet - 27th August 2017

    Oh its one of those meetings. J
  21. Next Kemble meet - 27th August 2017

    It's hard enough persuading her to come without Big Rat coming in a diesel van. I promised her at least a nice silver ISF. Red ones would make up for it. John
  22. Ordered a pait at 1024 this morning with free one day delivery. They came in van about 3hours later. Haven't tried them yet. John
  23. New Member - About to buy GS450 SE-L

    I tried this afternoon on the M40 from Oxford J8 to Warwick. Set zero at metro station about a mile from J8, set CC to 65. (This is 60MPH according to my OBD reader.) Motorway very busy so sometimes the radar brought me down to 50 or below though not for long. MPG gradually climbed from <30 before joining motorway to 46 just before I turned off. By time I returned home which included 10+ miles non-motorway A road and unclassified back roads and traffic it was showing 42.3. It's hills, >75 mph, cold engine and faffing about in town that drops the MPG. I wonder what the Mk 4 engine would have done under the same conditions? John
  24. You had starched underwear? 12 years old? Luxury. We had to go up in nothing and we were only 6. John