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  1. Mark, The only CVT in a GS comes in 2006 onwards with 450h. Its CVT is done with planetary gears. It is not the same as DAF which was pulls and belts. Dampers are the main things to check. Good hunting! John
  2. BMW 750 trading to GS450h SE

    Oh bother! I have now removed the files that link pointed at. Dropbox not behaving and I am unable to copy a link to the 2010 brochure and I don't know why. Sorry. The normal link copying doesn't work, Plan B: try https://www.dropbox.com/s/pmfbx5a8nb6cv69/GS-450h-2010.pdf?dl=0 John
  3. BMW 750 trading to GS450h SE

    Welcome. The car looks in splendid condition. What mileage? Here is a 2010 GS450h brochure - bad link see below - which should help with what features you should have. I was surprised at the list of stuff that gets added to the SE for the SE-L but you do have CC if not ACC. I guess it is the modern way of marketting. Hope it helps. John
  4. Is the front y section something you could get at to repair yourself? I have just been sent details of a product called FibreFix heat wrap. See There is a video on the page which shows an exhaust being repaired. Might keep you going until a more convenient time for repair. I have no connection with FibreFix or Toolstation but I did wonder if a roll of this stuff would be handy to have in the boot for those of us with elderly cars. Perhaps I should post in the general forum? John
  5. The reversing lamps I bought were £6.98 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-2x-T15-T10-base-CAR-ULTRA-BRIGHT-LED-CANBUS-W16W-194-BULB-SIDE-LIGHT-12v/222219077479 John
  6. Mine is 2007 SE-L so there may be differences. The 450h was about performance not economy. (c.f. 0-60 times of pre-V12 Aston Martin DB7 or early Jaguar XK8.) Other hybrids may good around town but in my experience the 450h is not. I get about 30mpg or less with short journey (and cold engine) town driving. On the open road when it can get into "overdrive" (about 55mph) it is very good for a 10 year old 3.5l petrol engine. I get 35 - 40 with a best of 45mpg (over 80 miles). Pretty good for a performance car and it is about 30% better than my old 2nd gen GS300. (VED less than 2007 GS300 too.) I have heated and cooled seats which are also more comfortable than the GS I had before. I have never been in an LS so I cannot compare. The driver's headrest moves with seat positions set in memory which is very good. The seatbelt height is also adjustable. Cassette player: great. I have lots of cassettes which I can now play. Old does not mean of no functionality. I still have a fountain pen too. The 3rd gen GS was designed probably 8 years before the iPhone but there is some compatibility. I put 10 or so common numbers into the speed dial by hand. I don't want my other 638 contacts transferred. How would I use them unless I stopped in which case I just use the phone. I have 2012 edition maps but still no full postcode functionality. I have though been able to set every destination I have wanted albeit perhaps slower than a more modern system. I don't know if 2017 maps would upgrade the postcode functionality. The reversing lights were filament lamps as the car was designed before white LEDs were available They were poor so I replaced mine with LEDs. Much better. The boot is small and the boot light is akin to a Morris Minor starting handle. The road noise is very dependent on road surface and I was surprised it was no quieter than my old GS. My hearing is very poor and any road noise masks other sounds like speech from passengers. I would like quieter if possible. Passengers think it is quieter than their cars. I find conversation in their cars impossible. Worrying about battery level and how far or fast you can go without petrol is pointless. It's not something you can do anything about anyway. The computer will manage it. John
  7. Gold Membership

    I understand that if I rejoin using the Black Friday discount I will get 25% off. However, I if I have a standing order set up I will not get 25% off. Is this correct? John
  8. My experience of button cells like the ones used in the fob, is that even brand new ones can sometimes be flat. It is possible the one fitted in her fob has already expired. Can yo check its voltage? If not does your wife's key open the car and allow engine to be started without your key being around? John
  9. Well Ian M might not want them marked. On the other hand he might like to be able to get them off in the event of a puncture. After a main dealer repair involving the removal of all four wheels from my car I could not undo the locking nuts to grease my calliper pins. Worse, my local tyre place, who have used torque wrenches for as long as I can remember, were unable to get the locking nuts off without destroying them. A roadside attempt would certainly have failed. The torque settings are there for a reason. John
  10. Anyone know what this is.

    Fob detector for the boot lock? There is a similar thing inside my boot and Britprius says that's what it is John
  11. And washed down hourly with a light hock?
  12. Is the limiter something to do with maximum permitted revs of the various motors? 10000rpm for one of the electric motors? I have noticed that S Wales is nearer now I have new rear tyres. John
  13. White isf on ebay

    Great purchase. I envy you. I knew it was a mistake going to Mumbles last Saturday via the M4. I usually go via Abergavenny and the Head of the Valleys road. I might have seen you John
  14. My 450 is a 2007. It may be different. At the bottom of the speedo binnacle is a little display panel. This has a number of screens of information and the display button on the rhs of the steering wheel cycles though these screens. When cruise is enabled this screen changes to "radar ready" and when a speed is selected this speed is displayed. Even if the radar slows the car the selected speed remains and car will return to this when it can. Pressing the display button will still cycle through the other screens but the display will revert to the radar display after a short time. Don't other years work like this? John
  15. Andrew, What make were the budget tyres? How do you find the Michelins. Bit early for wear but how about grip and noise? Are they XL or normal? John
  16. Many years ago one of my fishing pals had a RX300. The most miles he did in one day was 800 in Italy and that was towing a caravan. John
  17. Yes I have it now. Camouflaged by some black stuff. It does work but when I turn the key I hear the motor whirl so would this work if the 12V battery were flat? John
  18. Lee, Did this key slot come in with the 2008 model them? My 2007 does not have it. John
  19. See especially the posts by Britprius. I followed his suggestion and fitted Three A 245/40/18. C/B/69dB I think from memory. So far so good...... John
  20. Spotted a lovely red 17 reg RC300h in a drive of a house on the NE outskirts of Oxford today. Does it belong to anyone on here? John
  21. IS300h cvt gearbox

    I too have always been curious about how things work. The Toyota HSD has a lot of stuff to be curious about. I've given up on anything except basic understanding and accept that it works and works very well too. The throttle response on my Mk3 GS450h is so much better/smoother than it was on my Mk2 GS300. Two years in I'm still enjoying driving it. John .
  22. IS300h cvt gearbox

    And if you want to read rather than watch then Wikipedia is good and detailed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid_Synergy_Drive
  23. IS300h cvt gearbox

    Bernie, You may find this explanation and simulator helpful http://eahart.com/prius/psd/ John
  24. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Try http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAKE-GREASE-FOR-CALIPER-PINS-IF-YOURE-USING-ANYTHING-ELSE-STOP-/253064197022?hash=item3aebcd339e:g:JzsAAOSwjL5ZDZTF John
  25. GS450h 2007 Shock Absorber Failed

    Have you or anybody else other than the dealer actually seen the leak yet? John