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  1. Good to hear symon that your 600 has maintained a faultless history regarding the hybrid system. The specific areas you touched on allow a potential 600 owner a good insight as to what to expect should I find an early 4 seat version in Siena Red with Ivory leather. The ones I've seen are either in black or silver, neither colour appeals to me, moreover there hasn't been one that was presented in good order. Main issues are trim missing or damaged, lack of decent service history, galactic mileages and never once have I seen a hybrid battery annual check certificate even when looking at a car at a Lexus dealership. It sounds anal but the colour combination is top of my list but I have never come across 4 seat 600 in Siena Red with Ivory leather. I know every paint colour, leather colour option and wood option produced at the launch of the 460 and 600 in 2007 but only because I have an original sales promotion kit that dealers would take to a customer who couldn't get to a showroom. Bought it on E Bay for £60 but it's of no real practical use but the quality of the kit is outstanding. All leather covered box and 12 paint swatches, 4 analine leather and 4 basic leather swatches and 3 wood samples. I have never even seen some of the paint colours on the road but then again 460 and 600 cars are hardly in abundance.
  2. Thanks Martin, I am beginning to understand the theory behind the hybrid systems.
  3. OK , thanks for the feedback, useful. I guess it must have been sitting on the forecourt for a while so if temperature is crucial then that may be why the engine fired up first. The car had stepped out of the Lexus Service network after 7 services and appeared to have been serviced by non franchised garages which I always feel very cautious about. No paperwork to show any annual hybrid battery checks which dealers would or should do so I will not be taking this viewing any further. The one touch Otterman switch failed to put the nearside rear seat into the fully reclined "legs up" position were the front near side seat's headrest lowers, the seat back tilts forward and the seat base moves forward. I had the ignition on so thought the auto button for the otterman would engage. Just have to carry on looking.
  4. Been to see a 600 today at an independent garage who knew less than me as to how it works from switching it on. My son has a hybrid, a Toyota Auris and his always starts off in electric mode and when he reaches a certain speed the engine will start and either take over or run in tandem depending on his throttle use. I turned the 600 on by pressing the start button and the engine clearly started but remained running even when Drive was engaged, I thought the engine would only come in over 30 or 40 miles per hour. The salesman was clueless and offered no opinion. Bit embarrassing really as I have a 460 and thought I would just get in and press the accelerator once Drive was engaged. Could it have been the battery was just too under charged? Any 600 owners out there that would just take me through the basics please.
  5. Forgive the ignorance but I too have exactly what you have and wanted to play my i pod so fitted a device with a supplementary Y harness to preserve the use of the CD changer. Fitted in about 45mins and I'm sure with your phone there will be a device for android from the same supplier who are called Xcarlink. The photo of the pin sockets is merely to show that there is choice and for a 2007 460 type 1 would need to be specified as the male portion needs to fit into the back of the audio head unit in the fascia. Without a Y harness you lose the function of the cd changer. Any use?
  6. Hi Brian, yes I agree, the roads in this country can be appalling but unfortunately a high percentage of the road tax we pay is siphoned off by all Governments to fund other things. The failed strut crept up on me as an odd thump every now and then till it was every bump in the road surface felt like a drum roll from the rear end. I try and nurture a dealer to meet my needs rather than imposing their idea of my needs on me. Lexus Carlisle have been great from day one of crossing their threshold. Hi Malcolm, you're right about LS600's. I've seen every 600 advertised on E Bay, Lexus dealers and Autotrader and the one's around 2007-2009 which featured 4 seat versions with the Rear Relaxation Pack usually have in excess of 100,000 miles and 150,000 isn't uncommon. However I think this is a testament to the reliability of the brand. The asking price is remarkably low because unless you are a fan most people wouldn't touch a large V8 with a pole. If you can stomach some of the running costs of a large car they represent amazing value when a ten year old car costing £80K new can be bought for around £12K and as you say often with full dealer history.
  7. Interesting review. My 460 is 10 years old. Serviced only by Lexus Carlisle from new and I am the second owner. I travel from Yorkshire to have it's annual service because the dealer is outstanding. One rear drive shaft and one rear air ride suspension strut replaced, both under extended warranty at around 65000 miles. Very surprised that one of my rear struts failed at this mileage. In fairness the drive shaft was replaced due to a split gaiter and not failure of the CV joints. 19 out 20 possible extras were specified by the first owner, around 14 of them within the 3 major upgrades you could opt for and they all work or are in first class condition. I too considered a 600 but held back because I couldn't find a 4 seat version with the Rear Relaxation Pack and a detailed battery history. However I think my caution was unjustified regarding the battery pack as replacing the hybrid battery is as common as hen's teeth. Still looking but very rare to find in my price range.
  8. Hi Phil, I have removed one side of my rear seats and your mechanic will need three weetabix when he does take the seat out. There is a reasonable Youtube video showing the process. The base comes out first and relies on two locating wire loops in the seat base frame. The loops push into white plastic inserts. It's hard to pull the cushion up without bending the wire framing on either side of the cushion, however when it's put back you will need to support the cushion from underneath first and push down firmly on either side. This action will ensure the seat cushion wire frame will bend back down and sit level with the centre cushion. One wire is disconnected for the heated seat and then you have to tackle the upper seat. Two bolts at the base of the frame, 2 seat belt bolts and a ducting tube if you have air con rear seats need to be unbolted/disconnected. The seat frame can then be lifted upwards and hooked out of the two brackets. Very heavy. The wiring loom needs to be disconnected and be careful there is a separate yellow air bag wire too, (suggest you disconnect the battery and wait 20 mins to discharge any residual current for the air bag) If the wiring is left connected the best thing to do is support the seat frame after you tilt it forward while the top mounting plate is tackled. Three nuts and a wiring connector. The top plate can be seen with the seat out , just under the rear parcel shelf. Not sure if the shelf does need to come out fully to deal with a top bush. Hope this helps
  9. Hi all, just wanted to ask if anyone has ever removed either a front or rear exterior door handle from a 460. Tried Youtube but no luck. Steve
  10. Bought a siena red 460 in 2015 and have run it for 2 years. Two warranty claims under extended warranty which I would not have liked paying for, a rear drive shaft and a rear air ride strut, both cost £1000 each to fit. Serviced and MOT'd twice under my ownership under a service plan, no issues or advisories. 66,000 miles and to be honest the best car I've owned. Not ever experienced a 400 or 430 which seem to have legendary reputations, but this first Lexus covers all the bases for me. At 10 years old it drives and feels like a 4 year old car and not a squeak or rattle due to the high build quality and superior materials. I'm the second owner and the first owner opted for 19 out of the 20 possible options back in 2007 and every one of them works or has not deteriorated in that time i.e comfort pack.
  11. My near side rear suspension strut was replaced last month under extended warranty but the bill was £1000 !! Although I didn't have a squeek I did have a thumping sound every time I went over the smallest bump. These air ride struts are very expensive when they go wrong. I was told there is no repair kit or schedule for the top mounting.
  12. Confirmed by my dealer, the thumping sound was the near side rear air ride suspension strut. £1000 repair but done under my extended warranty. Held in place by one huge 19mm nut at the bottom of the strut and 3 nuts at the top plus electrical connections. The rear near side seat had to come out as the top mounting plate is inside the car as opposed to the old style of shock absorber of long ago which was accessed in the boot. But at 65000 miles I was surprised that it had failed at a modest mileage for a 10 year old car. I guess the off side strut is potentially the next issue I might be dealing with.
  13. Thanks guys for the feedback, No height issues either side and certainly doesn't drop on the near side overnight. It just feels like something moving up and down causing the thud. The very best example of the thumping sound is when I go over a sleeping policeman i.e the hump that goes across the full width of the road at about 3 mph. When both rear wheels hit the raised tarmac the body rises and then falls in a second and this is when the sound is most noticeable. Taking the speed bump at a slighter faster speed increases the severity of the thump. So I'm convinced it's all in the vertical movement of something. I'm wondering if the top plate bushing of the strut is worn. It's a very dull surpressed sound like it's muffled. Anyway when it's sorted I'll report back what was replaced to cure it.
  14. Dear all, anyone experienced what I can only describe as a thump coming from the near side rear suspension when the car travels over any irregular patch of road surface. Only exception is motorway use because the tarmac tends to be super flat and smooth. On any other A or B roads no matter how fast or slow I travel the rise or fall of the suspension over bumps coincides with a thumping sound either a single thump or a few rapid thumps depending on the road surface problem. It can be heard as low as 3mph or any speed above that. Best way I can describe the noise would be when an exhaust section or box has become mis aligned and comes into contact with the body as the body rises and falls over uneven roads. That's how it sounds but I suspect the air ride strut is bottoming out somehow and wonder if anyone can confirm what component is responsible. My dealer who serviced the car and did the MOT today confirmed they heard it on road test and their subsequent examination of the suspension couldn't find anything which might account for the annoying non stop thumping. I needed to get back home which is 120 miles from the dealer I use so agreed to come back to investigate further. I have Lexus warranty and will hope it will cover the fault eventually when someone can explain what's going on. Any pointers would be gratefully received.
  15. Moved the making of some trays for my 460 to the finished stage but prior to installing them into my front seat backs. Using the scrap donor seat back allowed me to get to the finished stage 2 point. Have to decide now to actually install them. Chose grey vinyl to match the grey around the doors and dash and beige vinyl to contrast against the grey. Completed these two trays some time ago but too busy looking for another house put this project on the back burner for a while. New house found so thought I would post these photos. Used aluminium sheet wrapped in a carbon fibre effect to avoid marking the wood veneering. As to if or when I fit them I haven't decided yet but I was happy to make them. Once I started I just wanted to get to this stage before I decide to complete the job. Photos attached.