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  1. Thanks for the kind replies gents. I think I've cracked this for now, and predictably the fault was (I think) based on my own ignorance/stupidity. I believe the software that controls the mirrors dipping when reverse is selected tells the mirror to return to the selected memory position for the last selected driver, rather than the last actual position of the mirror. I had inadvertently set the memory with the driver's mirror in the wrong place. Once I figured this out, everything was fine and both mirrors now return to the correct position. All this being said, should the motors start to become "lazy", taking the mirror to bits and lubing the mechanism is a really good idea and one I'll keep in mind should they start misbehaving.
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  3. Hey hey forum chums, another question. My wing mirrors dip when I put the car into reverse, which is a very good feature. However, I've noted that they don't always return to the normal position once I disengage reverse, especially the driver's mirror. Several times I've found myself having to manually return the driver's mirror to the right angle. Am I missing something in terms of a setting somewhere? Or is it time to start testing the quality of the Lexus used car warranty? Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions.
  4. I have some proper genuine Lexus mats in excellent, very clean condition in light brown/beige that were fitted my 2008 GS450H. These were replaced by Lexus as a condition of sale as beige doesn't match the interior of my car - I got black instead. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm sure they will fit any other GS from 2005 to 2011. I would like to swap for some similarly clean and tidy Lexus mats for a GS, but in light grey (my interior is Sussex Grey). Thanks!
  5. Nice car mate, what was the damage buying from a dealer? More than it would have been buying privately of course. [emoji6] In the end I figured it was worth it for the 12 month warranty, the relatively easy buying experience, and the fact if there are issues you're dealing with a large corporate body with a good reputation rather than a backstreet garage or individual. Also, the quality of preparation the car gets is very high. As an example, I spotted this while looking through the history via the Lexus app. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks for the comments Tony. Great idea about the sunglasses going on top of the mirror, I hadn't thought of that. I've been using the little tray under the armrest, but will try your suggestion later. The window tints were on the car when I bought it, but I do like them. I have two young kids so keeping the glare off them is no bad thing, but I think dark tints suit the colour and style of the car. Great news about the nav discs allowing updates on the move and thank you very much for the kind offer. I'm expecting a call today from the used car sales manager at Lexus so hopefully they'll be as good as their word and sort me out with up-to-date maps (which will also fix the on-the-move thing).
  7. Thanks Norman, yes I only ever call a handful of people from the car, so manually entering their numbers isn't the worst task in the world, plus I notice I can dial from my iPhone and the call is automatically handled by the car, which is good. Thanks for the insight and promising news about the navigation. Another question I've just thought of... I've noticed a very small amount of wear on the leather of the arm-rest and driver's door grab. This is me being picky to the nth degree of course. I'm wondering if anyone here has used Liquid Leather on their Lexus? I used it on a previous car (a totally god-awful P38 Range Rover) with good results to refurbish a very worn steering wheel, so any Lexus feedback would be useful. Linked to this, is there a way to get the precise leather colour by entering my VIN somewhere?
  8. Thanks for the assistance fellas, really useful. I can see a second set of wheels is going to be an expensive option. I might just wait to see exactly how dicey the handling becomes once the temperature drops and the roads get slippery. I had a brief irritating moment when I had a "Check System" warning from the tyre pressure monitoring. After two restarts though it has cleared itself so I assume this is just 'a thing' that happens occasionally? At least that's essentially what Lexus told me. I'm still pushing Lexus on updating the navigation, but does anyone know if newer maps unlock the ability to enter destinations/phone numbers etc on the move? Not being able to do this seems madness. Every other car with navigation I've had allows this (including my 2010 Toyota Prius (HD navigation) running 2014 maps). Is there a clever trick to syncing the phonebook from a iPhone 6S running iOS 10.3.2 or is it a case of entering the numbers you need manually? As an aside, I moved my private plate from my Prius to the Lexus, and have to say I was very impressed by the DVLA service. Doing it all online meant the whole thing was completed in front of me, and all I needed to do afterwards was put the physical number plates on the cars. Very refreshing when the old way of doing it meant filling out forms and posting off cheques and waiting weeks. Efficient government agency?! Whatever next?????!!!
  9. Thanks Lee, that's really helpful, and thanks for the info about the clock, tyre sensors, and sunglasses. The online manual will be very handy too. With regard to the maps and driving on the continent. For for foreseeable future all my driving will be in the UK, so multiple discs wouldn't be a problem. Do the more modern discs allow entry on the move? I've noted that in addition to entering navigation destinations even entering phone numbers and (really annoyingly) track selection from my Lexus iPod adaptor are greyed out when the car is moving.
  10. I've just bought a 2008 GS450h from Lexus and it's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I've said hello in the new members section and figured I should utilise the expertise here for more specific queries which hopefully the knowledgable members here can help with. 1. I had assumed (naively?) that there would be a sunglasses holder in the roof panel near the sunroof buttons. There's a bit of plastic which when tapped sounds hollow which would be big enough to hold sunglasses but it's definitely not something I could get into without a screwdriver. Can a sunglasses holder be fitted here? What do the rest of you GS owners do? 2. I can't figure out a way of getting the digital clock to display in 24 hours format. Has anyone managed to do this? If so, how? 3. Do you guys run your 450h's on normal unleaded or super unleaded? I never use supermarket fuel anyway, but any experience on this would be great. 4. Tyres and tyre pressure warning systems. Disappointingly my car has budget tyres all round which I'll replace as soon as my bruised wallet recovers. I'm also flirting with the idea of buying a second set of wheels for winter tyres and keeping them in my garage six months of the year. This would cost around £1000 but would I need to fit expensive TPWS sensors to my winter wheels? If so, how much would that set me back? 5. I managed to wangle a brand new set of mats from the Lexus dealer as part of the sale. Other than regular vacuuming, how can I keep these in tip top shape? I read on another forum someone using scotchguard? Any experience on this? 6. I have two kids (5 and 3) who are almost as keen on daddy's new car as daddy is and (somewhat embarrassingly) have told all their friends, teachers and nursery nurses about it. Accompanying the joys of fatherhood however are muddy feet and general grime. I already have protectors on the rear bench to sit between the child seats and the leather, but has anyone bought a rear seat cover to protect the whole rear seat? If so, any recommendations? 7. Navigation. I'm pushing the Lexus dealer who supplied my car to update the map disc to the latest version as currently it's 2007/2008. Am I right in thinking as well as up-to-date maps it allows you to enter data on the move? If so, what other updates does it come with? Thanks for humouring me and I'm very happy to be a Lexus owner and part of the forum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I'm now the very proud owner of a 2008 Lexus GS450h with around 59,000 miles on the clock. I've been hankering after one of these for quite a while (see this post in January) The one I've bought is in velvet black with ivory leather, and all the SE-L toys including ACC/PCS and a sunroof. I bought it from Lexus Edgware Road, so have a full warranty which hopefully I won't need to use, but is nice peace of mind. Admittedly I've driven less than 100 miles so far but I was highly impressed with the 36.8 mpg I achieved driving back up the A1 to Cambridgeshire. I have some immediate questions concerning how to switch the clock to 24 hours format and why on earth it doesn't have a sunglasses holder which I assume are better addressed in the proper forum, but I wanted to say hello all the same. Pictures of the car here... Looking forward to contributing here, thanks for looking.
  12. Hello Lexus enthusiast chums, A bit of an introduction and note about my next car choice. Similar to others on here, I'm looking to buy a GS450h. I'm looking at 2008 and newer models and am keen to get radar cruise control and a sunroof as well as the SE-L goodies. They seem to be a bit thin on the ground at the moment, but if anyone is selling one please let me know. Aside from the issues with shock absorbers (which has been 'absorbing' to read), I'm assuming the rest of the car is pretty bullet proof? I'm very keen to buy the Lexus warranty once I get the car, and will not buy a car that I can't apply the warranty to. I'm based in Cambridgeshire and work in Cambridge itself, so I'll be using Lexus of Cambridge for servicing. Any horror stories/positive experiences here? When I called Lexus of Cambridge they told me they don't give a discount for the Lexus owners club. This is a shame. Not that I'm opposed to joining the club the the savings on servicing would have been very useful. If I do buy the GS450h it will be my first Lexus. The other car in the household is a 2010 Toyota Prius, the quality and driving experience of which have directly led me to consider Lexus whereas before I wouldn't have. My previous car history is heavily influenced by the usual German suspects, having had four Mercedes-Benzes, three BMWs, and a VW. I'd happily have a Merc or BMW again, but not a VW. I've also had a Jeep Grand Cherokee (surprisingly good), a Range Rover Vogue (unremittingly awful), a Volvo (fine and respectable) and a Smart Brabus Roadster (hilariously both good and bad, but mostly bad). I look forward to being a member here, and ultimately having an actual Lexus to talk about! Thanks for reading.