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  1. I got mine done in stainless steel in leeds, they did a grand job of it very quick good service. Must say though they are not as quite as the old ones. I know some people go there to get that V8 rumble but i wanted silence so I plan to change them at some point in the future.
  2. Mine wasnt working when I got her. there was a hole in the front aircon rad thingy.So I bought a new one from amazon at I think 80 ish flown in from florida. Then I bought a couple of cans of air con gas and a extension pipe from halfords which worked a treat. All this after taking it to an air-con specialist who told me I needed a new compressor a rad thingy pipes cutting and shutting andvery special oil putting in the gas, Must of had mug on my head that day. (quoted me 900 labour) I drove it on a 5000 mile tour of France and Spain with no problems. So don't be put off thinking you cant fix it YouTube is our friend.
  3. Hi I have a 430 which at some point had a set of strutmasters coilovers fitted I had a small problem with them which was the rubber mounting washer thingy had split and moved around, I just took it off compressed the spring and moved it back. The ride is good but I would think not as good as the air shocks. But having not been in a 430 with air ride I wouldn't know TBH. I searched for one with coil-overs as I was sure that if I got a 5 grand bill for the air shocks I might cry although I would like to try one out. Does anyone know a way of running maintenance on them so as to keep them from failing?
  4. Hi guys, I am wondering if anyone has tried this hack... wow thats turned up huge....oh well special for us old ones who need glasses i guess. I am bored of the 6 cd's of course and of my cassette adaptor which makes a lovely noise when it can be bothered to. I think I am going to give it ago with my trusty soldering iron and hammer whatcha think?
  5. I have breakdown cover however I like to be a little self reliant in regards to my car as I drive through some places where phone signal is a problem. It can also be fast and better to make that repair yourself when its something that you know how to do. (common faults) Although on a 5000 mile trip last year only one tail light bulb went and that was on the 1st day. Normally take full double kit of bulbs, tyre repair kit, fan belt, fuses, tools, some hose, etc. As regards to getting it welded or repaired that's what I don't know and what I wrote the post for. I to be honest have very little (none) experience of body work I thought someone might have had the same problem.
  6. Hi John, I do do that but I cant always carry a large trolley jack with me at all times although I have tried. It would be nice to have the ability to change a tyre by the side of the road tbh :)
  7. Happy New year guys I hope no one is suffering to badly after last nights celebrations. It being the new year I have a job to do that I have been putting off for a while and after she has served me so well last year taking me on a 8 week tour of Europe. The old girl needs a sill repaired as it was crushed by someone before me... although I did make it worse one day when I needed to get to my brakes. It is now so bad I cant jack her up using the sill (and there is a puncture in that tyre nearest), I will throw a few photos up when It stops raining. Has anyone had this problem I have googled it and cant find an answer. Many thanks
  8. Good evening guys, I am finding it hard to start without a quick stab of the throttle. I have changed the coolant temp sensor, cleaned the MAF sensor, changed plugs air filter now I am thinking about changing the Engine Crankshaft Position Sensor has anyone done it ? Many thanks guys
  9. Right then for the hell of it and just to see I put the cheapest tyres from black circles I could buy on my ls430, "lets see how bad they can be" Well after sheepishly turning up at the tyre place and not getting any strange looks or comments even though I had been embarrassed and worried about turning up to buy the cheapest ones because everyone knows your meant to buy the most expensive tyres you can afford and lord help you if you buy anything but the big names dunlop, goodyear etc as of course you are going to at the 1st round about completely lose control and plough into the party of school children and end up with your beloved car wrapped around a tree. I got back in the car and drove slowly and carefully out of the garage, turned left onto the main road.... and even managed to navigate a round about without any Starsky and Hutch action, I do think the road noise is a little higher but just a smidge they handle better than the last ones I had on there and even seem to stop in the rain. Although I do intend to go out on a wet day down to a private road by myself to slam the brakes on to see what happens, better that than with the family in the car. If this is my last post It has been a pleasure owning a lexus, reading and talking to all of you lovely people.
  10. Thanks guys I will get that done in a few days. Might even find buried treasure, this time next week we could be Millionaires. Just on my way back home after a 5k tour of Europe car drive like a dream. I took a load of spares with me, only used an indicator bulb on the first day.
  11. Yeah nor me. The seat isn't loose and still moves, I did manage to push it in a few inches (please insert bishop to actress joke) While the seat was moving forwards and when I moves the seat back the plastic runner didn't slide out more. If I can't sort it then it might be time to Cut it off and bury my head in the sand forgetting I ever did it. Although it might grate me over time. Have you ever removed the front seats?
  12. Yup perfect timing I need a set I think you're right on those Goodyear they are great I find them running at £105 on black circles fit my 430 on 17s
  13. Hi guy's I'm wondering if anyone has had this happen. I was cleaning the carpets...thanks to the last owner using it to ferry logs and garden equipment around. I moved the driver's seat forward and back and a plastic runner has slid out and won't slide back. I don't want to break it forcing it back. Any ideas?
  14. Hi guy's I'm wondering if anyone has had this happen. I was cleaning the carpets...thanks to the last owner using it to ferry logs and garden equipment around. I moved the driver's seat forward and back and a plastic runner has slid out and won't slide back. I don't want to break it forcing it back. Any ideas?
  15. Hi Max I am not sure it is, mine got better the more weight I had in I kept the tank full for that reason. I'm hoping with yours it will be the anti-roll bar bushes. Its easy to check now i know how... just jack it up a bit wheel not off the ground and grab ya coil and wiggle it a little bit see if it creaks. Mine were 20 quid from ebay. Good luck mate let us know how it goes