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  1. thanks Phil that helps loads. I have so far ordered the rear drop links 48830/40 and two of theses as I cant even see any rubber left my goodness theses things are hard to find online gonna have to ring around tomorrow. I found these bushes for the well front and rear might just have to replace all the rubber on the whole car its all looking cracked. do you remember the company you used in the states for the parts? (sorry big ask if it was a long time ago)
  2. The trailing arms are hard to come by on ebay.....I am hoping I dont have to go to the dealershipoff. All I could find is these and Thanks for your help guys.
  3. What do you think? Movement in all the rubber Suspension is off it's rubber mount
  4. oooooooo damn Phil I do hope you are right IM gonna jack the car up now and have a look see
  5. Hi yeah it's struck down well. I'm gonna get under it today and check the prop shaft I'm hoping there is some play and I need a new diff I think that's easier to fix than a gear box
  6. it looked good today.... but i do have a spare I will change it out thanks worth a try at the mo
  7. ok so update time..... I hope you guys are having a good weekend. I (with help) have changed the engine and gear box mounts... no easy feat with an lpg kit stuck on the engine we had to drop the subframe as loads of pipes were in the way top side which stopped us raising the engine also we had to take off the steering rack and a load of other bits. Anyways after 2 days of maximum effort it was complete. I drove it away only to hear a clunk and feel a kick in the bum (also felt a little rage I think I may have driven it into a tree to teach it a lesson But i think it may have hurt a bit) So back to the drawing board, now thinking rear diff/ mount or gearbox. anyone got any ideas which dont involve fire... im having those already :)
  8. Hi guys.... Thanks for all the advice... i will try it out tomorrow
  9. Me to Phil, in the interest of preserving my sanity I will be doing the job myself come hell or high water.
  10. Good evening guys, I seemed to have a drivers door that's sagging down about 5 mm it still closes however I would like to fix this without the old wooden block in the door trick. I do hope there is somewhere to adjust the door if anyone knows or a secret button under the dash that Lexus hid please let me know :) many thanks
  11. I have checked the engine bay out... when I change gear the engine rocks and ,..... thuds. Engine mounts it is. :)
  12. Thanks guys, that sounds about right to me. I will buy all the mounts engine, trans hmm i think I remember buying that rubber joint for the propshaft some time ago but never fitted it, I guess now's a good time. Thanks again for your help
  13. Good evening guys, I wonder if anyone could shed some light on my situation regarding my ls430. She has developed a banging? maybe a Thud might be a better way to explain it, when it goes into gear this can be on my drive way or on the motorway when I take my foot of the accelerator pedal she thuds kinda forward and then from the back when I or the cruise control starts accelerating again I remember having something like this a long time ago on a bike but that was a rubber bushing in the wheel...... of course its not going to relate to this i'm just rambling on, any help on this would be most helpful as I love my car and I don't want to get rid of it anytime you know before I die. many thanks John
  14. I got mine done in stainless steel in leeds, they did a grand job of it very quick good service. Must say though they are not as quite as the old ones. I know some people go there to get that V8 rumble but i wanted silence so I plan to change them at some point in the future.
  15. Mine wasnt working when I got her. there was a hole in the front aircon rad thingy.So I bought a new one from amazon at I think 80 ish flown in from florida. Then I bought a couple of cans of air con gas and a extension pipe from halfords which worked a treat. All this after taking it to an air-con specialist who told me I needed a new compressor a rad thingy pipes cutting and shutting andvery special oil putting in the gas, Must of had mug on my head that day. (quoted me 900 labour) I drove it on a 5000 mile tour of France and Spain with no problems. So don't be put off thinking you cant fix it YouTube is our friend.