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  1. Pat that's a complete no-brainer, €50 is very good. 15kms is a bit low though, I'd love to see the terms and conditions on it but it sounds great.
  2. They're exactly the symptoms that I had originally, losing power, blower on etc. Sounds to me like you had an overheat on the battery. I would try a simple reset first as this may clear it (i.e. try to clear the alarms using a OBDII code reader - available for about €30 on ebay), other than that, it sounds like it's strip down time again my friend. If nothing shows upon the strip down you could be looking at a problem with the HV converter (that's the part where the air duct enters the the silver box unit suspended below the HV battery). Hope this helps.
  3. Can't see a part number on mine (the golf clubs in the way isn't helping though), I'd imagine that it would be a fairly standard lead available from any good motor factors.
  4. That is some sort of shield that sits behind the HV (orange cables) on the protruding bolt shown just to the right of it in your pic.
  5. Those voltages should be fine once you've cleaned up everything.
  6. Carnut, The last cell I put in was about 7.5 too. I didn't bother charging it and it made no difference. Toffee pie, they are all individual battery units i.e. the silver rectangular unit shown in the initial post, each unit has 6 * 1.3v cells, sealed in within. There are 40 of these battery units linked in series in the HV Battery.
  7. Halfords or Maplins do a slow 12v charger for about €15 - or whatever that equates to in sterling
  8. 7.48v is fine, they just probably haven't been charged in a while.
  9. Hi Carnut Thanks for that. My engine didn't run with the HV battery out. The boot however will open with the key. There are a good few things that will give you a "check hybrid" alarm, have you any codes for your problem?
  10. That sounds pretty much the same as mine. I have hardly turned mine off this winter as they don't ever get too hot.
  11. I had the exact same thing. It turned out to actually be the exhaust. It has a weakness at the y-junction at the rear where the pipe splits to the 2 rear boxes. It's pretty hard to see it. I welded mine and it's back to being quiet again. Hope this helps.
  12. You're very welcome, interesting that it was just the copper bars giving you trouble, glad it all worked out for you.