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  1. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Velour seats remind me of french reanaults or american osmobiles. Wow those seats were mire comfortable than a sofa.. i just wish velour was on todays optionlist
  2. NX Three likes/dislikes

    So why do we have leather seats? I always preferred cloth and i think that is more comfortable, softer and cooler in summer, warmer in winter. But it seems there is no way around it in premium vehicles.. interesting is that the new toyota century, the top of the range car and only available in japan with a v8 and hybrid( was v12!!) is equipped with 100% wool seats! How cool is that!! I would order this immediately if available, would you?
  3. Lexus Japan have got a brandnew website where they introduce the revised NX. I can't seem to copy the video but please have a look if you want. It contains the new NX in i think a new red color looks great. just go to below some pice of the new interior.
  4. Thanks Terry much appreciated
  5. Soft helicopter sound at stationary

    it is not loud but sounds a bit like a helicopter hovering above you? it could be the electric motors you hear they give sort of whining sound but you wont hear them when stationary.
  6. Infinity

  7. Test drives.

    Hi Bernie, 1) i came from an IS 250 and have owned a 300H now for 2 years. I am convinced you will like it, the 300 is just a much better package and the 250 will feel old after a spin the 300. Only thing you will have to get used to is the drivetrain, especially the CVT box but that will be done easily. 2) buying a car can be very difficult sometimes.. I have been in sales for over 35 years professionally but what goes on in car dealers can still completely blow me off my socks. I can easily fill this thread with numerous examples of lazyness, non interest, commercial amateurism or a"leave us alone we are not interested attitude". 2 short examples that relate to yours = buying a car for my daughter go together for a testdrive at a peugeot dealer on saturday, money in the pocket. Car is there we are there but sorry sir no drives on saturday can you make an appointment for next week plse? We purchased another car one hour later at another dealer. = Entering a BMW dealer asking for a written offer according to the full spec i had with me, reply was can you come back tomorrow we are decorating the showroom now. Car dealers that put customers first seem to be a rare breed. good luck to you
  8. Am I young and urban?

    Believe it or not but the average age of a new car buyer in holland is 55... ( private buyers that is so not company cars). think the UK should be about thesame?
  9. Am I young and urban?

    Marketing and selling cars hey.. they know exactly who will be the buyers what agegroup income profession status where they live etc etc. thing is marketing is creating an image around a type of car and thats why you see good looking athletic people in their early thirties loading a surfboard in the back of their NX and they smile 24/24 never work and live in villas. reality is the potential buyers are 50+ middle aged men like me but i guess i dont look good enough in a commercial!
  10. RC350 AWD

    Interesting read. Seems where one lives can be a decisive factor. When living in a rural area in the middle of Germany with wide open roads without speedlimits fiscal punishment or dense traffic an RC300H will practically be unsellable. When living in overpopulated areaś in Holland with constant traffic jams, radar enforced speedlimits on all highways and fiscal punisment for big engines an RC350 wil practically be unsellable.
  11. Excuse me but i wasnt paying attention, what was the topic again?
  12. IS 300H RWD

    yes much better. i drove bm 320i and 1 series and they really struggle in the snow even with winter tyres. My IS250 and IS300h are different animals and the main contributor in my opinion is the SNOW button in the automatic. It chooses a higher gear when driving off and the anti scid kicks in very early. You can floor the throttly what you want but the electronics wont have it revs just increase slowly grip permitting. You wont have a lot of problems. Ice of course is another matter, then i is better to stay home!
  13. LC-F

    the cars may be different but the clientele could be thesame. The majority of 911 buyers want a daily driver that is powerful does never break down looks the part and radiates success. They will never take it to the track or drive topspeed. The LC500 can play that role and salesfigures prove that point as initial reports from dealers are that 911 customers trade in to an LC500. regarding a DB11 the set up of both can be compared as can the looks. I personally would prefer to own an LC but fair to say that the brandimage of Aston Martin in the UK is different than on mainland Europe. By the way, sales in Japan are through the roof with a waitinglist of three (3) years now if production does not increase. Seems Lexus have a success on their hands..
  14. Ex lease cars

    here in Holland Leaseplan sells their ex leasecars directly to the public from various showrooms. I purchased a BMW 118 petrol 4 yrs old with 21000km at about 10% below marketprice with 6 months warranty. The service history is mentioned on their website and all is very transparent. I was very impressed with the service and transparency. of course i double checked with the BMW dealer that delivered the car and had it in maintenance and all was known and correct. Advantage is the cars are young max 4 yrs and in holland are serviced at main dealers. pricing around 10% below dealerprices and beeing an ex companycar it is better equipped than privately bought cars. Dont know the UK situation but in Holland i was very impressed and will safely recommend doing this.