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  1. Rear Screen Demister

    i have mine on all time this season it seems it is just not powerful enough!
  2. Spot on Linas, i recall this was also written in the manual on page 1 in BIG capital letters. -- never use this vehicle for short city journeys - if i am not mistaken there was even a sticker on the rearview mirror with thesame text.
  3. Linas is making friends again......
  4. Snow

    lots of snow here in Holland. and as usual the country comes to a standstill, trains get canceled, traffic moves with 15mph, traffic jam galore. How do they do that in Switzerland?
  5. My 320i had 4 recalls in 16 months. this was technical only. so not about the dashboard that had all sorts of creaks, cracks or other sounds especially in winter when when the car warmed up, also not about the metal sound underneath. With my IS250 nothing went wrong in 4 years not even a lightbulb. I would love to have a spin in a 200T as the overall opinion was very positive, especially as it has the 8 speed instead of the CVT and its engine is seen as one of the most composed and civilised 4 pot turbos in the industry. It wont happen as it is gone due to lack of sales due to fiscal stimulation towards hybrids. Yes the germans have a vast array of engines but that is only possible if you pump out the neccessary volumes. The Lexus sales are just a tiny drop in the ocean to be frank, maybe we have to be glad that Lexus is still here..
  6. I drove an is 250 for 4 years and 140k kms.and still think it was the best car i ever owned ( in a looong series of vehicles). after this i had a short escape to a fully loaded BMW 320 touring and i thought it was raw, agricultural, no way near Lexus standards. So back to an IS300H and after some getting used to ( cvt, hybrid) i am now hooked to hybrid driving to an extend that i would prefer fully electric( if the range was ok for me). I think of myself as a Lexus guy full stop. My IS is just as fast as the German competition and propably faster in traffic light stints if that is your game. I like the styling, the drivetrain, the performance and if i compare the 250 to the 300H well... lets say time has moved on. The 300H is better in the overall package, more room, better performance in daily driving ( faster than the 250 to 50mph if that matters) , fuel consumption, comfort, seats, damping, chassis, and last but not least Looks. In my opinion the 2 cars cannot be compared as totally different but still Lexus. The 250 was a great car of the last decade and the current IS is fully on par with the german competition. the IS300h is a great successor to the wonderful 250 taking the brand to the next decade and whowever disputes that is maybe better off driving another make.
  7. lexus mainly stopped selling the T engines in markets that fiscally support hybrids and in some markets Lexus now even offers a 100% hybrid only range. In the biggest markets like the states the NX/IS/RC 200T are big sellers and they even get a good press..
  8. Hey Linas, Lexus called they want you in the board 🤓
  9. Different people different opinions. For me lexus does not stand for high speed or brute accelleration. Not for engine noise but lack of. Not for competing with other road users but ignoring them in silence. lexus is not for everybody but for people in the know. You have to see it to recognize it. Overengineering, conservative buildquality, polarising styling and above all driving something special. A feeling a lifestyle. For me it does not matter what type of lexus people drive from 20 year old ls400 to brandnew lc we all have something in common and i find all cars just as interesting.
  10. propably so, its called cupping. Tyres are no longer 100% round thus create vibrations and sounds like a wheelbearing is off. average lyfespan of a tyre is 5 years so even if the profile is still ok it might be past its life so better change it. I have yokohamas on my IS300h and i hate them. The rubber is so soft that if i leave the car for 3 days or more they "sit in "and are no longer round. The vibrations only disappear after some 10 miles. Terrible.
  11. Everything is relative and so is speed. Hot hatches from today have the speed of supercars of 10 years ago. 30k now buys you a new SUV that takes some 5 seconds to reach 60. 2 liter 4 cylinder engines now can be had with more than 400 hp, all standard. Time has moved on. The debate if an IS250 / IS300H / NX or RX reaches 60 in 7.5 or 8.5 seconds seems irrelevant to me, neither of them are fast cars in todays standards, as long as you enjoy them it should be just fine?
  12. Who is that bloke.. Did not miss one apex, in full control like he is driving to the shops.. Must be a retired touringcar driver surely
  13. yes i love it and that creates another problem! My car is a leaser that has to go every 3 years and in some 6 months time is up. Thing is i find it such a nice car to be in that i dread going back to a non hybrid. So that limits the choice somewhat.. I would like to stay with lexus ( this is my 2nd) as it just "fits" if that makes sense. So could be an NX or and LC, or, even another IS although that would be an all time first as i never bought thesame car twice. testdrives will have to tell the truth. Will the weaker engine in the NX be an issue. Is the 2 door impracticality of the RC going to mean trouble? I will also take the new alfa Stelvio for a spin but i dont think it will be thesame experience. what i like most about the IS300H F-Sport is the feeling that it is something special, not just traffic like most of the competitors. I like the CVT box ( never thought i would say that!) as it is silky smooth in town, brings rest in the cabin and secures very low revs on the highway. Like the silence of electric propulsion in town, like the on/off feeling at trafficlights. Power is enough for me, just ignore the 0 - 60 times as if find that irrelevant in daily driving. In town accelleration is 0-45/50 max and in that you will be up there with the 10% fastest cars for sure with revs not higher than 4000 rpm. Highway cruising no problem up to very illegal speeds, smooth stable ride great chassis and gorgeous looks. ( The RC even has drop dead gorgeous looks!). Fuel around 6.5 ltr/km dont know how much mpg that is but i find that very acceptable for a heavy 4 door petrol car! Anyway you get the picture that i am a very satisfied driver do you? hope you will have thesame experience as i have, keep us posted! and pics please..