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  1. I would definately go back to the Lexus dealership where i got the car from 6 weeks and 1500 miles ago and would politely inform them that i am somewhat disappointed with the paintquality of my brandnew vehicle. Did they maybe receive similar complaints etc? This is a grey area where Customer Service will take over from technical and if your Lexus dealer puts his customers first he will surely understand your disappointment and will try to help you one way or the other.
  2. Well, Lexus seems to be doing pretty well on that CO2 front dont they.. Thing is, you have been bashing the car you will soon be choosing relentlessly so thats a bit hypocritical isnt it? Another option would be to buy a private car maybe a 640D and claim expenses. Really looking forward to your statistics on that one.
  3. Hey Rayaan, it could well be possible that some people have a different opinion than yours..
  4. Hey Linas, Lighten Up Man... A car is more than just digits and i personally could not give a toss about consumption, statistics and other non issues. in case of a coupe the only ( ONLY) thing that is important is looks. We all know it will be less practical than a 4 door or Suv so LOOKS are all it needs. Renato, you worded it just right it transports you comfortably and elegantly and that is what a coupe is all about. ( Please please can you post a pic of your beauty..) If life would be all about consumption i suggest to buy a 320d, also very useful if you cannot get to sleep, just look at your car for 5 mins and ..zzzzzzzz
  5. pictures??
  6. I do feel sorry for allen, 7 chips in only 1500 miles feels bad. Can be road/traffic related of course but nevertheless if this would happen to me or to you i am sure we would feel absolutely gutted. No statistic would dampen that. My advice would be to drive your car to the dealer and poilitely ask them about their opinion. A true Lexus dealer would offer a respray for sure.
  7. Weight Weight Weight. The 200t is considerably lighter than the 300H. how much? Uncle Henry and his wife in the back seat. All the time. ( and he is a big man..)
  8. Shame it is no longer available as it was on my shoppinglist to replace my IS300H. Dont want to buy thesame car again so it was a strong contender.
  9. Just saw the JD Powers 2017 list with Lexus on a 16th place just behind toyota.... Did Lexus not dominate this list for years and years??
  10. same in Holland, hybrids only.
  11. latest in Holland is the Bearlock. It locks the gearbox solid can be unlocked with a key and is internal. Lexus dealers install this for 750 euro. Cartheft over here is well down but maybe that is because they dont take the car they just strip it completely. Bumpers, fenders, wheels, complete ( and i mean complete) interiors. Wake up in the morning go to your car only to find out it is just completely stripped. Seems to be on order also. one week only GPS systems, next week steeringwheels then complete fronts of VW poloś etc
  12. Hi John, my point was the amount of money in this case. I do know money is relative and expensive for one is cheap for another but really...... 1250 pounds for a great looking luxury barge with 8 cylinders that, even if you have to spend another 1k, can give you several years of wafty luxury motoring. For 1250 pounds..
  13. Come on guys.... 1495 Sterling asking price and for sale for some time. one can propably get it for 1250 without trade in. can somebody give me one ( 1 ) decent alternative for that amount even if some precaucionary repairs will have to be done? Toyota Starlet?
  14. I am told that old fashioned butter will work just apply butter on the stain and gently rub it away did not try myself so no guarantee.. ( and make sure to remove all butter before using the seat again..)
  15. I find it disappointing that the IS range is not 100% rattle free. Lexus used to be the relentless pursuit of perfection and the undisputed champion in Noise, Vibration Harshness as enormous amounts were spent to create an environment that was truly unique in the automotive world. Not sure about the current GS range but maybe my 2011 IS250 was the last one of that era. That car felt like it was built from one piece, rocksolid with doors closing like a bankvault. I drove it for 4 years and no rattles or any noise, just nothing. It felt special. The IS300H F-sport i now have is a great car in its own right, i like it. However the build quality is not on thesame level and yes, there can be the occasional noise from different types of plastic in the cabin. There seems to be more Toyota in this one than Lexus...