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  1. Wintertyres need to be changed at 4 mm profile minimum as below that there is no grip to plough through the snow. Normal summertyres can stay on till 1.5/1.6 mm no problem. I never measure the depth but change on a visual.If they start to look worn then i change them never play with safety! Currently driving am IS300h Fsport on Yokohama Advan Sport 255/55/18. No issues with grip as the car does not have enough oomph to practice tailslides and the width of the tyres combined with a great chassis and an overactive tractioncontrol secures i never do one step out of line. So grip enough in dry or wet. I still dont like the tyres though as i find them too soft. Leave the car for 2 days and they sit in, are no longer round, they cup. It can take some 6 miles before the vibration coming from that disappears, very annoying the steering wheel evenmoves in my hands! When i change to wintertyres ( michelin) it is completely gone.
  2. I never drive in ECO. It's like towing a lorry.
  3. Here s to a lucky man! Well done Adrian, respect
  4. yes, ducktape or maybe straps. doesnt look nice but will be effective for a short trip on monday and the boot will be closed tonight
  5. Just incredible, how on earth is it possible to make a car that filthy?? Just how do you do that?? Work on the land all day and just step in with muddy clothes drive home and do thesame again tomorrow? If the car looks like that i do not want to know how that persons house looks like... ugh Respect for restoring this wonderful motor Adrian, wel done and i wish you many tasteful miles!
  6. .Have you been a novellist in a previous life? Well written and i now just have to tune in for the next episode of "The Reborn Lexus" ( deep voice). Will Adrian find a solution for his gearbox? Why do The Lithuanians show up and Will there be another fire?? Find out in the next episode of...... Cant wait haha
  7. Now THIS is going to be an interesting thread! Hurry please with the next post Adrian, let us be part of your big adventure! ( admire your courage by the way)
  8. Couldnt agree more Ian, We all drive a Lexus AND are motoring enthusiasts one way or the other as we are interested in the LOC and spend time here debating our cars. It will be our common interest to lift the Lexus brand and increase the Lexus service. Brand loyalty seems bigger with us than with other brands. SO, Lexus, are you listening? We are here to help if wanted! Having said that, i do think that any manufacturer that takes itself serious and has a group of customers organised in a club open for all will listen in as this will provide tons of information that will enhance customer service and marketing efforts. Lexus UK will no doubt have a highly trained Customer Service Department that you can contact on facebook, twitter and by mail and you will get a reply within the hour? The M/D s of the dealers and all sales directors and managers will follow the LOC activities out of professional interest? Will they? Anyone working for Lexus amongst the members?
  9. Hi Ian, that is an interesting combo. Here lives a man that knows itś cars! I always admired the little IQ for itś package. position of gearbox, minimalist design. A car for people in the know.,, And Edward, many moons ago i had an Alfa GT Junior which i drove to the beach every day in summer when i was a student. Fun was over when i had a puncture and tried to jack it up went straight through the chassis can still hear that ripping sound.
  10. Hi Daniel. Every car has an exterior and an interior. That where The Tech is.. If it looks good but there are multiple questions about maintenance without answers then just turn around and walk away. Will save you your hard earned money. Never fall in love with a car there will always be another one.
  11. wow Gidrazas that is what i call impulsive buying. If any dealers are reading this it only shows how important any customer contact can be. If you can be face to face with a potential customer that is just pure gold. Unfortunately that does not seem to be recognized by many in the car trade. If i bring my car in for service why is there nobody from sales to say hello? ask if i am satisfied? establish if i could be in the market for something? Why in all 37 years of motoring has not one single dealer ever called me? how is you car sir? still satisfied? could i bring a car over for you to explore? most dealers are asleep with their eyes open. ( but there are excellent ones out there as well).
  12. I am going to go have a word when they are about to ask them to be more careful from now on. why not hold them accountable for what they obviously did? I think they are responsible and will have to refund your cleaningcost?
  13. Here's a 10 min. vid about a comparison between an RCF and RS5
  14. Well, you clearly never met my wife.. She will shout at me then throw knives and finally out of revenge will buy a completely new wardrobe! ( I ll be lucky if i find my IS in a good state the next morning)