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  1. Bristol Blenheim, or a 2nd gen Range Rover for 30k and save the rest for repairs..
  2. And how is the deer? Dead or alive? I read somewhere that in some countries if you kill an animal its yours, So in the trunk it goes and some fresh meat for the barby at night?
  3. shame they did not give the NX thesame power as the IS. Some 27 horses less from thesame powersource, guess the marketingdepartment did not allow it. i Drove an NX for a day recently and it is a very relaxed drive indeed but feels weak compared to my current IS, it does not give thesame push.
  4. I find this unbelievable. Sounds more like Uncle Henrys workshop than a Lexus Dealership. If this would have been my car i would go ballistic as this sounds so wrong on all fronts. First it is the dealers problem and NOT yours Marc. I would not give a toss if the dealer will have to spend 8, 8000 or 80.000 to set the matter right. The car is under full Lexus warranty and they simply have make it work. Never let the dealers problem become your problem. Second, ripping parts from another car to install in yours instead of going through the official Lexus channels sounds like fraud to me. Might be interesting to politely inform them you dont know what to do and send their proposals to Lexus headquarters for advice..
  5. interesting car. not sure if i like it though, need to see it in traffic amongst other cars. It does stand out with the long bonnet and wide low stance it reminds me of an aston taraf.. As it looks sooo much different then the german competitors i think it will remain a niche model. ( again..) the vast majority of potential buyers will flock to the german 3 or jag. Might sell well in the States though.
  6. My IS300H is a companycar and every 3 years i have to change cars. End of this year she will have to go. And then what... I find this very difficult i just dont know at the moment. I still have plenty of time and there will be some new cars coming out in the next months but nevertheless.. I just dont like ordering thesame car again doesnt appeal to me. so Stay with Lexus and go for the NX? I also like the Disco Sport and the new Q5. Maybe the new Stelvio? I prefer an SUV type of car this time but also for that i am not sure. Boy oh boy this is going to be difficult. Normally i used to have a clear picture of what i wanted, Saab or Lexus but now i just dont know. The new Volvo XC60/40? Nissan? Honda? or go for a non mainstream but sensible choice, Subaru, Skoda ? I dont like Bmw or Merc so that is a no go. What would you do?
  7. Not repairable but engine, drivetrain, interior wheels (3) should be worth a few quid?
  8. Yes it is Bahrain, the pinnacle of motorsports
  9. more power than brains happens a lot these days with supercar owners in their twenties... by the way never understood the attraction of dragracing..
  10. Lucky you got away Carl , could have ended badly. ( and lucky you were alone in the car no wife or kids). Unfortunately it seems we have to accept that these low life criminals exist, better to stand above them and completely ignore. Never react to their primal behavior and utterly useless as sooner or later they will end up in jail anyhow. Same happened to me some years ago when a brandnew black S-class with 4 "gentlemen " inside cutting me off as if i wasn't there. My wife wanted to hit the horn and tell them off not really reading the situation as they had mafia written all over them. Could barely hold my wife back but turned into an argument lasting days..... Best to turn up the ML system and play some classical music i guess.
  11. I have been thinking about this for a long time and have come to the conclusion that fun in driving does not have to be related to high speeds. Let me try to explain; Many years ago i had a motorcycle, a 550cc 52 hp machine i could drive absolute full throttle almost everywhere, into the limiter in most gears, flat through corners and just act like a complete hooligan. A friend of mine bought a 900 cc bike and after driving i just didn like it, too much power could not use more than 60% on normal roads. Another friend of mine drives a 911 carrera 4 and sometimes goes for a spin on the countryroads around our village. Of course he likes it but told me repeatedly he had so much fun 30 years ago on the same roads in his then 911 with skinny tyres and way less power, pushing that car to the limit on every corner and just using 99% of its power. He can forget that with his current 911. A true eye opener was when i bought my daughterś first car when she turned 18, a Suzuki Swift with a tiny 850cc 3 cylinder motorcycle engine, skinny tyres, weak brakes and a roadholding that can best be described as interesting. Oh Boy.. that car was fun to drive! Picking up and loosing revs like a bike engine, from 1st to 2nd to 3rd through the gears the engine screaming until that moment the roundabout comes up, trying to loose speed braking braking, shifting to second car leaning on its tyres then full throttle again out of the roundabaout into third into fourth and only later realising all this was well below 50mph..... Of course a powerful car like the ISF will give thesame thrills but at 3 times the speed. Somebody once gave me the advice on how to improve the fun of driving out of your car by telling me ++ just get narrower tyres++
  12. i would prefer something else than leather.... Hot in summer, cold in winter, slippery, looks good but not really 100% functional for anything other than a sofa is it? i once rented a volvo v70 in Sweden and the cloth on the seats was like a wetsuit, really something else, looking supercool and extremely comfortable. isn it time for more innovation?
  13. I find the whole satnav/infotainment system the absolute weak spot of the car. It costs a fortune and in my idea is a big waste of money, i would not recommend anyone to order this. The satnav with its cumbersome mouse like operating system is a disaster in its own right and the navigation itself is so bad it is almost like Lexus did this on purpose. I use Google, sooo much better and easier to operate. I sometimes use both systems to see who wins and guess what? Google Always Wins. I have no idea why a below par system of 2 generations ago found its way in a Lexus. It drags the whole car down.
  14. fire brigade or rescue services?
  15. Lexusdealers in general have a problem. I honestly dont know how they can survive. With Lexus beeing a niche marque they just do not sell the numbers needed to be profitable. Dont know the UK figures but in Holland BMW in 2016 sold 18k cars, mercedes 15K and Lexus 871 ( !!). Then the reliability of the cars kills the dealers, They sell them and only see them back at the regular service as they dont break down ( unlike the Germans), so it is almost impossible to make a profit on service/repairs. In my time a dealer made itś money on selling fluids, (oils, brake fluid, coolingfluids etc). In my Alfa days the cars were so utterly unreliable i knew all mechanics by name and did visit the Alfa dealer every month. Profitable visists for the dealer though. How times have changed..