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  1. Correct big rat if the price is right
  2. IsF LT09DWO

    Good idea ratty . Especially now it combined 👍
  3. Thinking of selling

    Emjay82 good look with the sale . Someone is going to get a beauty . And a bargain . What’s next ?
  4. F with bike

    I like the rothmans Honda . Looks a beast
  5. That right up is exactly the same as the white one witch came from Ireland that was on e bay couple of months ago .
  6. Big rat . Haven’t had chance to use my snow button . We don’t seem to see snow in Cheshire.But there’s lots of rain tho 😳
  7. Did you have snow mode on . Did it make any difference?
  8. Qualit IsF race footage

    Reminds me of the Welsh blat
  9. That’s the only one far as I know
  10. Matching cats

    Here’s my best mate.
  11. Low Mileage isF For Sale

    Rusty you have a few miles to go to beat this guy
  12. Gsf on Pistonheads

    Bet she not that clean now
  13. Flytvr. How about SPEED . Starring mr g in a white RCF
  14. Gsf on Pistonheads

    Price has dropped to 38k for the Stoke one
  15. Gsf on Pistonheads

    Big rat bet you would at 40k
  16. Gsf on Pistonheads

    I think big rat would look good in the silver carbon at Stoke. Go on ratty get in bought
  17. Think we need linas to confirm that one flytvr
  18. That diffuser on the isf looks nice .
  19. That’s a rum colour curry ratty
  20. That’s a rum colour curry ratty
  21. Big rat . Flytvr this is a rare sight
  22. Flytvr .You don’t deserve her treating her like that .
  23. Colin . Apparently we can just rob the parts of a 220d