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  1. It's a daily. Practicality be damned! Took me three attempts to get one. Unity, Thames and finally Chris Variava in Nottingham who had one left. Only covered 120 miles in it so far across a few days but initial impressions are as follows - Looks - stunning especially in rosso competizione. Build quality - a bit mixed, there are a few rattles which may need further investigation. Driving - the steering is a tad twitchy and the engine is still being run in but it has a healthy amount of power below my self imposed 4000 rpm limit. Every trip feels like a proper event. It's a mini supercar that sadly attracts a lot of attention but all positive unlike my Evo.
  2. Getting back on topic, cracking choice. I've always had fun driving my brothers XFR. He's got a set of Mina backboxes on it and it sounds filthy! I'm still mucking about with 4 pots after the ISF went, the latest one is a little different - I do miss my ISF though, brilliant cars.
  3. The trouble is if a car is priced too cheap then people get suspicious. I think I've given heads up to 3 forum members who ended up buying an ISF. I replaced mine with a fairly tuned Evo X which I'm now planning on selling in a month or so. Not looking forward to the tyre kickers and timewaster it will attract!
  4. Thankfully my area is fine but there have been reports of stolen cars nearby. VAG performance stuff seems to attract all sorts of scrotes. I guess relatively discreet motors with plenty of poke are ideal to either use when commiting more crime or strip down and sell on. A chop shop was found and shutdown further afield in Blackburn a few months back. I've been fine with the Evo but that's hardly discreet!
  5. Listed mine (AT, eBay and PH) at the worst time of the year, just before Christmas. Had nowt but timewasters. Some examples - 1) A chap sent me a message offering me a speedboat as px and cash his way. 2) Someone asked for more pics and videos, sent them over only to get a reply saying the car was nice but I was too far away. Mind boggling given that he knew my location before he messaged me. 3) Someone offering me over 4k less than it was advertised for and saying they could come and collect it the next day. 4) Someone asking a fair few questions on condition etc before offering 3.5k less than the advertised price. In the end I got fed up and sold it to Evans Halshaw who paid 500 less than my advertised price. They then sold it on to a fellow forum member and made a tidy £1500 profit although I'd argue they got luck with that sale since they were inept to say the least. I agree with the Prof, great cars but don't sell that easily. Or maybe my timing played a bigger part.
  6. By sensible daily I mean something like a MK5 Golf GTi or something similar. That's as sensible as I'll ever get
  7. Aye he's pretty handy behind the wheel and has seen/done some things in his time. The Ring was superb, already planning the next trip out there. Leaning towards selling the Evo, getting a track car like a E46 M3 and something sensible for daily duties.
  8. He always has some interesting metal. The noisy his Chevy pickup makes is absolute filth. Makes my old ISF sound like a Prius!
  9. Yup long gone, collected by Mr Rat. That reminds me, did you collect the mid section as well or just the backboxes Mr Rat?
  10. Front brake discs

    I have a pair of new rear discs sat about in storage if anyone needs some.
  11. Spotted this weapon in a retail unit at the Ring complex last week - Sadly it was closed so I couldn't go in to take a closer look.
  12. IS-F Exhaust tips

    They can be tweaked to fit either side. I lost one on my old car and sourced a replacement from a fellow member. It was for the wrong side but my mechanic managed to get it to fit right with a bit of help from some power tools.
  13. DIY Exhaust Mod

    Cheers. Always had a soft spot for the 996. Don't think I'll be aiming for any lap records on my first trip out, just hope the weather is good and I get a few clear laps in. Back on topic, can't seem to find the thread on here where a Mesa Red ISF owner modified the rear section of their exhaust. I recall that it sounded rather nice.
  14. DIY Exhaust Mod

    The chav chariot is currently being prepped for it's (and my) first trip to the Ring in a few weeks. New pads, brake fluid, tyres, lovely Ohlin DFV suspension etc. Wallet is taking a bit of a hammering, just need to make sure the car doesn't during the trip! Had the map tweaked recently, now sitting at 481bhp with 447 ft lbs of torque. I still miss the ISF, thankfully I have the keys to the XFR as I'm babysitting it for a few weeks. Over 1000bhp on the driveway -
  15. DIY Exhaust Mod

    Yup. Forgot to update my thread but turned out the exhaust place cut the existing exhaust off where the secondary cars join the flange so it made it a pain to revert back to stock. As a result I sold the car with the aftermarket exhaust.