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  1. I have a pair of new rear discs sat about in storage if anyone needs some.
  2. Spotted this weapon in a retail unit at the Ring complex last week - Sadly it was closed so I couldn't go in to take a closer look.
  3. They can be tweaked to fit either side. I lost one on my old car and sourced a replacement from a fellow member. It was for the wrong side but my mechanic managed to get it to fit right with a bit of help from some power tools.
  4. Cheers. Always had a soft spot for the 996. Don't think I'll be aiming for any lap records on my first trip out, just hope the weather is good and I get a few clear laps in. Back on topic, can't seem to find the thread on here where a Mesa Red ISF owner modified the rear section of their exhaust. I recall that it sounded rather nice.
  5. The chav chariot is currently being prepped for it's (and my) first trip to the Ring in a few weeks. New pads, brake fluid, tyres, lovely Ohlin DFV suspension etc. Wallet is taking a bit of a hammering, just need to make sure the car doesn't during the trip! Had the map tweaked recently, now sitting at 481bhp with 447 ft lbs of torque. I still miss the ISF, thankfully I have the keys to the XFR as I'm babysitting it for a few weeks. Over 1000bhp on the driveway -
  6. Yup. Forgot to update my thread but turned out the exhaust place cut the existing exhaust off where the secondary cars join the flange so it made it a pain to revert back to stock. As a result I sold the car with the aftermarket exhaust.
  7. Flat crank on the Ferrari derived engines are impressive even in stock form. Was behind a Maserati GranSport this morning that sounded lovely. I guess Lexus had to compromise to appeal to their typical customer base.
  8. Not had anything through
  9. As per the title, I have a stock rear exhaust sat gathering dust at my mechanics garage. Ideal for someone to modify and fit whilst still retaining their stock rear section. I know some users have done this before with good results. Free to a good home, you would need to collect it from Leeds though.
  10. The owner is a member on the MLR, the sale thread for the car can be found here -
  11. Nice to meet you and your kid too. Congrats on joining a very exclusive club. I went out for a drive earlier and spotted a white ISF out in Ilkley. Sods law, owned mine for over a year and never saw another in the wild. All the best, enjoy it in good health!
  12. Gear knob seems to be the wrong one?
  13. I remember that feeling! Good luck and all the best with ISF ownership.
  14. My brother has the same engine but in a XFR, he's also owned a 4.2 supercharged XF in the past and I've driven both. I owned a 4.0 XJR a few years back which was also good. There is just something about a supercharged V8. The sheer amount of grunt on tap with next to no lag, it always makes me grin. I'm waiting for the prices on the XKR to bottom out before I jump into one, sticking with the pops and bangs of the 4 pot in my Evo X for the meantime.
  15. Either of these two. Still want to own a XKR 5.0 at some point. That engine is an absolute peach and the supercharger whine is addictive.