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  1. The owner is a member on the MLR, the sale thread for the car can be found here -
  2. Nice to meet you and your kid too. Congrats on joining a very exclusive club. I went out for a drive earlier and spotted a white ISF out in Ilkley. Sods law, owned mine for over a year and never saw another in the wild. All the best, enjoy it in good health!
  3. Gear knob seems to be the wrong one?
  4. I remember that feeling! Good luck and all the best with ISF ownership.
  5. My brother has the same engine but in a XFR, he's also owned a 4.2 supercharged XF in the past and I've driven both. I owned a 4.0 XJR a few years back which was also good. There is just something about a supercharged V8. The sheer amount of grunt on tap with next to no lag, it always makes me grin. I'm waiting for the prices on the XKR to bottom out before I jump into one, sticking with the pops and bangs of the 4 pot in my Evo X for the meantime.
  6. Either of these two. Still want to own a XKR 5.0 at some point. That engine is an absolute peach and the supercharger whine is addictive.
  7. Bunch of utter numpties. Why on earth have they done that if Matt has left a deposit on the car?
  8. No worries Matt, I'm glad that the car is staying within the club. I loved it and I'm already regretting selling it. In hindsight I should have held off selling it for a few weeks and saved you the hassle of dealing with Evans Halshaw. Hope it all goes well on Saturday, drop me a text with your travel plans. I live fairly close to the dealership so can meet you at the nearby Shell to give you the remote for the exhaust (depending on timings).
  9. The drivers side isn't as immaculate as the previous owner was an elderly chap but still, only 28k miles from new! My lanky mates had no issues with the ISF. Tallest one is 6'4"
  10. Welcome to the madhouse. Mine should be up for sale by Evans Halshaw soon. At least that's what I was told. It's been a week without it and I'm still depressed. With the X in the bodyshop I'm having to drive my trusty shed car and it's just not the same
  11. A clean black car will always give a nice reflection etc. Silver on the other hand They do make a decent difference, the stock exhaust is fairly restrictive and the headers even more so.
  12. Yawn, silver is boring! Interesting. My brothers XFR was dyno'd at nearly 600bhp after the aftermarket exhaust was fitted. We've had a few "runs" over the past year and there seems to be very little between the two cars.
  13. Once again proving that black is the best colour for a thundering V8 saloon....
  14. Asking price and sale price are completely different things.
  15. Did a deal on the car today but the exhaust is being switched back to stock. Shame really given how sweet it sounds but the trade in price stays the same regardless of stock or aftermarket. I guess the custom exhaust will find its way to an auction site near you soon