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  1. As you might have seen I had some issues with vandals recently. I have DVR with "Parking Mode", which works on basis of g-force/sound and motion detection. Actually, works quite well as far as I have tested, but the camera itself only has a capacitor and even if there would be a tiny battery that won't last an hour. Option 1: I can hardwire it.... but there are issues with that 1. acid batteries are not meant to be cycled 2. even if I disregard that I might end up with a flat battery. I know there are battery protectors, but they kind of defeat point of parking mode. The question here - how long would you think the battery would last with a simple "hardwire and forget approach"? Option 2: is to buy those fancy ... or to be specific "that" fancy Cellink B pack... but it is £169 and claims that it gives only 24 extra hours. which is nowhere near sufficient for me. Anyone have experience using something similar? I have tried using 10000 mAh battery bank, but it annoys me because it is "smart" i.e. it does not charge while being charged itself and does not charge automatically without turning it "on" and it seems it sometimes gets confused with low power consumption parking mode and turns off by itself to preserve energy (very useful). When it work it gives ~12-14h of parking mode footage thought. Really my goals is to have parking mode for 3-5 days which doing rough estimates on how long battery bank last would require ~ like 100000 mAh, Cellink B has 76000 but not sure why it last only 24h.. (maybe I should get Tesla for this kind of thing and just tap into main battery :D)
  2. Never found strong enough polish paste to get fine scratches out. Ordered another paste which meant for professional use from the same supplier, but never tried actual cerium oxide powder... Or I simply do not have enough force to push against windshield for long enough. One way or another - if that is a mark of say 5x5cm it might be a feasible option, but if we talking about entire windshield or entire side windows - forget it. I have repaired 2 stone chips on windshield later... and all worked well except I made too large (~10x10cm) "blend in area" which I guess on the glass stupid in itself and then I struggled to polish the bits out. It kind of worked out, but because I know where were the areas I can spot micro scratches there. I could not see them while driving from inside - which I guess is good enough for the windshield, but it isn't 100% fine surface.
  3. I was tempted... even browsed Amazon and made few searches relating to Lexus hoping it will trigger... But then I remembered I have ad blocker.. what a retard.
  4. This makes me think of buying IS-F to meet Autumn deadline... It is hard to see you guys having fun while I battle traffic... you know me - just jealous person.
  5. That is because they are not SE-Ls .... breakers have many IS'es in the lot and just post the pictures of one random to show you similar model. The car in the picture is usually already gone into pieces and are long on the shelves. Try asking them for any part.... and most of the time they won't have it. Especially the popular ones like facelift head or tail lights. You would need to locate complete car yourself from original auction like Copart.. if you want any value in it. As you know HID headlight, or even more facelifted ones with DLRs are like £900-£1500, whereas you can buy whole car for that price e.g. it might have side damage or rear damage and the rest is all good.
  6. Real rubber connoisseur can tell...
  7. Yes.. all SE-Ls had parking sensors from standard. There were in total 4 optional things: Moonroof, SAT-NAV, ML audio and RDCC. The rest all standard. Selling and buying another one was always and option since we started talking about retrofitting HIDs, but I didn't dare suggesting it. Without a doubt that is easiest and probably even cheapest option.
  8. As @Shahpor suggested your best bet is to buy SE-L IS220d from Copart or another breaker auction e.g. side damage or blown engine (plenty of these). I have seen some selling for like £600 (entire car). Then you not only going to get the parts you need, but bunch of spare parts as well. Ideally, you would need B-license to be able to buy cat-B, but I believe there are companies which can buy cat-Bs for small fee for you. I have seen B-Cat IS220d with things like "general wear and tear"... just because these cars (IS220d) are so little of value the smallest issue makes them breakers. I would like to confirm this one first. You see Sonar is not "parking sensor" - some of these cars were fitted (extremely rare option) with Radar Dynamic Cruise Control - Sonar would refer to that, rather than parking sensors, but maybe the same warning is shown in any case i.e. whenever one of the systems are faulty. If you have RDCC you should have Distance/PCS button on steering wheel... however as your car seems to be little butchered I am not certain if steering wheel is original i.e. is airbag was shot there is good chance they replaced whole steering wheel + airbag (though it is possible to replace just centerpiece with airbag). Is you car AT or MT? this is important because MT never had RDCC, so that might take it out of the equation, but equally if you would need to replace one on AT, no MT SE-L would be suitable. Actually even on AT SE-L RDCC is as common as unicorn fart. Obviously, there is other way to tell if you have RDCC and PCS, but surely that is not applicable for you. The RDCC cars has glass front emblem (under which sonar sits), but likelihood you still have original front emblem is very little.
  9. Impressive paint protection :)
  10. Actually, I looked up plates with RCF and those are bargain of the century, all goes for a standard minimum fee with years like XX16 RCF or XX66 RCF etc. Actually, RC300h which I had for 24h tests had something like HC16 RCF so dealer pre-registered it with private plate...
  11. My one is now on 160+, based on FLSH and my personal experience there were no major work done for the car. As well I have a good comparison with my initial 2012 F-Sport which I had from new - interior still feels very solid and really the only part which tells the mileage is stone chips on exterior. I had 2 issues which were minor or standard wear and tear - at 148k A/C pump gave a ghost (3 miles away from Lexus Woodford after all green report) and recently I had faulty washer pump... £12 and 30 min job. I can say I start hearing some funny noises from suspension, but 2 garages told me there is nothing wrong with it. I guess there are some wear and tear on various bushes etc. which makes road noise absorption not as good... but all that is well beyond expectation for 160k+ car. In fact nothing was done to suspension since new.... that is amazing.
  12. Where did I say that they didn't know? I said they estimated average monthly purchase for the entire lifespan of the model. I believe first year production for LC500 alone they have put to 800 in one interview (was that 800... in US... I am not certain). Anyway, my point is - you cannot compare monthly average figures with preorder run and first year hype - as somebody mentioned: "second and third years will be the story tellers". And what is for sure - Lexus definitely roughly knows how long they will be selling car for. Don't forget this is kind of replacement in line-up for SC... so normal lifespan I would say ~8 years, facelift after 4. I guess Lexus could have shortened it in case lack of interest, but because cars sells well I guess that will stay correct. Going past 8 Years without major changes is non-goer even for Lexus. They kind of did that with SC, but I believe it was a bit of loss maker in last two years, because sales dropped drastically after 8.
  13. It is not actually that rare to have downgrades after damage and that is not only on IS250 or Lexus. HID unit costs £900 (x2), whereas halogen ones are like £250-300, while bumper may be same costs, considering you will need to source washers, tubing etc... will cost extra + it is just extra time and effort fiting everything, and these repairs are usually done on budget because Cat-D will cut the resale value. So complete repair kit from SE is like £600, while for SE-L is like £2000. I remember it was very common on BMW M-Sport - the original had "angel-eyes" and all damaged ones had fake LED rings, because one original headlamp was like £1600, while for SE model or Chinese ones were like £120.
  14. I guess 50 per month is average projected for whole lifetime of the model, obviously first few months or even entire year going to be much higher.
  15. The car is SE-L... No SE-L ever left the factory with Halogens as HIDs were standard. It is clear car was downgraded after frontal damage, by using SE front bumper and halogen Headlights., washer button as well confirms that - headlight washers was once there.