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  1. I can admit I am picky - is it bad thing? But V6 sound all the way better than L4, I have tried IS300h twice and as well RC300h and all the times I really road tested them, the reason is simple - I am looking for upgrade and I am seriously considering these cars. I have even tried IS200t and CT200h .. but these are horror stories for next time. I have tried all drive modes and all the time I have that twitchy feeling. Probably, I should mention, I was always pressing accelerator to the metal "all the way". Under normal condition you won't always press accelerator like that (arguably like a "tool") and you probably won't feel as much disconnected feeling between input, electric engine, then petrol engine. But I know it is there and somehow I am managing to feel it.. always. The point about acceleration. I have raced my IS250 when I was trying out RC300h.. my friend was in IS250 and I was in RC300h. From the traffic lights up to the speeds I will not mention here. Same tactics "pedal to the metal" and IS250 was gone... the difference was noticeable. I have tried few times, setting Sport and Sport+ and IS250 had advantage all the time, from initial jump, from mid-range and at high-end. In RC300h I could not keep with it whatever the setting or conditions. IS250 is just faster car... ok that is ~1s maybe, but it is faster. Sorry there is no way around it... to be honest the launch is the problem on 300h set-up - you press accelerator it kind of starts moving but just barely, then around 10MPH it kind of limps, but stalls immanently just before engaging petrol engine, and then petrol engine kicks again (by which time IS250 is at least 20m away), from there acceleration is ok... but IS250 gets further and further away. Felling is like if you missed gear... twice. Rolling start is bit better, you don't have all that "twichiness", but there is just loads of delay and that is again enough for IS250 to pick-up momentum and get away. Most importantly IS250 is not fast car of the line either, nor it is great from mid range, auto box is not fast and there is as well delay before it kicks down, but RC300h set-up is just even worse (same on IS). Again I just confirmed what is known already IS250 is 8.4s car on paper, but realistically it is ~7.6s, RC300h is 8.6s on paper and it is 8.6s... probably 2 seconds of that are car trying to figure out how to act and the rest 6.6s are acceleration from 10 to 60MPH. That said, if it would put all the power straight away, it would potentially make 0-60 in 7s.. but it doesn't.. just tons of hesitation. Finally, I would probably make contradictory statement - it is likely that my next car will be RC300h... because of "reasons". I not particularly like styling of GS, nor I need 4 door car, I live in London and spend a lot of time in traffic, so hybrid will be good for my valet (and for environment), I like the styling... and I probably somehow going to swallow how slow it is... I hope at least. But make no mistake, if there would be RC450h I would not doubt a second... In fact I would buy it today! And if I would need 4-doors for "reasons".. I would not look any further than GS450h. But that is me, I am not saying everyone needs to agree...
  2. Hence, I quite clearly stated it is just my opinion - I give you that "more people will disagree with me than agree". But that again doesn't mean I am wrong (nor right). Regarding acceleration IS300h vs IS250 it is not true, IS250 faster both on paper and in reality (and lets be clear - this is not opinion). Yes hybrid has some mid-range advantage, but that is not enough to put it on top, barely equal at best. I doubt pure acceleration is criteria anyway... and if it is .... well GS450h is the only way. What one calls refined that is again very personal, almost everything irritates me about IS/RC300h and probably GS (I have not driven GS300h)... There is no sound when you start it... so great hybrid power!.. but that won't last long before engine starts (that is not electric car... few miles EV range at best) and it sounds just awful, again if you about to accelerate it will lag at first.. considerably, then it is going to jump on electric power, then just second later ECU going to realise petrol engine needs to kick in as well, so you get lag, then jump, then lag again and then jump again (that is what I called twitchy) ... did I already mentioned petrol engine sounds horrid? In perspective IS/GS250 will start fairly quietly (not IS300h quiet, but still) and it will accelerate instantly and continuously from 0 to 60 and more, without any jumps, twitches and just over 2.5k RPM you start hearing subtle v6 rumble. Make no mistake, IS250 is not fast car, not sports car etc. It is just comfortable cruiser. GS250 is heavier, so you will have worse fuel consumtion and it will be slightly slower. IS250 mk2 or mk3 are same in this aspect, but IS300h will be even slower (to the level I consider unacceptable). I would point out I disagree with rear space thing. Yes IS is not LWB LS, but it has "ok" rear space for its "entry level luxury" market. Actually, biggest difference was made after 2009 facelift when rear seats were slightly redesigned adding few inches, difference between mk2 and mk3 IS is not that great to be considered at all, and comparison with CT is plainly wrong. I found the biggest problem in the back not because of leg room, but rather low roof (especially for tall people) and in this aspect mk3 won't be much different - if you want improvement you need to go GS. Not long ago I did 3000miles with 2 adults in the back - I cannot call it perfect by any means, but it wasn't like deal breaker. As far consideration between IS250 and IS300h goes, it is just difference in your preference - if you don't care about performance (and at least my opinion refinement), but care bout low fuel consumption get IS300h, but IS250 SE-L is the best value for money car, more refined, better equipped and in my opinion better build. As far as reliability goes both brilliant. GS450h doesn't share same issues as IS300h, somehow it got around issue switching from one source to another, 3L v6 is powerful enough, sounds great and overall build quality and materials in GS is whole level up from IS. When I consider upgrading I really look at GS450h as an upgrade, but IS300h is just replacement, definitely not "upgrade" with many caveats and compromises. It is very sensible, fuel efficient... but not as well equipped, as well built or as refined as old IS250.
  3. I though Auto fold was actually 2009 (if not 2010) facelift, not 2007.
  4. ... or you can retrofit the PO-40 kit, which will add this future. But Keith is right, there is no "auto-fold" feature on pre-facelift models.
  5. I had similar problem when my battery was dying (short cell)... I suggest check battery, then alternator and just in case check if power steering has good ground and if you main ground is not corroded.
  6. I actually quite like the fog light you linked.... It reminds me F1 brake lights - kind of crude basic light to serve the purpose. Maybe you find some use for it on the track...
  7. That is not correct, you can hardly find such expensive MK2 IS250, unless you mistaken with MK3 IS250. GS250 is an option, but I consider it under powered. v6 2.5l is just right for comfortable drive in IS, but GS250 is a bit of pensioner car ... my opinion obviously, not a fact. With budget of £15k GS450h is the best bet. I know it would probably be compromise with getting few years older 450h, but GS300h is recent model, so I doubt you get one withing you budget either (the cheapest is £15.5k and it is most basic Luxury model). That is my personal opinion, but i HATE 300h package - it is not refined, under powered, twitchy and I mean in IS package, GS is even heavier car so should be even worse. With a budget of £15k you generally talking about hybrids.... yes there is IS200t option, which is even more terrible than IS300h. Around 2012 there was MK3 IS250, which I would choose hands down over both IS200t and 300h. v6 2.5l NA petrol, brilliantly refined nice engine shared with MK2, but I understand you want newer cars and you budget allows it. Further reasons to only consider GS450h, it will come better equipped from standard and it is actually fast car (not like 300h). Finally, I hope you not doing a lot of motorway miles, because that is not hybrids strong point, they are great in city traffic jams - that is where they shine the most. Motorway cruising is much better in straight petrol and to be honest.. If motorway mileage is criteria, I would go away from Lexus all together BMW 5-Series diesel is a choice. To summarise you can get top-spect MK2 IS250 for under 10k, you can even get MK3 IS250 for just over 10k-12k. I consider MK2 IS being more solid build than MK3, much better equipped standard and much more refined. You can potentially get GS250, but it will be basic and slow, same can be said about GS300h. You can touch GS450h... but it will be well speced by default. Generally, you looking to pay same price for most basic 2014 GS300h and well equipped 2012 GS450h. 3-4years 50-60k Lexus is safe buy... definatelly. I woudl not even doubt a second buying 70k or even 100k Lexus.... if full service history is present.
  8. Well that is what I said before - to meet "construction and use" you just need working fog light and switch. As for proper retrofit, I would personally use used parts. Inner combination light on IS-F is identical to pre-facelift IS250/220d (2005-2009), the stalks should be regiond dependent, not model dependent i.e. all IS mk2 in UK should have same stalks with front/rear fogs switches. When it comes to wiring loom, I am sure again it will be region dependent which would mean you would need to change entire (or large part) loom. I believe it would be easier to custom-wire just rear fogs, because the rest should be compatible.
  9. Definitely the same parts, stalks are identical, but IS-F has white indicators, whereas IS250 has yellow, you don't need to change outer rear combination lights, just inner ones which are identical.
  10. Am am sure that is the case. That will require replacing both stalks, and a lot of wiring loom. My suggestion would be to buy written off IS220d or visit breakers (but you will spend same for just a parts as for the whole car) ... plenty of them around for few hundreds, they would have correct stalks, loom and fog lights.
  11. I believe as long as there is switch to turn them on and off, it should pass "construction and use". You can even have separate button just for rear fogs, not even on the stalk. For example fogs (as all other light controls) on Passat CC are on the side. There is no regulation to say where the switch should be, but certainly you should be able to turn them of and on. I guess twisting wires does not count
  12. Ricer paradise discount shop maybe...
  13. Exactly, in the end everyone will do what they do, but I guess for good debate and advise we should avoid suggesting things which are illegal. Or at least suggest them without pointing that out.
  14. No .. IS250 is not high performance, neither is IS350, IS-F is and as such it uses 10w60 oil for track or 5w30 for daily. Equally M cars, uses something like 5w50 performance oils. The reason for that is again bottom line of viscosity for cold and warm, say you have IS250 which normally takes 5w30... over time due to shear and additives loosing strength your oil becomes something more like 10w25, so it is ticker when cold which reduces lubrication and increases wear and it is not thick enough when warm again not optimal lubrication. As such "universal top-up" should not make it worse, so it cannot be 15w40 or 0w20 as such impacting either cold or warm bottom line of viscosity. It should be something with wide viscosity range as 5w40 or even 0w40. For that reason they do not recommend using it performance cars which could potentially have specialty performance oils like 20w60 or something similar, because adding 0w40 would impact the oil specifications significantly. But again as @oilman said putting something is better than running low, they add this just to cover themselves legally in case somebody brings the case against them saying their "universal oil" ruined their engine. In fact they are so careful that they even made mistake saying "m-sport" cars which we all know are just "visually enhanced cars", whereas they really meant "BMW M-series" - performance cars..
  15. Conclusion: if you have illegal HID kit and you about to hit somebody, make sure to accelerate enough to smash front of your car beyond such making it impossible for investigators to check your "kit"...