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  1. I cannot advise much more regarding the noise, but one thing I wanted to point out is that IS250 has rear caber adjustment. I have done alignment twice at ATS and both times they have adjusted it... it is definitely wrong if you still have some aliment in red after wheel alignment. Just to be clear I don't think wheel alignment has anything to do with noise, bet bet would be with brakes or bearing as above.
  2. Whoops... found her:
  3. Indeed, I believe GT1 EP1 was really uplifting and good, but then there were some episodes completely non-sense.... like literally completely unrelated to motoring... and I understand that GT is as much about trio bickering each other as it is about the cars, but some episodes were completely about bickering... e.g. the one in Jordan or Yemen spec. ops base was really tiring and boring: What about new "team racing driver"? who is she?
  4. I do use it quite a lot... probably the first thing I check is usually MOT check and this site is life saver. It is unbelievable how much details is possible to gather from MOT sometimes e.g. was mileage regular, what were advisories, have they reappeared etc. show a lot about how car was run. The only problem that cars on private plates sometimes doesn't show-up or show up as different cars...
  5. They really seems to be "unleashed now"... quite discriminating at point even beyond "my levels"... so far I consider GT as improvement over first series, with one caveat - I really hate celebrity part, I hate it since Top Gear times... in nutshell I don't really appreciate "celebrities", they are just normal people made popular by other people...
  6. IS-F should certainly show up as IS-F's and I have seen several showing-up, though I have seen RC-F and RC300h appearing as simply RC so it is bit hit and miss. What you need to do is after inserting VRN where it asks if that is correct car it states make colour and engine displacement. So if it shows IS250 with 5l engine, then it is likely IS-F... or just IS with 5L engine... "after all it is just engine and gearbox which is different" Now they show outstanding recalls on the cars as well - quite good site...
  7. One day GS300h will be perfect donor for GSF....
  8. Did your IS-F bonnet at least fitted wife's IS220d ? (I know it doesn't... just trying to save you next weekend...) On serious note.. please stop misquoting me... I never said that the only difference between IS-F and IS220d are gearbox and engine, I just said those to would be most expensive to fix if failed and least likely to find used (or in other Lexus models). It is quite obvious that not all body panels fits (though doors, boot lid would fit).
  9. This happened!!

    Maybe you would be lucky enough to find matching colour door in breakers?
  10. F-Sport is nice, however I don't really like the fact it comes with alcantara seats in UK and they are not even ventilated. I would really struggle to find reasons to buy face-lifted car - lights with DLR looks better, but apart that very little difference.
  11. I though Black is elegant... and back on the topic - more reliable as well ! ...if I would get black IS-F that to be honest would be 3rd black mk2 IS for me, I had black, then cadoxton slate and now black again. Colour and taste obviously are subjective, but I must admit that would be little unoriginal at very least. As such I tend to look for white ones from time to time.
  12. Black, if interior is black and and beige is interior is cream. Funny enough, my glove-box is scratched as well so my car would be no good, I might need to find some IS220d donor. I would buy your IS-F from you, but Red is one of my least favorite colours together with Silver
  13. @dutchie01 We badly diverge and I know you joking, but that should be the case for every diesel car. When you give person a loan you need to do suitability check, however when selling cars it is fine to say "forget to mention" what is the car most suitable for.
  14. It seems like 1 or 2, the mileage over the years was very consistent and very few people drives for only 2000miles. The reason I am saying 2, is because it seems in first year car did 15k miles, so either demo car or the first owner changed it after the year.