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  1. Crack fix was TSIB not recall, so if fixed under warranty should not incur charge, the reason for charge is that car is out of warranty, though considering general disappointment with recall timelines it would be sensible from them to wave it.
  2. How is your general feeling - did they take extra care doing it or rushed it a little bit? Any scratches, cracks around console? Any extras (I am not expecting complete new dash and door cards like in US.. but still)..
  3. I would argue that the wear is not because of airbags - In fact all IS mk2 has airbags in seats. I believe it is because of different angle of the bolsters on F-sport which is more aggressive to give better support and harder foam which is needed to keep those bigger bolsters in shape. I guess that then creates kind of ridge which gets in the way when getting in or out.
  4. Sorry, I should have noticed you have IS220d... just completely forgotten it had no auto option. Here is the trick part - Auto gear knob were the same on many cars e.g. RX, IS, GS, LS and I believe ES, whereas manual knob was only on IS220d and 250MT (which is even rarer) and that was only sold in EU which is niche market for Lexus, so very rare option outside of EU. I guess that explains why manual gear knob is much harder to find ... my next suggestion would be to get your current one refurbished. Other option Toyota Avensis gear knob or aftermarket gear knobs for Avensis should fit, though is not the same design some aftermarket ones looks very similar to original.
  5. I think I have seen that set on eBay for £450 (might be different one) - from what I can see there the wear on drivers seat bolster suggest higher mileage. If pictures are anything to go by it seems more like 129000 miles... or F-Sport seats are not as good for wear, or it was city car doing a lot of short distances and a lot of in and out motion by the driver. I would say my 169000 miles bolster seems about the same if not little bit better.
  6. That is what I have in mind - used but in good shape: If you ask me £50 is bit on the high side for used one, I would try contacting seller for ~£20. Because you can get new one from Japan:
  7. You mean rear section, not entire system? As well I would guess one would need to "slightly massage" it to fit - no welding required if you lucky. As well just to be clear - I believe the system was patented for 10 years, so anyone making and marketing them would have been up for some legal trouble, as of 2015 I believe it has expired and now these parts can be made, however Lexus has not released original patterns. That doesn't mean it cannot be fabricated to fit ... just additional bumps in the road..
  8. That is weird, mine one only has 3min segments, I cannot change it but I consider that just right. In 1080p I can fit whole week of driving ~ 10 hours, at 720p it would be like 16-17 hours in 32GB card. The .jpg are actually recorded there as icons for the app, but it doesn't generate them for me automatically - only when I connect the phone and try to download segments. It seems DDPai is designed to work with phone app, otherwise I don't believe there is other way to change settings - but that is actually what I was looking for. As for downloading videos I still take the card out as it is much quicker than wi-fi. I have 2x32gb cards and I change them every second week, so that if I get fine or something I would have 7-14days of evidence.
  9. IS-F or IS F-sport? I do agree on this one, my IS250 AWD had grey leather and I really disliked it, I don't mind cream, but as for used car I prefer black - stays looking good for far longer and you can only assume they are dirty because of slight shine.
  10. Yes that part of personalisation options. What I am not sure about is whenever it is something you can set-yourself or dealer only - some of them are some other aren't.
  11. Well they are not the same seats - Alcantara is UK only thing (maybe some other RHD markets). US/EU models has leather instead - same design with slightly harder bolsters, no so much bigger than standard. I like alcantara looks and I am sure it feels quite good, that is because it is designed not to slip as the leathers so probably gives you more support/stability. What I cannot get over is that is is basically plastic bag, which cost literally nothing to make and no animal was killed in the process (yes I know cruel).. yet I am still charged for as of "premium" material. There are alternatives such as natural suede which I ten consider on par and worth paying for. I don't mind alcantara headlining... I know far too opinionated and picky - just the way I am.
  12. So just to be clear that means UK F-sport IS250 never came with ventilated seats... though Sorry, might be another difference from EU/US spec then - my 2012 EU F-sport had ventilated seats.... so not only they are made from plastic, but they are not even ventilated... I understand the looks preference, but that just reinforces my opinion they are downgrade from standard leather. What is for sure IS-F seats are heated and ventilated.
  13. That is exactly the problem - Lexus never released the pattern or patent to make it. So it is either EO for thousands or custom which is not guaranteed to fit... Obviously, patterns can be recreated and has been done in the past, but in UK Lexus is rare car so just to small market to bother. Quite different story in US... I guess you can buy all system in your local grocery there (exaggerating) and even one from dealers would be priced accordingly (much cheaper than here).
  14. Seat swap is straight job, I am not sure about airbags though. I personally dislike UK F-sport seats i.e. half leather/half alcantara (which is basically plastic bag ~68% polyester). EU/US models have same design, but alcantara bits are made from same premium leather as the rest of the seat. Not quite true about ventilated seats - only Advance and poverty line SE had no Ventilated seats. F-sport, SE-i and SE-L still had ventilated heated seats until the end of production (~2013). I guess best best to upgrade are IS-F seats, obviously everyone to their own but I consider F-sport seats as downgrade.
  15. That was mentioned already several time. Indeed the topic is about RC-F... from the responses above it seems everyone are in agreement that standard system is decent enough - though I have yet to see RC-F without ML. I guess I was more in interested in TVD and ACC/PCS... for what I could gather TVD is great addition, though not showstopper for daily driver. Any other opinions on ACC/PCS.. Any negatives of TVD (except few extra kg of weight)?...