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  1. Yes... I guess their point is - "call us at the number provided to confirm whenever it is voluntary or safety related". The problem is that even after confirm it is indeed safety they still treat it as voluntary. BTW: the number provided is no longer in use, you should dial 0845 129 5484
  2. Well it states "voluntary or safety" in confirmation page...
  3. Whatever it is, make sure it says 2017 GS450h F-Sport on it...
  4. That sounds like it, rebadging GS as ES. Kind of logical streamlining of line-up... Considering they making it RWD it is more like canceling ES. I would even speculate that they might badge the same car as ES in US "aka cancel GS", and keep GS badge in EU.
  5. As stated GS450h mk3 has CVT, whereas GS450h mk4 should have similar or even the same unit as RC300h e-CVT
  6. I believe that is wasted effort - after shrapnel from airbag the lady would look similar, so theoretically you can have her naked in the car if the outfit in the picture is what yo are after.
  7. That is my point CVT and e-CVT are not the same. Lexus tried to fix specifically the concerns you mentioned with e-CVT, so I guess it is worth time testing.
  8. I guess the comparison between CVTs (like GS mk3 and CT) and e-CTVs (GS mk4, RC) is necessary as well. Older boxes had "rubber banding" effect and felt strange, so Lexus added steps in e-CVT to mimic real gears. So that is where my compliments come from. When changing steps it feels "quite mechanical" and changes are instant, literally like in computer game. No auto can downshift like that and it does engine brake as well. upshift is somewhat not as good and still little bit strange... but hey - if best possible acceleration is what you after CVT is the best thing and it best performs in auto without your interference (which is I guess is the problem - box is so good in doing what it does, that driver feels unnecessary and useless). I disagree with @rayaans on this one. I myself have stated many times that it makes no sense that RC350 or RC450h are not options in UK (latter not an option at all). This is more the case as of Lexus trying to get away with the least necessary to lure undiscerning customers as stated by @Rabbers in the other thread: "why should Lexus want to engineer a better car than the RC300h when they can so easily con an undiscerning customer like me into buying the present bad one" Exactly that - 300h is cheaper to manufacture than 450h, in fact RC is cheaper to manufacture than GS, so Lexus is playing "looks" card and tries to get away with it. I personally found it unacceptable that RC being more expensive than GS is so much worse equipped (both standard and optional equipment) and has worse engine options.
  9. Unlikely, supporter here... but if anything I did not have any complaints about is e-CTV in RC300h, one of the very few aspects of the cars which I can genuinely compliment for. I am certain in 450h it tastes even better... and I stop here (because my next point is - why on earth 450h is not an option on RC!).
  10. Let us know how it goes, it seems the only obvious way to go (though I don't know why I haven't done it yet), because Lexus UK has something to lose, whilst dealers really have nothing to lose. Will do mine tomorrow as well and we can see if we get the same result.
  11. Yep - if Takata goes bust (which it did in fact, but was bailed by car makers) all car makers with defective car parts are still liable (hence they bailed it, because the cost is ultimately theirs). We purchased a product from them, which had Takata part... it is still their product which is overall unsafe to use, so they have to absorb the cost. If Takata is alive and well, then they will charge it over to Takata, if it is bankrupt, then there is nobody to charge back and costs stay with a car manufacturer. I don't believe Takata can restructure the business to avoid liability, by now considering the impact their business has made it would need regulatory approval not only in Japan, but I guess US as well - as I doubt regulator would allow them to put this issue behind. Finally, those car makers which baled it, would not gain anything from it - if Takata is not around they will still have liability.
  12. I have, you just didn't bother to read and understand. All 2.0t cars in my opinion sounds "trashy", but it is OK for Golf GTI to sound trashy - because it is basic hot hatch, whilst it is NOT OK for Lexus IS to sound exactly the same, because it is luxury saloon. I can word it differently - if it is compact and nimble car 2.0t suits that style, but if it is heavy and luxurious car where smoothness and refinement is more important, then it is better of with NA engine, and the bigger the volume the better. @noby76 - I have not driven Honda Accord 2.0t so cannot comment, but I have driven Passat CC and IS200t both 2.0t and have above opinion about both.
  13. That is not really the point, there are many great turbo cars and even many great 2.0t cars. Literally endless list. To illustrate I will take Golf GTI 2.0t as example.. great car for what it means to be doing. It is hot hatch and it is meant to be trashy and to be trashed, that is what the car is about... Fair enough have no problems with it. However, the same engine in Passat CC R-line literally sucks, suck so badly in fact that I traded the car after less than 1000 miles. And again talking about underpowered ... well generally it was, but definitely not more than Lexus IS250, with DSG box it was rated at 7.6s and was probably faster... yet it felt total ****. And I had Passat CC straight after trading IS250... so could really compare the experience (what a mistake I made). Passat obviously had it's share of other problems, not only the engine.... Fast forward 3 years later I had IS200t as a courtesy car while servicing IS250.... Ohhh hello Passat CC experience again - trashy, hesitant - **** feeling, except Passat DSG was doing much better than Lexus auto.. but overall made me sick every time I accelerated. Again just my opinion and maybe I didn't make maybe point clear - 2.0t simply has no place in any luxury car, it is simply not refined enough, trashy engine meant for hot hatches... again would be perfect in CT. On paper, it might be just powerful (or for that matter underpowered) as 2.5 v6. But where the difference lies is how 2.5 v6 NA deliver that power, how smooth and consistent it is - 2.5 is just much better refined engine and it might not make IS250 "a fast car" but it doesn't feel out of place, whereas 2.0t feels like the wrong engine for wrong purpose (for me that is)...
  14. Thanks... exactly what I am saying... faster for the initial jump, sounds better, sounds faster and is smoother. Now way of denying IS200t will be faster to 60MPH even considering real 0-60 for IS250 is like 7.5-7.6s, but even then official IS200t is 7.1s and real is probably ~6.7... The list above is a real mess ... and yes apparently IS250 does 225MPH (which is beyond ridiculous even theoretically)...
  15. You feel like winning, don't you? The smoke is coming from trying IS200t and hating it... Any small engined turbo car feels underpowered for me and feels trashy... always. Fair enough that might be just me having a specific sense for hating low volume turbo engined cars, which other human beings don't have... In terms of times, we all talking more or less rubbish here, but one thing for sure - IS250 doesn't take 10.3s to do 40-60MPH in 4th gear. If you want I invite you to join me in my IS250 and we can test it in real life (and we can have a beer afterward)... @noby76 - that is all perception. It is like fitting louder exhaust and thinking you going faster. Just in case of IS250 vs IS200t it is double to amount - both engine and exhaust sound better. I am not denying IS200t is an overall faster car than IS250, I just don't like the way it sounds and I don't like how 2.0t engine feels. Based on my senses (which by no means are perfect) I feel faster in IS250 even though I know that is not the case.