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  1. Check the interior light switch also check
  2. newbie saying hi

  3. RC300h review

    Have Lexus come up with any explanation why the battery was flat? It's not unreasonable to expect the car to start even if has been left unused for several weeks - what if you'd been on away on holiday and come back to the airport carpark at 2 in the morning and found the battery had gone flat?
  4. I've noticed two problems since the recall. Radio reception is definitely poorer than before (ariel lead not fully inserted?) and my passenger seat heater no longer works. Mentioned it to Lexus Teesside who didn't seem too interested in taking a look and I've been too busy with work to follow it up. But I will ring them again and be a bit more forceful this time!
  5. Gold Membership

    I was intending to renew but thought I had missed the Black Friday deal If it's still available, I'd consider renewing....?
  6. Just noticed that the passenger side heated seats not working any more. The light comes on in the centre console but no heat. Does anyone know, do the seats get removed during the recall. Lexus Teesside are denying it's anything to do the recall.......
  7. Had them refurbished earlier this year and painted in Anthracite
  8. Just noticed that Lexus Teesside tidied up my dashcam wiring while they had the dash removed. When I'd installed the cable, I couldn't manage to run it down the a-pillar on the windscreen side and took the easier route under the rubber trim on the doorside and back into the dash under the side panel where the airbag switch is. This did mean there was a short length of cable visible as it entered the dash but now you can't see the cable at all.
  9. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    I wish I could chip in with some useful advice or opinion but alas I can't I'm just in awe of the task you are undertaking and enjoying the updates :)
  10. Just an update, phoned around a couple of Lexus dealerships and Liverpool was the cheapest source. Have been into an indie and they have serviced the stuck caliper so I will see how that goes for now Thanks to all that replied
  11. I see lots of 3rd party exhaust options on ebay these days Would one of these not be suitable for middle section and this as a back section
  12. Gran Turismo

    Sorry my mistake, the PH thread is discussing an LFA and not the LC
  13. Gran Turismo

    That will be the closest most of us get to driving an LC500 I was reading a thread on PH the other day and someone was buying an LC500 "for his supercar collection" and there was a quote that there were only 3 sold in the UK