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  1. Absolutely, boredom can lead to a lack of concentration which is unsafe.
  2. Last weekend I did a round-trip of about 300 miles. On the way back, I reset the Avg Mpg display and drove home very steadily and sedately and managed a maximum reading of 39.9 mpg, but it was boring and not something I'd really want to do except to see what sort of economy was possible - which in my case was not significantly more than I would normally get on a long trip.
  3. Oh I bet that's annoying and a potential £1100 bill makes it doubly so! I'm sure I've read about some kind of protection that can be applied to reduce the impact of stone chips so that might be worth investigating. I think I'd be inclined to see what the touch-up repair looks like and put the full respray on hold for the time being
  4. Is there not a degree of calibration in the ecu? There is definitely an option in the menu concerning tire changes?
  5. It reduces the rolling radius from 310mm to 299mm so it matches the rolling radius of the front tyres. Are 255/35R18 a practical alternative for the mk2 do we think? There's a lot more choice from tyre manufacturers in this size.
  6. Yep it does do that, I've taken my coat off with my keys in the pocket and put it in the boot. Smart Lexus saved me from lots of embarassment
  7. what's the story with the change to rear tyre size from the mk2 IS - ie. 255/35R18 rather than 255/40R18?
  8. Not a great time to sell Winter Tyres unfortunately But now you are a gold member you can start a for sale topic in the classified section and maybe someone will buy my alloys at the same time ;)
  9. Clutch failure is not common, I assume you have an IS250 with manual transmission? How many months since you bought it? (private sale or dealer?) Does the IS250 even have a DMF?
  10. Yeah, I believe the F-sport has firmer suspension than the standard. Also, I've seen reports that the ride is more compliant on 17" wheels - I have 18" and find the ride is a little on the firm side.
  11. This is the one I bought for my (non-Hybrid) Lexus, seems to work fine. I use the paid-for version of Torque with it. No idea if there are any 'better' ones out there, nor am I sure that this will provide any useful info relating to the hybrid systems. I have a feeling you may need the techstream software for that.
  12. This is the system that Ed China used on a Wheeler Dealers episode a few years ago? Online opinion seems divided on the effectiveness of the process so I would be interested to hear your experience if you do get it done. Are you planning to get your emissions/performance diagnostic tested before and after?
  13. Congratulations, I'm not jealous... really I'm not.. ok, just a little bit You must be happy, especially as you know the former keeper looked after it.
  14. Odd, the two corner sensors operate independently so to have both giving a false trigger is strange. I believe they plug in behind the rear bumper, so I would be inclined to see if I could disconnect one of the corner sensors and see what happens. Then the next logical step would be to see if you can swap one of the centre sensors with a corner sensor and see if the fault moves. If your sensors are faulty, then you should be able to source replacements from ebay/breakers
  15. Which is closest to your dashboard display?