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  1. I agree, that's very good customer service - thumbs up to Lexus Hedge End
  2. Looks fantastic! Love the rear diffuser and exhaust tips New alloys as well :)
  3. Hi Andy Welcome to the LOC She looks to be in very good nick and the IS200 is a lovely car so well worth the TLC she's getting I'm not too far from you - in the 'boro - I'll keep a look out for a nice shiny black IS200 driving around
  4. Did you go for a protection layer as well? Edit: checked the facebook page - so full detail + protection and wax then, wonder how long it will last?
  5. Your IS should be DVD based, I think it was 2010 before they moved to a flash memory device. I would check that the DVD is installed, it's hidden behind the clock display Here's a you tube video showing how it's done
  6. Have a look at this topic, IS200 coilovers are going to be involved
  7. Just watched the 1st episode. Quite surprised at how close the 15 year old IS got to the brand new GT86. Will follow this with interest.
  8. If I want to leave the radio on in my IS, I select neutral, apply the footbrake and switch off. I would imagine the GS would be the same?
  9. I'm planning to get my IS detailed soon, hope it looks as good as yours I got my wheels refurbed six weeks ago, lasted four weeks before I curbed one of them - don't even know how I did it.
  10. Congratulations, looks to be a stunning example and worth the wait. Much better MPG than I would have thought.
  11. I get high 20's round town driving so I suppose it depends on your driving style. Motorways seem to be what the IS is built for, mid-to-high 30's are easy. Not in an F-sport but I wouldn't think there'd be a huge difference. One possible thing to watch out for is the 60K service - the spark plugs are supposed to be changed at 60K or 6 years and this is expensive as there needs to be some dismantling of the engine to get at three of the plugs - so check if this has been done already and if not haggle for a bit extra discount. There's a detailed guide on the forum by @is200 Newbie regarding what to look out for in other areas - should answer most of your questions
  12. try browsing through the parts listing here
  13. Can't contribute anything helpful to this topic except to wish you luck in finding the answer and the hope that it's not going to be too expensive to fix.