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  1. Nice article! Good PR for Lexus, the LOC and SkyInsurance How do you find Sky Insurance as company? I don't recall seeing them on the comparison sites?
  2. Glad you got sorted And top marks for coming back and letting the community know how you fixed it ! Someone, sometime is bound to have the same problem and come looking for answers.
  3. Hang on! .... no, just a couple of furry peanuts and an old tap washer - sigh!
  4. Wish I had the cash, I'd be halfway down the motorway by now! Good luck with the sale
  5. This one has the SatNAV and the ML Stereo and mileage is fairly low. MOT history is a bit chequered though so check carefully.
  6. You're right, the 'Nov 08 brochure specifically mentions that the IS250 has a stainless steel exhaust, as does the '09 and '10 brochures. This feature isn't mentioned in the '07 brochure so perhaps this was just from late 2008 onwards? Good luck with your search
  7. You're welcome John Do you know what's on the 10A circuit? If you're running a relay (100mA?) and a couple of LED's (700mA each?) you shouldn't be drawing more than 2 or 3 amps extra
  8. I still think it would work if you reverse it, you would just be fused twice Top is how it would be wired normally, bottom is how it would be fused if you rotated it, fuse 3 would be carrying combined load though
  9. Fair point, the 'live' pin is usually the one furthest from the red wire ?
  10. Won't it go in fully if you rotate it 180 degrees?
  11. It's called Lexus Smart Cover, but you can only buy it at the time of vehicle purchase (new or used) so no good in this instance.
  12. Any updates on this? Thinking about getting this for my IS
  13. I watched this earlier. Having never driven either car, and nor am likely too, I thought it seemed a fair and objective review. What I want to know is, when did Chris Martin start reviewing cars?
  14. I think a budget of 2.5K for an IS250 auto is a bit unrealistic. Judging by the examples we've seen, there is a reason they are being offered at a low price and this is because they are likely to need some money spent on them unless the intention is to run them until they stop or fail the MOT. You might be lucky and find a cheap example which has been well maintained but you will need patience and a keen eye. Good luck in any case.