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  1. Lexus Teesside are getting quite a lot of love recently.
  2. congrats Paul on the sale and the new acquisition. Sounds like the guys who inspected/collected were acting as agents for the buyer - hence their thoroughness! :0
  3. Lexus main dealer warranty

    I'd just be extremely thankful that you had warranty cover - let's hope it's an isolated and very rare issue eh?
  4. Just guessing here as I've never owned/driven a hybrid but are you sure the hybrid battery is performing properly? Might be the reason for the poor mpg and overworked engine?
  5. I think some pictures or, preferably a video guide, would be useful information if anyone felt able to oblige
  6. IS-F v Tesla

    Isn't the acceleration limited on the Tesla in 'stock' config? I'm sure I've heard talk of limited access firmware that enables 'insane' mode
  7. OK I'm curious as to what this might be and what Lexus Bristol say - keep us posted on the outcome
  8. That's a very kind and generous offer Gabor, I would have liked to have the calipers but I am not local to you but I am sure someone will take them off you. What happened to your Lexus?
  9. question!

    Don't know if you've seen this
  10. Hi Joel Yes, We'll have to compare notes - they will have had chance to practice on yours before they get mine
  11. Booked in at Lexus Teesside for the 27th October, they want the car for most of the day.
  12. That is a good news story and well done to all at Lexus Teesside. Funnily enough, I spoke to Andy Pederson this morning to book my IS250 in for the long awaited airbag recall and I cheekily asked if they would look at my dashboard rattle at the same time with view to replacing the clips, which they've agreed to do without any hesitation or prevarication at all. So top marks from me as well
  13. New to Lexus

    Hi Keith Welcome to the LOC, I'm sure the RX will prove to be reliable and dependable - I take it you like doing your own servicing?
  14. New member, new to Lexus.

    Hi Steve Welcome to the LOC I agree, the IS300h is a very nice looking car :)
  15. Will it fit ? Pictures anyone ?

    Well that's a find, I've not seen any discussion about it on the LOC. It won't fit IS250 with Xenons as there's no provision for the headlamp washers. Also you would have to drill holes for parking sensors if you have them. Worth contacting the seller, for before/after pics etc? Not cheap though, cause you'll have to pay for paint as well as fitting. Edit: Looks like a chinese import
  16. New member with first Lexus

    Hi Michael Welcome to the LOC
  17. The IS250 dash can be a bit rattly, the usual cure is to insert some foam strips between the window and dash - although if your car is subject to the air bag recall, you could ask the dealer to have a look while they're doing the airbag work?
  18. Scotland Road Trip

    If there was a group trip planned for next year I'd be very interested
  19. question!

    I can second the comment re: NFU - I was with them for about six years and the big advantage is that you deal with a branch office and can get through to someone who can deal with your query without fuss rather than being held in a 'your call is important to us' queue followed by security questions then banging your head against a scripted interaction. However, I never had to make a claim so I can't comment on how that might go but they do have a good reputation. I only left after six years because the gap between them and the comparison sites became too much to ignore. With a car like the ISF, you will need to have an agreed value policy or GAP insurance. In the event of theft or write-off, you won't get a full value payout otherwise.
  20. Could it be time?!

    Yeah that one's been discussed before. High mileage, lots of stone chips, not sure how long the seller has owned it.
  21. Replacement key

    Might be worth asking the AA for a quote as well as the main dealer?
  22. I'd agree that a professional inspection and diagnosis is the recommended option, but as you say finding someone competent and trustworthy is the challenge.