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  1. For work we use dvla information, the amount of cars on the road with incorrect vin numbers on the logbook is shocking, as for a vin check for lexus/Toyota try toyodiy it's what I use to check them at work also links to a parts catalogue Hth Phil
  2. 2001 Celsior Insurance

    yeah - ive got the converter for the speedo and the radio, also ive read that you can swap out the nav unit for an english version (screen still in japanese) or both unit and screen - the whole process has been pain free - I think the hardest part has been the paperwork and even that isnt rediculously hard etc
  3. Hi Guys

    Hi Guys Here from Newcastle, im in the middle of importing my own celsior - should be arriving next week!! to say I cant wait is an understatement!!!!!! 80k miles 2001 model grade 4 anyway heres a few pics from the auction and docks before it boarded the ship in japan! Phil
  4. 2001 Celsior Insurance

    Hi Guys, thanks for the info, APlan have come up with the best quote so far but I havent tried lifesure. Thanks for the offer Dan but flux were a good few hundred more, maybe next year once ive had it for a year etc. Thanks Steve - i'll get some pics up asap, I'm doing the whole import thing myself (not paying someone lots of money to do it for me) its something ive wanted to do for ages. I'm just getting a garage to mot and fit speedo conversion chip etc Phil
  5. Hi guys just after a bit of advice - my celsior is arriving in the country soon and starting to shop around for insurance, many companies dont even list the celsior (although one of the most popular imports back in the day) has anyone any recommendations, I got a quote from flus at a shade under 900 which I thought was a tad steep 33 - 13years ncb etc (previous car celica gt4 190 pounds) who are people using thanks Phil
  6. Hi guys sorry to bump this thread - Toony, did you find out where to wire the chip, also which chip did you end up using? I notice youre local too - maybe when mine arrives off the boat we could have a mini meet! cheers Phil