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  1. Wasn't one of the many cars that were involved in the floods a few year' back was it
  2. Could be the light .but drivers rear quarter looks different shade to the doors
  3. I would say well done but I was next I line. 😉 Back to looking at jap auction sites
  4. He had that car up for sale months ago. And I think someone else did too. I'd be very wary
  5. I'd be suspicious of that car. It was up for sale ages ago. Look like same pics too. I thought the dhp pack had half wood steering wheel
  6. If your ls doesn't come my way Phil I'm thinking of a gs450h. My budget will be lower so I'll be taking a bigger risk and probably buying privately. I' also looking at importing one.. saw this at jap auction . Looks nice
  7. i fell for it the other week when i saw it.
  8. Sorry about going off topic. Never know I thought I may have given the op another idea. I'l shut up then
  9. Be hard pushed to find cars in this continues in the uk
  10. i imported an elgrand last year using an agent. i dealt with the paperwork this end and used a agent here for the customs clearance . its easy. as for worrying about getting a car with nuclear fallout or whatever. for 24 you can do a cheque that puts a hpi check to shame. I'm deciding whether i want a celsior a crown, or the jap sc430 version or maybe a cubic at the moment
  11. 20% vat 10 % tax unfortunately. Got some lovely celsiors and crowns out there though
  12. Happy Xmas all. I may be back with an ls next year . Be it a 400 430 0r a celsior
  13. let me let me know when you want to sell. i asked a while back and we both got told off because we weren't gold members
  14. to be honest i don't think its worth half that. would have to have half those miles