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  1. Cheers nickd. If I do it I'll probably get one a year. Trouble is I really haven't a clue so could easily get stitched up
  2. Yes and she laughed very loudly. Along with my two kids. Until I explained that It may stop me changing cars every 2 months or so.
  3. I don't intend riding them. It's a bit like the blokes who spend 30k plus on a mk1 escorts rs. I had one of those too but a bit out of range now
  4. Not bought anything yet. It's my birthday next month so I just told my wife and got laughed at. I know nothing about them barring the names I remember as a kid. A friend had a Rayleigh burner when we were young and I'm hoping it still at his parents. If not I've seen a mongoose I quite like. Or even a Rayleigh super grifter
  5. I keep looking at la400s. But think I'll keep the elgrand . I'm looking at starting to collect vintage bmxs to keep me busy
  6. After a recent thread was locked due to it being hijacked . Which I'm probably part of so I apologise. I feel the need to say something. Most people on here are extremely helpful and are nice people. The acre and Messi .to name a couple. But there's a few who just seem hell bent on an a argument. Don't get me wrong I can hold my own in a row . But if I wanted to get grief for an opinion which was no way harmful I'd go on mumsnet. Let's face it we've all one thing in common .we like cars. Mods .if you don't think this is appropriate delete away
  7. I hope you don't mean me in the comment of members slagging him off.
  8. I've got nothing against old baz. Good luck to him. If you want to change cars regularly fine. But everytime it's the same excuses. My wife doesn't like it,I do weddings so I need a different colour. Even though he had the colour he's looking for 6 months ago. These are the reasons I think people accuse him of being a trader. I don't know what your problem is with me or my comment dendonc. Other people have said far worse about him
  9. Ive changed my car 4 times this year. Does this mean I'm a dealer. I don't come up with the same reasons for selling like baz does though
  10. The silver one originally mentioned is being sold by a chap who's regularly on Facebook . He breaks them or sells better ones. He actually bought mine. Very nice bloke who really knows his stuff
  11. Is that dons old ls. If it is im suprised he lived with it like that. He loved it
  12. I hope you're a gold member