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  1. Yes I had a K&N panel fitted in my previous is250 (now my wifes) This filter along with super juice made it accelerate quicker and I reckon with this setup the 250 could do the sprint in 7 seconds flat.
  2. Agree with Rebecca, the is250 always seemed more responsive on the shell v power.
  3. Took the wifes is250 in Friday for an MOT. sailed through as expected with no advisories. Nearly 8 years old now and passed every one.
  4. Wind Noise

    I very often hear a wind noise but from the passenger side when my wife lets rip 😅
  5. Tuning experience

    Several members here have had their is220d remapped and reported good power gains and less turbo lag. However it is a fragile and unreliable engine and Lexus detuned it to 150bhp for good reason. Adding more power to this engine is asking for trouble.
  6. Try the local scrap yard. Should be plenty of 220d's in there and best place for em too.
  7. I bought my is250 from an old dear in her late 60's who averaged 4000 mile per year. At first the car felt sluggish and underpowered so after a couple of weeks I did an ecu reset. I then drove the car hard with plenty of kickdowns. This was no placebo effect, the car was much more eager and responsive after this.
  8. I'd be wary of the pagid pads. I fitted a front set not so long ago and experienced a lot of brake squeal. After 3 weeks I took them off and fitted brembo pads. No squeal at all now and well worth the extra few quid.
  9. No automatic option with the is220d which in my opinion is a shame as I think the car would be better for it. I always found the gearbox unsuited to the engine and 6th was useless on uk roads.
  10. Sorry to say but it's highly unlikely the thermostatic is the problem here. Pressure in the system and spraying coolant means only one thing. Head gasket failing. I had exactly the same symptoms myself when I owned the diesel and had to have the head gasket replaced. Luckily I have a mechanic mate who did this on the cheap but still cost me hundreds. Lexus will charge you thousands. Unfortunately this is a very common problem on the is220d. I really hope I'm wrong and it is the thermostat. Let us know what happens.
  11. Looks very nice in red. First one I've ever seen. Be sure to give the car some good long regular runs to avoid issues as these motors don't like dawdling around town.
  12. Lexus IS250 far the better drive in my opinion. I've drove both the 300h and 200T. 300H felt noticeably underpowered and sounded dull compared to the 250. Couldn't wait to give it back to be honest. 200T only felt slightly quicker than the 250 but did not have that glorious V6 roar. Give me the 250 V6 any day.
  13. Rust treatment/protection

    I'll give you a tip 😉 When you have washed your motor just apply some thompsons waterseal into the arches with a brush or a cloth. Trust me you won't have to worry about rusted up arches ever again 👍
  14. I can't recall owning any car that's had perfect tyre wear. You can have it all set up on the hunter machine but with the amount of pot holes on our roads today thr tracking will be thrown out in no time.