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  1. Fortunately for us, Lexus aren't in the top 10 of stolen cars in the U.K. They're obviously underrated by all those who've never owned one!
  2. It actually looks very nice, but of course a close-up inspection is required. I see the description says CVT box, I stand to be corrected, but I think you'll find that it is the traditional torque converter gear box and if I'm right, to my mind that is a far better proposition. I think maybe the current GS is CVT but not the 2005 year generation. It looks the same as mine which is a November 2007 reg and I've had it for 8 years out of its 10 year life and it's now done 65K miles. Love the car but have been thinking of changing to a facelift RX 450H 2012/2014 and had a test drive today but it seems very tall compared to GS. Think I might stick with the GS300 until maybe they bring out a more powerful NX (If ever!) Let us all know how you get on in Chertesy. P.S. check the sun roof for leaks.
  3. I also do this with my GS300 to help reduce brake pads wear.
  4. The MPG is not a concern as I only did 4K miles last year. The most I've done in recent years has been 6K/7K p.a. Here is the link to the car I'm considering. Has anyone had any dealings with Lexus Leeds, good/bad experiences? I'd only be buying from them, servicing would be Lexus Stockport or my independent .
  5. If the figures on my research sheets are correct on length: NX 15' 2" (4630mm), 3RX 15' 8" (4770mm), 4RX 16' 0" (4890mm). Personally, I think the 3RX at 6" longer than an NX is significant enough when considering the size of parking spaces and garage sizes. Also the 4RX is 10" longer than the NX. However, for me currently considering changing from GS300 at 15' 10" (4825mm), to the 3RX is a slight improvement. I'd actually prefer the NX for length but have been put off by the comments on wind noise (from the mirrors?) and engine noise from the CVT. I'm presuming that the 2.5L engine is the problem, whereas the 3RX has a 3.5L engine. I must say, I do like my 3.0L petrol GS with the torque converter gearbox but would like to have the higher driving position that the NX/RX offers. In the main I'm only doing local journeys of 4/5 miles each way so the wind/engine noise of the NX wouldn't be a problem, but I do have to think about when I'll do say 70 mile or 200 mile motorway journeys and am worried that those longer journeys might not be as comfortable/relaxing as the GS/RX.
  6. Correct, it is the facelift model I'm considering not the pre facelift.
  7. Yes, quite right. Will change to Michelin Cross Climate when due.
  8. Is there a reliable specification link anywhere for the 2012 facelift 3RX Luxury and Advance models?
  9. What is the 3RX RX450H 2012 onwards facelift model like in snow (and ice for that matter)?
  10. Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to answer my query on 18"/19" tyres. This forum is really really good when getting down to the nitty gritty and everyone is so helpful! Yes you are all correct about them all having 19". What made me query it is the description on the Advance models for sale is as follows. If you click on the link for the car for sale below and then scroll down to the description details you will see under 'Exterior' the offending error which as Friso suggests must be misinformation in the Lexus system for the 450H Advance. Maybe someone on here with the right connections could inform them. Exterior Temporary spare wheel HID headlights with auto-levelling 18" alloy wheels, 5-spoke design, 235/60 R18 Rear spoiler, body-coloured Thanks everyone
  11. It amazes me how many of these cars are photographed for sale without the leather and carpets being cleaned. Mine is the same year with 65K miles on it and it's a lot cleaner inside than that one. Some of them are too lazy and don't deserve a sale.
  12. Hi Geoff, Thanks for your input, all grist to the mill! rayaans will probably know the answer to that, but there are definitely some facelift Advance spec for sale at Lexus dealers at the moment with 18" wheels. The Luxury ones for sale at the moment all appear to have 19".
  13. Just noticed something else on the 3RX 450Hs for sale on the Lexus website. The Luxury are fitted with 235/55/R19 19" tyres and the Advance with 235/60/R18 18" tyres. 1. Why the difference? 2. Is 19" or 18" the better choice? 3. Are the wheels on both vehicles the same size and if so can either size tyre be fitted? (I'm thinking Michelin Cross Climates when the time comes to change tyres) 4. rayaans I see you bought 4 tyres and got Lexus to fit them for £50, was this because you only trust Lexus not to damage the TPMS sensor valves?