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  1. Well thanks Nemesis. You live and learn! Never knew it was there !
  2. Noticed your comment on "hidden steel key". Is that hidden by you or does my IS have an externally accessible key hidden somewhere in the bodywork ?
  3. Wasn't sure about radar cruise control so wikipeed it. Users may be interested to know that "Laser-based systems do not detect and track vehicles in adverse weather conditions". Not so good for the UK then ??
  4. I have noticed that on A roads i often get a double beep (from the SATNAV?) which I thought indicated a speed camera/sensor but in every case there was none to be seen. And when I did pass a genuine speed camera, one of those white vans with rear windows, there was no beep warning at all. I'm not a big SATNAV user (too many disagreements with wife who loves map reading) but maybe the beep is related to something else ??
  5. Sorry - that's on the A26.
  6. No wonder German cars have such a firm ride. OK when you are on carpet smooth roads. Not so good on too many UK roads. And ref speeding in France, be careful between Calais and Autoroute Exit 3. Especially when late for the ferry/tunnel.
  7. Tel, why the different tyre pressures UK and (Continental) Europe ? I thought 36 covered everything.
  8. Is Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer the same as Autoglym Super Resin Polish ?
  9. I'm staggered at the cost of the ML stereo equipment. Puts mine in its place !
  10. Might be worth checking your door rubber. I have same car/year/mileage and creaking/popping sounds - but not wind - from rear offside door traced to door rubber, since corrected (free) by garage applying silicone.
  11. Looks and sounds good. Is that a 'comfortable' 6 seats ? Doesn't look large enough. As a matter of interest how many miles per full charge ?
  12. Nice car. Interested to learn your experience of miles per charge. Appeals to me but I do 500 odd mile trip to central France and not sure how easy or time consuming it is to recharge. One or two Tesla in my locality. Quiet and very quick off the mark.
  13. I have an IS300h and I'm pretty sure it does NOT have 4 wheel drive. Or have I got it wrong ?.
  14. Crispian....suggest have a look at the 'Tyre TIps' thread. Started by me I know but there is a good bit of comment.
  15. I would think 33 mpg is low unless you are doing lots of short trips. My last 2 fills - and I do a mix of many short (7 mile) trips and an occasional 130 miler - were 42.6 (Dec) and 41 (Jan). That's real world mpg (but I don't have the F-sport and I hardly use sport mode). I know it is colder in Yorkshire but that is a big difference. Personally I would focus on the oil level. Three months after service it should be full. Did you get the stick properly in?. It's a really awkward beast. My car was last serviced 13 months ago and the dipstick level has not moved. And there is no rattle on starting.