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  1. Looks and sounds good. Is that a 'comfortable' 6 seats ? Doesn't look large enough. As a matter of interest how many miles per full charge ?
  2. Nice car. Interested to learn your experience of miles per charge. Appeals to me but I do 500 odd mile trip to central France and not sure how easy or time consuming it is to recharge. One or two Tesla in my locality. Quiet and very quick off the mark.
  3. I have an IS300h and I'm pretty sure it does NOT have 4 wheel drive. Or have I got it wrong ?.
  4. Crispian....suggest have a look at the 'Tyre TIps' thread. Started by me I know but there is a good bit of comment.
  5. I would think 33 mpg is low unless you are doing lots of short trips. My last 2 fills - and I do a mix of many short (7 mile) trips and an occasional 130 miler - were 42.6 (Dec) and 41 (Jan). That's real world mpg (but I don't have the F-sport and I hardly use sport mode). I know it is colder in Yorkshire but that is a big difference. Personally I would focus on the oil level. Three months after service it should be full. Did you get the stick properly in?. It's a really awkward beast. My car was last serviced 13 months ago and the dipstick level has not moved. And there is no rattle on starting.
  6. Thanks for helpful comments Linas. Nice to know that my RT tyres are "quieter and fuel efficient" even if my teeth rattle on the bumps.!.
  7. Linas, do you know what the difference is between the RT and SP tyres ?. Dunlop website doesn't really help me (I have IS300h).
  8. Shapor's comment regarding grip struck a chord. Sometimes I feel the front wheels (Dunlop) are 'floating' so also tend to go carefully in winter conditions.
  9. Two new correctly inflated Dunlop Sport Maxx on front wheels. Seems like a much harder ride now compared to Yokos. Is it my imagination or is it just new tyres? Anyone had similar experience?
  10. Has anyone had experience of Lexus Reading ?
  11. Had a quick look at the Dunlop website and they do have "rim protection" but built into the tyre rather than built 'outside' the tyre, as the Yoko. Not sure if it was a wise choice for me. Wasn't really looking for a "dynamic driving experience" ! Rather protect my wheels!
  12. Thanks Steve. Same as my cover.
  13. Just replaced 2 tyres with Dunlop Sport Maxx (following favourable comment on the forum). Other 2 are OEM Yokohama Blu Earth and I have now noticed that the Yokos have a sort of overhang near the rim, to protect the wheels I guess, but the Dunlops do not. Have to be more careful now not to scrape the alloys.!
  14. I would say you have a very good rate. Mine is 3 times as much and with 11+ years bonus but then I live in the overcrowded SEast. What is SD&P ?
  15. Here's the result of 1 year and 9060 miles in a 2015 is300h on a fill to fill basis - overall 47.44; best 53.7; worst 39.0; winter generally in low 40s and summer generally in low 50s. This on a mix of roads - city, town, country, mway and continental autoroutes. Car mpg indicator is around 10% too high ie car 56 = real world 51. The car is really happiest pootling along at below 60 mph without too much stop/start acceleration. Not so happy mpg-wise with high speed runs on French autoroutes ! But it's a comfortable safe ride and without backache after a long trip so lots to be happy about.!!