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  1. Thanks for the tip on how to access the rev counter. The car is full of surprises. Tried it out today on a lengthy trip. Interesting how low the car revs at high speed (75mph); from a long life perspective this must be a good sign for Rashi.
  2. Mr Vlad......where do I find the rev counter settings.? I can only find SetUp on the menu screen and no mention in that of rev counter. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong area ??
  3. The front passenger seat in my 300h is used virtually only on long distance (holiday) trips. Does anyone know if the driver and passenger seats are interchangeable ? If the driver's seat starts to wear too much can it can be 'swapped' with the passenger seat ?
  4. USB Port

    If it makes anyone feel any better, I have had my 2015 IS for nearly 2 years and have only now found the lighter socket, thanks to the above thread. It is certainly well camouflaged. Never too old to learn!
  5. Automatic light reaction

    Its a dilemma. Want the lights to come on quickly at tunnel entrances but don't want the lights to be turning on/off on country roads shaded by trees. Going to start with +1 and see how this works out.
  6. Automatic light reaction

    Thanks for the information. Hadn't thought of looking in the manual or that this function would be customisable. Have now gone up one notch (range is minus 2 to plus 2) as I assume up means more sensitive. We'll see!
  7. In the past 3 months I have been through a number of (French) tunnels of varying lengths. Headlights were set on auto but I noticed that the headlights of cars behind came on far quicker. Mine seemed to take longer to react and also to take some time to switch off after leaving the tunnel. In some cases did not switch off at all even on sunny bright days. I don't know what is 'normal'. Does anyone have experience of repeated on/off situations and the reaction speeds?
  8. Boot Size

    It's the one drawback for us . Two oldies and we (I) never manage to fit everything in the boot. BMW is better in that respect. But at least the seats fold down and can be used as additional luggage space.
  9. Wheel Alignment

    I wasn't sure what run-out is so asked Dr Google and found this response which I found very informative. Hope it will be of help to Fergie. All new tyres have visible coloured markings forming a radial band on the tyre. Several of these markings represent destination between the manufacture and the recipient.... Cars like Lexus require specific compounds so the radial markings do indeed allow the process to become visible and act like a bar code.But there is also important information held within those lines that most consumers and tyre centres are not aware of, in particular the position of the outer line (colour does vary)..... Depending on how the belts are positioned during construction imperfections will allow the casing and the tyre tread to 'run out'. This disparity allows the compression to steer the tyre laterally regardless of any actions taken by the driver thus generate a pull.The manufacture measures the degree of run out and marks the severity onto the tyre by the position of the outer band, typically the colour is Red or Blue, if the colour band is central then the run out is considered 0, if the band is toward the outer edge the tyre will need a 'reactive' partner to belay any pull. So the positions are vital to you and your car.... example Realising this problem then it's easy to conclude if the tyres are symmetrical in tread construction, if the tyres are asymmetrical or directional then the centre will need to find a suitable match with an opposite reactive lateral partner....... Their problem not yours...... So next time you buy tyres have a look for the banding and decide what match you want..... remember most centres will have no idea of your request due to misunderstanding and lack of knowledge so you need to be wise.
  10. Battery issues

    Agree with rayaans. I've experienced the result of a loose battery connection and also, at a different time, a battery shorting out. Both caused the battery to run flat. Not a Lexus I hasten to add.
  11. While enjoying some warmth and windows-down motoring on smooth French roads I noticed a high pitched whine similar to a turbo sound. It seemed to be affected by acceleration. I don't think the IS300H has a turbo so wondered what causes the whine. CVT transmission perhaps ? A slow tyre leak (and warning light) caused me some alarm. Does anyone know if the compressor part of the "puncture" kit can be used to simply pump the tyres.? Fortunately the leak stabilised. I would have hated to use the (to me) horribly complicated puncture kit.
  12. Real World Fuel Economy

    Very good consumption even after deducting 10% to get 'real world' figures. Where do you buy your petrol !
  13. Well thanks Nemesis. You live and learn! Never knew it was there !
  14. Noticed your comment on "hidden steel key". Is that hidden by you or does my IS have an externally accessible key hidden somewhere in the bodywork ?
  15. IS300h Exec or Advance

    Wasn't sure about radar cruise control so wikipeed it. Users may be interested to know that "Laser-based systems do not detect and track vehicles in adverse weather conditions". Not so good for the UK then ??