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  1. **** that's not good.. Any ideas of the cause just out of interest?
  2. Just as a follow up to this, I grabbed a few brochures from Japan to get some answers (the japs really do options in a serious way) and thought I'd share a few pics. Probably of little interest but sure: Most noticeable are the TRD suspension, the Fujitsubo backbox and the funky roof lighting rig.
  3. Hi buddy, I'm a bit new to Lexus models but you should be able to give the part number to a Toyota/Lexus dealership parts man and they can advise on price and availability. Does this look like the right diagram: If so the part ID number is 46410 and the actual part number should be 46410-53010. I'm pretty sure the likes of Blueprint do non-genuine versions if you are stuck. A local motorfactor should be able to advise on that front. Hope that helps, Jay
  4. Hi folks, Looking to upgrade the 16" wheels on my 2002 RX300 for something bigger. Preferably more modern with good tyres on them. Open to persuasion if anyone has any ideas. Cheers, Jay
  5. Bumping this up - it's proving a little harder than expected to find one.
  6. Yeah, noticed that in the other thread (CLICKY) I've tackled it on my project car but I'll have a scan around the RX over the weekend hopefully just in case it's inherent in the gen 1's too. They don't make em like they used to!
  7. That's one thing I'll say since buying a Lexus - it's such a calm, relaxed cabin that I just can't even get angry any more. TBF I think the indicators are optional on most beemers anyway!
  8. Those anti-perforation warranties generally only cover the vehicle body. 'Bolt-on' parts like a filler neck would fall into the standard mechanical cover. Alarming all the same though, a clear downside of cheaper metals being used most likely.
  9. I followed pretty much the same process as Wild has on my (very) rusty old Starlet turbo. Hasn't seen any action as it's still in the shed in pieces but I'm confident. If you fancy protecting the cavities I'd recommend Bilt & Hamber Dyna-max S50 aersols and use the long reach lance they offer for application.
  10. Just putting the feelers out for a rear bumper lip to match the factory aero kit to fit a Gen1 RX300. Here's a pic of the part in question: I'm fairly new to parts sourcing on these cars so let me know if anyone can help. Colour not important and I should be able to arrange my own courier. Cheers, Jay
  11. I was enjoying some hangover-cancelling web browsing of the jap auctions today and realised there is a Lexus version of the Toyota Amazon (one of my dream machines).. They must have stole it when they grabbed the Harrier blueprints too: Is anyone running one in the UK? Just wondering if it's only trim and badges that are different or if they are a higher spec compared to the Amazon. Definitely floats my boat. I then found more proof that Japan can take anything to dizzying heights..
  12. Random I know but has anyone got any cool factory/dealer fitted options on their RX300? Since the summer I've slowly been gathering a few odds and sods for my bus just to add a bit of character but wondered what to keep an eye out for. Given I've still got one foot in the Starlet scene my tastes are a bit (too) JDM. I'm guessing Harriers would be a good place to source rarities but from bitter experience the jap auctions are expensive! Cheers for any guidance, Jay
  13. Cheers Mike, Certainly no stranger to car troubles in the past, although the only things I've had to sort on this wagon are two front calipers and a front exhaust pipe so far. Wee buns in comparison to previous cars. May as well share a pic or two: The purchase was prompted by having a near death experience in my midship runabout 2 last winter.. MR2's and deep standing water do not mix well: Next service is in 5k so I'll change the ATF and give the rear brakes some attention all being well. Scored a roof spoiler off ebay and some wind deflectors off the jap auctions so they should make their way on in due course. Wouldn't mind a bigger set of wheels but there's no real rush till after the winter. Jay
  14. Afternoon folks, Signed up a while back and didn't really visit again but finally had a chance to take a scan through the site. Impressed by the info so far! I'm a 2002 RX300 pilot from Co Down, Northern Ireland. Just looking a few tips on keeping the big bus rolling a while longer. Cheers, Jay