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  1. Have to say that is lovely looking, great plate too! I'm no fan of cream interiors but the exterior matches it nicely. Health to enjoy.
  2. RX350 Pointers

    Okay so maybe it took a few weekends before I could dig into it.. Anyhow I think I'm onto the culprit. Checked the rear sunroof drains and they seemed to be clear and still attached. I loosened off the side trims in the boot for access then stuck some heavy gauge solder wire up the tubes to make sure they made it to the roof. That sort of cleared them from the enquiry. So I parked it in the garage for a few nights to dry off and started watertesting using a spray bottle of water. Didn't take to long to figure the leak was coming from further back than the sunroof. Had to take the passenger side roof rail off and find the rear most seam on the roof has the slightest of nicks in it. Whenever the rainwater was rolling off the roof into the 'gutter' it was running right over the pinhole creating my issue. I've attached a few pics in case anyone else encounters the same. I checked the driverside and the same thing has happened there although the leak was nowhere near as bad. Applied some sealer to both areas but it didn't appear to cure properly. Will give it another go with some proper stuff. Jay
  3. Just in need of a few experienced views folks.. Hopefully going to see a 2006 RX350 SE this week all being well. I can't seem to find anything concrete on the servicing schedule of the 2GR-FE engine so was looking some info. Also can't seem to find an answer on timing chain intervals. I know to avoid the air suspension where possible (think the SE is safe from that possibly) but are there are other areas of concern with this model? Absolutely loving the gen1 so looking forward to seeing around a gen2 rex Thanks in advance for any guidance! Jay
  4. RX350 Pointers

    Excellent suggestions folks, much appreciated! I'll get a chance to dig into it at the weekend hopefully, have plenty of things to check now! Jay
  5. RX350 Pointers

    Private sale Piers, all on my own as per usual! Just had a thought - the rear sunroof drains just empty into the sill don't they? If so I could just redirect the drip with some bodgery..
  6. RX350 Pointers

    Thanks chaps, still can't seem to find any manuals online that cover the removal procedure but I'm mentally prepared for what's in those pictures Michael. I rebuilt the engine on my track car last year so it can't be too much more stressful than that. Or can it? Yes Graham, I've just reset the sunroof in case it's that simple (doubtful) and will be messing about with strimmer wire to clear the drains before removing anything.
  7. RX350 Pointers

    Okay so it seems water appears to be a running theme.. it even ****** down on me while I was giving it a service last week! Right, reference the rear water leak, it would seem Michael is correct. I replaced the rail seal and it's made no difference. The rear passenger side drain tube must be disconnected/broken above the headcloth somewhere and giving me a nice trickle of water down into the boot. No big deal but given we are heading into the winter soon I'm all for getting it sorted. Anyone got a link to some directions on removing the headliner perchance? May as well give it a go if this sunroof reset doesn't sort it. Cheers in advance for any guidance, Jay
  8. RX350 Pointers

    And yes I am very aware that I somehow managed to miss a waterleak during a thunderstorm..
  9. RX350 Pointers

    Thank for the replies chaps, I'll be digging into it next week. Any water seems to be limited to the PSR D-pillar area right below the roof rail mounting point. As it's loose I'm going to sort it first and go from there. Whilst the trims are off I can do a little modding of the rear drain like Michael suggests. As I'm going to tackle this one myself has anyone seen an online workshop manual for the 2006 model? It would probably help me when it comes round to doing all the filters and fluids I'm about to order. Cheers, Jay
  10. RX350 Pointers

    Well, it's now sitting on the driveway! Only real worry I can see is a trace of water on the PSR C-pillar trim accompanied by a damp smell in the boot. I'm guessing it's due to the roof rail being loose right above it so any links for how to get the trim off without breaking it so as I can investigate please? The 3.5 is a lovely driving thing by the way..
  11. RX350 Pointers

    Thanks Michael, sounds like a safe bet then. I went and saw it this evening and was quite impressed. Felt a bit bigger than the gen1 I'm driving but the extra power was very noticeable. Ended up viewing it in a thunder storm which could be an omen but sure, nothing ventured eh?
  12. Don't worry, I'm only jesting - there are so many good reasons to have cover in place no matter the brand, you can never predict what's round the next corner. On a lighter note I am now the odds on favourite to breakdown tomorrow
  13. Breakdown cover for a Lexus? Nonsense!
  14. RUST

    Oh and Photobucket is cocking about with it's hosting policy so you'll need to click the warning signs to view anything.
  15. RUST

    Just updating on this one as I'm tackling a similar rusty fuel filler pipe on my project car. After looking under my 2002 RX yesterday I can see I'll probably have to repeat the procedure there too in a few MOT's time.. Doesn't seem to be a design flaw so much as just what happens when you shower metal with water, salt, air and debris for years! Bear in mind these pics show parts from an EP82 Toyota Starlet so the RX will be bigger/heavier but the same basic process when I get round to attacking it. So it's just a case of inspecting from below at the back, aim for the nearside/passenger side rear area: In this case the tank and metal lines are in quite a state too, most likely due to the car living on Scottish roads for so long. Weather conditions and road salt are a major factor. On this car it was easier to grab a fresher (but till slightly rusty) tank, lines and filler although they are still available from Toyota. I only want to do this job once on each car so best to protect it all in the one shot: One trip to the soda blaster and after powder costing they look a lot more robust: Fitting it all this week. On such a small car it's a fairly basic approach, few 12mm bolts hold the tank in plus an assortment of pipes and clips to undo. The RX looks to be a bigger ballache of a job. From what I can see the filler runs quite tight between the rear subframe and the floor so that's going to require a ramp and some manual assistance if it can't be manoeuvred out past it.
  16. Vsc and Eml 😰

    **** that's not good.. Any ideas of the cause just out of interest?
  17. Random I know but has anyone got any cool factory/dealer fitted options on their RX300? Since the summer I've slowly been gathering a few odds and sods for my bus just to add a bit of character but wondered what to keep an eye out for. Given I've still got one foot in the Starlet scene my tastes are a bit (too) JDM. I'm guessing Harriers would be a good place to source rarities but from bitter experience the jap auctions are expensive! Cheers for any guidance, Jay
  18. Just as a follow up to this, I grabbed a few brochures from Japan to get some answers (the japs really do options in a serious way) and thought I'd share a few pics. Probably of little interest but sure: Most noticeable are the TRD suspension, the Fujitsubo backbox and the funky roof lighting rig.
  19. Centre handbreak cable

    Hi buddy, I'm a bit new to Lexus models but you should be able to give the part number to a Toyota/Lexus dealership parts man and they can advise on price and availability. Does this look like the right diagram: http://japan-parts.eu/lexus/eu/2000/is200-300/gxe10r-aefvkw/3_242210_004_/powertrain-chassis/4601_parking-brake-cable If so the part ID number is 46410 and the actual part number should be 46410-53010. I'm pretty sure the likes of Blueprint do non-genuine versions if you are stuck. A local motorfactor should be able to advise on that front. Hope that helps, Jay
  20. Wanted - Set of RX wheels

    Hi folks, Looking to upgrade the 16" wheels on my 2002 RX300 for something bigger. Preferably more modern with good tyres on them. Open to persuasion if anyone has any ideas. Cheers, Jay
  21. RX300 rear lip

    Just putting the feelers out for a rear bumper lip to match the factory aero kit to fit a Gen1 RX300. Here's a pic of the part in question: I'm fairly new to parts sourcing on these cars so let me know if anyone can help. Colour not important and I should be able to arrange my own courier. Cheers, Jay
  22. RX300 rear lip

    Bumping this up - it's proving a little harder than expected to find one.
  23. Yeah, noticed that in the other thread (CLICKY) I've tackled it on my project car but I'll have a scan around the RX over the weekend hopefully just in case it's inherent in the gen 1's too. They don't make em like they used to!
  24. Road rage

    That's one thing I'll say since buying a Lexus - it's such a calm, relaxed cabin that I just can't even get angry any more. TBF I think the indicators are optional on most beemers anyway!
  25. RUST

    Those anti-perforation warranties generally only cover the vehicle body. 'Bolt-on' parts like a filler neck would fall into the standard mechanical cover. Alarming all the same though, a clear downside of cheaper metals being used most likely.