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  1. It has been a bargain for me the last 2 years. I got the online quote for 620 quid ages before I wanted to renew. When I went to renew, I got quotes of about 900 which is what I expected. But I gave them the online quote reference for 620 and they agreed. Therefore I expect it to increase this year. I should note that's for nil excess and proceed no claims. I'll be buying separate gap cover for about 100 on top . Edited to add: I have to to get gap as my (mainstream) insurer won't do agreed valuation. Any specialists (who i assume do offer agreed valuation) won't touch someone my age with this car. Couldn't get a single quote at 24 from anyone. Last year at 25, I got 1 quote for something like 4.5k with a black box from 1 specialist. They're just not interested. Cue Adrian flux to post on this thread (sigh). Their prices are quite frankly hilarious.
  2. £620. Was £740 when I was 24.
  3. It's more insurance and what they may or may not argue is a performance mod! I'm only 25 so don't fancy the danger of any additional cost.
  4. I can afford them but I'm keeping everything standard. I'll bear it in mind though. I might try the yellowstuff pads to see what they're like and keep the brembo pads as a spare pair.
  5. Cheers for that. Sounds perfect then. In the mean time, I've had a little Google and maybe people know but here's the spec sheet for the front discs which gives both the brembo and Lexus part numbers: https://www.bremboparts.com/europe/en/catalogue/disc/09-A300-11 They are a little more expensive elsewhere when shipping is included. Also, brembo pads appear to be quite a bit cheaper on eurocarparts with the discount code than they are elsewhere when a code is applied.
  6. Cheers for sharing the 50% code. However, reading this thread, it sounds like eurocarparts may supply non original brembo discs? @Big Rat, is this the case? And how would I be able to tell if I ordered the discs? I assume if they turn up on non-brembo packaging then that is a giveaway.
  7. She's Finally Here

    Excellent car! Another Londoner here so I'll keep my eyes peeled. South West for me. I've seen a fair few other ISFs in London. @Arqum, what colour is yours? Wonder if I've spotted you. I've seen a black one around Elephant & C a couple of times.
  8. Lexus ISF wanted!

    Could you elaborate on the final sentence re the warranty not being as good as one might think please?
  9. May have already been mentioned but they also have a silver IS F going through the Colchester auction. 37k miles, EN08FKU. "Grade 1" but not sure how realistic their grading is. https://www.manheim.co.uk/auctions/cars/lexus/is Can't seem to get a link to the exact car...
  10. Well done for finding it! I was only intrigued as I bought my car in Guernsey so paid 20% VAT on purchase price when importing to the mainland. If this is already on UK plates, a prospective buyer doesn't have this significant cost to worry about. Can't quite work out why the auction house would absorb the cost though!
  11. Just had a look and it seems fine to me! I'm intrigued..What makes you say it's only for the brave? And as it's currently Jersey registered, how come you are quoting a UK plate for it?
  12. I imported my car IS F from Guernsey. I paid VAT when the car landed in the UK. I'm surprised you're discussing the speedo being in kmh or mph and whether or not you have a fog lights as you seem to be missing the main costs. All the below is assuming you do the whole process yourself and I am ignoring costs for speedo conversion etc as they are inconsequential. Your car is currently valued at X. You will then pay Y to get the car shipped to the UK. When your car is in the UK, you will then be liable for import duty (Z). This rate is variable based on where you are imporating the vehicle from and what the vehicle is. Follow the link below and call the helpline below for an accurate quote: https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk/paying-vat-and-duty Finally, VAT will be payable. This will be (X + Y + Z) x 20%. So let's say your car is worth £22k and it costs 1.5k to import. I will ignore import duty for now but obviously this will increase the final amount. So: (22k + 1.5k) x 20% (4,700) = 28.2k. Are you sure you can't find a better example here for 28.2k? Let's not forget I have not included any adaptation costo or duty costs. I hope this helps.
  13. Boring... boot liner

    Excellent. I'll give them a call and get them to send the correct one. Thanks for looking into this!
  14. Boring... boot liner

    The problem I am having is that all the photos on the Lexus Bristol ebay store are of the same boot liner for different models so it's impossible to tell. I have gone via lexus accessories and it throws out different part numbers. So I feel the best solution is to get a part number off someone with a genuine liner actually in their boot. Cheers for the help so far.
  15. Boring... boot liner

    The part number for mine is on the side facing up, closest to where the back seats are. Ie at the back of the boot. I've taken photos and attach below. Thanks for going outside to check for me... virtual pint of Guinness for you!