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  1. I think they sent the wrong serpantine belt, If Im right they are also advertising the wrong belt heres my engine
  2. Where did you get it from? I note you have a 1994, mines 1995, I have not received mine from ebay order, due yesterday, but if they mess me about by not refunding (they sometimes try that on ebay) Ill do an indemnity....
  3. By the way, I said I thought they were german, they are in fact a Japanese & korean firm based in Germany
  4. Kudos to 'Sorcerer' whose' reading skills helped him give me a link to what I wanted, a kit suitable for a 1995 LS400, and which arrived app 10 mins ago, make: Hearth+Buss with a Blueprint roller, (seems to be german).......ta Sorcerer, where would I have been without ya, because I am assumed Cambelt kit for 1995 and older
  5. Ive actually come to the conclusion that the way I write must be the problem, totally illegible the vast majority on here except 'sorcerer' who knew exactly what I needed and who followed through with an effective instructive post
  6. I won't be putting it on, anything mechi & Im a non starter, Im still a iffy at tying my shoelaces let alone one of these things.
  7. For those still following this thread & who might need an essential cambelt kit at some point in the future - according to the AISIN list - ASIN no longer make water pumps for any LS 400, heres a link to an ebay page for ASIN pumps, plenty water pumps but the ASIN link shows non for the LS400's of any year of their manufacture. Malc, please look at the title of this post, do you have any help for me? thanks ebay search
  8. Well just so everyone else is informed, the UK based dealer selling the kit is the only UK dealer on ebay selling a full 1995 or older kit, the next option would be to buy the full kit from a lexus outlet
  9. Are saying that non Lexus dealers with genuine lexus products are selling 1995 or older LS400 cambelt kits on ebay, apart from the lexusonline site? I asked you before, so now I'll ask again, please pass a link to these (plural) dealers.
  10. Not as far as buying a kit on ebay from a UK based outfit, they can't, the dealer I ordered that from is the only UK dealer selling the full kit on ebay. What seems to have passed people by is the fact that all LS 400 which are not later than 1997 are 20 years and more old and obsolete, >the numbers of sales< of such kits must be absolutely abysmal, who on earth is going to invest capital to sell obsolete stock to the ever increasing number rare users?
  11. OK Malc, so can you pass a link to which you would suggest?
  12. Do you mean.......why? I don't get it.