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  1. If thats the case then I doubt very much indeed that lexus is recommending any other belt(s) then their own have a lifespan of 150k, neither lexus or any other make of car would make recommendations for for non lexus/ford/volvo etc products, I think innuendos that lexus recommends any make or approved of cambelt. Also, I thought these engines were non-interference if a cambelt breaks
  2. and here 150k, but, what I would like to know (curiosity) is what actual belt did they have when they were knew? was it special lexus specification? anyone know?
  3. Doubt it, theres not many breakers would bother stocking spares for cars of that age with a car which was not a big seller in the grand scheme of things, now if a breaker stocked ford spares they'd be flying off the shelf all day every day. how long would an LS 400 spare be it be on the shelf for?
  4. Seems to be some potentially future expense on suspension areas, according to MOT check, I don't know enough 'mechi stuff' to know if it needs doing pronto, I do know enough to know it would be quite expensive for lexus parts.
  5. It comes up very good on an MOT check, 327k is meaningless to both the 430 & the 400s if most other things are good, in this case everything is good. For a large luxury saloon car 4k is not excessive
  6. Is that the one very close to ASDA? thanks
  7. Have the neighbors made any comment on it? its a really impressive looking car but all those pride & joy neighbors others around about probably looked ok cars till your 600 came on the scene, now they look just plain cheapos, credit to you for jumping into the unknown.
  8. I use those waterproof Hammocks (ebay), I use one for back seat & cut a second down to size to fit full across rear floor, soon I'll be off to mainland europe to bring in another, she was 13 years 9 months when cancer sadly took her, probably close on the record for this breed here..........
  9. Oh it's real easy, get a dog like mine & you'd pick it up no time..........................................
  10. I did a couple of google searches, as a result I think anyone expecting to buy an LS 400 for much below a £1000, (5-10 years or so ago you could have done) is living in wonderland, heres one site there are several on a google search fo the LS400, they have gone up in price over this past 5 years + & my guess is thats because a good LS400 has got 'rarer' to almost non existant. Below is one of several sites
  11. OK got that NB, What needs to be taken into to account when buying or selling an LS400 these days is that there are very few worth having for sale, they are rare. very rare, especially, within 20 miles of a seller or buyer...........
  12. Sorry, whats meant by 'dopey money'?
  13. I just checked the scrap price (london) they collect & the price you get is 135quid,
  14. Well, I would definatly be looking at this, probably take cash with me 'just in case' I were tempted
  15. Well yes, but, on the 'up' side it does have a torch in the toolkit, doesn't say it's a cree beam though.