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  1. More pricey now than then.....
  2. thatfatbloke.......Ordered a pair of bonnet struts for £53 from seller called 'mattt77777 If you funded the purchase with any direct debit card you can put a direct debit indemnity on it, money back in your account instantly. thatfatbloke....... Now in the hands of eBay/Paypal,but they can't do anything about refund 'til next Thursday!. Typical (normal) of ebay & paypal, however, its not in their hands, it's in yours if you used a debit card to fund paypal, Im not sure but I think a credit card can do the same thing,
  3. Thanks Shanra, what I meant is whereabouts in the engine compartment is the dipstick tube? thanks
  4. Can anyone photo appx where the oil filler cap is? what transmission oil do they take?
  5. Quote: '' the brakes noise did quieten down after a bit'' Thats the brake pads, certainly Ferodo make no noise, not sure about normal ferodo, there are not many aftermarket, if any, other than ferodo premium which are quite, so anyone here who buys it can sort that out easy enough.
  6. Quote, I'd sure buy it if i wanted a replacement .. just needs new carpets \ if I were in the market I would not touch it until it had a new MOT, the current one finishes next month, what does seller know that stopped him getting a new MOT and then putting it up for sale, no one should forget that numerous LS400 parts are quite expensive. I note it has 110.000miles, the last MOT (11 months ago it had 110,3003 miles
  7. Lovely looking ls, is t a japanese or US import? Im asking that cause of the grill, that toyota emblem on bonnet & have never sen that color before or is that you're own preference/ lovely color though.
  8. It all sounds great, it also leaves londons mechanics & related (lpg convertors) as the scum of the cars earth......Ive had one v good one I totally trust since around 1998, family buisness, but, he came after numerous years of iffffy whatnots here in london.
  9. I actually bought a '96 when it was appx 230k, it had no probs at all, but, as someone else said it had had all its services, the guy treated with care, im on 173k now but I dont even think about apart from due an oil change (appx every 5-7000k for me)
  10. I think it would be well worth a test run for a potential buyer, its at high wycombe so the M40 + local hilly roads would at least give an ''It seems ok'' or otherwise view of it, which is all any test drive can show, its the seeming regular oil change/services that would attract me to it.
  11. Sorry, but, I did/do not understand your post. Do you mean the second car was originaly up for sale for 700 and then that changed from a straight sale to an auction sale?
  12. This is one of the silly adds I have seen for a while, no mot (fail) & quite a bit needs spending just o bring it to mot pass & up for sale by a commercial dealer at that!......still its got a jack ***** badge fixed to its bonnet. Compared to this one for 510 quid, well worth a test run if anyones in the market, IMO
  13. would you think is still worth purchasing? 150k ? That mileage would not put me off, other things might if it only 50k on it.
  14. If I were in the market for an LS I would 'probably' go for this one, unless a highly unlikely something showed up on a test drive I'd take it, 3 owners, FSH & 157,000k. My 'probably' option is because I don't understand why it only has another 12 weeks MOT left instead of him/her getting a 12 month MOT to help any sale