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  1. I think thats a good idea & reasonable thing to do if its within the means of any buyer and the buyer 'expects' they will keep or want to keep the/a top end luxury car for 5 years or more. I think 'cause buyers look a them as an old, out of date cars they should last another 10 years with nothing spent on them 'cept oil changes and the get scrap value to go towards an LS 600, lets face it......once a top end luxury always a top end luxury car
  2. Old Baz has been under discussion here a couple of months ago because some people were 'implying' he was often selling 'duff' cars as well as implying he was running a full time business. On that same post at least 2 & maybe 3 people came in on the post and said they had bought from him and that he was a straight forwards who sold the odd car. I researched him a bit & found he goes back to the days of the late Teddy boy era (late 50's early 60's) with 'flash' cars (photos) along with teddy boy outfits etc. My opinion (for what thats worth) was & still is that high level cars has been his lifetime interest, hobby & passion & he buys & sells a very small number of cars as & when or if he gets one he feels fits that bill, he is not a commercial seller other than that, >there are reasons I can think of why his mechanic did not give him a receipt. If I were in for an LS 430, and taking into account the LS430 you've linked so far the car above is one I would be getting up dressed (no wash) & go & see, personally I think (opinion) he is a very honest guy & if you ask the right questions he will give a truthful answer in as far as he knows the answer. Also, I did spend a good couple of hours trying to research him & found not one single >established< thing against him, there are some photos of him on some site way back in the early 60's in his teddy boy gear of that period with big flash cars, hope that helps, but, as I said, if I wanted an LS430 I would be up there pretty quick, just check out MOT history on the DVLA site, good luck
  3. It might be that it's nothing more than 'sales talk' which attracts SUV drivers with the implications, never loose sight of the fact all manufacturers of everything are in for the money, we're just punters.
  4. Have you got snow chains? below is a list of euro countries where they are mandatory RAC List .
  5. I remember hearing more or less that long ago, I am unable to find any fault with the LS400 comfort, most comfortable car I've ever had, it just does not have the bells & whistles the later cars in question have, so I guess I''ll just have to carry on missing a few episodes of Coronation St & try & learn cope with that along with not having my back scratched or vibrated or whatever it is, life is tough sometimes
  6. what made you think of them if they are SUV tyres?
  7. The first 4 words were in reply to post 13, the rest were general comments I made.
  8. OK got that thanks, the problem with buying any used car is that the car might well be 100% hunky dory, you drive off with it, get round the next corner & something major goes wrong, or you go 300k in it and nothing goes wrong, thats the real way of it with any used car regardless of age, mileage or make.
  9. I only know about the suspension probs, but not how widespread that issue was. So, as far as that prob goes, someone on here within this past 10 days or said they were quoted 700 quid per wheel, if an LS430 were bought at a reasonable price I don't think a spend of 1400 quid is too much, are there any more 'common' probs with them other than that?
  10. Seller says: Only 51000 miles and 1 previous owner from new UK car with full service history Both retired owners, 1st owner Francis kept it until 2011, it was then sold to his friend Colin The seller is a professional, he/she make their living from selling cars, I would not expect such basic mistakes as saying its a one owner car and in the next breath talking about 2 owners. That said, car looks OK if thats anything to go by but almost no detail from seller, therefor, if I were on 'the buy' (which I am not) thats not one I would bother looking at unless it were within 10 miles of my base. Also, that car has to low mileage for me, 51k & seemingly kept in quite a damp winter climate as is Ilkley moors for 16 years........ney baaa tat, not for me.
  11. Yes I've been thinking that since the subject first came up, front wheel is significantly better in slippery conditions, I found that in both the citron CX & volvo cars
  12. Since then I have gone more into it, especially with an Austrian frau who lives there. Yes winter tyres are more advantageous and have a better chance of stopping a car & holding the road. (I also got hateful sermon on snow chain use from her, she hates them) >However< they are not as safe as what your posting on them implies, or will imply, to anyone not that used to them, snow & ice etc, they are better than normal tyres on snow seemingly a bit better on compressed & therefore more slippery snow, but they are not anywhere near as good & fail safe as you suggest they are,. Snow tyres should be seen as completely ineffective with ABS if you go into even the slightest slide, you simply cannot stop the car until or unless it grips on something, something Nick858 failed to mention as well as his snow 'escapade' which ended with him & car nearly going under a juggernaught. So winter tyres are better than normal tyres at gripping, but they are by no means a fail safe drive as you want on compressed snow ice as Nick858 implied in his previous post, once ABS goes into the slightest slide a drives is in trouble big time, something nick again overlooks. The forcast for tonight is that tempratures is expected to drop -12c
  13. Yes, the lack of snow days here in the deep south laves us with very little experience at all, it's those poor little mites on the edge of civilization (leeds, birmingham, Reading etc) who get snow a lot more
  14. Another important variable in answer to that is 'drivers experience', in some situations with RWD's it is only the experience which makes the biggest difference & in scandinavia & canada they got plenty of that.
  15. I think its the weight probably combined with the actual depth of snow, they are a very heavy car