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  1. Out of the above link by spacewagon I would opt for this (below), I know screams of to expensive, I agree its far above most LS400 prices but for that price the buyer will almost certainly be running that car in another 10 years time with very little spent beyond some suspension part replacements in the 10 year gap.
  2. Yes I think it was the toyota hilux
  3. Now that rings some distance bells, there was a popular 4x toyota sort of half truck about in I think the 1990's, it went usually with a name ie toyota - ???? it could take an awsome amount of very rough handling, if i remember rightly that TV motoring program put it through a series of seriously tough tests, including (I think) letting it get submerged in the sea and driving it really did get numerous hard hammering tests & came out of them fine, just looked a bit battered thats all...anyone remember that & the name of that toyota???
  4. yea, 'Chelsea tractor', they used to use them a lot on shoots on an estate I go with the dog, best place for 'em but I doubt they can take anything like the hammer 'real' land rovers can take.
  5. I think if you read my post again you'll find I am 'non informed' on RR's
  6. I have never understood why on earth RR & that type of vehicle became very popular in London of all places, yet RR or that type are all over the flaming place here, no wonder that mayor we have (khan or something) seems to be starting a campaign to get cars/petrol vehicles banned from London by 2050, he's still not made it clear who's going to clean the horse muck up when tesco gets its horse & cart deliveries
  7. Are they? I know nothing about them, but I never heard anything bad either, what problems engine or what?
  8. I cannot make out the number, its not the number i thought it was, do you have it? thanks
  9. No detail whatsoever on that add, not even year or mileage...........buyer beware, it could end up in a one night stand and ditched afore morning
  10. i would ask your local/nearest lexus dealer if they can you another one
  11. I >think< (if i remember correctly) you had to keep pressing & pressing the button on those old fobs till it resets the codes, that is if the battery on the fob is still working. To resolve it, Ive had my security system deliberatly disabled by my mechi eleci, it was a big, big hassle trying to get it to reset with that obsolete fob every time the battery was disconnected, now that problem is gone.
  12. Anyone intending coming into london from west or north west needs to avoid M40/A40 and probably from North westish direction needs to avoid the entire access areas due to a major fire totally engulfing a 27 story block of occupied flats, ambulances & fire vehicles are there from all regions and access to area needs to be kept clear, probably affecting the harrow rd area & routes in from the wembly areas and all access routes from the western at Latimer Rd & building at risk of collapse
  13. Why did you let it go steve?