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  1. I think what matters in law in your case is at what point did the trader tell you he was selling 'on behalf' of someone, ie before money changed hands or after money had changed hands
  2. A "Trade sale" is when any items pass between two or more professional traders, the items do not have to have any similarity.
  3. Yes >but< that applies to all Lexus built after the 400, I 'think', after the mark3. This is the story which I picked up on here a few years ago. Toyota told it's engineers, designers & whatever other trades are involved to build the best car in the world >Toyota< had an open checkbook on the outcome & for around the first 3 (someone correct me if that's wrong) models the checkbook stayed open, no cost to great policy. After around the first 3 models to get their top luxury car off the ground, they then brought in the accountants & started to build on a budget basis & of course that reflects on build quality 'throughout' the Lexus range and everything, thats the foundation story I picked up on this forum a few years ago.
  4. Ive just sent this to Profess, but, I think Profess only install the one system and all instillation staff are sent to Poland for training (or are already there, are trained, then come here) so I >guess< they are all only trained on the one system......... Just sent to Profess Can you tell me which make LPG system you install or do you only install one system, if so which
  5. Oh, Profess use a stag system...........
  6. How many km's on the clock? thank
  7. To be honest I think something is not quite 'right', personal opinion only..............what on earth is that 'gear' stick about........I used to get caned with something like that in my school 'raised my status'.............
  8. If you still have trouble with it maybe you could try one of these 'Fob Fixers'....I think they might be from Homebase:
  9. Very informative post, thanks
  10. sound just like my mother......
  11. .........maybe better to get a new car whilst 'poor me' & 'poor spacewagon52' struggle on opening our doors with the flaming key & all that entails
  12. Yes, I've had 2 1996 LS400's with the upgraded engine but the fobs for those were not the same as the one for my current 1995.
  13. If the fob is the obsolete type mine was I don't think your going to be in luck, although I noticed steves in a 94 mine is a 95. I took my fob to lexus edware rd London, their technicians looked at the fob and said they never seen one like short nothing could be done & I was having all kinds of probes after a battery indi leci somehow disabled the security settings as these stopped me starting the dam car, now I have no probs & no flaming limited life, problem causing fob that even Lexus knew/knows nothing about anymore, if you can show me a photo/scan of yours I'll know if its the same, disabling the security system was the/my answer.