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  1. Sorry for the late reply! I thought notifications would be sent to me automatically. I think the pressure is supposed to be 33psi... from what I could work out on the slightly confusing sticker in the driver's door well :) I pressed the "set" button as suggested (had to try it a couple of times) and lo and behold, the message has gone and has not returned. There is two buttons there, one called "set" and another without a label.... MANY THANKS all for your help here :) - I had visions of visiting a garage and having to have the diagnostic kit plugged in to remove the warning.
  2. I have the warning light permanently lit up, and the message is "low tire", - I have check all four tyres and they are all 33psi. Any ideas? Many thanks :)
  3. I will certainly use this information, - superb, - many thanks Steve! :) I have removed just the base seat before, a couple of times actually, on my own, - bit of a job, especially to get the seat back in... I remember sitting in the rear footwell facing the rear window and "chest pressing" the seat back in place, screaming like some mental bodybuilder as I did so :D
  4. My local mechanic says he is fairly confident tha tit's the top mount that is squeeking, - he wants to come back and remove the rear seat & parcel shelf...
  5. My stainless Fox exhaust is as quiet as a mouse for normal driving, but has a lovely note when I floor it, - for me it's a good balance
  6. Sorry for the late reply - it was Leatherhead Motor Company Yes - had the Rear Anti Roll Bar bush done last year, (the invoice states "bush" as opposed to "bushes" - I can't remember if they did both or just the squeeky side, but either way it hasn't made one iota of difference). So not worth going the Top Mount route then? Very annoying that 2 different mechanics have no idea, - it's bloomin' annoying at times! :)
  7. My rear near-side suspension sometimes squeeks a little when banking right around a sharpish bend, - roundabout for example. Had it serviced today so asked the guy to take a look. He suspects that it's the top mount of the suspension strut. He said there is no movement of the struck in there at all, - so it all seems mechanically fine, - he is going to enquire to Lexus to see if they can replace just the top mount... or whether it's the entire strut that needs replacing. Just wondering if anyone had any advice or experience in this area? I asked whether simply greasing it up might help, but he said no as that would just wear off and it would come back again. I have also had the bushes replaced last year...
  8. Very observant, - thankyou. Not for a few months, I'll certainly check that out
  9. Is it easy to sell these circa £200-£400 plates onwards, does anyone know? Or is it a case of just writing off the money and leaving on the car once it's sold?
  10. No problem - that's how conversation go :) - i'm glad you raised that potential issue I'd agree with you on both Michelle & the LS. I think the LS looks lovely in motion, think it's the air suspension and size which gives it that majestic graceful look. Probably vain, but I have wondered about buying a cheap dateless number plate, - think it would give it a more classic look (??), ...2004 isn't new - and it isn't old, if you see what I mean.. Talking of the number plate, - anyone notice that I got rid of the front number plate surround Very probably the same one
  11. Notice as well the interior wood has been painted in "BMW Black" - again - not my doing, - the previous owner. He's done a good job, and if you like your interior dark it's perfect. Think it was done to achieve a more modern look, however, personally given the choice, I'd prefer the originality of the wood! Horses for courses I guess :) The original owner also darkened the rear lights, blacked out the front grill, and wrapped the roof - all in black, - this has all come off. Unfortunately taken the wrap off the sills along the roof edge has removed some of the paint :( Not sure whether to get that done - along the front bumper, which could do with a respray from stone chips... - it's a strange one, - it wasn't an expensive car to buy and I probably won't get a fortune when I sell, so is it worth spending the money on spraying the bumper? (mechanically it wants for nothing). I appreciate the windows might not be to everyone's taste, but I left them as I like the increased privacy, I find a lot of UK drivers quite aggressive, and the windows help me shut all that out and waft along in peace & quiet ;)
  12. It's off for a service soon, - I'll ask them to check the MAF sensor out - thanks
  13. Cheers Malc I've had it a year and a half, - radiator was changed soon after I brought it, as was the cam belt :)
  14. Thanks - I do like it, however, given the choice, I ideally wanted the dark grey... - this came up, it seemed decent mechanically, and had a good LPG system installed so I went for it.