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  1. I love the lack of engine braking / low rolling resistance, makes the car feel like it's driving itself. If engine braking is needed, in slippery conditions or a steep hilll whereby you'd want to assist the brakes, the manual feature/top gear restriction, is very easy to use.
  2. I enjoy being in Land/Range Rover's because of the elevated driving position. I drove a 10 year old Vogue recently... - pretty tatty, and not particularly quiet. My favourite is the Discovery, - nice air suspension also... - a friend at work has a Disco, - but my God, the amount it costs her to run, - suspension problems, steering problems, electrical problems, - it's never ending and ridiculously expensive... - but she's kept the car for many years because A she loves driving it, and B, it cost her so much new, and is worth so little now, she wants her use out of it! I also drove a friend's brand new BMW M135i.. - nice car, but nowhere near as comfortable or pleasurable to drive as my LS430. Madness when you consider the money he paid compared for his little BM compared the money I paid for luxury
  3. hmmmmmm I was messing around with blutooth on my satnav the other day - i'll check that I didnt leave it on... - no other gadgets. Good shout ;)
  4. It seems to me that it's not the key fob. The fact that a drive in the car sorted it out, - makes me suspect that something (software wise) was reset.... - maybe i'm wrong... - I'll change the battery and clean nevertheless, thanks. The other thing is - these keys - so flimsy... the actual key which comes slides out... looks like it's about to fall away from the fob.. I was grateful it didn't get stuck in the lock !
  5. I replaced the battery about 8 months ago I think... - I used the car say every 3 - 5 days....
  6. I have a intermittent squeak on the n/s rear, - only happens when I bank right... - i have had the bushes replaced... - still happens. Any ideas?
  7. About six months ago, my key fob remote failed to unlock the keys on my LS430. I left it for 20 minutes, returned, and all was well. Last night, the same thing happened; I parked it up, - remote didnt lock the car. Inside, the unlock button seemed to work, but the lock would not. All the doors bar the drivers were already locked. I left the car wit the driver's door unlocked. Returned 2 hours later, - all doors locked, - remote key fob failed to do anything. No response from car. Light on key fob flashing when I press it. I entered the car with the key, alarm sounded, put the key in ignition and drove off. 30 minute drive, parked, and everything worked absolutely fine again. Can anyone shed any light on what the problem is/was?
  8. £1,300 seems pretty cheap no? I would've expected the cost to be 2 - 3 k? And the car looks great btw!
  9. BoJo Interior removal tools make the job easy, - without damage... - you can get that panel off easily in a matter of seconds :)
  10. Four different budget tyres, dear oh dear. That really does reflect the owners attitude towards the car. They'll be loads of others :)
  11. That's a fantastic price - who was you buying it from?
  12. How about a stainless steel job? This one is very quiet and normal speeds, but has a V8 barble when you put your foot down
  13. Are you sure your speakers were blown, and didn't just need rubber glueing around the cone? I did my subwoofer, - but I think the speakers in the door cards need the same treatment now.... - sure there's a tutorial for that around here somewhere..
  14. I haven't had any trouble parking it, - supermarkets are easy as apple tart. I do however try to avoid multi stories where possible, I've only visited a couple since owning a 430 and they were no trouble, but I can see that the smaller car parks definitely would be difficult! Parking is very easy with the front and rear sensors and camera. Bottom line is that I haven't found the size of the car to be problematic at all. I've had no door dings either (touch wood) - so far!
  15. That does look in gorgeous condition. Think back 20 years and 20k usually meant that your car was approaching retirement :)