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  1. They are all on the same plate though. They was another silver one on autotrader for £15000 2008 model with 94k miles and that shifted after..some time may I add
  2. It doesn't look to bad right? Maybe it's priced low to sell. Everybody knows it's a even a good example sits for months and now doubt some deal is made. Personally for me silver wasn't on my top list but at that price I could have it sprayed which ever colour I wanted and still probably have a couple of penny's spare as apposed to buying the next available one which is black at £15,995. Just waiting on the dealer to get back to me.. P.s the dealer it self doesn't look like the most classy looking of the sort but it is in london. My dad brought a vxr8 about 6 months ago and he brought it from a garage that had purchased it for £7000.. £7000!🤔 He got a deal on it but it emphasizes the point of some people just want it gone giving the dealer the opportunity to low ball... Maybe
  3. I'll have to pass on a that one for sure 😂
  4. Afternoon! Anyone got any information on this ISF for sale on autotrader New&onesearchad=New&model=IS F&sort=sponsored&postcode=ba11rj&radius=1500&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1 Simply to cheap to believe so any information would be helpful! Just waiting on a response from the dealer themselves. Thanks guys
  5. Sorry mate I've been mega busy with work recently this is my first time checking back in. The search is still at large. Still keeping my on the the autotrader but no new ones on the market. Seen a white one on eBay for £16,995 and its to far for me to go and look at on my day off. Any one checked that one out? And did anyone buy the 11 plate USB ISF on autotrader with white interior? Wanted £18,990? That was a beaut!
  6. Yeah send me some more details over buddy.
  7. On the off chance that lexus do read this.. Please sell me a GSF for 20K 😂 How good do GSF look though?
  8. Was a rare car to begin with, its only going to get rarer. Do like the blue but not the price tag that comes with it so a compromise had to made somewhere. Intrigued to hear more about you warrenty system? Would you not recommend? What sort of things have gone wrong I'm your own experiences? Thanks C
  9. Would you mind shooting me some pics of your silver steed over bud? The more I look at the silver ones the more I warm to them...🤔 I agree with the wrap idea to with the difference in price between certain silver ones and other colours I could have a complete new respray and still have change in my pocket. You've got to use it.. its a shame not to 😉
  10. I know you are a good bunch I must admit. Half the reason I like the lexus club is you all speak to each other with abit of respect. Something uncommon in world today let alone the forum communities. Think my silver comment was abit rash they do look nice in silver just when you have a blue white or red next to it they look abit plain. Anyone got a silver ISF and wouldn't mind chucking some photos up I'd much appreciate it. Well any colour for that matter who doesn't enjoy seeing ISF's? Thanks for the offer dude! Be good to actually go look at one with someone who owns one and knows their stuff so I may hold you to that offer 😉 Never see any problems with these cars which is why I want one. I was after a V8, I wanted reliability and comfort, I did my research and I landed on this. Haven't changed my mind since now I just need to buy one and satisfy myself! Thanks
  11. Thanks mate. Yeah I'll definitely have to compromise but I've waited to long to just settle for 2nd best I feel. I watch autotrader religiously for the ISF and I've tracked the market for about 5 months now 😂. I've seen the blue ones and they have sat advertised for a while, probably some room for negotiation though.
  12. Morning all, As title suggest after a lexus ISF. Have been in the market for one for a while but everyone I've been interested in was either to much or sold before I could get my hands on it. My absolute max is 20k and I will NOT pay more than 17k on a 2008. I was watching one on auto trader that was a 2010 and that sold for 19,995 the day before I rang him! (Typical). Ideally I'd like blue white or Mesa red but really am open to any apart from silver. Mileage isn't a issue Aslong as its looked after. Service history for me is a big one. I want it and I need it. Not looking to cut corners I'm looking to spend this money once and only once 😂. Sunroof would be a big plus for me as I'd rather have it not need it than need it and not have it. And black interior is also something I would prefer but white interior looks awesome and if its maintained properly I'll take it that too. Look forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks C Please remember to offer any car/parts you need to be a Gold Member this also applies to using the Message facility.
  13. Would love a GSF if they ever come into the 20k range I may be persuaded
  14. Don't think your going to have that problem with the ISF mate. If you looking for one chances are you've already done your research and now you just have to do so the right spec. I'd expect some people to come and not come back but that's to be expected with a rare car. I did it with the one at torque for 2 reasons. 1 colour was not for me. 2 it was actually the first time I'd been close to one and a wanted to know how it drove with me thinking the auto would put me off. So it was a tester on all bases for me. If yours is the mesa red one in your profile picture I'd also appreciate some details! Love that colour!