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  1. Don't think your going to have that problem with the ISF mate. If you looking for one chances are you've already done your research and now you just have to do so the right spec. I'd expect some people to come and not come back but that's to be expected with a rare car. I did it with the one at torque for 2 reasons. 1 colour was not for me. 2 it was actually the first time I'd been close to one and a wanted to know how it drove with me thinking the auto would put me off. So it was a tester on all bases for me. If yours is the mesa red one in your profile picture I'd also appreciate some details! Love that colour!
  2. The only thing I can say about the ISF that your talking about in Lexus Guildford is that although it is stupidly priced, that particular example is a 1 in 5, in mercury grey so they more than likely are holding it with a collector in mind as a future buyer.
  3. No no defiantly doesn't sound biased😉 @Warrington guy can you send me a message with some details bud? Thanks guys!
  4. 16k.. I could pull more for the right one😊
  5. I went and had a look at the one in torque motors, very nice chaps in there. The ISF is lovely..couldn't find any faults with it looking around it and driving it. Goes like the clappers just wasn't taken away by the colour as I was with white or blue. Still waiting for the right one and i have been looking for months
  6. If it's the mercury grey one it's because there is only 5 in the country
  7. Not what was asked though bud
  8. Andy! Thank you for posting this! I to have seen his kits and toyed with the idea alot recently.. have the same skepticism and you did with past work and his reliability but I think your post lay that to rest. Would you recommend chucking a couple a grand at my IS200? Iv toyed with supercharger but couldn't find one anywhere! I toyed with the idea of finding an RS200 3sge beams engine which I can find but not sure if all the hassle is worth it.. nor really enough detailed posts about it without people saying "just get the Is300" which obviously if I wanted to I would of. Which only really leaves the turbo upgrade.. would you recommend? What you do differently having owned it a year now? And lastly was it all worth it in the end!?! Thanks! C
  9. Thank you!
  10. Seen some wheels I like they are 18" 8.5J wide front and back? Will they fit without rolling arches? Thanks
  11. Thank's for the intro dude! I have been using the forum for a month or two now so decided to join in the fun! Crickey that's a fair task some of you will definitely come in useful then ;)! Will check out the rules now man thanks for the tip! C
  12. Orfordness my good sir your photo shop skills are most impressive..those alloys are so tidy!! What are they!?
  13. Morning all! New to the forum so bare with me.. Recently brought an is200 in silver, just had it put in for a full service with new discs and pads and was thinking about dropping some new shoes on the old girl.. I'm running on standard suspension and springs and want to know what you guys think.. any help would be appreciated. 17/18? What offset is it? What width is best? Coilovers or lowering springs? Don't want or need it to low just want it to sit a bit nicer. Which brings me to My final question... body kits.. Does anybody have any for sale? If you have one fitted can you send me some photos and some details? (Same for alloys please too) Iv seen a legana front bumper I like but boy areally they hard to find! Last but not least.. if you guys have any bits and bobs for sale e.g Alloys/ bodykits or any performance mods that you want to part with.. can you let me know ASAP and maybe we can help each other out! Thanks In advance. Charlie.