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  1. 2008 gs450h

    There was another recall already mentioned by member Chris111 for a fuel pressure regulator "possible fuel leak". This work can still be carried out free of charge with use of a courtesy car if needed. I had my 2007 done a few months ago. John.
  2. Robert. I am happy to be able to help when I can. To me the forum exists to help each other, and keep the costs of repairs to a reasonable level. I have learned much from the forum, and continue to do so. John
  3. Inlet manifold bolts are 13 ft/lbs. I would not bother altering the spark plug settings. John
  4. Correct spark plug torque is 18 nm or 13 ft/lbs. John
  5. Robert I have not done either calibration "zero point or linear solenoid", but believe it is a relatively easy process with Techstream giving instructions for each. I will see if I can connect to my own car, and check things out. Zero point calibration on the steering should be carried out as part of the tracking service where ever you have it done. John.
  6. Linas. It was probably my post you saw about converting to LPG. Answering your question the reason for conversion would be to put fuel costs well and truly in Prius territory The equivalent of 65/70 mpg in cost terms. That with no noticeable loss in performance seems a reasonable aim. Even when towing my caravan "yes I tow a caravan with the 450H" I would be getting the equivalent of 50 mpg. John.
  7. If you have the plate with the serial number as you say the dealer can make a key. John
  8. Chris once the car has been started with the legitimate fob or other it will keep running as normal. The reason for this is that if the fob battery was to fail while you are driving you would not want the car to come to a standstill in the middle of a motorway. Once you turn the car off you then need the fob signal to restart it. This can lead to problems if you loose a fob or only carry one fob with you and your wife in the car. You jump in the car with the fob in your pocket, and your wife gets in as passenger. You go into town, and your wife gets into the driving seat to go else ware dropping you off. Your wife arrives at her destination , and turns the car off to do some shopping. Comes back later to find she cannot get into the car or if she left the car open she cannot start it as you have the fob your pocket. John.
  9. You are quite correct about the steering wheel not coming off unless it has previously been disturbed. Turning the steering wheel on it's shaft will produce an offset in the steering rack giving more lock in one direction, and less in the other. This can play havoc with the power steering sensors. When tract correctly a zero point calibration should be carried out on the steering with Techstream. "Normally part of the tracking procedure". Thinking about you braking problem this "may2 be cured by carrying out a linear solenoid centering calibration on the brake actuator. Again with Techstream preferably after do a complete fluid change using Techstream. John.
  10. Robert I would think your steering problem is down to the wheels being out of alignment. Ideally a 4 wheel alignment should be carried out, but since only shocks have been changed on the rear "these do not upset the alignment when changed on the GS" it will only be the fronts that need doing. Ask for a front wheel alignment, and camber check. The tyres on the GS are quite wide so wide that on full lock only one line of tread on the tyre is at the correct angle as the inside, and outside edges of the tyre follow different turning circles. If the tracking is out so that an inside or outside edge is following the true line the other edge of the tyre is way off track. The effect even when tracking is correct can be heard and felt on painted carpark surfaces where at very low speeds the tyres will squeal, and the steering feels all wrong. John
  11. The Landsail tyres you are worried about are actually very good so called "budget" tyres. Although I agree some budget tyres are of dubious quality this does not apply to them. I do not work or have any association with Landsail tyres. John.
  12. Was it you?

    I spotted an SC430 at the Stew Poney traffic lights Stourbridge to day at about 4-15 pm. I rarely see one of these, and wondered if it was anyone from LOC. John.
  13. If the noise is coming from there the chances are the nut on top of the shock absorber is loose. Remove the 3 top cover nuts, and lift off the cover. Underneath you will find the actuator motor. Quarter turn this and lift off "like removing the bayonet style light bulb". Then tighten the centre nut to 21ft/lbs then reassemble in the reverse order. If this does not cure the problem it is almost certain the shock absorber needs replacing. The part will cost upwards of £265 there is no aftermarket replacement available. John.
  14. This company has popped up on several occasions on LOC, and generally has good reviews. John.
  15. Ian. KYB are indeed the manufacturer Toyota/Lexus use. I cannot confirm the part numbers, but no doubt someone else will. To be honest on some Lexus models KYB shocks are not known for reliability especially the shaft seal being prone to leaking even at low mileage (20,000), and just over one year old out of guarantee. There seems little in the way of alternatives however. John.