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  1. The easy safe way of keeping the discs clear of rust on hybrids is to put the car into neutral on a downhill run and brake gently over as long a period as possible. In neutral the regen braking is not used forcing the car to use the conventional hydraulic brakes. Doing this once or twice a month will keep the discs shiny. Once the rust has a hold it spreads across the disc surface rapidly. John
  2. Park will equally do. Neutral is the only "gear" that the car cannot look after it's self. John.
  3. Technically correct. Although most items in the hybrids are run from the 12 volt battery this still must be charged by some means. The Toyota/Lexus hybrids do not have an engine driven alternator that other vehicles have to serve this purpose. The high voltage from the traction battery is stepped down for charging the 12 volt battery. The reasoning behind this is that at times the engine does not run even with the car moving so a conventional alternator would not work "same goes for the AC". The traction battery gets it's charge from either of the two motor generators in the gearbox as as long as the engine is running "with the car in any gear position but neutral" or the car is moving without the engine running one of the generators will be producing power to charge the traction battery. In neutral this is not possible, and both batteries can become discharged if the car is left in ready mode, and neutral. The AC is supplied directly from the traction battery by it's own inverter. The power steering on the GS450H runs from another step down supply from the traction battery running at 48 volts. John
  4. Very indirectly it does. It is powered directly from the 12 volt battery, and this in turn is charged through a DC to DC converter from the traction battery. The motor is of the same type, "but smaller" used to drive the gearbox oil pump. There would be a small efficiency gain if all the electrics were powered directly from the traction battery, but that would mean having most of the wiring carrying 280 volts DC not conducive to safety. John
  5. I'm with you Dave. I am a retired electronics engineer well into my 70's with hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical experience. I do all my own servicing keeping records, and receipts of all work done. I stopped using the agents when on retiring I took my Prius for service at the Toyota dealers to keep up the service stamps. "was my company car" Two days after the service I had a puncture "fortunately at home" and could not remove the wheel nuts. On complaining to the dealer about the use of air wrenches to fit wheels I was told the did not use them in the workshop. At that point you could clearly hear someone in the workshop fitting wheels with an air wrench. My local village garage loosened and re torqued the other wheels for me, and they now do any work I cannot get to "exhaust ect" at 1/4 the price. This work is minimal as I can do most tasks. John
  6. It is a bit of a pain to dismantle the rear trim of the car to get to the fan but that would be the best way. The vacuum filter cloth has very little resistance to air flow so is a reasonable alternative removing the need for disassembly of the rear trim, and cooling ducts. The fan motor it's self is a three phase brushless motor, and is very efficient only drawing around 1.4 amps from the 12 volt DC supply at full speed John
  7. A bit of a mix bag of questions there. Smaller diameter rims with higher aspect ratio tyres will generally give you a more comfortable quieter ride. Handling will become less predictable though as the tyres will flex more under cornering loads. Speedo accuracy is affected by the rolling radius of the tyres chosen or TPM figure (turns per mile) not by the rim size. you can check the rolling radius of any given size of tyre with the many calculators found on line. Many cars come with different wheel and tyre size options, but you will find all the options produce the same rolling radius TPM of the tyres within a small percentage typically 2%. Speedo's on all production cars over state the speed of the car, and this is allowed for within the law, but it is illegal for a manufacturer to produce a speedo that under reads your speed. John
  8. The battery cooling fan works on a number of speed steps dependent on temperature. Ar the lower speeds it is all but silent, but still acts as a vacuum cleaner for the air around the rear seats. It is not uncommon for the fan to become completely blocked with pet hairs where owners carry there pets either on or behind the rear seats. The result unless cleared can be a failed battery. Unfortunately there is no check or clean the fan in the service schedule even at 60,000/120,000 mile big services. It can be a good idea to remove the intake grill, and fit a piece of vacuum cleaner filter cloth trapped behind it when re fitting. This can be seen and cleaned easily as it changes colour when becoming blocked. John
  9. Almost certain to be the hot weather that caused it to run. In the CT as with the Prius it is recommended that you run the AC with the windows shut so that the air intake for the battery cooling draws cool air. Make sure the air intake is kept clear, and not covered by anything. If you carry dogs in the car check the air intake and fan for obstruction by hairs. Heat is something that degrades the NiMh batteries. John.
  10. And a + from me.
  11. I stand corrected and loose a browny point. John
  12. Unfortunately all cars registered from 2012 onwards are required to have TPMS. The system as it stands is rather hit,and miss. You can have a puncture and the system will not report it for perhaps 3 or 4 miles. This is to save sensor battery life the sensors only transmit the information at intervals during which time you can have a flat tyre. It works well first thing in the morning before you drive away, but does not give instant warning while you are driving. This makes for hidden danger of false information. John
  13. Although I agree TPMS is a pain. A car with the system disabled or missing would be an MOT failure after 2012 registration. It "could" also invalidate your insurance in case of an accident. John
  14. The quoted rate per hour for labor is only part of the problem, and I can understand why they are or seem to be high but. If they are set up to work on Lexus cars they should be able to replace parts in reasonable time frames. Front or rear shocks on the GS450H should only take 1/2 an hour. From the quotes given above at £150 an hour they are charging for 3-1/2 hours for work that takes 30 minutes or at £200 an hour they are charging for over 2-1/2 hours. John
  15. Member "Old Trout" put in a claim for shock absorbers, and his claim was turned down on the grounds of ware, and tare. There is a lengthy thread on this subject with the same list that you have posted. Warranty claim refused By OldTrout, September 16, 2016