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  1. Sorry for the slow reply as I have been away for a few days. I am still working on a realistic solution to the problem. I did have some success using a small TV main board mirroring the tablet or phone to this then using the video out to supply the OEM screen. This is cumbersome to say the leased. For those that have android devises with HDMI out it should be possible to use a HDMI to video converter, and injecting this into the OEM screen. My android systems do not support HDMI so I am still working on it, and will post here as soon as I have a viable solution. In what area of the Westmids are you in? Although I live in Herefordshire I go over to Stourbridge at leased once a week, John.
  2. GS 300h rattling at startup

    I made up my own system, but off the shelf systems are available. Linked below is a system from the US that shows just how simple it is. I have found them on Ebay UK for circa £100, but one can be built from ready available parts for less than £50. The oil take off and return is simply a "T" piece inserted in the oil pressure switch take off point next to the oil filter. This can be seen on the GS450H down below the front of the radiator. The flexible oil tube can be a grease gun tube. These cost around £2, and have the correct 1/4 inch BSP threaded ends ready fitted and are safe to use with oil at over 5000 PSI "the car lube system runs at about 50 PSI". A 12 volt oil control solenoid almost completes the system except for a suitable oil container capable of holding oil at around 50 PSI , and a timing devise to turn off the solenoid after the engine has started. All components can be mounted in the ample space in front of the radiator in close proximity of the oil pressure switch When you go to ready mode the solenoid is turned on to open it releasing the oil under pressure round the engine before the engine starts. On the Toyota/Lexus hybrids there is a normal delay after going to ready before the engine starts. In this time the oil circulates round the engine from the oil stored under pressure in the container. When the engine starts the solenoid is turned off and as the oil pressure rises oil is returned to the container back through the solenoid valve as these work as one way valves allowing oil to flow back into the bottom of the container under pressure compressing the air above the oil. ready for the next restart. The system requires some extra oil depending on the size of container held in reserve in the container under pressure. The oil is only transferred into the engine at prestart, and is then returned to the container after the engine is running at full oil pressure. John
  3. You do not need to remove the tyres from the rims. just breaking the tyre bead off the rim on the outside will give enough room to remove the tyre valve. This also means you do not need a rebalance. If you wish to use the car while you change the batteries you can fit standard rubber valves in place of the monitor valves to enable the tyres to be reinflated. John.
  4. See my earlier post linked below. John
  5. Any replacement monitors will require registering in the cars ECU. You can fit new batteries in your old units at a fraction of the cost of replacement, and then there is no need for registering them. John.
  6. GS 300h rattling at startup

    If the noise bothers you a relatively cheap cure that will also help with engine longevity is a prelube system. This pressurizes the complete engine lubrication system before the engine is turned over for starting. I have fitted a system to my GS450H, and this has completely eliminated the rattle. John.
  7. Is 250 2 gen automatic transmission

    I would be looking at the prop shaft couplings, and possibly drive shafts rather than a gearbox issue. John.
  8. Rc-f wheels

    What compound did you use on the screen. My GS450H screen also suffers from what appears to be sand blast making it difficult to see through on low sun situations. John.
  9. I do not know if this would work, but if you have a no fault accident. Ask your insurance how much your premium will increase over the next 5 years because of this. "This is the period you have to declare the claim for." Then ask them to claim back this sum from the guilty third party. This should be possible particularly if you have legal cover as part of your insurance. John.
  10. Peter I think it still looks very OEM with the beautiful cut engine covers. John.
  11. Servicing Costs

    Toyota have access to Lexus on line, but that is not used anyway for the health check. It is a stand alone piece of equipment. The hybrid systems were developed by Toyota, and the Lexus CT is a Prius as far as the engine and transmission is concerned. All the HV batteries are clearly marked Toyota I live 55 miles away from the nearest Lexus dealer, and was told by them they were perfectly happy for me to have all service, and recall work done at the Toyota dealer half the distance away, but the same franchise. Often Toyota and Lexus share the same forecourt as in the Wolverhampton branch. John
  12. Sorry for multiple replies, but another thing to consider. If the RX does not have an EV switch you do not have any say in when the engine will drive the car. It will always drive the car from cold. Hybrids do this to get the engine hot as soon as possible to reduce emissions. Only when the engine, and catalytic converters in the exhaust have reached optimum temperature will the car run on electric only, and that is unlikely in three miles. With cars fitted with an EV switch you have to operate the switch in the time between the hybrid system going to ready, and the engine starting. If the engine starts it will not let you go into EV mode untill the engine is warmed up. John
  13. For commuting purposes the car for you would be a plug in Prius as this has a range of around 13 miles on electric only, and over 100 mpg in blended (normal hybrid mode) to remove range anxiety on longer runs. You would also save on road tax as the Prius road fund is zero. John.
  14. The conditioning charger is designed to fully charge the battery to balance charge all the 240 cells that it comprises of. This is perfectly ok for that purpose. The down side is that if you do this on a daily basis you are fully cycling the battery every day twice. The battery has an expected full cycle life of 800 to 1000 cycles so you would be likely to get battery failure at around 1 years use. This is the reason the battery is only charged to 80% of capacity, and discharged to 40% maximum either way. Mostly it spends it's life in very shallow cycles at around 60 to 70%. This increases it's life span to 10's of thousands of cycles. John.
  15. As Lee above said Hybrid Battery solutions do make a conditioning charger, but charging the battery to save fuel is not what it is for. The battery holds at normal full charge "80% actual charge maximum" around 800 watt hours of usable electricity" The car dependent on driving conditions takes around 500 watt hours to travel one mile so you may be able to drive along a flat road for 1.5 miles. At that point the engine would have to start to keep the car moving, and also make electricity to bring the battery up to a reasonable level of charge. This would negate any saving made from the charging of the battery off the mains. The cars computer controls how and when the battery is charged, and discharged it does this very well. I do not know if the RX400H has an EV (electric vehicle) switch on the dash. If it does the only reasonable time to use it is if you wish to swap cars round on a driveway when the engine is cold. This saves a cold start on the engine a time when a lot of fuel is used and lots of pollution occurs John.