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  1. It takes a few minutes to change the settings. The best way over the problem is to buy a "Mini VCI with Techsream" from Amazon/Ebay, and use your laptop to program any of the settings yourself. Cost is about £15, and you will then be able to also read any fault codes in the future without paying the dealer. John
  2. It is a change to see that the offer excludes hybrid/electric vehicles. Many Prius owners found in the past at great expense when many of the garage chain operators were offering this service without realising the problems. The wrong or contaminated oil can take up to 3 months for problems to appear. It is then difficult to return, and prove the garage was at fault. The advantage with the hybrid compressors is that the motor is sealed in the compressor "as in domestic fridges, and freezers" so there is no rotating shaft seal to leak. Also the speed of the compressor can be varied to suit the cooling demand making it more efficient in use. John.
  3. Although you say the offer is for vehicles using R134A a warning for those of us that have hybrid versions of the Lexus. The oil used in our system (ND11) is not the same as normal cars that use (PAG) oil. The use of equipment that has been used with PAG oil to re gas the hybrid cars can seriously damage the compressor motor. This causes a ground fault on the motor, and high voltage battery circuit. This brings the car to a standstill. ND11 oil has a high voltage insulation quality where as PAG oil is conductive. The refrigerant gas, and oil is used to directly cool the air conditioning electric motor high voltage winding's. The use of the wrong or contaminated oil causes a voltage leak to ground. The high voltage battery ECU see's this as a shock risk problem, and shuts down the car. Disconnecting the compressor from the inverter clears the fault allowing the car to be driven If this happens a new compressor is required along with a complete system flush if your lucky. John.
  4. If you do not put the car in park before turning it off. Then put it in park the radio will work, and the alarm will not go off. John.
  5. I am sure you have made the correct decision. I had a IS300H as a loan car a few days ago while some recall work was carried out on my GS450H. I so wanted to like the IS, but it's lack of power, and most of all the high level of road noise made it a no go for me. John
  6. Will autonomous cars be able to spot potholes, and drive round them? John
  7. The Hybrid battery will still be under guarantee till the cars 10th birthday if you have a small service at a Lexus or Toyota agents or pay a fee of about £50 for a hybrid health check. This check is free with any service, and extends the guarantee for 10,000 miles or one year. If you do a lot of miles you can do this as many times as you wish up till the ten year limit. This could mean the car is guaranteed well into it's 11th year. I would not be worried about the battery as it is battery cycles "the number of charges and discharges" that is the main limiting factor in the battery life. John.
  8. Have you measured the discs yourself. I took a Toyota in for service at the agents and was told that both front and rear discs needed changing due to ware thickness. The discs were 23 mm new with a ware limit of 19 mm. On my insistence they measured the discs in front of me, and there was less than 1/2 mm ware on them. If they are worn badly you should see a lip both on the inside, and outside of the shiny pad ware area. Also the ware figure quoted does not ring true as that would only give 1/2 mm (20 thousands of an inch) ware capability on either side of the disc. Normally the ware tollerance figure is around 2 mm each side 4 mm in total John
  9. If you give us an idea of the area you live we may be able to point you in the direction of a near by exhaust builder. John
  10. I collected the car yesterday afternoon "Thursday more coffee, and biscuits", and everything seems fine with the recall work. Car cleaned inside, and out. I also got a "safety" report stating I needed front, and rear NS shock absorbers replacing at £659-66 each fitted. This was due to something fitted on top of each shock absorber. I asked if they were leaking at that point and they said no, and they then showed me pictures of the seal modifications I fitted to cure the leaks on the OEM seals. The price seems to give a labor figure of about £300 each shock for a job I can do with hand tools, and a jack on the floor in 1/2 an hour. No wonder I get a GS300H as a loan car. John.
  11. I would contact Lexus on 0845 129 5473 rather than the dealer, or try another dealer a phone call should do. People that I have conversed with that have had the work done there reg no longer shows in the outstanding recalls on the portal. Also check the valve springs have been replaced on an earlier recall. John
  12. gs450h

    When I picked the car up I so wanted to like it. Driving round the town centre of Wolverhampton in slow traffic the noise level was reasonably low. However once on the open road the road noise was obtrusive, and wind noise was also evident. The ride was for me also on the firm side, but this also made the car feel really planted on the winding country roads not once feeling as though I had entered a bend to fast. So the sporty type driver may well approve. Guess you cannot have it both ways without adjustable suspension. The IS does have ECO, normal, and sport modes, but I do not know if this adjusts the suspension. If it does it must be subtle as I could not tell any difference apart from the throttle response. John
  13. I have found when trying to find the exact source of a noise a microphone plugged into the aux audio jack point works well. With a passenger sat in the front or rear of the car moving the microphone around the likely areas that the sound could be coming from. With the volume of the radio turned up soon pinpoints the noise rather like a doctors stethoscope. John.
  14. I agree the updated electronics is better, but really that is across the range. I am not enamoured with the later look of the front end of the Lexus I realise that is subjective, but that lower lip, and the corners of the brake air intakes look very vulnerable to high kerbs when parking nose into the kerb places. John
  15. gs450h

    The rear calipers on the GS are on slide pins, and yes they do seize. The fronts are fixed, and have pistons on both sides of the disks so generally no problems there as long as the piston rubber gaiters are in good order. I have an IS300H on loan from Lexus at the moment. I cannot say I'm that impressed. The internal noise level from the road is high in fact higher than the Prius I had possible in part due to the low profile tyres on the IS. John.