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  1. Glad you got it sorted without miss hap. John
  2. Bluesman is quite correct in his statement. For instance in the bottom of the range Toyota Prius "the T3" cruise control was not fitted. However all that was missing was the cruise control stalk, and another switch on the brake pedal that canceled cruise. All the wiring was there as were the inputs to the ECU. So if other models in the same range as your car have cruise do some checking. John.
  3. If the battery has a shorted cell the battery voltage falls from around 14 volts fully charged to around 12 volts. The alternator sees this a a flat battery, and will put out large amount of amps to try to charge it quickly. This can make the alternator and drive belt noisy. Check the battery voltage with a load such as side lights turned on. If below 12.5 the battery is probably faulty. If the engine will start the battery voltage should go up with gentle revving to about 14.2 volts or more. No rise in voltage points to a faulty alternator. This could be something as simple as the slippring brushes stuck or worn. Usually only one brush wares out as one runs at the centre of the shaft the other at a radius point. It is the radius point brush that wares the most. Sometimes swapping them over will cure the problem. John
  4. Does anyone have instructions for getting to the rear or contact side of the drop down button panel for boot opener, fuel opener, mirror adjust, ect. GS450H John.
  5. While I would generally agree this would assume all washer bottles on all of the Toyota/Lexus range of vehicles are the same size, and that I doubt. John
  6. I do not like the genuine Toyota/Lexus washer fluid. I find it is inclined to smear like oil on the screen. Toyota always put a bottle of concentrate in the car when I have it serviced because I always make sure the washers are full when I take it in. The really strange thing is although it says concentrate on the container no where does it say what the dilution should be. I must have 12 or more bottles in my store shed. I'll get round to taking them to a Charity shop some day. John
  7. I have the earlier GS450H, and find both performance, and comfort are all I could wish. Perhaps surprisingly battery problems are not really an issue. When the battery is at a point where the guarantee has or is about to run out all that is required is a service by Lexus or Toyota "the minor service will do" and the guarantee on the battery will be extended for 10,000 miles or one year. You can also pay a fee of about £50 for this instead of a service, but it is free with the service.This can be done up till the cars tenth birthday irrespective of millage. Leaking shock absorbers are common over £300 each not fitted, and the extended guarantee will often not cover them. The boot space for some is a little small something I do not have a problem with personally. John
  8. This is not so unusual with the Toyota/Lexus hybrid cars. My Prius had 128,000 miles on the clock when I sold it still on the original pads all round with more than 50% of the pads left. Stories from the US forums often quote 250,000 plus miles on a set of pads for the Prius so much the same should be expected from say the CT200H. John
  9. I agree the overtaking performance from say 40 to 70 mph is stunning. John
  10. Ha ha the GS450 is quick, but not quite that quick. John
  11. I was not aware that bonnet struts are a common problem on the Lexus, but my GS bonnet has suddenly dropped shut a couple of time in a slight breeze. John
  12. I might be able to make the Cannock meeting. It is only about 50 miles from home. Back in the late sixties after I got married I lived in Heath Hayes at that time a small village outside of Cannock. John.
  13. Hi RandOm. Welcome to LOC. I am reasonably cirtain the problem with your car is the AC amplifier. You could try pulling out the connectors, and refitting at the amplifier to see if this corrects the problem. May be someone else will have a better solution. By the way your English is very good. John.