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  1. Yes i was assuming (possibly incorrectly) that a gs would be cheaper
  2. WHat is the insurance cost difference?
  3. Gs450h paint correction

    Very pleased, will be interesting to see what the ceramic coating does and how long it lasts. I'm told I can wax it, but in theory it just needs a wash and dry when cleaning it its just dust, lots and lots and lots of dust
  4. After seeing @Farquis shining Gs450h is always planned on getting my car corrected they (autobrite) had it this week for three days, £280, and what was a car made up of more of swirls than I remember seeing, and multiplying every second look, was transformed into a rather nice clean car two stage polish, some manual effort involved where paint has been repaired and was too hard for machining, and a water based ceramic coating then within hours, my neighbours building work took effect, the car is now covered, or as I am now pretending, covert.
  5. If your lights were like mine, almost original, and you fancy an upgrade, my side light went out, so I thought I'd change all four. so I read the tutorials, seemed pretty easy, got two Philips racing vision headlights and some white sidelights. then found my lights were quite brittle, and do take a firm hand in removing. One clip broke on the side light requiring bonding. I also found out that the bulb wasn't out and it's actually the side light connections that are a bit temperamental. Any suggestions? Happy with the result though, I might end up replacing the deteriorating plastic units at some point Total cost £26 plus the worry that anything plastic would break at any moment, and the need to sort the connectors for the side lights
  6. Fantastic colour good choice
  7. Current ISF Ad's Background Info Ebay/Auto Trader

    Personal car that he drives from Surrey to stoke for a service ? i am becoming more and more cynical as I get older
  8. Sounds like a manual?

    Maybe where the police filled in holes drilled to put their kit in? not sure the owner is right with the unmarked description, unless they were hiding in plain sight...
  10. http://m.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C911707 had its belt done although it is in NI
  11. Dean I'm in Newcastle under lyme or Stafford during the week if you want to try one of mine?
  12. Can the back seats be removed as they can in a 400?
  13. Did you get them sealed ? And if so what with?
  14. S reg on auto trader £800 id ignore the mileage my mk3 with 86k drives the same as my mk4 with 144k although both will require suspension fixes at the front which the auto trader model looks like it's already had done
  15. Mechanic Damaged My 220d

    Hi Martin Playing devils advocate wasn't the car already faulty when it was delivered to him? youre suggesting now it's worse after his (current mechanics) efforts? I don't understand why lexus haven't been able to pinpoint this?