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  1. There's only one Renault I'd buy 4 seats, space for a small shop, and the sound...
  2. Hi Nick You've just bought the second best car ever made.
  3. Yes or at least I could before I put the new battery in ive not tried it other than to open and lock the doors since replacing just invade I set any alarms off and annoy the. Neighbours
  4. Just to keep this thread going, I am now in possession of two fob keys and a solid key. ive swapped out one battery (cr1616) and the fob now lights up, however the car does nothing. It still opens and closes with the key is it possible I need to re code the key or more likely that the transponder in the car has given up?
  5. point to note, they'll be a 460 up for sale from a forum member here, shortly. it will need the air suspension fixing (or coilovers adding as required), but everything else has been restored to fantastic working condition and well documented on this forum,
  6. I called first, then went in to collect. Remember to ask for a discount (i think they use cash account/taxi account on the invoices) I'd not checked on ATF this year for the 98LS, I bought mine from Opie Oils last year for the 97 LS. But then after speaking to a local garage, I'd just put it to one side (if it's not broken etc etc) I bought the coolant last year from them (in 5L and 1L containers), but got a free one from Pinkstones Lexus over the road, it was just lying around, and they gave it to me!. Again worth a call to them, Gary is in the parts department, they are normally ok.
  7. I'm the same as Phil, having experience of a ridiculous number of parking dents by idiots who damage my cars over the years, I struggle to take the LS400's anywhere and park them, without choosing the furthest possible spot, and taking two spaces (so as not to inconvenience anyone else who needs to park, I park at the furthest possible point, away from everyone) Due to the boat like size, I don't think I'd be comfortable driving in a multistorey. I've seen spaces that small fiats fill up, as no doubt have many others. Having said that, they're all lovely cars though arent they. Pure luxury and engineering excellence. LS460 with a maintenance and warranty from Lexus, peace of mind. Or a cheaper LS430 with change to spend on fixes? Notwithstanding the vast amount of free info on this site to boot.
  8. Matt Have you tried Pinkstones? I've just bought 20L of red coolant from them for £36 (single container) Also, same with the oil filter, washer, air and pollen filters. they should be no more than £53 at pinkstones (and similar price delivered by Lexus Birmingham)
  9. I know very little about discs/pads or most other things in the universe, but there will always be a slight lip, because the pad doesn't cover the full disc?
  10. I'm just joking with you and to be clear if I've offended you I sincerely apologise, life is far too short
  11. Nothing like a stereotype!!!
  12. Excellent all done, pg123 on mine but spot on advice many thanks both
  13. Can the auto fold mirrors be set to fold when the car is switched off? I'm constantly forgetting and then having to start the car and press the button and switch off again from searches it seems like a dealer can program it? But that's a US PDF
  14. How do you distinguish the difference? Is it a part number on the rear section?
  15. Thanks Pete those more expensive struts "only" come with a 2 year warranty, 4 years seems ok for the cheap ones, considering the weight of the bonnet!