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  1. lexus owners - what did we drive before?

    The last one is prospective........ ds garden.bmp
  2. Well, folk will know I had one of these for 7 years......Left-field (whatever THAT is? Some amurrican term?) i.e quirky, is fine with me.......
  3. I recall my Citroen AX cat was useless (could hear the bits rattling inside) but it still got thru' MOT! Clean-burn?
  4. Having fancied a Nissan Cube for a few years (stop laughing!!) I was lifted by reading that there was an electric one! Denki. There's clip on Youtube. But they never followed up on the concept. The comment on range is valid. It only takes 5 mins to get -say - a weeks supply of fuel, not a 5 hour+ charge. I guess the answer might be changeable/plug-in batteries (copyright me!) except that they are rather LARGE to run a car. Twizys all round? As long as there's an electric hearse, I'm not too bothered! I'll be gone.
  5. Cube Kaizen? I just reluctantly decided against this (Autotrader) only cos (it being a 'Marmite' car) my wife hates them! "You? Who likes DSs, CXs etc.; what do you see in THAT?" etc.!
  6. Stolen from Bluesman on other post, but worth starting? " The only time electric cars will be a serious mode of transport( this is just my opinion) is if you can charge them up wirelessly. Something the battery car lot seem to have forgotten What happens to all the cars that are plugged into their charging points and late one night along comes little Johnny, drunk and as high as a kite with his mates out come all the charging cables. If you have a nice private drive with gates or garage then you will be OK but for huge numbers of people who live in the inner towns and cities, you won't have a chance in hell of the electric car succeeding." Not to mention all the other related topics such as ...Cost. Scarce supply of rare metals.....the comment I read that having only two cars in a street plugged in would cause voltage infrastructure needs expensive upgrade (more Windmills! Yippee). And, taking Blues' point, if they need contactless charging, that's even MORE costly! Imagine great huge plates set into the street. No, it's back to walking with only the rich owning cars! Though I guess the possible answer to the Urban street hassle is that folk need reliable bus services? And no car expense.
  7. A subject for separate posting perhaps, but you're right. Me, I have cul-de-sac off-street space AND a garage...da-dah! (And lovely view across Avon valley to fields.......)
  8. A little off course again, of course! But never coarse-a man of refinement and taste!
  9. I think , of course, Mike means 'coarse'. But not if you're 17 yrs old? neighbour once told me he liked 'not hearing you as you drive by'! Leave noise to Subaru/Skyline hoons? I guess, once electric cars come in, there'll be a digital choice of pretend exhaust noise. Minis like Mustangs?
  10. Thinking of an LS460

    Why change? It's not compulsory to keep moving on. You might regret it. if your car is running well, stick.
  11. Dustbin Lid or Twist Centres

    Ah, memories of the days when 'hubcaps' WERE...... encl; pics of Citroen DS 'caps. Stainless!
  12. Boot Liner

    Papier Mache is your friend in need? (-:
  13. My neighbours Jag was given up on, by Jag. The electrics went awol in heat and they couldn't fix it at all! Stick with the proved quality. the grass ISN'T greener, just because the pressure of ads to change invades your brain?
  14. Hah! That reminds me of my long-haired youth in the 60s. The Barber immortalised in the Beatles 'Penny Lane' used to stand outside his shop. It was on my way to work (Bus depot-Penny Lane- I was a Conductor) and he'd see me coming...."Mamma Mia" he'd exclaim at my flowing auburn locks! Where did that colour go? Luckily for me the HAIR is still here.
  15. Only 20 years old and a failure! Sell the car! (-;