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  1. GSF vs LC500 - my review

    I recall reviews of the Honda NSX said it was a supercar you could go shopping in. On Britain's crowded/cramped roads, I'd think the Lex is a bit awkward?(Size wise)..... designed for US, really?
  2. Make him work to save up the cash? Getting given stuff induces carelessness. Heard a neighbour's kid utter 'Oh, my Dad will just buy me another' once........
  3. My memories of owning (several) Citroen DS23s echoes that; superb comfort plus-as you say- no need to wory about 'speed bumps'! I never got comfortable with the XM I sold last year, despite it being probably the best condition one left in UK! (Maybe that was a part of it? Perfect paint brings paranoia!) The DS has such squishy seats plus about 2cms of foam beneath the carpet (in the Pallas version). Was only watching a recording of that Car rebuild TV show, when Mike-the-wide-boy found a DS in France to rebuild -a DSuper5 this time. But things, in terms of build quality, have moved on of course. The LS400 was pretty close, comfort-wise, and much better, engine and build wise. But didn't match in looks, to me! What does? Thanks, Steve, for the write-up offer; I do have a few, though I've usually given my stash of mag reviews away these days.
  4. I sent a message to a neighbour about roof gutters. the next track on 'Shuffleplay' was.....'Some day it feels like rain' by Aaron Neville! Life CAN be strange.
  5. On run-flat tyres? Surely not! How about the mysteriously low mile, gold wheel one there?
  6. I switched to a Ser 4 because it had Traction control, (after serious wiggle in rain in Ser 3 car!)
  7. Citroen C6, anyone? (I might have been tempted; (my recent XM 3 litre cost the same as one!) but reports I got suggested flaws and problems. Citroen, in my readings, seem to rush things out, then fix the problems later! In the C6 'later' happened.
  8. Phil-I just had fish for tea! Albeit, not spooned to me! You pick up my point exactly. Take the Nissan Micra-or a Corolla. Keep changing shape but not name. Even on this site we still get folk asking the differences between 'series'/models. Imagine looking at a yaris. The limo look works, as it was designed to do. With CAD design, it seems designers get carried away. I leave with THIS design pic.... ds garden.bmp
  9. ....and the Mk 4 the epitome? Here's the alternative, with adornments!
  10. As in....2017 model? A bit like Citroen current 'DS' cars are nothing LIKE original DSs, should Lexus lose the LS prefix? At least they look less like Mercs now! I like older cars with more glass, not doors up to neck level; and making the interiors SOOOO comfy that the driver is insulated? It's still a 70mph tonnage of missile in amongst lots of others. Pay attention to driving it, not tweeting/etc.!
  11. I have one!

    Short of a big Citroen, there's not much better to cruise in. My neighbour said he loved 'not hearing' it come past! - it was so quiet.
  12. I've poste this before but newer folk might wonder. The column in blue -thanks, Setright - has the differences.
  13. ....and, if like me, you're resisting 'smug-phones', you can print out a map with locations on it, the old fashioned way! (-: There's always a way. In fact, you could have great fun interrupting people with phones on the street and asking! A whole new area of life emerges! Who knows WHO you might meet. (Bet no one knows though.)
  14. If you do, make sure the new units will fit in the space!
  15. A common experience in hi-fi. Speaker cone outer edges are suspended with-usually - rubber foam, which decays over time (and all that vibration?). The support is really just to hold the cone centrally and stop it vibrating erratically. As others say here, you can re-do the surrounds.Some speakers use 'doped' fabric surrounds (my various old Leak speakers with this (see pic) are over 40 years old - the magnets drop, but that's another topic!) or even leather. I'd expect car speakers to use something that resists humidity and such, as a car is a bit less mellow than a living room! But, as Stuart says, sticking ML on a speaker doesn't stop it being cheaply made! Neil E will be on, telling us about his SC430/Soarer sound systems?