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  1. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    All that, a wife (with a big dvd habit?) AND you have to walk the dog! Kudos to you-I guess, like Maggie T -reputedly- you get by on 4 hours sleep a night? Those of us who just wash our cars each Spring are totally blown away.
  2. It’s Snow Good!

    Great freeze of 81! How well I recall. I got caught in Alton, Hants, having driven my Citroen Dyane there to deliver a hi-fi amp -Quad 405 -(stuck avidly behind a coach 'getting his wind'....). HEAVY snow and freeze overnight; on the way home to Bristol, the M4 was mainly one wavering lane through frozen snow, passing abandoned Saabs and Porsches etc.. on the way. Thin tyres, air-cooled 602cc problem!. (Pic; I didn't ALWAYS deiver giant cinema horns!) Later, I used my Citroen DS Safari on high suspension to deliver goods over the frozen ruts that kept everyone else marooned! How DID I drive a Ford Galaxie in Canada in December snow I wonder now, in 92? At least the roads are wide and thinly populated there, not our jammed roads.
  3. SC 430

    Neil; you should post a link to your string on your work on your car (if only because I've lost it.....) I was tempted by the thought of the 6 speed one in the (very short) low tax year, before it became £500, but decided that my head was still thinking I was 40.....not 70! Phil; was your 'fish or foul' a deliberate mis-spell? (Fowl, obviously..)
  4. No, I'm dis-Lexus, as in....I don't have one anymore! (-: Seeing spelling/grammar errors is unfortunate - I seem to spot them on 'A' boards from 50 paces, somehow. But then, I have no sense of smell even me ain't perfect!
  5. About the only time I share a characteristic with a 9 yr old? (No comments about mental age please, though lots of 9 yr olds are pretty sharp!) Oh, and, my pedant mode; it's 'job's a good 'un'.
  6. You have a your car? Can you tell I'm the last person alive without a Mobile? See the sky.......
  7. Well, we can't have it both ways. We all know the quality of the car. 'Worth'? Of course it's 'worth' in what you get. It's only the UK and its -now set in stone? - serious depreciation culture. In europe, cars hold their value more. I've been saying for ages that LSs are serious bargains. Even at £8K. (Despite immaculate being mis-spelled in the ad! Here's me in my pedant alter ego?)
  8. I've posted this before. the guys say......
  9. My old one was......looked great. Glad this one sold; I was tempted-even though I've sworn off cars generally! Nothing else compares.
  10. "5+ owners"??? Otherwise......must resist! Seems to be up near Border country? But why was it serviced by Osaka, who are in S-Wales? Ah....I see. It WAS in Newport once (MOT history) Now may be on Arran! Funnily, I once collected my then speakers (Avantgarde Duos -look it up) from Arran in my LS Ser 4, fitting the (not small!!) speakers in the car -just! I've just asked the guy if it's him selling this car!
  11. No, not used, hence my '?', though I had read good comments about ACF-50. I guess, maybe....?. that it might (Vactan) chemically bond with rust, i.e. not ALWAYS be toxic!
  12. It was inappropriate to mention a comment made to me and I've reported the thread and asked for it to be removed.  I apologise if it has caused you offence.

    We live in a world where if the "ethical" Co-op can adopt as its figurehead a Chef renouned for his offensive language, where does the barrier lie?


    1. Chris Skelton

      Chris Skelton

      Apology back too. No offence this end, just, as you point out, the language of the world has got a bit....unhinged? these days of instant tweets etc.. Trumpisation?

      Treat others as you'd like to be treated? A declining concept it seems.


    2. runsgrateasanut


      Thanks Chris.  I don't condone the word he used but as it wasn't to a person but an object then I mentioned it only because the previous owner of the Suzuki bought it for his Son who said "no way would he been seen in it". Thats young adults. When I was a youth I was happy to drive my mothers Standard Super Ten which was not the most desirable of Cars but it went like a rocket. I think the youth of today ignore PC and if I'm honest I think that freedom of Speech has been lost through so many "causes".  Bad language is now endemic in the young and hopefully without wishing to give further offence I cannot understand the trend to body paint and piercings.  Better get off my Soap box, but before I go, with the exception of the comment on the Lady Di event, I agree whole heartedly with the late George Macdonald Fraser. 



      Stuart (who is your elder by five months)

  13. To take the title literally.....perhaps a lot of 'decent' cars are held onto? This club an example? Plus, I'd guess that there aren't THAT many Ser 3 + 4 LSs available? They weren't popular at the time of issue (relative to Merc/Beemers/Audis) so choice a bit limited. Plus; the newest LS Ser 4 is now 17 years old. The chance of finding a low mile one must be negligible. .....Though if you find a shopping-only car it may only have done 17X 5000 miles. Good luck on that one! Strange that Mrs Mark found the visibility reduced in an LS, but then a Mini and a Swift are mentioned, that are even lower? The modern trend for ever-more wraparound bodies and slooing slit-like windows won't appeal. (Try a 17 year old Micra for glass!)
  14. ACF-50 is good too I believe.
  15. Surface rust might be relevant to a near 20 year old car, no matter HOW well made? But you can get good anti-rust sprays to deal with it. (Vactan-?- ) I wish I'd kept my Citroen CX Turbo-Auto I sold for this reason!