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  1. The Three-Row 2018 Lexus RX L Is Here To Print An Insane Amount Of Money https://jalopnik.com/the-three-row-2018-lexus-rx-l-is-here-to-print-an-insan-1820845430 Shared from my Google feed
  2. Best polish?

    I marvel at you guys who have the patience to undertake all these waxing and polishing tasks. Though I like my car looking nice an shinning, I just don't have the skill, the last time I tried polishing a car was over 20 years ago even then I gave up halfway and had to be rescued by a pal. sadly for someone like me I guess I have to pay the professionals to have something like this done. Respect to Ala Larj for his efforts on the red GS.
  3. http://blog.caranddriver.com/rx-tra-first-look-at-the-three-row-lexus-rx/
  4. I test drove the V8, it was awesome.
  5. For the last twelve years I have used mostly Asda or Tesco fuels with no problems at all. Dont know what you guys are talking about.
  6. New Lexus Safety Technology

    Nice to know ; not sure I'll want to try it though !
  7. New Lexus Safety Technology

    Not aware that the RX can steer itself between lanes- do you mean you can take off your hand completely. Am only aware of lane assist - which mean you get a little steering jugger that prompts you when it detects you're steering into adjacent lanes for no reason.
  8. I remember my wife's comment to my son when I bought a brand new Lexus NX and had gone to Derby to pick it up. Upon arrival at home she called my son and said "come come and look your daddy has bought a new Qashqai" after that I didn't talk to her for one day. Just spent over £42k on a car only for the other half call it a Qashqai !
  9. Thanks Muddywheels for the comprehensive summary of your JLR experiences. Am being cautious though hence the car am looking at has just 2500 miles on the clock with balance of the manufacturer's warranty remaining until 2019. if I do end up buying it am sure not to keep it beyond the warranty period. I do appreciate the in depth advice.
  10. Hi, am considering buying a fairly new (2016) RRS soon anything I should be concerned about? Not diching the Lexus, the RRS will just be an addition
  11. LC 500 Driven

    Oh I wish, but at £83K it's way above my means. My RX is my consolation until I win the lotto.
  12. LC 500 Driven

    Ken, you don't need any deposit to take a test drive with Lexus! It's free.
  13. LC 500 Driven

    Had a test drive in a LC 500 today - just over 3 hrs ago and I've not stopped grinning . Apart from the awesome cabin with the quality materials used throughout the V8 sound note alone will sell the car to anyone. i have been inside quality motors and believe me this is one that oozes quality in every area even the Lexus only known flaw - the Navigation system has been upgraded . The is so much that can be written about this car as the pictures show but really one needs to experience it live. Thank you Lexus Hatfield
  14. New Look For My GS

    This is one Lexus getting a tender loving care. Well done Boddney for the effort!