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  1. Lexus service costs all here:
  2. From my reading of the terms you must get it done at a Lexus service centre. Halfords are right but that is for the original warranty due to EU rules. They can impose different terms for an extended warranty.
  3. Often wondered this myself. I've got a feeling the system probably turns the engine a bit before ignition to build up the oil pressure before it is put under stress. They must be doing something as there are a lot of mini can Prius out there with huge mileages.
  4. Yup - handy feature I've been using since I got the car. Also the fact that, unlike some other marques, it won't let you lock the keys in the car!
  5. Normal but be aware they are more for the corners at the front. Just helps avoid a dent when pulling out a tight space rather than to warn you about what you should see out the windscreen anyway!
  6. If I'm right in thinking I'm sure the earlier Google efforts were Lexus SUVs. Hopefully this might at least lead to Apple Carplay for the ICE as Lexus are top of the manufacturers in so many areas but the media systems is really old fashioned compared to even big bulk sellers like Vauxhall or VW.
  7. Welcome. Interestingly yes. I'm actually finding Shell to be much worse than the Asda stuff, so much for their fuelsave branding!
  8. Just had a look on Google maps. Yokohama have a car tyre factory 200km alongside the road from the Lexus plant. Probably their cheapest source of tyres
  9. Yes the OEM tyres are quite noisy. Michelin Cross Climate aren't rated a quiet as the suggestions above but if you want an all season rather than summer I can recommend them. Had a thread with more detail here:
  10. Also range is to the reserve and it has a huge reserve compared to other cars.
  11. Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel is my go-to for wheel cleaning. PH neutral and reacts great with brake dust to go a dark purple when ready to wash off. It doesn't need much agitation with a brush and doesn't seems to strip the polish on the rims either. Not the best smelling product but I've had worse. I have also used Bilberry wheel cleaner which is cheaper (you mix it yourself to the desired concentration) but it didn't shift the grime so well.
  12. You can also use a fibreglass pencil to remove the surface rust before painting. The Lexus touch up kit is just base and lacquer so get some primer while at Halfords. Don't just paint over the rust with the touch up kit as the rust will just continue. Probably still worth letting the dealer take a quick look however.
  13. Rust along the bottom of the door may be caused by impact damage (not warranty covered). The CT doors are pretty low to the ground so it is easy to catch them on higher kerbs, especially if the road has a camber.
  14. haha, if only!
  15. Wouldn't touch a car that isn't hpi clear. I've got oem parking sensors on mine, perform fine.