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  1. Gold Membership Problems

    Perhaps the offer can be extended once fixed?
  2. Well Costco round these parts has been selling fuel since last month. Been through a few tankfuls now. My wallet is certainly happier with 108.9 vs the additional 7-15p per litre that BP/Shell are asking. 4p a litre cheaper than Asda. Costco make quite a bit play about the fact they put the full suite of additives in both the 99 Ron and standard 95 Ron fuels.
  3. Gold Membership Problems

    Same issue, also emailed Steve back to report it
  4. Strange Carpet Wear/Corrosion

    What happened today (the suspense is killing us )?
  5. Insurance Renewal Time

    Have a look at Quote Me Happy. Its part of Aviva but online only so usually about 10% cheaper - do multicar discounts as well.
  6. Commuting in a CT

    My mistake, was looking at Lexus website but on IS 200 not IS 200t.
  7. Commuting in a CT

    200t actually costs more for some service items as it has a timing belt, cheaper for brake component however. CT200h major service is £50 cheaper than the IS 200t/250/300h and £10 for a minor so not much in it in the grand scheme of things. I'm very happy with my CT 200h as a commuting car, as said above, but now that I'm doing more miles these days I might consider the 300h next time round as it is more refined out of town.
  8. Pirelli Verde All Season Tyres

    This gets a bit like polish and wax - different things but sometimes mixed up to refer to each other. All weather - works well is all conditions but not quite as good in winter a a full winter tyre, some all seasons better in snow as they typically are closer to a winter tyre in design. Better than an all season in summer, particularly dry braking. All season - usually a winter tyre made a bit better for summer by compromising winter properties a little. I haven't tried the Pirelli Verde All Season but have had great success with the Michelin Cross Climate all weather tyres on my CT 200h. If you do a lot of miles then having a summer and a winter set gives the best tyre for the conditions but otherwise my own view is all seasons/all weather are a good compromise for the UK climate although I'm a bit weary about the summer performance of some all seasons.
  9. Repair guide

    Assuming the someone wasn't yourself have you reported it to the Police? Unlikely but there is a chance someone owned up or there was a witness and the culprit can be traced. I can't image this will be <£500, especially if new OEM parts. Second hand front bumpers are £200 on eBay, say £70 for the grill and perhaps another £250 for paint and labour.
  10. Commuting in a CT

    Well I commute 75% dual carriageway on a 50 mile round trip commute each day in my 2014 CT200h. Engine noise isn't an issue and road noise is less than most other hatchbacks I've been in. The Yokohama OEM tyres aren't the quietest but switch to something else and it helps. IS would be more refined but expect less mpg and higher servicing/maintenance costs. If you are comfortable in the CT and ok with the performance then it makes a fine car for commuting if you really don't want t a diesel. As with any car you are considering get a test drive and be sure to go on the kinds of roads your commute would cover.
  11. ct200h DRL on unlock

    The front DRLs and tail lights come on mine (2014 post facelift) provided it is dark.
  12. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed

    The marmite car. Personally I think it looks awful and those wheels look like something out of Halfords ripspeed range The blue example looks ok but not so much as to date existing cars. The bigger screen is the only change I’ve seen so far that actually appeals to me and seems necessary.
  13. CT200h Antifreeze Coolant?

    No need to change for UK climate. If you are in the artic circle then perhaps.
  14. Exhaust heat shield corrosion

    Interesting. Perhaps not all warranties are the same. Mine is clearly with Toyota:
  15. Front parking sensors

    That is just how they are. It is really for helping avoid misjudging the corners rather than what is directly in front. To be fair you should see the hazard through the windscreen.