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  1. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed

    The marmite car. Personally I think it looks awful and those wheels look like something out of Halfords ripspeed range The blue example looks ok but not so much as to date existing cars. The bigger screen is the only change I’ve seen so far that actually appeals to me and seems necessary.
  2. CT200h Antifreeze Coolant?

    No need to change for UK climate. If you are in the artic circle then perhaps.
  3. Exhaust heat shield corrosion

    Interesting. Perhaps not all warranties are the same. Mine is clearly with Toyota:
  4. Front parking sensors

    That is just how they are. It is really for helping avoid misjudging the corners rather than what is directly in front. To be fair you should see the hazard through the windscreen.
  5. trickle charge

    You can get a PDF copy on the Lexus website. Copy of the relevant bits. Note the jump starting point is under the fuse box at the right of the engine bay. Connect a positive jumper cable clamp to the exclusive jump starting terminal on your vehicle. Connect the clamp on the other end of the positive cable to the positive (+) battery terminal on the second vehicle. Connect a negative cable clamp to the negative (-) battery terminal on the second vehicle. Connect the clamp at the other end of the negative cable to a solid, stationary, unpainted metallic point away from the exclusive jump starting terminal and any moving parts. Start the engine of the second vehicle. Increase the engine speed slightly and maintain at that level for approximately 5 minutes to recharge the 12-volt battery of your vehicle. Open and close any of the doors of your vehicle with the power switch off. Maintain the engine speed of the second vehicle and start the hybrid system of your vehicle by turning the power switch to ON mode. Make sure the “READY” indicator comes on. If the indicator light does not come on, contact any authorized Lexus dealer or repairer, or another duly qualified and equipped professional. Once the hybrid system has started, remove the jumper cables in the exact reverse order from which they were connected. Close the exclusive jump starting terminal cover, and reinstall the fuse box cover to its original position. Note that the hybrid system starting does not necessarily start the engine. You don't need to keep the donor car running once the hybrid system is started (ready light on).
  6. trickle charge

    Battery is in the boot at the right side under the storage tray but here is a charging point under the bonnet. The owners manual has instructions. Ticking sounds like a solenoid but not sure. It is easy to flatten the auxiliary battery as it is smaller than an conventional car battery.
  7. Ocd and main dealer servicing

    Quite a handy size. I leave a bottle of it in the arm rest storage bin and a chocolate bar over winter in case I get stuck somewhere.
  8. Yep, just fitted them and apart from the codes printed on them they are identical to the ones that came off the car.
  9. Mine arrived today. Thanks OP
  10. ECP website is still accepting the code. Just ordered a set of the Denso hybrid blades as they look exactly like the OEM blades that Lexus want a fortune for and that is just the rubbers. I guess they might cancel the order before shipping but worth a punt.
  11. Tried them all and it made hee haw difference so I now go with whatever I'm passing/is cheapest. I mostly stick to Asda as I go past on the way to work but will switch to Costco when it opens as long as they are cheaper. CTs Atkinson cycle engine doesn't do direct injection so perhaps less benefit from cleaners. My previous car (Suzuki Swift Sport) did run better on the 97/99 RON stuff.
  12. 100k service

    Yes extra as the coolant gets changed.
  13. I don't think the CT 2014 nav uses a SD card. You are pretty much stuck with the dealer. If you decide to pursue it further check how up-to-date the new maps actually are.
  14. Your Lexus Dealer Experience

    My dealer did that with me. Took my CT in for recall work and got a NX in exchange. Was very nice to cruise around like lord of the manor for the day but I'll stick with my CT for now Interesting comment about the Porsche experience. I got that from another dealer when looking to change last time (so I promptly walked out) but Lexus were completely different. Despite not looking like the average Lexus owner (under 30, jeans and trainers) I was treated the same as someone going in to buy new GS. When I indicated that I would be looking at preowned CTs there was no trying to pass me off, the same salesperson stuck with it and there was no hard sell on finance when I said I was paying cash.
  15. New Lexus Safety Technology

    I wonder when/if this will come to lower models. Lexus are really behind with standard active safety tech. Only the top level CT 200h can have pre-crash sensing and even then only as a £1795 option! A Vauxhall Astra that is £10k cheaper has it as standard.