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  1. Also range is to the reserve and it has a huge reserve compared to other cars.
  2. Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel is my go-to for wheel cleaning. PH neutral and reacts great with brake dust to go a dark purple when ready to wash off. It doesn't need much agitation with a brush and doesn't seems to strip the polish on the rims either. Not the best smelling product but I've had worse. I have also used Bilberry wheel cleaner which is cheaper (you mix it yourself to the desired concentration) but it didn't shift the grime so well.
  3. You can also use a fibreglass pencil to remove the surface rust before painting. The Lexus touch up kit is just base and lacquer so get some primer while at Halfords. Don't just paint over the rust with the touch up kit as the rust will just continue. Probably still worth letting the dealer take a quick look however.
  4. Rust along the bottom of the door may be caused by impact damage (not warranty covered). The CT doors are pretty low to the ground so it is easy to catch them on higher kerbs, especially if the road has a camber.
  5. haha, if only!
  6. Wouldn't touch a car that isn't hpi clear. I've got oem parking sensors on mine, perform fine.
  7. Is it an orbital polisher if carried out on the M25?
  8. Got to love this bit: Clearly the IQ of the would be theif wasn't sufficiently high to start a RX 400h
  9. Welcome and good choice of model and colour
  10. Done at a body shop that does everything from full resprays own to scratches. SMART is just a technique for respraying a small/medium area and blending it in, avoiding a full panel job. Doesn't mean a body shop don't do the same thing. The big chains are after the insurance jobs so as more likely to go the full panel route where as a good Indy will offer SMART at a fraction of the cost, although the end result might not be as perfect - depends on the damage, prep and skill of the repairer.
  11. Under 30 myself (just). Keep in mind forums probably attract a younger crowd than the whole marketplace so the pool results might be a bit iffy.
  12. Hmm provided it is just a SMART repair (not a whole bumper respray) then probably £300-500. The below was recently sorted by a local bodyshop for £150. Another place wanted to do the whole bumper for £200 but the SMART repair has turned out just fine (can only see it if you shine a bright light on it and look at it from the right angle). That said in our case it was a hit and run and the Micra isn't too precious. I'd be going for a full job if someone else was paying.
  13. Good choice of car Yes these are all seasons but with a starting point of a summer tyre with some winter capabilities where as most all seasons start with a winter design and change the compound to survive hotter temperatures. These are perfect for most of the UK where you just need a summer tyre that can cope a bit better in the colder months and not be a total liability if it snows.
  14. Michelin due to the Cross Climates. I would have voted Goodyear or Contis otherwise.
  15. That was fast