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  1. Right time for another update. 10 months and nearly 6k miles since I had a set fitted. I changed jobs earlier this year am now using the car to commute to work, doubling my annual mileage. Tread depths are 5-6mm on the front and 6-7mm at the rear so wearing ok but not as hard wearing as you might expect from Michelin. Looks like I will get through this winter and will need to change at least 2 come next summer when I'll hit around 16k miles on them. Performance in the warmer months has been excellent, every bit as good as the Yokohama summer tyres that were on the car this time last year. Wet handling is particularity good so it seems they are living up to their year round suitability claims unlike traditional all season tyres which, while better than winter tyres, don't perform that well in warm dry weather. I see that Michelin have now launches a 2nd gen of this tyre, dubbed Cross Climate + which is designed to improve grip as the tyre wears. It will be interesting to see how they perform this winter when the tread is down to 4-5mm.
  2. Mr

    Press and hold to reset trip. As above, sat nav is best explained in the handbook.
  3. Normal in every car I've had, CT included. Turning off the unit just stops the fan, it doesn't seal the cabin shut, so you will get a slight flow of air in. I guess it helps stop any pressure difference issues between the exterior and interior of the car. Also you do tend to find that the occupants need an oxygen supply!
  4. Not sure about roof. Levelling and cabin lighting brightness aren't illuminated if my memory serves me right. Haven't been in the car in the dark for a couple of months though.
  5. #7 in this years driver power reliability category. As above, check for full service history. Servicing is 10k miles or a year. Check bottom of doors for damage as they are low so can get scraped and then rust if not repaired. Check heat shield above exhaust for corrosion. Other than that just general stuff with any car like bodywork and checking all buttons work etc.
  6. Looks ok but pricing will be key. If they put the prices up then I'm not sure a facelift will be sufficient. The safety stuff is just bringing the model up the standards of the competition and right now a new CT is already quite expensive for a 3rd gen Prius wearing a well tailored suit. I'd love them to put the 300h engine in for the sport models but not sure the platform would enable that. I love my CT but always feel the power is a bit lacking and the stiff chassis could take more.
  7. Yes. Tighten them up to the top of the tapered portion according to the manual.
  8. You can expect around 50 MPG in the real world: I'd say Advance trim is the one to go for on a 2014 model year (post face-lift). Got enough toys without paying too much (sat nav, cruise control etc.). If you want the best MPG/comfort go for the SE model as it has the smaller wheels but loses some toys (unless the original owner added them). F Sport is nice but you have to be prepared for the firmer ride. Premier is lovely but cost quite a bit more. All this from someone with a 3 year old Advance
  9. Phillips extreme vision is what I've used in other cars. Bright, white and seem to last ok for a brighter than standard bulb.
  10. Indeed. Actually what may appear as a blank display with say set when the cc is active.
  11. Pair of gloves is cheaper
  12. Lexus service costs all here:
  13. From my reading of the terms you must get it done at a Lexus service centre. Halfords are right but that is for the original warranty due to EU rules. They can impose different terms for an extended warranty.
  14. Often wondered this myself. I've got a feeling the system probably turns the engine a bit before ignition to build up the oil pressure before it is put under stress. They must be doing something as there are a lot of mini can Prius out there with huge mileages.
  15. Yup - handy feature I've been using since I got the car. Also the fact that, unlike some other marques, it won't let you lock the keys in the car!