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  1. Regular Oil Check!

    Watch out for bait boxes. They can get the poison and then crawl off into a difficult to reach place to die. You then get the horrible smell of death but can’t get to the corpse. By cleaning out the nest the tennant may well get the message and relocate somewhere else (hopefully not in your property) without resorting to much pest control.
  2. Winter - quick cleaning

    No agitation, just sprayed off with the pressure washer. Occasionally I’ll get the wheel brush out to get into all the corners, perhaps every 4th wash over winter.
  3. Yesterday was good weather wise for car washing (i.e. above freezing) so I thought I'd share my cleaning routine that I follow every 2 or 3 weeks depending on weather. I do about 250 miles a week so this is a clean every 500-750 miles across mixed roads in southern Scotland. The aim of this isn't a super detail but something to keep the worst of the grim and road salt at bay and that can be completed in under an hour when the outside temperature isn't conducive to spending too long on the job! I prefer to do it with my own equipment as the stuff at the supermarket jet wash is rather harsh and can strip wax. A couple of pictures first to show the built up of winter grime. First up a good layer of snow foam to drag off the worst without risking scratching. After giving it 5 minutes to dwell and a light rinse with the pressure washer (nothing too fierce at this stage) about 90% of the dirt has been removed. Next up are the wheels. I give each a spray of cleaner, give it a couple of minutes and then wash off at about 80% pressure. Next up with the main wash. Speed is of the essence so I go with spraying on the wash/wax solution. I then wipe this over using 2 buckets and 2 wash mitts (one for the top and the other the lower parts). Finally the suds are rinsed off at 80% pressure and the windows cleaned. Results: Products used: Pressure washer - Karcher K4 Bog standard buckets, one with a Grit Guard Wash Mitts - Meguiar's Lambs Wool Foam lance - Elite Car Care Foam - Bilt Hamber Auto Foam Wheels - Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Cleaner Wash - Autoglym Pressure Wash Windscreen - Autoglym Fast Glass Other windows and mirrors - Rain X 2 in 1 I do a good clean in autumn including wax with Armour All Shield that lasts well into winter so the dirt doesn't stick too bad. Inside I apply Gtechniq I1 to rain/snow coming in doesn't soak the seats or carpet. Come late spring the clay bar will come out to remove the ingrained stuff like tar sports that have accumulated over winter and I'll spend a full day pouring over it.
  4. Lexus Coventry

    Paintwork and wheels look like a really slick combination. I'm not such a fan of the IS300h facelift at the front, keeps reminding me of a hamsters cheeks! I know it is part of the design language across the range but for some reason it just doesn't sit right with me on the IS.
  5. Worst - Fiat Grande Punto 1.2 This was my first car and while it had some plus points (economical and cheap to insure) it was horribly slow and had to go back to the dealer umpteen times due to electrical gremlins. Not owned but I have to drive at work sometimes is a 2006 Renault Clio diesel of which we have several in the fleet. Constantly having issues with engine management warning lights, rattling heat shields, faulty door locks and electrical issues like radio/wipers/heater fan randomly stops working. Absolute piles of junk and they haven't even done high mileages considering they are 10 years old - the faults have been since new. We are just running them into the ground now. Best - I'm a bit torn between my CT 200h or my last car which was a Suzuki Swift Sport. Very different animals and the Swift was a hoot to drive on B roads but not very economical. The CT 200h is where I want to be on a mixed road commute of 50 miles a day.
  6. I saw more 4x4s in London than when on holiday to Iceland, Norway or Finland. The right tyres and the right driving technique are all you need unless going up really steep stuff or completely off road/into deep stuff. A 4x4 doesn't help with stopping either!
  7. Snow

    FWIW the CT200h on Michelin Cross Climates was a good combination today. In eco mode the throttle is smooth enough to avoid any wheelspin on ice/snow except when I got home and had to turn the traction control off as the computer said no to ascending the final incline of my drive.
  8. My 48 hour test drive (FWIW)

    Good honest review. While I can't refute your comments on road noise, ride and lights 2 out of 3 are improved with different tyres and upgraded bulbs. Ride is down to personal preference, I quite like it being on the firm side. I found pairing my phone to be quite easy and while I can work the sat nav, the general infotainment system is definitely not the best designed from a usability standpoint. As Rayaans has stated it is a 7 year old design and some aspects are beginning to show their age. My worry is they dump the CT as they have in the states which would be a shame as it is a good gateway car into the Lexus range and not everyone wants or can afford the NX/a SUV CT replacement.
  9. Bulbs and engine cover clips

    Clips arrived today. Clearly Chinese copies but look the same to the untrained eye. 10x for £2.18 ain’t bad. Popped the replacement in and had a closer look at the panel while I was at it. Not idea why the manual says to remove it when changing the dipped beam as doing so really won’t give you anymore room. Osram Night Breaker Unlimited have been a good improvement over the standard Osram bulbs in before. Not much more distance on the road but brighter, clearer and also light up signs better.
  10. Bulbs and engine cover clips

    OK I've taken a gamble on this set: If they don't turn out to be the right thing I'll probably just wait until the next service and ask the dealer to pop a replacement in.
  11. Bulbs and engine cover clips

    Thanks. Was hoping just to buy the one or a small pack.
  12. So went about trying to replace the H11 headlight bulbs today as the OEM ones were a bit dim for my liking on my commute these winter months. Step 1 according to the manual is to remove the cover above the radiator to get access to the bulbs. Easier said than done, probably in part due to the cold I managed to break the first clip I tried to pop out. Does anyone know the Lexus part number for these as I tried eBay but quite a lot of the clips there look slightly different? I could go to the dealer but it would probably cost me more in fuel than the clip costs. I quickly gave up on the idea of removing the cover and found I could get to the bulbs one handed and changed them both in about 5 minutes just by reaching in and doing it by feel!
  13. Rear heat shield

    The heat shield seems to be a weak point as there was reports of it rusting through in another thread here. A dealer can source one but it won’t be cheap. You might be able to get a salvage part but that would have to be off a fairly new car to be worth it otherwise it will probably have already started to go. Its probably not a vital part but I would feel comfortable having a hot exhaust below the fuel tank with no shielding on my own car...
  14. Winter wheels/tyres

    Also if it has Tpms that will need sorting. Failure light on wouldn’t be good at MOT time.
  15. Winter wheels/tyres

    Also if it has Tpms that will need sorting. Failure light on wouldn’t be good at MOT time.