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  1. Check this topic for gearbox info -> In general I'm not sure I follow you. Do you want to change direction in which you are changing breaking force ? If so probably swapping few cables should be enough. Are you really finds that feature so useful ? Especially in Cambridgeshire where you don't have too many mountains roads :) As the car is brand new I would give it a moment before taking dashboard apart. Maybe you will quickly find out that you don't really use it so much. In 2 years of ownership I used it once - during test drive to check if it works. There is no effect on the acceleration, it is just like pressing the brake pedal but through the gear stick.
  2. There is whole process to follow with parrarel parking assist. I never bother with it. there is a nice description in the handbook.
  3. It happened to me once. I was in a heavy traffic and was watching DVD movie. Therefore car needs to be on the parking brake. I've just put it to N and hand breake on. After a while I get info about low battery level and I need to stop imedietally and leave car on P to charge up. i still advice the same. Just focus on the drive/pleasure and leave the hybrid system to just do it work :)
  4. Believe it or not but it is not so good after all. Battery don't like to be fully charged or discharged. Of cars car itself is not allowing that - I read somewhere that battery works in range 20-80%. Back to the point, don't try to max out battery as there is no gain in it. Just use the car and let the car do the rest.
  5. You can achive 40-45mpg while on the motorway. everyday cruising for me is 30mpg area. early models got some problems with gearbox pumps - check the forum. Additionally all x6 and x7 models are running out of 10 years battery warranty. at that age and mileage I would check when was the last time that spark plugs, gearbox oil and diff oil was changed. Beside that it is a nice car without major problems and for that price it is a bargain. ps. Check the shock absorbers for leaking and state of rear disc for calliper seizing.
  6. First they should measure runout of the freshly installed discs and check it with lexus tolerance. If it is off the limit hub might be dirty/rusty or damaged. if runout is fine check calliper and its mounting points on the knuckle. finally are you aware how to use new brake set for the first 100-200 miles ? As both disc are going bad maybe it is you doing something wrong :)
  7. Point is you got RC which is more on the sport side than gs so maybe there are some nice extra features :) in gs we don't even got the rev counter. Maybe in the current gs generation it also looks different but I would need to wait 2 more years for face lift models drop to the 20-30k area :)
  8. You are almost correct. There is no rev change while breaking with the gearbox manual option. Breaking is done by electric motor which is charging the battery. On "gear 5" it charging it a little bit, 4 is more and so one where "gear" is max charge. saying that there is no point to use that option for overtaking as there is no rev change. diference may occurs when battery is fully charged maybe then some conventional engine breaking I cheapening but I never tested it. above are also my observations from Gs450h I doubt it is difrent in other Lexus hybrids but I'm not sure.
  9. Looks pretty loud as muffler boxes are not too big.
  10. That car got a cvt gearbox so there are no gears how we would normally understand it. manual option is not for changing the gears but to apply fixed amount of "engine breaking". That is why you won't see any difference in the acceleration. You will have exactly same effect as pressing the breake pedal. Case is by using gearbox option you won't use conventional brakes at all.
  11. Oh yes all this what is synthetic and what is not. Now they are even more clever and selling synthetic technology oils which is old good semi synth like Shell HX7. Anyway for me Amsoil is the best - it is a little bit pricy especially in the UK but you are not changing it everyday.
  12. Steering wheel is the killer. It is very Eastern European style but if you like it just enjoy it. how does it work on the MOT if half of exhaust system is gone ? How much more insurance company charges you with all those mods ? If I got £30 more just the rear tints you must be paying doub,e at least :)
  13. Me too me too - I also got one and yes post facelift models looks way better plus Cassette deck is gone + refreshed interface + hdd + Bluetooth etc
  14. In GS450h from 2010 clock is adjusted by GPS but you must manually enable/disable "Daylight saving time" to move +/- 1h in chosen time zone.