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  1. That is strange that your water pump failed so early. Did you put any strange coolant ?
  2. For me he just hit the limiter and ignition cut off cause it.
  3. I got similar problem few year good years ago with Honda Accord. All the tests were fine but then after night it can go flat. I've done some tests by disconnecting it for the night and measuring the current when car is in standby mode - as far I remember I've seen like 150mA which was reasonably OK. After all I've bought new. battery and are problems have disappeared. Lesson from that story - you can really reliable test battery with the load test. Buy the meter and check the current if low just buy new battery. Additionally don't forget it is getting colder now. My battery was fine up until it dropped below 5C at night.
  4. I've found very good video: It got battery meter and power displayed so we know what is happening. We can see car is accelerate with the battery assistance at 250KW. Then he brakes and accelerate again with battery deplated at 220KW - you can compare the difference if you want. Then at 155mph it hit the limiter - observer that speedo is showing 260kmh which is 161mph. So limiter is set to the real 155mph. At that time power output is dropping to 190KW (255bhp) and is stable engine only output. That means if limiter weren't there engine still got like 40bhp to get extra 10-20kmh.
  5. You missed the main point: This of course makes the assumption that the engine has sufficient power which it does not. Britprius is not saying it will do 200mph but if you will put 5L engine with 500bhp and leave the gearbox it should go up to 200mph without reaching crazy rev like 15k rpm. Of course don't try to do that as gearbox also got limits on the max torque not just rpm :) As for sustained max speed it just mean limit is not on the gearbox side but on the engine and battery.
  6. As far I remember while I was doing max speed which I assumed was 155mph speedometer was showing almost 160. There is also one more benefit of showing you that you are going faster - consumption. If car thinks it is going faster then it assume too that it travel further which then influence fuel consumption indications. It is always better to burn 10L of petrol and do 150km rather than 140km :)
  7. Do 155mph in Surrey and you will finish on the first page next morning as bloody maniac :) In my case it was between Leipzig and Dresden which was perfectly fine with everyone and acceptable.
  8. My estimate would also be in 170mph (indicated) area. But then we need to remember max speed is not going to be sustainable as when (very quick) battery will get depleted we will lose 50bph. For my needs 155mph is enough but I got one stubborn A8 (also limited I guess) on my tail and this few extra mph would be nice :)
  9. Honda got the same approach. My previous Accord with adaptive cruise control was showing me the speed and indicating the presence of the car in front. Versions with standard cruise control were showing anything extra. Lexus got it on the same way so maybe it is some Japanese custom :)
  10. I can add some personal experience. When you are maxing car out (155mph) there is no usage from the battery and you can drive it at that speed as long as you got petrol in tank :) Some energy will be taken from the batteries during the acceleration but car will accelerate without it too - just a little bit slower I assume. Additionally at that speed any braking is charging batteries really quick. In my case driving at 155mph in normal DE traffic keep batteries topped up for whole time.
  11. In my previous Accord maintenance system was dynamic. It means the car was telling you when you need to change the oil based on many parameters. So sometimes it was every 8k and sometimes every 12k. That system was also covering different parts too - like filters, gearbox oil, plugs etc. It was very convenient and clever. I was surprised that Toyota/Lexus don't have it.
  12. Are they occurring even while you are cruising at the same speed ? If so it must be something with wheels. Check tyres/rims conditions, do balancing, if possible swap wheels with someone and check.
  13. Original post was about 2010 model. For those models only option is a dealer with the "special tool". aditionally I got mixed feeling about legality of updates from that site.
  14. I've just found on eBay that there is roof rack by lexus for £200. that might be good approach as it can work with both bike and boxes. anyone know what load roof is capable of ?