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  1. It is old and well known issue. Check the forum history but as far I remember there is no 3rd party replacement. Here is an example: http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/108706-gs450h-leaking-shock-absorbers/
  2. With colours you never know as it is very personal thing. I like most of them if they are not dull/flat. For that reason black one is the only "no" for GS. Rest of them are nice. My only regret is that Azure Blue is not available on a premier grade. About colours, anyone know why in the UK internal/trim ones are so limited ? I personally like the bamboo one which is very common everywhere else beside UK for 450h. What we get here is linear espresso in premier, some brighter aluminium one in F-Sport, and some cheap black plastic in lower grades.
  3. Yes of course there is a lot of aftermarket devices. Main benefit of the Lexus accessory one will be wire connection to a power source - no more worries about battery. On mobile side both probably will be LTE and WiFi side is not really important. It would be nice if accessory one could use some external mobile antenna but I doubt it is so clever :) At the it depend what is the price difrence. 1h Labour by itself can be pricy to just start with. ps. I’ve read the whole article. £370 for just 3G.... I would rather buy tp-link or huawei :)
  4. Ive just found this: http://blog.lexus.co.uk/hotspot-brings-wifi-to-your-lexus/ looks like it is an accessory installed by dealer and can be added to every single gen4 in just 1h.
  5. What kind of WiFi do you mean ? I'm aware of 2: - Hot spot for your mobile devices - Sat nav Wifi for the connected services. Before that it was over bluetooth. Hot spot is post facelift option as far I know so 2016. WiFi is gen 8 sat nav so 2015+ but someone mentioned here that even some 2015 models got gen 7 navigation where bluetooth was used. As for bluetooth it is working fine so this WiFi is not so big deal. Unless you are after some different features that new navigation is brining if any.
  6. Let me rephrase it. Same route at the same time of day in a similar traffic: - GEN3 - 35MPG -GEN4 - 43MPG Nearly 20% improvement which is a lot. As for IS you are probably right that it was with the GS discount which sounds better.
  7. @Linas.P "£3750 for my 176k miles IS250" no way it must be some kind of mistake. Maybe they missed the leading 1 from millage :) As for the stone chips it got few in the bumper as expected but windscreen is almost new as it was replaced (OEM one with Lexus logo). @Jamesf1 Thanks for sharing that. It is probably then a feature rather than fault @Mike Hartland You welcome. What else I've found out is while normally driving in GEN3 to Luton from M25/M3 was 35mpg, now in GEN4 it was 43mpg in a medium traffic. Another observation is GEN4 doesn't use so much of aluminium - like front fender and bonnet was aluminium in GEN3 while in GEN4 it seem to be old good steel. In general I've noticed that GEN4 got more accountant interventions - money was shifted from technical parts (like aluminium) to the interior closer to the driver. I've attached some promised photos. If you take a look at the last one you will notice that I've replaced the remote touch knob with the newer version one :) If yours is a little bit tired like mine or you don't like the look of the older version this is really easy change and cost £12 only for brand new one from Lexus.
  8. Yeap exactly that one. I was a little bit sceptical but after looking at it, it seems pretty solid. In general I know something more than average about cars and I’m not afraid of high mileage car if correctly looked after. Of course I wouldn’t buy turbo diesel as a high mileage but na petrol I’m not afraid of. Major problem is gearbox oil which wasn’t changed at all. I’ll need to check condition of oil - if still good I’ll change if dirty with sludge better not to risk and just leave it. Have you found anything wrong about it ? I’ve manged to find: - right corner of front bumper was very slightly hit from bottom and resprayed on the car - left rear door probably hit sidewalk once as very gently out of alignment on the rear bottom - when water pump was changed upper hose was taken out wrongly as it got a lot of coolant marking. I’ll just clean it to look nice beside above it is really nice car. Unless I missed something.
  9. Nope I don't have but it would be a nice options to have. Of course it was possible to bought that but it was 3k £ + so not many wen for it. Facelift models got it as standard, so maybe next one will have it :) GEN3 was in the 35mpg area. Current one so far is closer to low 40 so there is a difference. Hybrid system is also more effective as in engaging more often. In GEN3 it was mostly active while in stationary traffic where here it also working nicely while cruising slowly through a city - I assume better mpg will show up to. For now it looks like there will be 10-15% better fuel economy so quite good. I haven't found anything new in the entertainment system so far. There is some more customisation options but beside that it is all the same but with updated graphics and more powerful audio output. I've also noticed that DAB antenna gain is lower as same station which was fine now brakes up from time to time. Thanks, so far I'm enjoying it. When I give it a nice wash and wax I'll share some photos.
  10. Hi Everyone, So a little bit unpredicted and spontaneous I've decided to swap my high millage GEN3 SE-L (facelift) to even higher millage GEN4 premier :) In that thread I just wanted to share some thoughts about how both car compare - hopefully it will be helpful for all those GEN3 owner like myself who consider theirs next car. First of all even if both car looks completely different from outside underneath mechanically they are really similar. Engine, gearbox, brakes, suspension all is very similar. Of course I'm not saying it is the same as there is a improvement in the mpg due to new Atkinson cycle engine + I got feeling that batteries got a little bit more "umpf" :) Nevertheless it is a evolution rather than revolution on that side. On the other side whole interior is a complexity new experience. Again I can see a lot of common with the GEN3 but there is a big improvements. I like new seats (same nice leather), I love new screen. I even like the nav system/management which is almost identical to the GEN3 one. Sound system wise there is no such huge difference that you would expect from looking at the number - 3xx watt vs 8xx. It is a bit louder but not twice, audio source options are the same. It is still very nice audio though.What I don't like is those small handles above doors - in GEN3 they got leather cover while in GEN4 it is just soft plastic. At the end of course there is the boot which is way bigger than before which I also like very much due to a pushchair which is traveling there from time to time. Final question is it worth extra 10-15k ? In my opinion not really, especially if you don't need bigger boot and your GEN3 is running strong. GEN4 are keeping value quite high, while GEN3 are already cheap hence big price difference making nice GEN3 a good bargain. At the end just 3 remarks: - I've noticed that passenger side windscreen nozzle is aiming way lower than driver side one. Is it normal or there is some blockage somewhere ? In the part catalog I've noticed that there are 3 different nozzle with different angles so maybe it should be like even if it is new for me. - Glove box button is a little bit stiff and not so smooth as in GEN3. Should it be like that or is it just mine and need some cleaning/lubrication ? - Some time ago there was a discussion about LED headlamp. As mine got that feature I'm happy to reply for any potential question about it. In short I like them and of course they are way better than GEN3 xenons.
  11. Thanks for testing and review. Is there any difference in the interface or behaviour or is it just maps data and maybe some under the hood improvements ?
  12. From my experience disc will last for about 80K miles - which is good compared to the standard cars.
  13. I believe it is 8j. Just check the diameter of the new set to be sure your speedo won’t be off for too much. If you want to change alloys be sure that tpm valve will fit new ones. Normally if I were you I would stick to the same size and wouldn’t down scale.
  14. You should be fine with gen4 235/45, maybe even 225/50 but 215 sound to small. dont forget about the most important factor which is load. For smaller one you will be looking at the XL versions.
  15. good luck and I'm waiting for any feedback - hopefully positive one :)