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  1. Original post was about 2010 model. For those models only option is a dealer with the "special tool". aditionally I got mixed feeling about legality of updates from that site.
  2. I've just found on eBay that there is roof rack by lexus for £200. that might be good approach as it can work with both bike and boxes. anyone know what load roof is capable of ?
  3. I've checked the roof and there is no provisioning for any type of rails. If one do exist they must be mounted via door cut out which is no the best option.
  4. I don't remember to see them there but I can double check.
  5. Hi everyone, As I can only squeeze one bike on the rear seats I'm looking for other option to transport bikes on the car. I don't have tow bar or roof rails so option are getting pretty limited. I've found the following product: It does look pretty solid and pricy :) does anyone seen that on the car or even better used ? im looking to transport 2 adults bike plus in year or 2 extra kid bike. it should fit both my current 2010 model and ideally 2015 when I'll change in a year or 2 oh there is even more expensive version:
  6. Transmission fluid change

    Filter is probably inside like in the ZF transmission. if so you would need to remove the oil pan which more work and parts. ive changed my transmission oil at 90k miles and schedule next for 150 if I'll still own the car. My was done by Lexus dealer. They are happy to do it even it is lifetime / warranty time :)
  7. There is a thread here about the pump. Pump was the weak point of the system and was dying quite recently. When Lexus noticed it, new version was introduced - 2008 if I remember correctly - and since then it was alright. They changed it once again in 2010 for some reason but my version is also holding strong. another general rule: I know it is tempting to buy early version of a new model but it is much wiser to stick to a last years model of a previous one with all the bugs fixed :)
  8. Recently I was servicing my car at Lexus dealership. During conversation they told me one of theirs customer got GS450h with 300k miles on the clock and then batteries gave up. Important point is though that for batteries miles doesn't really maters but number of cycles. So if you are doing a lot of motorways miles you can do 300 miles without even going through one charging cycle, while driving in the city you can do few cycles just while doing few miles. In general I would prefer a car with high motorways miles rather than daily commuter/school run car as everything is getting used quicker - miles is not the ultimate live counter of the car. Cars should have hours counter for the engine and cycles for batteries ;)
  9. Don't forget that Gs450h got both direct and indirect injectors so whole system got extra complexity. i always though that hybrid system would be the bigger challenge for the lpg ecru to handle with the constant change of the engine state.
  10. For the roughness. I wasn't very happy about my idle too. It wasn't shaking a lot but I could fill it on red light. also driving around 20mph wasn't 100% smooth. I blamed both for slowly dying spark plugs or air filter. case is I was right. I just done my 120k service with new plugs and filters - all the roughness is gone :) as you are also in my area mileage area you may want to look at spark plugs and filters. if plugs are really bad you may not burn all the fuel in cylinders and killing cat.
  11. Transmission fluid change

    Yes I know techstream - that why a gave it to lexus garage :) it is still very rare maitanance so I can pay. in general I think it was just over £150 with oil.
  12. Transmission fluid change

    There is no easy fill plug. ive asked lexus garage to change it in mine and they done it without problem but I don't know exactly how.
  13. Shouldn't you just change it then ? As far I remember it is every 100k m / 160k km or 10 years ? dont forget you got 2 cooling systems with separate coolant.
  14. Why you wanted to dilute the antifreeze ? you should use premixed one and keep the ratio as it is.
  15. Tape player got horrible quality so then your finding is a really nice one!