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  1. Are you sure you mean Brake assist ? As far I'm aware it is always on like abs and you can't easy switch it off. maybe you mean PCS but this one should be also on by default at least it was in my previous honda were it was called cmbs.
  2. Denso is just manufacturer maybe fited in factory but as long other parameters like gap, temperature, material, thread etc are proper it will be fine. Either way cheapest iridium ngk I've seen were for £12 and uk official price is £20 so £8 sound too good. Unless they are second hand or not iridium.
  3. £50 for whole 6 ? Where you have found them so cheap ? In UK normally retailers like to charge £20 per one, if you will search abroad you can found them at £12-13 but £8 area is something new. I'm due to change mine soon too so if you got nice source you can share that would be nice to know.
  4. I got both PWR and Sport. As for adaptive lights - I can see how they move on the curvy roads and it is not so subtle.
  5. If I were you I would just take 1 or 2 out and check them - you would notice if they got 60k or 90k. At 90 you would probably even got some misfires or oil level going up :) Anyway enjoy the car!
  6. Check my previous post. Just park in front of a wall and put some weight to the boot. If there is no reaction something is wrong.
  7. Just take screwdriver and raise them - there might be no fault of at all. In general auto levelling is responsible to compensate extra weight in the car not to literally level the light. So first you need to have good reference point (setup with old school screwdriver) and then levelling system can work on top of that. At least it was like that in all my previous cars and I really doubt it is different here. finally to check the sensor park in front of the wall and press hard on the boot (when open) and observe if system is compensating for the extra weight in the back by lowering the light beam.
  8. It doesn't matter if they are alloy or not they must conduct electricity :) in my case previous owner decided to over paint chrome bits with silver paint.... i was thinking about putting chrome back onto them so if they are conductive it should be quite simple and most probably cheaper than buying new ones.
  9. Those trims are they aluminium or plastic. Aluminium can be easily galvanised again to get nice fresh chrome. If there are plastic it is not so easy as it is not conducting electricity.
  10. If i were You I wouldn't count on the warranty so much. You mentioned that problem most probably was there when you bought it so it was present before you bought the warranty. i would be very surprised if it will cover pre-existing fault. Other option may be that you bought the car and transferred existing warranty - have you ? There is some paperwork to fill to do it plus £25 fee. But then why previous owner didn't fix it, or maybe he/she tried and claim was reduced. Anyway I'm quite cuorius what is wrong with the car.
  11. It looks that way. In Guildford I was told and even shown that piece of paper which there are using instead of stamping the book. I was also told I wont get the courtesy car with essential service. I went for full price service after all and get nice NX200t for whole day. Point is you need to check with your dealer as it seems to be different from one to another. PS. I don't mind being corrected. Anyone can be mistaken and it is good to know when :)
  12. Based on my experience with Lexus Guildford there is few technical differences between essential and standard ones like: - Tighten prop shaft - 4 wheel alignment check - Some more liquids are included - like diff oil, transfer oil, - Inspect glass and lenses - change key fob battery - Check condenser - Check fuel lines - Diesel smoke test - I don't know if there is an difference but essential is using word "Check" while Full price is "Inspecting". Maybe some native speakers could explain is there is a real difference or is it just wording. PLUS - You will get proper stamp into service book. For essential service they are giving out some small piece of paper with info that car undergone essential service - You will get courtesy car if needed with full price one There might be some more in background like maybe more senior mechanics are getting full price ones but it is just an assumption.
  13. Visual safety check has nothing to do with the warranty I believe. This check is only about visually checking if your car is safe to drive - tyres condition, lights, wipers, fluids level, maybe breaks lines leaks etc. I would call it small mot :) of course it is nice to do it but it won't detect too much especially if you know anything about the car and not treat it as self drive cab. as for the warranty I haven't bought it but I assume they must do some more check like drive the car and connect some servicing equipment to check presence/history of any errors.
  14. Have fun with the car but as ive stated in one of my previous posts to really enjoy it you need to drive to Germany. Then you will rediscover it and will know how much are you missing in UK :) there are 3 ways to check if car is closed: - look at turn signal flasheh - hear for lock click - finally you can try to open the door as you mentioned. Trick is you need to grab the handle without touching part facing the car. Just grab it from top and bottom and pull. There is a sensor on the inside which won't get activated it that way. aditionally when you are closing doors with black button on the doors there will be sound alert if lock was unsucesful - like doors are not closed correctly or fob is not in range. For the key fob range I've also noticed that if it is next to iPhone 7 it doesn't work sometimes - keep the phone in different pocket :) 6 manual options are for driving downhill. It won't change any ratio in the gearbox but force the hybrid system to charge the battery and slow down the car. You will have same effect by gently applying brake pedal but on longer downhill it is not convenient. yes you can see mpg just use the button on the steering wheel. There is also graph you can take look. In the power flow screen tap on the consumption or something like that.