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  1. Mobile Camera Vans

    Hopefully nothing will appear now @Big Rat. The ISF has been tucked up in the garage for three weeks now while I've been at my work and I think it'll be staying there for abit longer. Keep seeing posts on a local Facebook page about coppers hiding behind bushes and buildings with the hand gun so there must be some sort of Operation Christmas bonus going on.
  2. Mobile Camera Vans

    Ahh well nothing through the post and that will be three weeks this coming Tuesday. Might be ok now and definitely past the 14 day nip rule.
  3. Ring Taxis

    I think I'd be mildly terrified driving round with mine. More the thought of getting caught up in somebody else's error. They don't half know how to charge for recovery lol
  4. Ring Taxis

    Nice blue one getting put through its paces.
  5. Ring Taxis

    @JgtcracerI was just thinking that.
  6. One area for all F Drivers

    Yes from me too, makes sense.
  7. Silver IS-F at Lexus Stoke - LC09 VJJ

    @Flytvr Looks great, the carbon finish is stunning in the flesh. I remember having a nosey at an orange carbon edition in Lexus Edinburgh last year.
  8. Silver IS-F at Lexus Stoke - LC09 VJJ

    Did they forget to paint the bonnet? Just kidding
  9. IsF exhaust filth

    @Big Rat Those would look ace on a silver car
  10. IsF exhaust filth

    @Peter P18 Thanks for that. Nowthe choice of tailpipe finish would be a difficult decision because I think both would look nice with the blue body work. Hmmmm
  11. IsF exhaust filth

    @Peter P18 sounds good and quite timely for me because my fingers been hovering over the H&S cat back with X pipe for the last couple of weeks. I need to just do it. Any issues with fitment because I'd be doing it myself? Is that black covers for the stock exhaust tips in the cold start vid?
  12. IsF exhaust filth

    Holy Crap that's loud. Don't think the neighbour's would appreciate this. Wonder if it drones lol
  13. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    Cool thanks for looking. Good to know they are out there.
  14. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    @Big Rat I know it's beyond me how you expect to sell a car without pics. Still waiting to see another blue / black combo come up for sale more out of curiosity. Starting to think mine is the only one out there. Is there any way to check these kind of things?
  15. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    Back up to five again. Yet another blue / white combo.