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  1. Self healing paint was on the list first 😉
  2. Great isF Pictures

    They suit the car plus much easier to clean all that brembo dust off every five miles.
  3. Switching from 08 to 10/11

    The later models have LED daylight running lights that you can turn off if you want. The headlamps are HID. They do have a hard drive for recording your CDs to and Bluetooth. The dash clocks are different as well with one big rev counter and a small analogue Speedo. Digital Speedo is inside the rev dial. Pretty sure those wheels were an option but I've seen a few for sale with them. Oh and the blue is a great colour and gets noticed but it also shows up everything lol.
  4. Spotted on the Tyndrum road yesterday.

    Ahh cool. Cheers for that. :-)
  5. Spotted on the Tyndrum road yesterday.

    I know mate. I'm interested to see how the LC holds its value. Would love the gsf maybe in the future but more than happy with the isf just now. I think I'd be terrified to park it the LC anywhere.
  6. Spotted on the Tyndrum road yesterday.

    That looks stunning.
  7. Spotted on the Tyndrum road yesterday.

    Nice, i've only had a seat inside the GSF in the showroom. LC500 i thought was something else to drive though just completely different. Strangely though i love the look of them in yellow.
  8. Spotted on the Tyndrum road yesterday.

    I think white is the holy grail of ISF's but i dont think i'd swap my blue one. I love that colour even in the rain where i think it glows brighter. Now a white GSF hmmmmm
  9. Spotted on the Tyndrum road yesterday.

    And all have superb taste in colour
  10. Finally passed another Isf. Nice looking grey one passed me in the opposite direction yesterday when I was heading towards Tyndrum. He managed a quick flash of the lights but I was too shocked and only managed a wave lol. I did notice the private plate with V8 in it which was cool. I've only seen a silver one that turned up at lexus Edinburgh for the LC preview but never passed one in over a years ownership.
  11. Isf vs Yaris T Sport Found them but the price is abit high for me.
  12. Isf vs Yaris T Sport

    I used to have them on an FN2 type r civic an they transformed the braking feel especially the initial bite. But they are more than double the price of pagid or Brembos pads.
  13. Isf vs Yaris T Sport

    Just for a laugh lol I can honestly say the ISF's brake discs are the biggest I've ever seen in my car history. I burst out laughing at them. 35% off at ECP can't complain but I couldn't decide on pads. I'm thinking ebc yellow stuff from previous good experience on other cars.
  14. Traffic light Grand Prix.

    i was quarter the way alongside a carrera 4 yesterday but a car appeared at the end of the straight so i pulled back and kept my distance. (didnt want the front getting chipped) They are pretty quick, fairly even until higher speeds then the IS gained fast enough for me to attempt a cheeky overtake but sadly denied lol
  15. Isf vs LC500

    I completely agree. One example of this is the electric handbrake which only the new lexus models are starting to lose the foot operated handbrake. Renault's have had electric hand brakes for years and go wrong. I'm sure I read most lexus models take five years of development before being released. Another example that comes to mind is the standard auto box instead of using a duel clutch setup, how many DSG boxes have gone wrong in VAG motors? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Then you still have to replace the clutch plates, crazy.