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  1. Lexus wanted £985 to replace my front discs and pads due to corrosion and uneven pad wear. Mine has just turned 17k and still on the originals. Service guy said it wasn't urgent. Like you i'll be going to Euro car parts and I'll fit them myself.
  2. Less chance of dropping a clay mit and scratching the paint lol. i'll see about trying one out next time. Be good to see how you get on with the poorboys stuff, seen some good reviews. Cheers Mike
  3. Thanks Daw. I use a Meguiars clay bar and Meguiars quick detailer for em ahem Lube. Lifted all the tar fairly quickly even if you cant see anything on the paint the clay still turned black. I remember someone mentioning that autoglym super resin polish had filling agents so i use this to hide the swirls then wax over it.
  4. lol dont tempt me. Would save reversing in all the time. Nice find btw
  5. Aye, feckin sh#te hawks.
  6. When i used to own my imported Supra the rear fog light stole one of the reverse lights in the cluster and it had one of those flat round rocker switches fitted into the dash with a light on it.
  7. Link to the wax i'm using. It seems to get good reviews but the finish doesn't last that long. I'll probably try something else once its finished but there's hundreds of different makes out there.
  8. Silvers a hell of a lot better at not looking dirty
  9. Cheers Big Rat. I didn't dare take it out the garage to get pics, sleet, rain, wind lol.
  10. Aye, ive been a few hours yesterday and today sorting it out. It was the paint feeling like sandpaper that got be started.
  11. Yeah and the same with the road tax as well but i really grudge giving them the interest.
  12. lol thanks, thats just the tidy bits of the garage.
  13. Can't believe that's nearly a year since picking up the isf. Unfortunately it means service, mot, tax and insurance are all due the same month lol. Main thing is that I still can't think of another car I'd rather have at the moment. Every drive still feels like a big event and I love the fact nobody seems to know what it is as a newish Audi S4 found out the hard way the other week :-) So I was inspired by the detailing thread to spend some time with the Claybar, Autglym super resin polish and a coat of R222 wax to get her ready for the decent weather. Takes ages but satisfying all the same. The amount of crap the clay bar finds always amazes me.
  14. Id probably go back to the 2nd gen 2005 Lexus GS430 i used to own or preferably one of those really hard to find GS460's. Once i fitted a custom twin 4" exhaust system to it the V8 was released.
  15. So the car window got a right good looking at today and one of the window seals has wear and tear £115 for the part. At least nothing is wrong with the lifter mechanism. They also quoted £985 for front discs and pads due to corrosion lol. Euro car parts are selling Brembo for 300 before any discounts so i'll be getting them at some point.