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  1. Think I'd be tempted by one of these IS300 estates. 300&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=sponsored&radius=1500&postcode=ph106jy&make=LEXUS&page=1 Fairly rare beast with the silky smooth 2JZGE straight six. I've also been looking at Rav4 s to replace my daily runner but unless the yaris explodes I'm waiting till next year.
  2. Aye, i absolutely loved the type r version in white but 50k won't cut it lol.
  3. 50k? I think I'd have a manual old NSX.
  4. I've fixed pongy aircon plastercine smells by setting off an aircon biocide bomb can. Usually have the car running with the aircon in full recirculation and set the can off in the back footwell and let it recirc for however long it says. Halfrauds used to sell the stuff but im sure there's more options online.
  5. Nice job there. I'd maybe just put a layer of car wax on them. Its a bit mad when you use that stuff as the yellow comes off onto the cloth.
  6. Having owned a Monaro and seriously considered a VXR8 i must admit the problems some of the guys on the HSV & Monaro forum were experiencing put me off. Front wishbones last 5k, indicator unit failure seemed common and its behind the dash somewhere. Clutches are weak with the LS7 a common upgrade. Brakes discs were like a grand each from Vauxhall. Dont get me wrong though the big old pushrod V8 is a character to drive especially a manual, the whole car starts vibrating as the revs rise. I test drove a red Vxr8 LS3 Auto and is was a good compared to the Monaro. Oh and the boot is absolutely massive on them lol
  7. Ive used the meguiars plastic x stuff successfully on some of my previous cars but the really bad ones like the mother in laws clio i used farrecla G3 compund then the plastic x.
  8. Not another blue one. Looks like it had some sort of aftermarket spoiler on the boot lid as you can see the paints lifted.
  9. Snow modes cheating lol
  10. Anyone seen this video before? I think its crazy, Pedals mashed into the carpet for most of it lol
  11. Ahh pass , ive never bothered to connect the phone.
  12. Hi mate, The way i fixed mine as the Nav arrival time was an hour behind the dash clock, was to go to Settings, Clock, Daylight Saving set to Off. Go into time zone and click Other and manually adjust the hours. Just done mine and clicked + 1hr. Does it in half hour increments. Cheers Mike
  13. I'm amazed at how far the back wheel has come into the cabin pushing the back seat forward. Must have been going some to do that. Looks like the blue ones just got rarer though......
  14. Lexus wanted £985 to replace my front discs and pads due to corrosion and uneven pad wear. Mine has just turned 17k and still on the originals. Service guy said it wasn't urgent. Like you i'll be going to Euro car parts and I'll fit them myself.