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  1. As Les says, most likely to be the audible pad wear 'alarm' as it's just a piece of metal designed to make noise that contacts the discs when they wear down to a certain point. Not sure why you don't use the parking brake - regular use keeps the drum rust free and avoids anything seizing up. EDIT: just seen your posting to say that you've only had it two months, in which case I'd say stop worrying and get it back for them to sort out under warranty.
  2. I can't see them being legal in the UK but give us a link to the item Mark so that we can see more details.
  3. This happened!!

    No, it wasn't. Old school panel beaters/sprayers used to take pride in their work and it was a fantastic finish, very highly skilled work, but not anymore.
  4. I would imagine that most people don't know they are SUV tyres if they are available in 'non-SUV' sizes. On my previous cars, I've just plugged the tyre size into a website and it comes back with a selection of available brands, from which I make my choice. If the website didn't specifically state that they are designed for SUVs, I wouldn't know.
  5. I've had them on my RX300 for over a year now and I can honestly say they are excellent, they perform very, very well and really are great value for money. I may as well show my ignorance in such matters though because I'd like to know - what difference does it actually make? Is it 'wrong' to put tyres "designed for SUV and 4x4 vehicles" on a standard car? My reasoning would be that if they are good for the size and weight of an SUV then they must also be good for a car - is that not so?
  6. If the lights are the problem, why are you 'suspecting' the anti-theft module? Do you have any experience of electrical fault-finding? Do you have the necessary tools and test gear or at the very least, a multimeter? There are plenty of Youtube videos showing the correct techniques so there's no point in 'reinventing the wheel' and going through it here, but one thing I will say is that you can't just pick a random item and think "it must be that". You have to take a methodical, step-by-step approach to testing and fault location, otherwise it'll eat up a lot of time and perhaps even money too, if you start throwing new parts at it until the right one gets changed.
  7. That's my understanding - snow mode is just for getting more traction when setting off to avoid the wheels spinning.
  8. Front Parking Sensors?

    Might be worth a call to these people to see what they say. They came out to fit a rear set to my mate's VW and did an excellent job:
  9. I absolutely love the colours but can't be doing with the carrying handle on the back. Unfortunately, as much as I love the colour it's just not going to look right on an RX
  10. Maybe this will help you: Reversing light mod.pdf EDIT: Sorry, just realised that it doesn't help. One thing I can say is that no trim should be held on with sticky tape, the trim is held in position with white clips. Just search Youtube for tailgate trim removal because I'd imagine that almost all cars use the same system or something very similar.
  11. You're very welcome John, I always like to help if I can. I have to say that I can't take any credit for the instructions on how to get the lamp shades off, that came from someone on the American forum I think, but I'm afraid I don't know who.
  12. Dome light switch travel

    It may just be as simple as bending the contacts/copper strip a bit - get in there and experiment with it
  13. No worries Frank, always like to help if I can. One other thing worth mentioning but, of course, it comes down to your own personal choice and that is that you don't really need to take it to a Lexus specialist. Admittedly, Lexus make luxury cars, but they are just cars. Any good mechanic/garage should be able to deal with a problem like this.
  14. This is about the best I can do, it may help.