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  1. Every car I've ever had (although I must admit that my most 'modern' one is my 05-plated RX300) has had two reversing lights.
  2. No worries Denis, glad I could help
  3. Absolutely!! I purposely and actively avoided the SEL models purely because of the air suspension and the associated costs when things go wrong with it.
  4. No, not really. Why would you? If you book it into a garage for the work to be done, they will order in the parts and do the work - they don't ask you what brand of parts you want. If you have new sockets or lights fitted in your house, the electrician won't ask you what brand of sockets and switches you want. I used to love working on my car but sadly I can't do it anymore due to health problems, so I take it to the garage and say 'x, y and z needs doing' so they do it and present me with a bill at the end of the job and that's it.
  5. Why not go for the complete kit like these on Ebay here. I've not got an LS400 so I don't know about the layout and location of the bits BUT, it's often wise to also change the water pump at the same time if they're in the same area. For instance, on the RX300 a good 90% of the work to get to the cambelt would have to be done again to get to the water pump if it was done at a different time.
  6. Just a guess but I'd say it does matter - otherwise why would they make different blade lengths? Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  7. I hope that there's some sort of optical illusion going on with that 'Centenary Edition' badge and that Lexus haven't really put it on wonky!
  8. Brilliant, thanks for your input guys, much appreciated.
  9. Some numpty in a white van hit my door mirror today and didn't stop. When I caught up with him his reasoning was that we were both passing a line of parked cars on our respective sides of the road; his mirror was damaged and so was mine, so if insurance got involved it would be 'knock for knock'; and if no insurance involvement I would be paying for his and he would be paying for mine. The footage from my dash cam does indeed seem to support this and shows no clear fault on his part or mine - the gap was narrow and we both tried to get through, so 'just one of those things'. Given that, I'm inclined to just leave it be. Luckily, there's no discernable damage to my mirror outer casing and both the folding motor and the glass up/down/left/right motor appear to be working as they should. The only damage is to the glass itself. The impact drove the glass out with explosive force and only the electrical connections stopped it from attaining low earth orbit! It smashed against the window and some sort of fluid (photochromic solution for the auto dimming?) was splashed on the window and bodywork. My question to the group is this - I've never seen the inside of the mirror housing and I have no idea what's in there or what it should look like, so does the housing and mounting look as it should or can someone tell if anything has been broken off? I've never particularly liked the auto dimming feature of the door mirrors anyway so I'm not bothered about getting the 'correct' replacement glass. As long as the mounting looks undamaged to anyone who knows about such things, I'm thinking that this replacement glass from Ebay will happily do the job? Or does anyone know otherwise?
  10. I believe the person who hits the animal can't legally keep it in this country but the one behind can stop and pick it up if they so wish. It's to stop people deliberately running animals down.
  11. My RX300 is a big car and needs a lot of work but at least give us a clue - are we talking a couple of hundred? £500? More? Less?