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  1. It is indeed possible to burn mp3 files to DVD but it's a sort of 2-prong thing in that your burning software has to be able to do it and your player has to support mp3 playback from DVD - not sure if the player in the car does?
  2. Excellent, well done Nicky. The car looks great and will hopefully give you many years of superb, luxury motoring
  3. I got this one for my RX300 so maybe the same company do one for the 450h? EDIT: Here you go
  4. Insurance due at the end of this month. Have used Swintons brokers for the last four years and always been happy. Last year I paid £385, renewal quote for this year is £756 Cheapest quote so far is with Ageas through a company called A-Plan based in Wilmslow at £411.92 That's for fully comp, 59 years old, full NCD etc.
  5. Is the CD going into the slot alright once it opens or is the slot not opening at all? If you do have to go the replacement route then this Youtube video here has detailed instructions starting at 8min 35sec.
  6. You're very welcome Keith, glad it worked out for you
  7. I suppose it could be if it's coming from Lexus. I'd be inclined to give these people a call and see what they can do for you.
  8. I find the specs of models very confusing. I purposely did not want air suspension so I made sure to avoid the SE-L models. I see air suspension as overly-complicated and overly-expensive for very little return over and above traditional coils, so I deliberately went for an SE model and as such my car has the following: Intelligent Adaptive front lights Lexus Navigator satellite navigation with colour touch screen display Reversing camera (which I'm assuming is what you mean by "Lexus parking assist monitor") Extra controls on the steering wheel for Bluetooth hands-free phone and SatNav voice control Not sure what a "wood pack" is but I think it may just be a heated wooden steering wheel?
  9. I have no idea what 'Car Genie' is - but it sounds very much like 'Octo U', a free app available for both Android and Apple from their respective stores. More details here
  10. First off, stick to your guns and don't go for an X3, the Lexus RX300 is a far better car. It's a difficult one this. I don't think I'd take Rayann's advice this time - it's ok asking for a discount to put it right yourself but without knowing exactly what the fault is, it could cost you far more than any discount you negotiate. However, unless the dealer is going to scrap the car and write off whatever they paid for it, they will have to get it repaired sooner or later in order to sell it. I know it's disappointing and I would feel exactly the same as you do, but if the car is good in all other respects and you like it and you really want it, might it not be worth waiting a bit longer until they get the problem fixed?
  11. And I'll stick my 2p worth in too Avons are very good - here's the text from a previous posting I made in these forums back in November: I've just put 4 Avon ZX7s (235/55 R18 100V) on my RX300 and ordered them from for £386 then used a Tyreshopper discount code to get 5% off, making it £366 and also got 3.15% cashback by going through making the final, fully-fitted price £354. They were fitted at a local branch of National Tyres who, if I had bought the tyres directly from them, would have charged £421. I'm VERY impressed with the tyres. They're 'A' rated for wet conditions and they certainly deserve it as the car is so sure-footed now, in both wet and dry conditions - I can highly recommend them.
  12. Good luck for tomorrow then Nicky
  13. Seems to have gone quiet Nicky. Hope you got it alright and nothing's wrong with it - I thought we'd have had an excited post from you by now
  14. Excellent, well done What does it look like from outside the car? I'm just wondering if it's a permanent fixing and will be left in all the time or will it be removed when parked up for the night - don't want some scrote seeing it and breaking in to rob it.
  15. Hope you'll be putting a claim in to Lancs County Council Pawel. I would never take the mick by claiming for small problems but what you've suffered is a major expense that is completely avoidable if councils carried out the maintenance that they should. I'll hazard a guess that with a name like Pawel, you come from either Poland or the Czech Republic? Every year since 1991 my wife and I have been driving from Preston to both those countries (and Slovakia too) for our main holidays. We've toured north, south, east and west and all points in between and we've seen a major reversal in road conditions. When we first went, their roads were terrible and ours were much better, but now it's completely reversed - their roads are far better than ours. EDIT - just dawned on me that your screen name of wildPOLISH sort of gives it away! Well, today can only get better for me