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  1. Doh, sorry - just realised that I didn't include the link to the previous topic
  2. The only reason screws bugger up in the first place is by not using the correct size screwdriver. Believe me, my sausages are so fat that I can, and often do, easily hit more than one key at a time on any computer keyboard, but it's nothing to do with that. If you have a set of watchmakers or jewellers screwdrivers, just pick the one that looks closest to doing the job and gently try it for location and grip in the screw head - you'll know when you've got the right size. If the screw head still buggers up, a Dremel (or similar tool) with a drill bit the same width as the screw head can be used to gently drill off the head. This will allow the case to be opened and there may just be enough of the screw shaft to grip with pliers to unscrew it, but if not, just drill the shaft out too.
  3. Have a look at the following topic from a while ago, particularly to post No.4 and the video it links to. You were talking about possibly getting a code reader but if you have a laptop (if not, a Windows XP laptop can be had for peanuts these days) to install Techstream on, it'll do SO much more than a code reader will, including coding keys.
  4. Probably me just being a bit thick (as usual) Denis but I'm not quite sure what you mean? If you mean that it's no hardship to use the key manually, I'm sure it isn't. However, why would you not carry out such an easy repair, when it is so easy?
  5. I'm past the time for editing the post above but you may even be able to drill all the way through and use a small machine screw and nut to close the case if you prefer.
  6. I'm sure I remember seeing a post on this forum saying that if the car has the reversing camera then parking sensors were not a factory fit but were a dealer option, so it may not have them. If parking sensors are fitted you'll see (usually) four ultrasonic transducers about the size of a 5p or 10p coin mounted in the rear bumper. The fact that the dealer didn't know if they were fitted or not does not give me a sense of confidence in that dealership and in fact would make me look elsewhere. Have to admit that I'm not sure but would think that having a manual switch would be a very bad idea. I can envisage a situation where you forget to switch them on and bump into something. They need to be activated when reverse gear is selected.
  7. Just drill it out and use a small self-tapper to close the case after replacing the battery - two minutes of a job and Robert is your mother's brother.
  8. What Steve said above. I'm lucky in that I live about a mile from CPC so I just call in for mine. Key fobs of any make usually take 'button' cells, maybe CR2032, CR2016 or similar.
  9. This is the code reader I got a while ago but I think almost any of the ones available on eBay will do. Alternatively, if you have a laptop you could get a MiniVCI cable from eBay and install Techstream, the Toyota diagnostic software, which does a lot more than just read and delete codes.
  10. Glad you got your car and that you like it, they are indeed brilliant cars. We've had ours about 16 or 17 months now and done something like 17,000 miles and every time I get in it I still get a big grin on my face I don't know who makes the OEM parts but the rest of your question is answered above (point No.4 in the second post).
  11. Just out of curiosity I googled the phrase "RX400h equipment specifications" (without the quotes) and the very first hit was this pdf file, of which Page 21 shows the equipment levels. LEXUSRX400h.pdf
  12. May be worth investing in some AlloyGator or Rimblades protectors too, once it's repaired.
  13. Excellent! And yes, those empty lenses are just crying out to be used I'm sure that being (in your own words) a 'Halfords Monkey' you already know this, but that line above makes it sound like you're going to wire the DRLs to come on with the sidelights, which you don't want to do - they have to go off when the sidelights come on.
  14. Have a look here
  15. Does it give any error messages or will it just not find your phone?