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  1. I think mine smells more without the air con off a kind of damp smell. Not sure if it's like cat *****, more rat ***** if anything......makes me wonder if Big Rat has been sabotaging the non-silver ones.
  2. Currently it is on recirculating the air in the car, but I've tried all settings & various temperatures and it still has the same issue. This time of year it is ok unless it's 1st thing in the morning. Can stick to having air con on its lowest fan setting year round, just wondered if any other owners experienced the same. I remember all the vauxhalls I've had in the past were a pain for steaming up too.
  3. Does anyone else have to have the IS-F air con on pretty much all the time to stop the windows misting up? Doesn't really happen in this nicer weather but over the last 6 months I've had to use the air con on low non-stop, can't be doing the mpg much good.
  4. pink?
  5. Apart from a silver one at Santa Pod last summer, and a grey one at a used car dealers car park earlier this year, the only others I've seen were the other Saturday at our West Midlands meet. Didn't see a single one in the 8 years they had been released before I went to view mine in May.
  6. Clio V6! Me like. If I was to have a car just for the weekend it would be one of those, some sort of Lotus, an Impreza P1, or a Monaro. The Clios have shot up to well over £20k now, as have the P1's....wasn't that many years ago both could be had for under £10k
  7. Any particular year, colour combo etc you are looking for? Shouldn't be that long before the RCF hits £30k....I may be tempted then but for the lack of 4 doors.
  8. I was looking at a Europa for sale the other day....1 or 2 decent ones crop up for under £20k.
  9. +1 on what Stuno said.
  10. All booked in at Lexus Coventry...rang around the Midlands dealers and they offered the best price of £199 including MOT if I supply my own oil. The bloke I spoke to recommended the Shell stuff as that's what they use.
  11. What engine oil is everyone using? Just browsing the internet now and for around £50 I can get 10 litres of the following 5W 30 fully synthetic; Gulf Formula FS Motul 8100 Eco-Nergy Shell Helix HX7 AF Fuchs Titan GT1 Pro Flex XTL Mobil Super 3000 X1 FE, Miller Oils Nanodrive EE Longlife Eco & Castro Magnatec Stop-Start are £60-65.....Mobil 1 ESP is £75.
  12. They also do Lexus Essential Care from £ has the following description. If your car is over five years old, Lexus Essential Care offers a reduced cost alternative to Lexus full servicing and maintains the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle. Competitively priced, your car will always be fitted with Lexus genuine parts by expertly trained technicians
  13. According to the Lexus website the servicing prices are as follows; 20k £445 40k £495 60k £745 80k £495 100k £595 with a £275 intermediate at 10, 30, 50, 70, 90k etc
  14. That's just the service interval mileage that they quote on the paperwork. They list the sevices on mileage instead of time assuming you cover 10k a year, but mine had covered about half that.
  15. Spark plugs were done last year alongside air filter, as far as I can see air filter is done every other year.