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  1. Selling my IS-F.

    Both for the road, although the 250 Will get limited use...maybe a few hundred miles a year. They are great bikes, 3rd one I've owned. It's the RSV-R not the Factory so doesn't have the OZ wheels but does have adjustable Ohlins forks. Sounds great with those cans on!
  2. Selling my IS-F.

    Thought I'd share a few pics of what the ISF has been replaced with.
  3. Selling my IS-F.

    Been plenty for sale recently for 15-20k so I'm sure you'll be spoilt for choice when you are looking to buy.
  4. Selling my IS-F.

    I'd definitely have another.....I didn't want to sell this one but the urge for a bike outweighed the urge to keep it.
  5. Selling my IS-F.

    Deal all done and he is on his way back home in the Lexus. Sad to see it go but I can get on with bike shopping now.
  6. Selling my IS-F.

    ,Looks like the car is sold. Have a deal agreed with a Greek chap from Coventry. Taking his 2006 535d M Sport in part ex plus £11,500 my way. Not sure whether to keep it as have a mate who might be interested in taking it off my hands.....anyone know much about these cars and what to check for?
  7. Selling my IS-F.

    Just had a viewing this morning but don't think an ISF is for him. He didn't like the sound they make and said they weren't exciting enough.
  8. Selling my IS-F.

    No mate. To be honest I haven't had much interest at all from the autotrader ad, gone really quiet this past week. Had a few enquiries when it 1st went on but only the one viewing so far and he just wanted a test drive. Didn't have proof of insurance or the cash in my hand so didn't get to drive it. Later said he only had £15k to spend so I suggested he started looking at cars for that price and not 3 grand more. Got another viewer this morning but so far it's mostly been people wasting my time who don't seem genuinely interested so may let the advert run out and just keep it. Can always save for a bike when I've got my drive and patio sorted.
  9. Selling my IS-F.

    Got my eye on a very tidy looking Saab 9-5 2.3 Hot Aero so hopefully it sells soon.
  10. Selling my IS-F.

    Getting plenty of silly offers for it as per usual. Had a few phone calls during this week and at the weekend, and have 2 people who will hopefully be coming to view it over the next few days so we shall see what that brings. Rang Lexus Coventry to see what they would give me out of interest....£14.5k, err think I'll leave it thanks.
  11. Selling my IS-F.

    Link to Autotrader ad for it....
  12. Selling my IS-F.

    Ok mate...replied to it with photos.
  13. Selling my IS-F.

    Also, if anyone on here is interested in the registration V1 SFV then I'd happily sell it separately.
  14. Selling my IS-F.

    Cheers mate. If I don't get the price I want for it then I'm more than happy to keep it. In an ideal world I'd get a bike to go alongside it, but redoing my drive etc is gonna use the motorbike fund I had saved up.
  15. Selling my IS-F.

    I've been toying with the idea of selling my IS-F for a short while now and have decided to take the plunge. I can't fault the car one bit but the lure of 2 wheels gets me every summer since I sold my last bike when my eldest was enough is enough and the Lexus has to go. I'm after an estate as a daily (Saab 9-3/Alfa 159/VW Passat), and then the remainder will be spent on 2 bikes. A Ducati 999/Aprilia RSV and either a 250cc 2 stroke or a track bike. So anyone who is after an IS-F or knows of someone give me a shout. It's a 2008 with private ISF plate valued at £1000, 51k miles, full Lexus history, full MOT, 2 years extended Lexus warranty, just been serviced last month and had its major one with plugs and rear brakes last year costing over £1700. It also comes with the optional sunroof. Looking for £17,995.