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  1. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    There's a silver one at Lexus Stoke
  2. Lexus Courtesy cars

    I always get a CT200h. It's a decent car but I get no joy/fun from driving it and always look forward to returning it!..
  3. ISF 2008 - BHP

    How does the car drive/perform?
  4. Airbag recall

    Just collected my car after the recall work. Excellent service from Lexus Stockport, they even put in £25 of free petrol for me!
  5. Lexus main dealer warranty

    Used my warranty for the first time today. The Sat Nav stopped working and I've been told that a new hard disk is needed.. Does anyone know how much this would cost if outside warranty?
  6. Change to RCF

    Hi Jon, I'm in a similar situation to you but will wait a couple of months.. The Blue one in Coventry looks really nice with the blacked out chrome trim. Is it wrapped or painted?
  7. Tyres???

    I've just had Good Year Eagle F1 A3 fitted to the back and it's noticeable quieter. Not had time to test them out properly yet.. National tyres are doing a good deal for the Bridgestones at the moment.
  8. When you are looking at cars around the 35K ball park, the choice is is mind-boggling... I'm struggling to decide. Stoke Lexus(closest dealer with RCF) has 3 for sale so i guess I need to go down for a test drive..
  9. Have you tried a RCF? I'm in a similar situation in terms of moving from a ISF...
  10. Could it be time?!

    This is the cheapest ISF I've seen advertised: New&onesearchad=New&model=IS F&radius=1500&make=LEXUS&postcode=wa158ny&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1
  11. Auto Lights not turning Off

    Mine stays on occasionally. Strange as it sounds but it usually happens when I don't pull the door handle to open the door firm enough!
  12. The blue does look really nice! @NemesisUK you previously had a CLS55 so I was wondering if you ever miss the power or regret not going for a RCF?
  13. @Stuno1 I'm sure the 2012-2015 C63 has less bhp than the RCF so are you sure about the 3.6 sec 0-60 time?...
  14. She's Finally Here

    Wow certainly livens up the interior! Can't be many ISF's with a red interior...
  15. She's Finally Here

    Is that Mercury grey with red interior? Looks great and very unique.