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  1. Auto Lights not turning Off

    Mine stays on occasionally. Strange as it sounds but it usually happens when I don't pull the door handle to open the door firm enough!
  2. The blue does look really nice! @NemesisUK you previously had a CLS55 so I was wondering if you ever miss the power or regret not going for a RCF?
  3. @Stuno1 I'm sure the 2012-2015 C63 has less bhp than the RCF so are you sure about the 3.6 sec 0-60 time?...
  4. She's Finally Here

    Wow certainly livens up the interior! Can't be many ISF's with a red interior...
  5. She's Finally Here

    Is that Mercury grey with red interior? Looks great and very unique.
  6. For me the exterior looks stunning. I was at Lexus Stockport today and although they only had the Hybrid versions there they still look really nice and modern(inside & out). Out of the 3 colours(blue, red & metallic grey) I think the grey looked the best. Even parked next to the LC500h it still looked good.
  7. HID replacement

    Dave, I had mine replaced when i had my service at Lexus and they charged me £64.
  8. Mirrorlink

    Sorry, can't help you with the mirrorlink but was interested to know if you tested the RC 200T(or maybe even the RCF) and what were your thoughts?.
  9. Low mileage one owner

    That's amazing if it's not a typo!
  10. LC test drive

    For those living in the north west, Lexus Stockport will be having their launch event 29-30 JULY.
  11. Eurocarparts Discs + Pads

    Has anyone experienced any issues with Brembo disc bought from ECP after fitting? I've got a set that I bought that I've not fitted yet...
  12. RC F remap

    Hi Peter, what increase in power are they getting in the US for the RCF? According to "how many left" website there are 174 RCF registered compared to 214 ISF's. Been following the prices for RCF and the cheapest one(Lexus Croydon) was 34K but the same car is now advertised at 38K, so not sure what's going on there...
  13. Sat Nav stopped working

    I removed the DVD, cleaned it and load it again but same error message. So I then tried disconnecting the battery for a few minutes then tried again but this time the message was that no program could be read and to consult the dealer. Looks like need to head to the dealer! :(...
  14. Sat Nav stopped working

    Hi Guys, My Sat Nav has suddenly stopped working and displays the following on screen message "Unable to read data. Check if the map DVD is correct" Tried pressing the menu button but nothing happens... So I called Lexus but was told that I need to pay a £90 "diagnostic fee" even though I have the extended warranty which I questioned but they were insistent that I would need to pay that. Can anyone help? Cheers, Nean
  15. LC500, LC Hybrid, RC-F, GSF and some IS-Fs

    What was the drive like in the LC compared to the RCF?