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  1. There's only one ISF for sale on Lexus website so I guess maybe they feel that someone will pay a premium for that car. @Colin Herridge How does the GSF compare to the ISF? Didn't you consider the RCF?
  2. I think the spindle front looks good, makes the car look more modern.
  3. That's a smart looking kit. Quite subtle which is a good thing.
  4. Just noticed that there are now more RCF's on AT than ISF! Even GSF numbers are up to 10.
  5. Almost £5.5K for a TRD carbon bonnet!... Love the TRD styling but not keen on the rear spoiler..
  6. @Big Rat, it's the same rare colour(my favourite!) and year but different car. New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&make=LEXUS&radius=1500&postcode=wa158ny&sort=price-asc&model=IS F&page=2
  7. That bloke is a nutter! :)
  8. Wow! I can't believe how many cars some of you guys have owned! In comparison I'm only on my 7th car in just over 20 years... Metro x 2 CRX (mk 2) Mr2 Turbo (sw20) MrSpider (sw20) very rare BMW 330i ISF
  9. What 3 things made you go for an IS F? Rarity, Reliability, Performance What 3 things would you change about the IS F? Sat Nav is terrible.. Exhaust tips & a more forgiving ride/suspension. What 3 cars would be on your list if you sold your IS F tomorrow? RCF or XE S(V6) but not sure if it'll be fast enough...
  10. Article on Pistonheads today suggesting the E90 M3 saloon as a possible "future classic" because of the V8 engine and rarity. Small mention of the ISF too.
  11. Seems like prices of ISFs are dropping :( There are 2 on AT with FSH for around 14.5k. Last month I was thinking our cars might even start to appreciate in value soon due to the rarity and not having a direct replacement model...
  12. Jag XFR or C63
  13. The Lexus RC 200/300/RCF forum is even more quieter which is a surprise since the number of owners should be far more than the ISF..
  14. I bought my car privately and called my local Lexus dealer a few weeks later. The 2 year warranty was bought and paid for over the phone after I provided some info about my car, so seems strange that they have refused to sell you one...
  15. @MNMJ no it wasn't me, I have a silver one. I was interested in buying your old red IS-F at the main dealer in Manchester but was sold before I could go over to view it. Considering a RC-F for my next car end of next year so was just interested to know how your ownership has been compared to the IS-F.