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  1. I owned the fastest IS300 in history!!
  2. But do turn it off at the traffic lights 😜
  3. The RAF used exactly these techniques in Harrier and Tornado cockpits. 😀
  4. You are right @Warrington guy. I’ve kicked it out!!
  5. I’m thoroughly enjoying series two. Prefer it to series one. If I could change anything, I’d dump the star guest bit.
  6. Right stop this now. Right. Stop this now. We all know that GT86 parts will transfer directly to the RCF!!! 😜
  7. Yes. When I bought my IS-F I got three years thrown in
  8. RC F-Rozen

    Oooooo. I’d love a V80 Volvo...... still one of my Autotrader alerts!!
  9. I don’t think I’ve been above 4000 rpm in the last few weeks 😢
  10. Yes, they can be juicy. RC-F seems more frugal.
  11. I’ll say it again, in the flesh an ISF in silver looks amazing.
  12. You could even use the seats - they are exactly the same.........