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  1. And I guess I am one of the few that likes the oval fakes!
  2. I'm supposed to be editing weddings, but IS-Fs are more interesting :)
  3. It's your bloomin car and you can only find 3! OMG - what's that on the back of your car!!!!?
  4. Yes, of course mate. Do you need any houses selling whilst I'm at it!
  5. Not to worry, mods have deleted your thread :)
  6. Laugh out loud! Boy, you are keen for a big night out with Ratty!!!
  7. Just for fun, without using other images for references, can you spot the 7 changes made to Mark's car? PM me with your answers! Winner gets a night out with @Big Rat and he's paying for the steak slice (Greggs of course!)
  8. I particularly like this one. With its cleaning petrol burning engine, plants LOVE the ISF
  9. PH thread has stalled 🙁
  10. Yes, we'd better peel off in a different direction with this post or we'll get fried! I'm meeting a client this morning. I'll take the F and get some IPhone snaps - nice location. If nothing else, it'll be proof for @Mark G that I do actually work.
  11. Hasn't your butler got lovely hands!!!
  12. I sauté see where you are going with this!
  13. Is that where builders end up when they are supposed to be ANYWHERE ELSE!!! In all fairness, our Ratty is too posh for greggs. Only the other day, his butler was complaining about Ratty's quails eggs falling though the BBQ grill. Ratty loves a quails egg!
  14. Did you chisel that out of the builder's book of jokes? 😀