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  1. Amazing cars. And many of the parts will weld straight on to an RC-F apparently 😀
  2. Stiggy

    Thanks Sean! 😀
  3. Wrapped Rcf

    Should have wrapped it Orange and carbon - would have been almost the best looking RCF out there
  4. Anybody think that the LC has too much going on?
  5. But from his angle..... YUMMMMMMMY
  6. It does matter. It annoys @Mark G. You don’t want to be doing that!! 😜
  7. I know the answer - Lexus structural blue 😀
  8. Can I show my old F (please) ?
  9. Definitely! In addition, to me, the rear lights make it look like it’s crying - La Chiffre (Casino Royale)
  10. Silver - awesome colour on an ISF 😜
  11. I’ve driven both varieties of the LC, but even in the flesh, I’m not yet convinced
  12. I found that car so uninspiring to drive 😢
  13. 18 months of ownership, the only things I had to pay for were pads and tyres. Having seen @emjay82 ‘s car lots of times, I can vouch for it being an absolute peach 🍑 The interior and exterior colours work beautifully together. A very pretty car
  14. All I got out of Bristol Lexus was headaches!
  15. Now that’s funny!!!
  16. No, not me sir!!!!!
  17. "Allo allo allo sunny. Have you got a license for that taxi?"
  18. NO!!!!!! That's @Mark G!!!!!
  19. RC-F Carbon

    Very funny :)
  20. You talking about the water pump issue?