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  1. Why do you assume getting up to the required speed fast is more energy consuming than getting there slower? If what you say is true, it would mean the engineers made a serious mistake.
  2. Some very smart people on Priuschat speculate ACC shoots to high rpms to get to speed because it's the most efficient way for the hybrid drive.
  3. I highly doubt it since people rarely deviate from the brands they know and are comfortable with. Even if they get advice, they probably get it from some friend who has a very comparable brand knowledge.
  4. I always liked Tesla, great cars which are brilliant to drive. My only problem with them is, IMO you don't get the car you pay for. I find them way overpriced. Hopefully one day Tesla (with model 3 maybe) or some other manufacturer will make a properly priced, great EV. Enjoy your new toy, it'll be great fun.
  5. The looks and the LFA inspired dash alone make the F-sport worth it IMO. Drive both a luxury and an F-Sport though, you'll need to accept a little less comfort and a little bit more road noise with the F-sport.
  6. Tell that friend of a friend, he's an idiot.
  7. Ah yes totally forgot that Even taking that into account, I'd buy a IS300H with 80K miles because the car probably depreciated a lot anyway. Considering your low yearly mileage, it shouldn't be a problem. I'd only specifically hunt for a low mileage car if I was planning to sell it 2-3 years from now.
  8. I wouldn't call 100K high mileage unless you really care about resale value and your yearly mileage is high.
  9. I test drove the GS300H Luxury spec, I don't know what it is called in the UK. It drove noticeably different compared to an IS300H F-sport. I doubt the GS300H with Sport + would make the car feel any different. The GS450H F-Sport with steering rear wheels is another beast entirely, but sadly it's too expensive and overkill for my needs.
  10. I have a question for the people who went from IS to GS, concerning driving and handling. I've test driven both, this is obviously not nearly long enough to get to know the cars. Driving the GS300H after the IS300H, I lost all sense of dynamic driving. The car felt a lot bigger and drove like a boat (an exaggeration to make a point). Did you guys have the same experience?
  11. I thought such cars were build to be driven sideways most of the time
  12. I didn't know that. I assume the S-line and AMG had the sport suspension, I can't imagine how hard a sport suspension would feel like if those two were standard suspension. This might also explain why the BMW felt quite soft. You are correct about the dealers. Most Lexus dealers don't seem to know they have a car with AVS when the car is clearly fitted with AVS when you check it.
  13. I've test driven a lot of cars now, from various brands. I'm probably on some blacklist by now, but you have to be very careful when spending 30K euros. The firmness of the F-Sport depends wholly on what you compare it to. If you compare to a Volvo S60 or my Prius on 15" wheels for example, the F-Sport will come out as rough. To be fair to the car, you should compare it to other sport sedan types (meaning Merc AMG, BMW Sport, Audi S-Line etc.). Compared to those, the IS300H F-Sport is actually very forgiving. The Audi and Merc C-Class seemed very rough to me, the Merc is also even lower than the IS300H (which already is borderline IMO). BMW seems to have softened up the ride, it wasn't as rough as I seem to remember from old models. My friends had M sport models in the past, they all felt like go-karts. I couldn't get comfortable in the seats though. I'd also advise you to seek out a model with AVS to test drive. To me, it seemed liked the regular F-Sport was comparable to F-Sport with AVS in Sport+ mode. Normal mode with AVS seemed to make the ride more forgiving. Don't quote me on this though, the difference might as well be down to the car itself and/or the tires. Without test driving there's no sensible answer to this, I asked this same question on this forum. What a "harsh ride" is, comes down to what you're used to. If you opt for a 'sport sedan', you'll have to live with less comfort sadly.
  14. Did you pay for the update? If yes, I'd also be very angry.