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  1. The best I have got is 31, but that was travelling at about 64mph. Slow down = more MPG. That is true for any car.
  2. My handbrake went 'down' quite a bit'. Asked my local Formula 1 Autocentre chain 'clean it off and set it up'. They took the disc/drum off, cleaned it all up, and re-set it'. The effect was great, Good bite, and about 4-5 clicks to a lock-up. Cost about £30-35.
  3. A Lexus should always be the car that passes and folk say ..... what was that whisper. Why else would one drive one? It is called class and subtle elegance.
  4. Had mine done on a Prius at Toyota. £9.50p! Or 4 for £1 at a £1 shop. Bought my LS430 18 months ago. Batteries from the £1 shop still performing perfectly. These are a homogeneous product. All made in China for pence.
  5. I feel we are about 6-7 years away from a break-through. That will be 300 miles range and a £20kish price for a Focus tyre car. Then, 3 years later I will buy one for £9K
  6. I would buy one tomorrow, BUT, £75,000 buys a lot of petrol, and look at a Nissan Leaf.....£25k ish new.....£7-8k after 3 years = a lot of petrol.
  7. I always have found a good independent auto-electrician to be way better than any main dealer technician. They diagnose, (they know about electricity!) and then fix, rather than replace everything. A good one might charge £20 to tell you what is wrong. Money well spent I think. They do get it right!
  8. Ls430 brakes

    I've had Pagid fitted. Really top pads. The young lad in the garage who fitted them said the easiest he has ever done. Bolt out, swing up, pads in, bolt up. Job done. I got all four wheel pads at Euro Car Parts for about £55. Took 4-5 days as a special order. Order on-line for 30-35% discount. Free postage. Garage charged about £60 to fit. Lovely feel and grip after bedding in.
  9. Ls 430 Sunken Rear Suspension

    Yours sounds pretty bad. However, I did an oil change, and started the car up in the air to check for leaks. All OK. Lowered the car and the suspension had dropped right down. Total panic as it was OK before, totally normal. Decided to drive it. At this stage it came up. After about a mile, totally normal. If you can drive it, maybe try doing so and see what happens. Mine 'sorted itself out' a year ago and has been perfect since. The driving cured it. Maybe when it moves, the computer says time to 'pump up'.
  10. New Tyres for 93 LS400

    These look good
  11. On mats I have also used old fashioned Swarfega. We had car mats that were covered in lots of brown/black diesel grease after a forced stop in a lorry car park. In the bath. Vacuum well. Swarfega on the grease, with a nail brush. Amazing how it lifts it out. Then 1001 carpet cleaner next. (from a £1 shop?), rubbed in well. Big wash in fresh water in the bath and a drain. On to the washing line in the direct sun. One day later, immaculate dry car mats smelling wonderful. Total cost.......about 75p.
  12. Not much to say really. £3,000 for a small repair shows how crazy the modern car world is.
  13. Because wheels should be functional and contain understated elegance. Just look at most SAABs.
  14. The plastic trays also upset me. Why make a simple oil change difficult? My old W124 Mercedes had an under tray with a little slot/ aperture carved out for the sump nut. So easy. The oil filter was on the 'top' of the engine. Total time for an oil change ......a leisurely 30 mins.
  15. Bought 4 wheels sets of Pagid for my 2002 LS430 and they are fantastic. Good feel, bite, and silent. £55.94p (now) with online discount. The young lad who fitted them at Formula One said they were the easiest fitting he has ever done on disc pads.