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  1. Mine does 26-28 mpg on a fastish run. Suspension goes up about 1-1.5 inches, at times difficult to see really. Brakes totally silent on 'old' 50,000 mile discs and newish Pagid pads. New front discs and pads are £130 this week with email discount. They are apparently easy to do.
  2. The correct Mann oil filter is W712/83. Euro Car Parts only do a Crossland one which I think are their own cheapy make for a LS430. Mann are made in Germany. If you do to Toyota Camry 2002 3 litre you get the correct one. This week £4.67p with discount. How cheap is that? Why they don't offer it for the Lexus, which they use to do, is a mystery.
  3. Sorry I did 29 ft/lbs in the end, just a typo. Interesting this oil change went really well. If I had a 4 poster I could do it in 45 minutes as the 'oil filter flap' in the under tray is just two small screws. Problem is it opens 'away from you'. So. I opened up about 8-9 under tray nuts till the oil filter was exposed. Then a simple sin off- spin on. The total cost was £21. 71p. Yes really. It was Euro Car parts internet on a good weekend at 40% off. The oil is the very very best, i.e. Shell Engine Oil (Helix Ultra Professional AG Engine Oil - 5W-30 - 5ltr) plus a Mann oil filter (made in Germany - We all love that really). Unlike my previous oil change, I lifted the car, did the oil change and then, lowered it before starting the engine. All was well. Starting the engine 'in the air' = the air suspension drops to 4 inches above the floor. Very scary. Noticed the air cleaner is a tad dark so decided on a whole service package from:|Cars+Type%3A430&epid=2228869058&hash=item28369aaa18:g:8M8AAOSwcLxYCMIU So, say plus say £20+ for Shell oil, i.e. One can service a LS430 each year, (actually slightly over servicing + the bits) for £80. That seems good to me. Have not 'changed oil/serviced' etc, on a car for ages. The satisfaction of 'doing it properly' is wonderful.
  4. It looks old, tired, and why would one by such a car that could be a money pit?
  5. Thanks all. 20 ft/lbs seem to be it. Thanks.
  6. 2002 LS 430. Doing an oil change tomorrow. Anyone know the correct torque for the oil drain the sump nut? Thanks.
  7. I have used Pagid on several cars. On my LS 430 they are great. Plenty of feel, and bite. Silent too.
  8. oh crap !

    Oh, 200 yards is nothing. It will be fine. I am talking a few miles past what it should do.
  9. I use Shell Helix but 100% synthetic. Cheap at Europarts with on line discount.
  10. oh crap !

    I once asked a Toyota dealer if they had ever had a Prius battery go. Just one he said. A guy had run out of petrol and wanting to get to a garage drove on electric. OK as far as it goes, but the computer said the battery is getting low so I want to stop. The guy carried on and kippered the battery. These batteries last so long because the computer keeps the charge between about 15-85% of what the battery can do. Go very low and the battery structure is damaged. I bet the cat is also not happy.
  11. Mintex pads, any good?

    I suggested to my mechanic 'bedding them in' with some hard breaking, but he said no, that will glaze them, so I gently bedded them over about 100 miles. Good advise as they have a great feel and bite.
  12. Mintex pads, any good?

    Had Mintex on a Hillman Imp and a Polo in the 1970s. They were great. Had my LS430 all changed with Pagid from EuroCarParts. They were cheap, top performance, lots of grip and 'feel'. Perfect. The young mechanic that fitted them said they were the easiest pads he had ever fitted!
  13. Given that 'ordinary' brake flexible pipes will last 15-20 years or more, why not stick with that? £25-30, job done. It is a luxury cruiser. We waft, we do not drive. That is why we buy it. If you want to spend money on enhancements.......change the oil every 5,000 miles.
  14. That is so useful. Many thanks, Have you actually fitted it to your satisfaction?.
  15. Does anyone have an idiots guide of how to do this. I could do with one.