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  1. I recently had to replace a fuse for my drivers side power seats. There’s a small fuse box under the steering wheel, which fuses do what are displayed in the owners manual and the lid of the fuse box has a key showing the same. Not sure this will help, the only 30amp fuse I saw under the steering column was for the power seat.
  2. It was a blown fuse, thankfully. Thanks again for the advice
  3. Normski - nothing spilt. Sat in the car with engine running, using the lumbar button. I’ve a feeling I might have held on to the button after maxing it out. Sounds like it’s an auto electrician might be needed
  4. Last night I was adjusting the lumber support on the drivers seat when the seat stopped adjusting, dash lights dimmed for a split second and now none of the seats buttons work whatsoever. Passenger side is fine and heated seats still work on broken seat. I was hoping it was a blown fuse but going off the owners manual the fuse that controls the power seats also controls lots of other things such as headlights, smart entry etc. Any ideas and advice greatly appreciated
  5. Thanks rayaans, will keep that in mind for any future purchases
  6. Ordered and ready for collection tomorrow. That’s my Saturday morning gone trying to fit them!
  7. Europarts are doing a Black Friday sale so was looking to replace my tired wipers. Going off their reg plate parts checker thingy it brings up various options including a rear wiper blade which obviously we don’t have on an IS (at least mine doesn’t). https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Lexus_IS_2.5_2009/p/car-parts/car-body-parts-and-car-exhaust/wipers/wiper-blades/?485775610&1&40872e170c853e85d7b0bcc7fedfee498271d993&000604 Can anyone confirm if these will fit before I order? Thanks I’m advance!
  8. Independent. Part was £90 plus vat, billed three hours labour. I’d love to have a go myself but it’s my only car so it needed to be done for Monday. Edit - yes, coolant changed and was itemised on invoice
  9. I’ve not noticed high temps but I’ve not really been on a run since I noticed the noise. I’ll check again tomorrow for any sign of leaks but I didn’t notice any when I checked Early. Thanks for the help
  10. Noticed a bit of a rattle a couple of days ago. Popped the bonnet today and it seems the water pump is on its way out. It’s my only car and I use it to commute to work, round trip 20 miles per day. I’m planning to take it to my local mechanic on Friday morning, should I be concerned about driving it for the next four days? Also, any idea of cost? Europarts has a pump for £130 so maybe a couple of hours labour, £250 ish? Thanks in advance!
  11. Just booked in at Lexus Chester. Apparently it's a two hour job and I can either wait in the dealership or get a lift over to the local shopping outlet. Really fancied a 300h loaner as well.
  12. so oil and filter change plus valet and general inspection for £164? I suppose you get the stamp as well which looks nice in the service book. Thanks for the advice