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  1. Just booked in at Lexus Chester. Apparently it's a two hour job and I can either wait in the dealership or get a lift over to the local shopping outlet. Really fancied a 300h loaner as well.
  2. so oil and filter change plus valet and general inspection for £164? I suppose you get the stamp as well which looks nice in the service book. Thanks for the advice
  3. I got two prices this morning: Essential service - £164 Full service - £275 My car is 2009 SE I with 90k. It has FSH with all but the last two from Lexus. I'm probably going to keep the car for a further 12/18 months so with this in mind thought having a Lexus stamp in the book would be appealing to any potential buyers. My question is do you still get a Lexus stamp with the essential service and what does it include above oil and filters change or is that it?
  4. A work colleague struggles to get above 26 mpg in his 2006 (mines 2009) so we should count ourselves lucky.
  5. My average over the last 10 months is 29.4 mpg and that's mostly conservative driving. My girlfriend has dragged that figure down though with her big, fat lead foot!
  6. Travelled from Warrington to Llandudno today and averaged 43.8 mpg. A trouble free run, mostly travelling at 70 mph on the A55. A proper cruising machine, shame the majority of my daily driving is urban.
  7. How does that K&N filter sound? I know you weren't keen on your stainless exhaust so I'm curious. Another good guide as well. I'll give that a go, looks an easy job
  8. It was more upgrade in purchasing terms really. I've got a feeling it'll take a lot of searching to find a modern car with the level of refinement the 250 offers for similar money on the used car market. Great shouts from Linas and Dutchie on the 3rd gen, they look great, definitely something to aim for if I could get one for around 10k
  9. I agree on the IS, best car I've owned as an overall package. The others listed are just general ideas, I'd probably take the CRV over the Quashqai having owned a good few Hondas. I forgot to throw in the 300h but slightly out of my price range at the minute. Also, the quoted mpgs for the hybrids seem to be a way off real world figures owners report.
  10. I plan to keep my IS250 for a further 18/24 months and like to browse the auto trader website for new car ideas. I have to say I've been very impressed with my first Lexus and have looked at the CT200h as a possible 'upgrade' but I believe the ride can be quite firm? Obviously, performance wise it's a different beast to the 250 but then you get the better MPG. Also considering a Quashqai/CRV for practicality. I'd be interested to know what forum members may have looked at to replace their IS. I know there's a lot of love for these cars on here and rightly so, but nothing lasts forever!
  11. I was in the same boat. Weighed up the warranty and Lexus servicing costs and ' rolled the dice'. I've replaced a wheel bearing, discs and pads at a cost of approx £250 in eight months of ownership. Just passed its MOT today with no advisories. I must admit the exhaust thing is a concern and I plan to keep the car for a further 18 months in the hope I won't have any big repair bills. Shame because I doubt I'll own a better car for the foreseeable.
  12. Last year I snagged a 2009, 58 plate with 80k for 5k. Despite being well equipped and lovely to drive I'm not sure there's a lot of interest in these cars. The seller said he'd listed it at 6k but had no enquiries. If it had BMW/Audi badge and aesthetics they'd go for a lot more.
  13. I used to get nods, flash of lights etc in my DC2 Integra. Never had it in any other car, mostly because they've been *******!
  14. Just a heads up if anyone needs any parts. Just ordered Brembo front discs for £69 after discount.