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  1. IS Three likes/dislikes

    Likes: Exclusivity - too many Audi A4s and BMWs 3 series around MPG - I regularly get 40-50mpg (real mpg), which is pretty good for a heavy 2.5litre auto Comfort - driver's seat is supremely comfortable Dislikes: Satnav (standard version) - has stopped receiving traffic announcements and Lexus customer service can't give me a solution: need to visit dealer The console setup etc. isn't intuitive - odd since my previous Prius (2012) was fairly intuitive Is there a bug in the console - I've had to re-record voice tags on contacts as they had disappeared???
  2. Leaving the fold....

    That's my desktop background. Stunning car and colour, congratulations.
  3. I have a company leased car and collected it from the dealer and got a very good handover. So if you can elect to collect it from the dealer you should get the same experience as a private buyer. The dealer also put a number plate on it with my initials.
  4. I have the Standard Satnav and whilst it's supposed to use Traffic Announcements to reroute, the problem I have is a) either it doesn't get TMC messages or b) it does but they don't appear to offer alternate routes. Lexus Customer Service suggested that I connect my mobile and receive traffic data that way. Pushing that as a solution as being more up-to-date. Except you can't do this with the standard satnav and when I pointed this out to them, the email communication went silent. They never answered my point that the satnav doesn't appear to respond to TMC. I keep meaning to go to the dealership to resolve.
  5. Alright, finally getting pi**ed off with the inability of the standard satnav to give any traffic announcements and I thought I'd try and tether my mobile, as per Lexus's advice. However Connected Services, that enables tethering, is only available on Premium satnav. So dead end.
  6. Thanks Nemesis, but my car doesn't have the Traffic or Parking options that you have. Perhaps those are on the Premium satnav. I emailed Lexus CS and they said to connect my mobile and use it as a hotspot and they never answered why I can only get one RDS-TMC station. Here's their second response when I said I wasn't happy using my mobile data allowance. "The car uses 3 data sources: FM - this pulls in from RDS the Motorways every 15 minutes DAB - this pulls in from TMC / RDS the A-Roads & Motorways every 15 minutes Internet - this pulls in from the national database, average road speed sensors in signs / service stations / road sensors, traffic hot spots, predictions, etc for B,A and motorways continuously. The internet data connection, if used for 1 hour morning and night, 2 hours per day, 5 days a week for a month would use less than 6MB of data. There is no bug on FM, but it only looks every 15 minutes for a signal for traffic announcements (TA) on the chosen carrier signal (classic) if none are picked up it wont pull the data in, this is why tethering a phone will give more information, more often." The implication is that we should get announcements on FM and DAB, but I don't get it on either!! This was their first response: "In regards to me previous email I have spoken with our Technical Team and they have advised that you check the following: Hotspot is turned on on the phone / phone is paired for internet data usage / You will need to be signed into your mylexus account."
  7. Putting it into Sport is a lot of fun with the instant torque!!!
  8. I have a 7 month old IS300h Exec Edition and I commute to work (30 mile return journey) on 70mph dual carriageway in Eco mode (normal commute is between 50-70mph) and the computer can indicate between 40+mpg to 65mpg. However I filled up today and looking at the fuel used and mileage since last fill up, it looks like I'm getting around 41mpg.
  9. I would have expected a manual search of RDS FM stations to list more than Classic FM or Clyde and so there must be something wrong. I'll try and make a visit to the dealer, but I'm surprised more people haven't experienced the same issue.
  10. Okay so I listen to Classic FM on the way home, with traffic slow (<30mph) on a 70mph dual-carriageway, no warnings or announcements on the satnav (I used to get them in the Prius). Get home and decide to see if I can find another RDS station at home by manual search. It finds Clyde FM only, not Classic? Strange since I live in Edinburgh (East Scotland) and Clyde is broadcast from Glasgow (West Scotland). I think a visit to dealer is due.
  11. Thanks all. RDS TMC is on. The only station that appears below this is Classic, whether set to Auto or Manual. On Manual and doing a search, only Classic appears in the menu. I tend to listen to BBC Scotland, a "local" BBC station, which does give TA announcements. So it appears that I'm not getting Traffic Announcements because I'm not listening to Classic, but the only station that appears in the menu is Classic, when clearly it's not the only station in Scotland broadcasting RDS-TMC!!! Is this a problem with the Satnav then?
  12. Okay, changed radio channel to FM, Traffic Announcement enabled on sat nav, voice on, route home tonight and bang, straight into <20mph traffic on 70mph dual-carriageway and no traffic announcements all the way home! So there's either something not set or the standard satnav TA doesn't work. Can someone confirm that their standard 2016 IS satnav works by giving TAs?
  13. I tried listening to FM yesterday, but didn't get any traffic announcements, even though traffic was it's normal slow pace. I'll keep trying and see if/when it gives announcements. I remember the Prius satnav (upgraded) was good. Used to get announcements of slow traffic and 3 years free updates. My IS has standard satnva for Exec Edition.
  14. Thanks all. Steve44 I think you've got it. I listen to DAB all the time, but when I collected the car it was set to FM and it wasn't until a few days later that I tuned into DAB. I'll try FM tomorrow. So what happens when FM gets switched off?