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  1. Pads and discs fitted. I'm extremely happy with the fit and quality. I know some cheaper pads come with a terrible paint finish or the back plate is out of shape and need a bit of filing to get them to fit nicely in the calliper, but these were lovely. Time will tell how they fair. The kit seems well worth the low price at the moment.
  2. Well the kit has arrived and REALLY well packed and it all looks pretty good. I'll post again when they're all on. Anyone ever heard of Comline? I know I haven't.
  3. That's a good look👌
  4. Would there be a possibility of paying a household nearby to the medical centre to use their drive during business hours while they're at work. If your wife is paying say £5 per day just to get your car damaged then why not see if you could pay a householder the same. It's a win win situation, and just a matter of finding that willing person. Maybe with a shop window or medical centre notice board ad? Its starting to happen around our area quite a lot these days. Just another option buddy. Bod
  5. Bought these today as my o/s disc got a bit wonky when it got cooked by a sticky calliper slider. Another bargain I think as once again Lexus wanted me to remortgage to have OEM ones and my local motor factor wanted £105. Time will tell I suppose.
  6. Thanks all. Yes, 'pleased' was about it. She just walks past it and says 'that's better, thanks'. It doesn't quite reflect the hours of graft but hey, I enjoyed it.
  7. Off topic a bit but my wife made noises about me spending so much time on my car and hers starting to look a bit like a shed. So today I spent 4 hours on it inside and out. I have to say it looked awesome at the end of it all. Here's some piccys.
  8. On a different note, if you look at the sun picture on the side of the caravan, do you see the same thing I see or the same thing my wife sees?
  9. Yeah, they're all people carriers and SUVs. We normally take our Rav as we take the dogs but this weekend we've left them at home with our teenagers so Bolly had a trip down to the seaside.
  10. Where can I get this lip from in the UK. I'm quite prepared to pay £50 for one but not to cheery about paying £83 postage from the U.S. Cheers
  11. Well I did the grill Mod. Worked really well.
  12. I thought the very same thing yesterday when I saw the finished picture. I think that would look cool in this particular build as the seats are invisible anyway. Go on @Neil E doo it doo it doo it doo it!
  13. I said that exact thing to my trainee today at work. Spooky.