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  1. No problems at all a Norwich. They take the card, scan it and the total is discounted. Happy days.👍🏼
  2. I have creaking suspension from the lower arm bushes. I've washed them with a pressure washer but the creaking persists.
  3. Does anyone know if WD40 attacks rubber? Bod
  4. I know John, it's just the rebel in me. I've been haveing my windows tinted since 2004 with the same configuration (5% rear screen, 35% rear sides & 60% front sides) and I've never been stopped. I put this down to the fact that a, all my cars are not in the boy racer category i.e Corolla, Megan, Espace etc, b, the fronts are always lighter than the backs so they look more legal & c, I've been lucky. I know it might happen one day so I'm not kidding myself but I'll take the wrap if it does.
  5. I used a company in Norwich called VTA Customs. £200 with lifetime guarantee. Really good guys Bod
  6. Fronts are done but to 60%. I know it's illegal but with the bright interior it doesn't look so dark. Those pictures were also taken at 9.45 last night. I'll put some daytime ones on today.
  7. I've just had my windows tinted today and I love it. I'm so relieved as I also really loved it standard so having them done was a bit of a gamble. What do you think?
  8. Love this thread. I had no idea this feature existed. I've found my car does the open and close thing already and I've been using it all weekend. What a great forum this is. Bod
  9. She's an old girl with 154000 miles on her. I replaced the front anti roll bar bushes a few months ago but that's all. All was well after that. The creaking came immediately after I had lubed the brake pad carriers and sliders. Most annoying.
  10. Hi, I recently had all my wheels off to do a brake check/lubing. I jacked up on the sill and allowed each wheel to hang on the suspension one at a time to do this. Since then I have an awful creaking over speed humps. I wonder, should I not have let the suspension hang for whatever reason? Is there a particular bush that may have been damaged? What might be a remedie? Thanks guys, Bod
  11. Oh ok. It can be done then, yes. I wonder what it involves? Remapping? Computer files deleting? Engine check diagnostic software reprogram? Anyone know? Bod
  12. Hi, has anyone ever had the Cats removed on a GS? It's quite a common thing in the Toyota MR2 Mk2 world. I have a Mk1 so not an issue for my MR2. I'm just asking really because there are loads of threads on here about Cat problems and costs to replace. I've had the EML on on my Mk2 GS for a while now with bank 2 Cat 2 working below efficiency code showing on the reader. I've put 2 bottles of Cataclean through it but it makes no difference, the light always comes back on after deletion. This also makes no difference to the car that I can tell. She just runs great all the time. Anyway, Cat deletion or not? Cheers, Bod
  13. Hi, has anyone got a picture of a GS Mk2 with Heko wind deflectors? I can't decide if I want some or not. I've found a load on Google images but they're all on slammed and modified cars. I'd want some for the wind noise cancelling rather than to look flash, so I'm looking for a picture with them on a normal car. Cheers, Bod
  14. I did have that rumble bump sound going over small bumps and on uneven country lanes. It just took the silence away so needed sorting. Absolute p**s easy to fit. There's also a how to guide in the how to section done by tigerrfish.