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  1. Hi, has anyone got a picture of a GS Mk2 with Heko wind deflectors? I can't decide if I want some or not. I've found a load on Google images but they're all on slammed and modified cars. I'd want some for the wind noise cancelling rather than to look flash, so I'm looking for a picture with them on a normal car. Cheers, Bod
  2. I did have that rumble bump sound going over small bumps and on uneven country lanes. It just took the silence away so needed sorting. Absolute p**s easy to fit. There's also a how to guide in the how to section done by tigerrfish.
  3. Bump bang bump bump bump. All gone at last. Hooray. Thanks for the 'how to' post Tigerfish.
  4. Anyone with young children or Grandchildren fancy having the coolest trike in the park.
  5. Lovely job. Thanks. I phoned Lexus today to see if they still do an update disc and they do. The only issue is it only goes as far as 2011 and they still want £150. Outrageous!
  6. Sorry to Graham for hijacking his thread. I've helped myself a bit here instead of relying on my friends on here. I looked at the link and I found I have a Gen 1 satnav. On the menu it says 08-09ver1west. I wasn't able to remove the disc to find the number as the DVD unit is fixed in place and right up against the framework of the boot. I need to find the number though for this page of the order process.
  7. Mine car is a gen 2 Farqui. I have no idea what gen the sat nav is.
  8. Has anyone got any links to sites where I can get an update for my 2002 GS? All the links above are for newer generations. Cheers, Bod
  9. That's great John. I didn't even know that cat cleaner existed. I'll get some tomorrow and go for thrash. Seems like a good place to start. I changed sensor 1 already. I may have to spend another £35 on another one. Lexus wanted £180 for one. LOL. Thankyou. Bod
  10. Thanks Garry. I know, it was silly really. I only left it because the sensor itself was still working when warm as only the heater element was broken. Lesson learned. Here we go again with trying to second guess a rectification path. Bod
  11. Ah ok John, which sensor should I be looking for. Here's the history. When I bought the car back in August, the CEL was on and my code reader showed 1 fault that being Bank 2 Sensor 1 oxygen sensor heating element not working. Like a numpty, I left it until now to change the sensor. I plugged the reader in to confirm I was changing the correct one, only to find I had two codes. I changed the sensor and cleared the codes and started up and the CEL stayed off. Then after 10 miles today the CEL came on again with code P0430. Bod.
  12. I have the 5th one down on the list sorcerer. Works well and tells me all I need to know and I only paid £5 for it on fleabay. Bod
  13. Hi gang, A little advice please. I have code P0430 Catalyst Working Below Efficiency Bank 2. Can anything be done i.e Italian tune up, or is a new Cat required? Thanks, Bod
  14. Sounds similar to what old diesels used to do. When you leave it for a while the fuel used to run back toward the tank. You start the engine and it would use the fuel in the injectors then run all lumpy as the air ran through the injectors then as the fuel came up it would be fine. However, on a modern petrol it could be loosing fuel pressure in the common rail thus giving a misfire code on all cylinders. It may be nothing like this, I just thought I would give you another angle to look at it from. Bod.