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  1. Amazing. I wonder if any modern cars will ever do that?
  2. Gulp! I last looked at prices about a year ago; can't believe how much they've increased. Better than buying gold!
  3. I've got an SEl Advance and mine does the same. Door mirrors can be set to auto fold by pressing the auto button on the mirror control switch (a green indicator light on the switch will come on) . See page 117 of the manual. Hope this is what you mean.
  4. I love my Lexus but the Goddess is in a completely different league; have you got the rest of the car Chris? In my opinion the best car ever made; it has everything style, comfort, innovation. A time when car makers didn't follow the pack. My top 3 which you might find bizarre are DS23, Alvis TD21 and 2CV! Although I do have a penchant for Triumph Herald/Vitesse convertibles, Karmann Ghias, SAAB 93, 95, 96, Volvo Amazon etc! Maybe one day one of that list will sit next to the RX on the drive. Sorry to go off topic guys but just couldn't stop myself once I saw the words DS23:-)
  5. I think you're confusing Northern Ireland with the Republic, which has completely different taxation laws. NI has the same rules (broadly) as the rest of the UK
  6. I don't find a problem with response in Eco but then again I moved from a 1.4 diesel to a 3.5 petrol with a couple of electric motors if you need a real shove! I quite understand about Eco and hills; I've noticed that too in fact until things kick in it feels like I'm back in the diesel! So although I've not done it before (although reading the earlier replies I should have when we went on holiday to North Yorkshire) I'll definitely revert to normal if I'm anywhere hilly but fortunately round here with the exception of part of the city it's either flat or rolling so Eco isn't an issue. As for the Cross Climates I've done about a 1,000 on them and they are brilliant; excellent handling and really quiet I've not noticed any compromises on build quality but perhaps I haven't been looking, what in particular have you found
  7. Hills are a killer and from cold will I suspect have a real impact. Luckily I either start off down hill or on the flat so by the time I reach a hill (and there are some beauties in Nottingham!) the car is warmed up and most of the time I have the bonus of a downhill stretch to partially compensate, which is probably why I find mid 30s very achievable. Did about 30 miles of mid to high 70s dual carriageway on Wednesday, which dropped my average by about .5/6 mpg (from 35.8 to 35.2/3) but recovered it to 36.2 once I started following tractors through Lincolnshire! My overall average over about 9,000 miles is 35.6, which should start to climb now the warmer weather is here. I think terrain and temperature are the biggest factors; the slightest incline seems to put the dial into the power zone and the bar mpg indicator drops below 20. Move onto the flat and even at 70 it's in the mid 30s on the bar if you're on a flat, smooth dual carriageway. The RX450 definitely doesn't like hills when it comes to fuel consumption. And if its cold it's hard to get the right side of 30 except on a run
  8. Does anyone know the answer to Silver Salmon's question i.e. how do you access it to clean it. Presumably once cleaned a suitable protector e.g. Bilt Hamber would be the best means of preventing corrosion
  9. Great explanation thanks. All the cars I've owned in the past have been pretty unsophisticated when it came to battery demands so could run on the 12v for quite a while (don't know exactly how long as I never had one that drained whilst on acc. I'll leave it in the ready mode in future; definitely don't want to sit in a cold car on cold leather seats so a few start ups are a small price to pay for the creature comforts!
  10. Thanks Nemesis, The reason I've been doing it is to stop the engine cutting in whilst parked (which it seems to do even if the battery pack is almost fully charged), whilst still enjoying the radio. In every other car I've had I've always turned the engine off and switched to acc. mode regardless of how long I'm in the car e.g. having a break after 2 hours driving etc.. Is the RX battery undersized for the car or does it have a lot more to do than non-hybrids? Is it possible to buy a higher rated similar size battery?
  11. Thanks Daniel, why is that? I obviously wouldn't want to do anything that affects the system.
  12. Switched back to eco mode a few weeks ago having seen my round town mpg drop 24-25. Immediate improvement to 32 and last weekend a combination of city, cross country and 70mph dual carriageway saw 40.1. My average since last May when I bought my 3RXh is 35.8; my best last summer was 45.1. I'm now running on Cross Climates at 36PSI all round; previously standard factory fit Dunlops with the same pressures. Re the EV option on the steering wheel menu; try as I might I can never get it to go into that mode even with a fully charged battery. I don't know what I need to do to get it to operate but any advice gratefully received.
  13. Thanks Peter; that will save a lot of hassle:-)
  14. Thanks I'll try that. Incidentally to get into accessory mode after stopping I turn the power off (green light off) then turn it back on again (amber light on). Is this the correct way or is there a short cut?
  15. Hi. Is there any means of either turning off, toning down the door open, key not present (or whatever activates it!) buzzer. If not is there a way of reducing the length of time it's on? My wife sometimes stays in the car listening to the radio e.g. when I pop into a roadside café to get drinks for us, fill up etc., so whilst I'm getting out of the car the buzzer just keeps beeping and beeping. I've looked in the handbook and the various settings but can't find any way to get rid of it. Is it powered by the same make of batteries that Volvo use for their day time running lights!!!