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  1. I have a RX450 and Yaris but mine is a 2001 and been in the family for over 13 years. It's done just over 70,000 and serviced every year at a Toyota specialist. I love the car; it's just a no-nonsense package and with the 1.3 engine is surprisingly lively. Peanuts to run and there are plenty on the market. But you can't really go wrong with any small Toyota as a second car. What about a Mark 1 T-Sport? Rare as hen's teeth now but a brilliant package. You'd enjoy the drive in that almost Mark 1 Mini Cooper:-) Having said you can't go wrong with any small Toyota I must admit I'm not a fan of any of the later (Mk 2 onwards) Yaris (Yarii?); like the VW Golf and Polo they've put on weight and size. And like VW, Toyota then had to put a car in (the Aygo) to fill the space. Why do manufacturers always have to increase the size and complexity of their cars?
  2. That's how I understand it too and to be fair that's how most manufacturers work; it's whichever comes first, the mileage or the age. Mine will be on just over 4ok I suspect when it gest to 6 years so I'll put it in for a 6 year rather than 40k service. How's that for loving the car; the last service was just over 2 months ago and I'm thinking of its next one!
  3. Thanks Lee It looks good I'll give them a call before the winter sets in to get the car protected.
  4. Hi Lee Your car looks amazing; definitely doesn't look 9 years old. I'm in Nottingham too. Can you PM me approx. cost too (do they do interiors too? Also where did you get the spray attachment? Looks a lot better than the standard one that came with my power washer. Cheers Geoff
  5. Thanks Normski. Just beat the cut off:-) Didn't need blades for the RX but the good old Yaris got a present instead!
  6. That's why I got the Cross Climates; thought they would perform better if we get snow!
  7. Hi Ian Your RX looks brilliant; like everyone here I love the colour. I changed to Cross Climates when the original fit Dunlops needed replacing. Brilliant tyres, excellent grip and very quiet. I see you're in Derbyshire. If you're not too far from Nottingham I can recommend Extragrip they invariably beat internet prices (not by price matching that's just their usual quote) they'll supply any tyre and their advice and fitting is first class. I've been using them and their predecessor company since 1982! Website is I hope it's ok to provide a company's details on the forum but if not, sorry.
  8. Tim Which magazine has just issued its 2017 car survey covering all major manufacturers and popular models. Results are: New large SUV: First 4RX (tied with Audi Q7 but that's a diesel so not long for this world!) Used large SUV: First 3RX, third 2RX!!!!!!!! I think a BMW came second but I wasn't paying too much attention to the other results! Paul is right to go through everything although Rayaans is probably closer to the mark in terms of any regular problems (and judging by these forums regular for a RX or indeed any Lexus is fairly infrequent!). With regards to fuel consumption I have averaged 35.3mpg since getting my RX in May 2016. There's definitely a difference between summer and winter consumption; my best between fills was 41 last summer, worst was in the middle of winter with stop/start town driving and all electrics on when I got 25ish. I did a fastish A1 trip last week approx. 120 miles up to Doncaster with hardly a hill in site. I was totally ignoring good hybrid technique and got 33 mpg. This was a real 70mph with a few bursts to get past things quickly. Hills are definitely the killer with the RX; mpg drops rapidly going up but the bonus is it usually coasts going down:-) Using good hybrid technique on single carriageway in the summer 35 - 40 is easily achievable and that allows for some overtaking, which usually gets one or both electric motors working with the V6. Earlier in the summer pottering around on holiday and including 200 miles of mid to high 60s. I averaged 36.6mpg over 600ish miles with one 20 mile trip giving me 46.2 (best I've ever had, flat roads are brilliant!). I don't think you'll be disappointed with the RX, it is a brilliant car. It's the only car I've had where friends and work colleagues who haven't got the slightest interest in cars see it and say wow and then sit in it and say they feel like royalty and then when we set off comment on its smoothness, luxury etc. It's a wonderful place to be smooth, quiet, ultra comfortable and with a surprising turn of pace for a heavy SUV (mid-range acceleration is very good). Cornering is definitely not its forte but if does hang on well although with a bit of roll although I think the sport is probably a bit flatter through the corners judging by comments on the forum. I hope this helps and good luck with your search.
  9. I'll certainly be doing the Lexus nod in future:-) I think as with all cars once you've got one you look out for others but I didn't know about the nod. With Lexus being less common on UK roads I tend to look for Lexus rather than a specific model and almost always see at least one even on short journeys. Usually CT, IS, RX or NX; less often GS and very rarely LS or RC.
  10. I was flashed by a RX450 3rd gen facelift at approx. 12.30 last Sunday close to bridge over the A1. Reg number began with SIL. Lovely gesture; thanks. I was driving pre-facelift grey RX450h heading towards Grantham
  11. Thanks Eamonn, that sounds good I'll have a look at fitting mine that way. I'll have a look at the menu options too.
  12. Found it on page 502. Still can't believe the size of modern handbooks; there were encyclopaedias in my younger days that had fewer pages!
  13. Probably. I was just being lazy!
  14. Just had my invite to the Nottingham dealer event it's 29 and 30 July. You need to phone to book a test drive but if you're only looking then just turn up for refreshments etc.
  15. Fitted my Nextbase 402g, which I bought over a year ago into my 3RX last weekend. Nextbase have been a Which magazine recommendation for a few years, which gave me confidence when I was buying it (great price from Costco). I'm mechanically aware and have done jobs on previous cars and I've got good attention to details but when it comes to the Lexus and that beautifully fitted interior I'm definitely risk averse hence the delay! Eventually I gave it a go and many thanks to those members who've provided info over the last year on how to fit it; you were so helpful (as always with this brilliant forum). Given all your very positive comments about how easy it was I must admit I asked myself why didn't I give it a go earlier. It was exceptionally easy; the longest part was getting it out of the box and deciding exactly where to position it! It's not the smallest unit but it's well hidden by the mirror so not obtrusive. Having decided where the mount is going start tucking in the cable (leaving enough to connect to the camera). The cable tucks neatly and easily under the headlining and then down the A pillar. The edge where the pillar meets the headlining is the only place that could be described as slightly tricky as this is the only bit where the liner doesn't fall readily back in place but a bit of very gentle persuasion and it's back. Down the A pillar is easy and then I fed it round the edge of the dash next to the small quarter light using a small self adhesive cable clip to hold it up against the edge; clip courtesy of the previous owner who had left it fixed on the lower dash:-). I tucked it in down the inside edge of the door rubber then round the edge of the carpet and along the back of the foot well (tucking it under the carpet). Then back along the centre console tucking it between the carpet and console and then up to the 12v. Cam works perfectly and the quality of the image is excellent. . Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the fitting. I only thought about it after I'd fitted it and there was no way I was going to chance doing it again. One final tip. Don't do this with the sun shining directly through the screen unless you really like saunas; it gets very hot in the cabin as I soon found out! Next task will be to look at hard wiring it. On that subject is there a fuse box inside the cabin and if so where have they hidden it? If you're still members in a year's time I might even be posting how I hard wired a dash cam!!!!! Finally has anybody fitted a rear facing cam in a 3RX; if so what make and how did you do it.