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  1. Sitting in you car you very rarely see your car's lights but the other night I did my usual check that all lights were working. For the first time I realised that the dipped lights were the inner rather than the outer lights. Outer lights dipped is the configuration on every other car I've had and over the last few days I've noticed that every car with it's lights on has dipped on the outside. just wondered is this a Lexus peculiarity and is anyone aware why they are set up like that? Given the position of the sidelights it means the edges of the car aren't marked. Says something about the cars that the majority of postings on the forum (this one included!) have nothing to do with faults, breakdowns and problems.
  2. Countries in Europe where it is mandatory are: France - Hi Vis jacket or Gilet when cycling Belgium - Hi Vis Jacket/ Gilet When Cycling Italy - Hi Vis Jacket/Gilet When Cycling Austria - Hi Vis Jacket or Gilet When Cycling Spain - Hi Vis Jacket or Gilet When Cycling Apparently the jury is out on the benefits of high vis - some research has shown that drivers drive closer to cyclists wearing high vis and/or helmets!
  3. This forum is great; there's so much knowledge and I now know that LEDs at the front in any of the lights are only permissible if original fitment. Does anyone know if there is an alternative halogen sidelight bulb that glows whiter than the original fitment, which is a bit too yellow for my liking.
  4. Hi all. Thanks for the very useful comments and Rayaans you are a mine of information; the article is enlightening (sorry!!!). I assume that although some pre-facelift 3RXs (SE-L and Premier?) have LED sidelights that these bulbs, even if bought from Lexus, cannot be fitted on a 3RX that did not have them as an original fitment.
  5. Wonder why manufacturer's choose a particular configuration? Strangely according to my handbook it looks like the LED equipped cars have the outer lights as the dipped beams. On the subject of LEDs is it just a straight swap to change the side lights from conventional to LED?
  6. Also sorry to hear bout your accident and hope everyone was ok. When they'd got down to 3mm at the front I replaced all the Dunlops (including the backs which were 4mm) on my RX with Cross Climates. Not the cheapest option but very quiet and excellent grip. Must admit the thing I never scrimp on is tyres; even my 16 year old Yaris runabout has premium tyres so I'd say buy the best you ca afford and judging by the reviews on the forum with the RX Avon and Michelin seem to be the favourites. Fortunately I've not had to emergency brake in the RX yet but looking at official stats for braking distances it does take a few metres more than some of its rivals.
  7. The EU and the majority of countries including the UK base their regulations on UN regulations The UN legislation is where the variance comes from. Isn't Google wonderful!
  8. Not wishing to labour the point but a speedo can be accurate or read up to 10% less. The real speed could be 148 but it could be anywhere between 145.5 ( i.e. 10% less than 161.5) to 161.5. In practice because it is costly to calibarate speedos exactly most are inaccurate within the permitted tolerances and the accuracy can vary across the speed range e.g. a speedo might be 10% out at 30 e.g. it's reading 33mph but only 5% out at 60 e.g.reading 63mph (out being reading more than the actual speed). Either way it's legal providing it doesn't read less than the actual speed i.e. you can't be doing 30 and your speedo read 27.
  9. Sorry should have said an indicated 260kph could be anywhere between 145 and 161.5 in mph!
  10. Linas you're right. 260 kph is not 161; it's 161.551:-) Rough calc is 8km = 5miles. Real speed varies from speedo to speedo; by law they are allowed to read up to 10% lower but never higher so at 30 the real speed could be anywhere between 27 and 30. My RX450 is doing a real 28mph at 30, my Yaris does a real 27 at 30. So using that equation an indicated 161 could be anywhere between 145 and 161.5
  11. Hi Nick If you're talking about the top of the bumper I got a genuine Lexus protector from Lexus Birmingham. Really good price, quick delivery and excellent service. The protector is an easy DiY fitting job (I used masking tape to find and mark the centre of the bumper and the protector) Lexus Birmingham have a parts shop on eBay; I've just looked the site is there but it's empty at the moment.
  12. Absolutely brilliant car Connor; I can't believe the condition, it does speak volumes for the build quality. Is that the Royal Centre carpark?
  13. Thanks for the replies Pete and Jon. I think I was a bit impatient the last time I tried cleaning the stain off; sounds like the secret is to leave the product on to do its work, doh:-) I've used 3 grades of wet and dry; 1,000, 2,000 and finish with 4,000 grit to clean lenses before. That worked well but went yellow after a while; I think UV seal is required if its to last. I also did a quick job with a magic sponge for an MoT; that did a decent job and only took a couple of minutes but again didn't apply UV seal. I've also tried smokers toothpaste. It's ok on light yellowing but not as good as the magic sponge and takes much longer. The key to all of this appears to be that once restored, then whatever you use unless you seal the lens it will go yellow again. A thought. Is there any benefit in applying sealant to perfect lenses to keep them that way or is it a waste of time and money
  14. Hi. two questions one for Jon and one for Peter. Jon. What did you use to clean your headlights; they and your car look great Peter. How did you get the Jean stain off? I have the same problem but created by me not a previous owner! Thanks
  15. Hi Geoff As usual Rayaan has got it absolutely right. Initially the RX feels big but it is so easy to drive you soon forget it. I've found it very manoeuvrable around town the combination of quick and light steering, responsive engine/motors and good visibility makes it easy. Go for a long test drive on a variety of roads; you'll soon forget the size when you're enveloped in its quiet, luxurious interior (I get a Lexus sales job next week!!!!)
  16. Going totally off the theme but when anyone mentions old Citroens! 2CV, DS and Traction Avant figure in my all time favourite cars! And back on theme totally agree that this forum is brilliant; so helpful and knowledgeable.
  17. SUV Recommendations

    Hi Geoff. Leather is standard on all grades(Premier gets aniline) and every model apart from the SE has some form of sat nav as standard. Once you buy used the price difference between a full spec and a base model tends to decrease; mileage, service history, number of owners and condition tend to have a bigger influences so you may (hopefully!) find that all or most of the goodies are within reach. In addition unlike German luxury cars there tend to be very few options on Lexus models; you just buy the grade (or two) above to get what you want. That means you don't have to do a lot of trawling around for what you want; you just decide which specification e.g. SE-L, Sport, Premier etc. and then choose the one in that trim that is the best fit in terms of price, condition etc. As you don't want a sunroof you can knock off the list the Advance and Premier and as you want Sat Nav you can dismiss the SE. That's how easy it is; try doing that with an Audi, BMW, Merc, Volvo, Alfa, etc.!). Page 18 of the brochure is the one to look at:-) Hope this helps Geoff
  18. Hi all Everybody here seems to have an ISF (I'm jealous!) But has anybody any experience of the Pagid pads on a Gen 3 RX. I don't need any at the moment but at 38,000 miles how much longer should I expect? I've used Pagids previously on German (sorry!) cars but not on any of my Japanese cars. As another poster has said at these prices it's worth getting them in advance (I assume £48.24 all in for front and rear pads is a considerable saving over Lexus prices). There is an option of Brembo or Textar for the front pads; are either of these better than the Pagids? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  19. SUV Recommendations

    Hi Geoff I've got a pre-facelift Advance. I've attached a file with a brochure including the Advance (page 25 on). It has adaptive headlights option of sun or pan (panoramic) roof, underrun protection front and back, premium sound (one below Mark Levinson) etc. etc.. Pan roof is almost full length. Must admit I'm a big fan of sunroofs; they make the interior light and airy and with the increased height of an SUV they don't impact on headroom. I'm saying that as a 6 footer but it's possible that taller people might have problems as they do encroach a bit more than a standard roof. I very rarely open the roof it's primarily for the light it brings to the interior Lexus RX 450h including RX Advance.pdf
  20. SUV Recommendations

    Definitely recommend the RX450h. £25k will buy you a Gen3 model from a Lexus dealer with all the Lexus warranties etc. See||612||1478||1892||2327&mcategory=all&searchstring=&price_from=&price_to=&reg_date_from=&reg_date_to=&km_from=&km_to=&kw_from=&kw_to=&emission_from=&emission_to=&gas=&gears=&color=&zip=&radius=80&manufacturer=31 for details. People on here will tell you all about the different specifications but to be fair they all come pretty well equipped, even the base model. It's a supremely comfortable, luxurious and for its size reasonably economical (mid 30s is easily achievable) SUV. Plus it comes very high in the reliability ratings and best of all it's a Lexus!
  21. 2002 Lexus IS300 - pics

    Amazing:-) You should set up in business, either as a detailer or car photographer! Seriously car doesn't look 15 years old; you must be chuffed with how it's come our.
  22. Gen 3 has a small sliding tray that sits on top of the removable box so possibly the accessory manufactures don't see much need for a similar item for the Gen 3. Much prefer the location of the USB and 12 volt accessory sockets on the Gen 4. It's a right faff getting to them in the Gen 3. And what about those stupid little (but beautifully crafted!) cubby holes on each side of the boot. The one on the nearside is thinner than some credit card wallets talk about form over function! But I still love the RX:-)
  23. That looks a great idea; if anybody does find one for Gen3 RX I'll be in the queue! On the subject of storage the under gearbox tray on the Gen 3 is (or could be) a really useful space but it's hard ridged plastic. Has anybody found a custom fit soft cover for it and also for the door bin bottoms.
  24. In addition to people of any age with a visual impairment even for those without a recognised impairment it becomes fairly common as you get older. Probably not helped by modern lights being brighter and bigger (compare a Morris Minor', VW Beetle, 2CV's front and back lights to say a Volvo! It's a while since I did my IAM but I'm virtually certain that they teach you to use the handbrake when stopped at lights or any junction where you may be delayed and part of the reason is to avoid blinding the person behind. After typing the above I've just looked at the RNIB link and I'm almost word perfect. That's probably a good thing as I regularly carry out accessibility audits!
  25. I have a RX450 and Yaris but mine is a 2001 and been in the family for over 13 years. It's done just over 70,000 and serviced every year at a Toyota specialist. I love the car; it's just a no-nonsense package and with the 1.3 engine is surprisingly lively. Peanuts to run and there are plenty on the market. But you can't really go wrong with any small Toyota as a second car. What about a Mark 1 T-Sport? Rare as hen's teeth now but a brilliant package. You'd enjoy the drive in that almost Mark 1 Mini Cooper:-) Having said you can't go wrong with any small Toyota I must admit I'm not a fan of any of the later (Mk 2 onwards) Yaris (Yarii?); like the VW Golf and Polo they've put on weight and size. And like VW, Toyota then had to put a car in (the Aygo) to fill the space. Why do manufacturers always have to increase the size and complexity of their cars?