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  1. The drone from having no cats is bad... 2k rpm it's unbearable for a daily driver as I learnt from experience. I know a man with some new Magnaflow high flow cats if you need em...
  2. Hi, sorry I don't have any pics or video of the old set-up. There was very little 'drone' at all to be fair. They managed to cut the drone out by fitting 2 custom silencers in place of the old OEM ones. If you sent them an image of a Borla or similar (drone-free) system they could replicate something similar for you? The attached is the system I have now which has zero drone. Drop us a message if you want any more info
  3. Pipe Dynamics in Leven (Fife) did a work of art on my ISF, prior to me installing full Borla system. £190 cash and sorted in 4 hours.
  4. Hi, I had this issue, and when on closer inspection both back boxes had rusted right through (1 completely). 5 minutes later we removed them in their rusty entirety - sounded delightful with intermittent backfires, etc. Lexus prices to replace were (as you can imagine) 'well priced' so we opted for the Borla full cat-back system from RR Racing which does away with the pesky back boxes. Only time I've been thankful for bad rust lol
  5. Peter that is epic - well done to you and the team!
  6. Sorry to hijack the thread but this is exactly what happened to me - incorrect wheel ordered by the repair shop. Now I have 3 correct + 1 incorrect wheel.... until I can get a decent offer for them and I can then slap on a set of lighter aftermarket rims Having said that, it certainly doesn't have a negative impact on
  7. Not far, Perth to be precise
  8. If it's of interest I have the RR Racing carbon quad tip Magnaflow upgrade for Borla full system shipped from US with zero drone, and the K&N typhoon kit (Demon Tweeks). Excellent combo in my opinion however, still to dyno to see results. Not much louder than stock until you give it some beans... then it sounds insane. Low RPM sound effects from the K&N are enough to make a grown man smirk. Just try and get the exhaust shipped as a gift or warranty item so FedEx don't fleece you with Duty & VAT ....
  9. Keep all the goodies intact, but they could fit a supercharger... I'll have 1 in the matt grey for me please
  10. Correct! Just to find them at a half-sensible price
  11. Ok, so after much nail biting we've located the 1 and only key... phew! Now to research some of the above options to prevent anymore tears. Thanks for all your input chaps.
  12. Thanks guys. No warranty, or key cover unfortunately. No valet key either....
  13. Needless to say, the one and only key to the ISF I had has vanished. Besides recruiting a car thief, is paying a small fortune to Lexus my only option...? Thanks.
  14. Hi, noticed there's some Magnaflow high flow CATS for the ISF on eBay UK if it helps at all. All the best with the new set up!
  15. Airbag recall

    Lexus Edinburgh - about 50 minutes from where I live. Sales rep has promised me a demo RCF for a day or so... we'll see if that happens or not!