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  1. Replacement key

    Correct! Just to find them at a half-sensible price
  2. Replacement key

    Ok, so after much nail biting we've located the 1 and only key... phew! Now to research some of the above options to prevent anymore tears. Thanks for all your input chaps.
  3. Replacement key

    Thanks guys. No warranty, or key cover unfortunately. No valet key either....
  4. Replacement key

    Needless to say, the one and only key to the ISF I had has vanished. Besides recruiting a car thief, is paying a small fortune to Lexus my only option...? Thanks.
  5. Would I need Cats for this Exhaust

    Hi, noticed there's some Magnaflow high flow CATS for the ISF on eBay UK if it helps at all. All the best with the new set up!
  6. Airbag recall

    Lexus Edinburgh - about 50 minutes from where I live. Sales rep has promised me a demo RCF for a day or so... we'll see if that happens or not!
  7. Airbag recall

    Zero damage to mine, you wouldn't even know it had been done. Well, I'm hoping they've done the work lol... Car was collected and dropped back off the same day.
  8. ISF wheel wrench

    Thanks Steve, I'll have a look around locally as I'm a fair hike away from you. Cheers, Mark
  9. Spotted on Piston Heads!!

    Now resurrected lol...
  10. Airbag recall

    Result! Lexus called me back and they're organising a demo car to be dropped off! Albeit I think I'd rather retain the option of an intact face and new airbag...
  11. Airbag recall

    Just had the recall phone call to get the ISF booked in - requested a RCF as a courtesy car
  12. USRS RR Racing

    I've just fitted these last week, along with the RR Racing coilovers.... not impressed albeit I'm inclined to think it's the coilovers that have ruined the ride, not the USRS. Car is going back in next week to try and adjust the dampers to a setting a bit less like a slammed Honda Civic... On the positive side, steering response and turn in is a lot sharper which is part of the USRS's task. Hopefully you guys get a good result and I'll be interested to get some good feedback.
  13. ISF wheel wrench

    To suit OEM 2010 wheels/nuts. Thanks,
  14. Longest standing IS-F owner? Is it you?

    6 years and counting, going in for her 60k service today c/w coilovers, Borla exhaust, etc...
  15. Help Choose Caliper Colour

    Not a bad defect IMHO I'll check the Bison R variety out... mod funds have taken a bit of an ISF beating though lol! Thanks for the advice on the drop, might take a few attempts to get it right.