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  1. Perhaps the caravan fridges operate using the Peltier effect, rather than using a compressor. Will scour a few manufacturers websites.
  2. I'm thinking the RC is going to be prone to stone chips on the bonnet, had look at the couple of examples in the dealer and they both had bonnet chips. It was always going to be the touch in repair TBH. I couldn't justify that expense. As the dealer has offered a free touch in repair I'll let them have a go.
  3. Indeed it should and often But I'm still none the wiser regarding a temperature controlled cabinet. Ideally need advice from a user as to the noise levels as ours would be located in an open plan area. I'm guessing it would be similar to a normal domestic refrigerator?
  4. I know, which is why I said it was for information ...
  5. Just for info I had a quote from Lexus for a full bonnet respray, including blending in the wings, on my 4 month old RC due to a stone chip. £1100. Only way to get an invisible repair. I was also offered a FOC touch in using the touch-up paint stick, which I'll opt for. Nothing to loose...
  6. My two previous cars had full front end resprays to tidy up the gravel rash. I guess I'm looking at the same for the RC, although my mileage has dropped considerably it doesn't seem to equate to fewer stone chips...
  7. Thanks for you comment. I'm leaning toward letting the TV do all the upscaling work. I have recently noticed a little aliasing (?) on some images that have been upscaled first by the BluRay player. Perhaps there's some interference if two systems do it? This non car related subsection is a very quiet under subscribed part of the forum.
  8. True, Paul. That sort of money could be reserved for a good tidy-up sometime in the future. There will be more I'm sure, it's the nature of things. I'll see what they can do with the touch-up option. It'll be a battle scar
  9. Yes, I'm thinking that way also. I know there'll be more stone chips, may as well make it worthwhile! I looked at protection films for my previous car but discounted it because it always shows and can discolour the paintwork. They do work but in a sacrificial way, so it could still end up looking rough.
  10. Just a couple of months into ownership of my Sonic Red RC I've collected a stone chip on the bonnet. Because of the 5 stage paint process an invisible spot repair isn't possible. Lexus have quoted £1100 for a complete bonnet and wing blend respray. Not an unexpected sum but worth spending on one chip? I've also been offered a repair using a touch-up pen, under bodyshop control FOC. Lexus say it won't be perfect but I'm sure it'll be better than any attempt I could make and will camouflage the present white blemish. I'm thinking, what's to loose? Go for the touch-up and unless it's a complete wart of a job, I'll collect a few more to make it worthwhile getting the £1100 job done. Stone chips are an unavoidable hazard on a daily driver but I'm a little surprised at the size of the chip, considering I was completely unaware of anything contacting the bonnet, only discovering the crater during washing the car. Oh well, just off to drive the rust from the discs after cleaning yesterday's rain of the car. Any excuse
  11. Very different from Mercedes. If the option wasn't fitted the wiring wasn't there. I retro-fitted xenon headlamps. The halogen loom was missing just one cable ....
  12. I was pleasantly surprised that the Premium Nav in my RC comes with speed camera alert. Took me a couple of days to figure out what that damned "beep-beep" was!
  13. Personally, I found a speed limiter very useful, especially in 50mph restrictions in road works. Far too much going on to keep glancing down. Yes, perfectly do-able but I liked to keep my eyes on the road and be sure in the knowledge the limiter would keep me legal. That all said not sure I'd go to down the route of retro-fitting, unless it was cheap and simple.
  14. I have mud flaps (as part of the Protection Pack) fitted to my RC300h. Quite unobtrusive IMHO. They do a great job of keeping the flanks and rear end clear of crud in all but the worst of weathers. Certainly keeps the car clear of general road muck.
  15. I would be more in favour of a speed limiter, rather than cruise control. A limiter will allow one to drive 'normally' but not exceed a set speed. Cruise on the other hand will try and maintain a set speed not allowing the driver to vary the speed (easily) and not preventing him from exceeding a desired limit. I was surprised that Lexus don't include a limiter along with cruise control, as Mercedes do.