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  1. Quite probably, the point I was making is that one cannot just dismiss the CVT type of transmission as dire. The flaring some complain about when accelerating with a CVT 'box, or at least the e-CVT version, is simply the computer dropping a 'gear' or two to bring the ICE into it's power range. Unless in Sport mode there would be no step to define the changes, it's seamless. There's certainly no rubber-band effect, I'm old enough to remember the Daf-matic ...
  2. Ditto ....
  3. Define dire... IMHO the e-CVT gearbox in my RC is a remarkably mechanically 'simple' solution to getting energy from the generators (be it ICE or electric) to the wheels. There is no meshing and separating of cogs, as in a manual 'box. There are no clutches and brake bands to wear out, as in a conventional automatic 'box. They are also remarkably compact and maintenance free. Using clever computer control, constantly engaged, spinning cogs can generate infinitely variable ratios,giving seamlessly smooth acceleration. Switch to Sport mode and it can also create defined, stepped gearing, giving the illusion or a conventional 'box be it manual or automatic. Engine revs rise and fall, just as they do in conventional drive trains. I can select gears which 'change' instantly, faster than any other 'box. I really love using, or not using depending on my mood, the e-CVT gearbox. All the advantages of both manual and automatic boxes, without the drawbacks.
  4. The current model RC-F does have active suspension, bringing it in line with the RC-F Sport. I believe the RC-F gets a 39 step adjustability, compared with the RC-F Sport's 9 step.
  5. Exactly where I was at with my dealer, he understood my dismay at acquiring a sizable stone chip so early into ownership but the bottom line was he would FOC try and touch-in the chip but couldn't guarantee the finish. If I wanted a "back to factory" finish then it would be £1100 ...
  6. @Rabbers Well said, I really couldn't have put it any better myself
  7. Must admit to thinking that all electrical consumers were supplied from the traction battery, once the hybrid system was Ready. Sure I read that somewhere?
  8. From that report "Toyota Motor Corp.’s Kyushu 2 plant (Japan), which produces the Lexus ES and Lexus RX, receives the Platinum Plant Quality Award for producing models with the fewest defects or malfunctions." "The U.S. Initial Quality Study is based on responses from nearly 80,000 purchasers and lessees of new 2017 model-year vehicles who were surveyed after 90 days of ownership. The study is based on a 233-question battery organized into eight problem categories designed to provide manufacturers with information to facilitate the identification of problems and drive product improvement. The study was fielded from February through May 2017." It's not the usual survey one associates with JD Power, which typically would be the Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS)
  9. And what did you find? Masses of fluff?
  10. Doesn't it draw it's power from the traction battery? The very battery it needs to cool?
  11. Stick with it, those cornflake give-aways become rare collectors items in years to come...
  12. Which version of the survey is this, because the 2017 US JD Power results have Lexus equal 1st with Porsche
  13. Even though the system was designed without such a filter? Would the airflow be restricted, enough to force the fan to run more quickly than otherwise required?
  14. Most German cars? Neither of my Mercs auto lock as you describe. I've never heard of any German marque do as described. One always has to touch the keyless sensor on the door handle to lock, just as one does with Lexus. If you have keyless entry/exit (aka Keyless-Go) one never has to remove the fob from one's pocket/purse...