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  1. Brake pads

    Any reason you're not contemplating Lexus pads?
  2. I have now switched!

    You don't say what year your NX is but the 2015 handbook shows the auto-wiper on is the first position down on the wiper stalk It is labelled on the stalk, next to the sensitivity thumb wheel.
  3. Battery in the correct way round?
  4. Wheel spacers

    "DRS Series: 3-20 mm Thick: DRS Series wheel spacers fit between the wheel and hub, and require exchanging the existing wheel studs for longer ones (studs are included)."
  5. Steamed up windows

    I've never found any detrimental effect on mpg by running the a/c, on any car I've had.
  6. Steamed up windows

    Being a 'battery' car my a/c runs off the traction battery, so the engine shuts off at the lights but I still get a/c
  7. Rear Screen Demister

    Mine defrosts very well but is less successful at demisting ..
  8. Steamed up windows

    Recommend leaving the a/c on permanently. Not only does it rapidly demist the windows and dehumidify incoming air it will also dry out the cabin generally. Most a/c system benefit from being run continuously as it maintains the system seals as the refrigerant contains lubricants. I never switch mine off, ever. done the same in every car I've owned that's had a/c.
  9. Rear Screen Demister

    I think I'd class that as operator error
  10. Probably posted up before but worth a browse for us newer owners curious how our tech works.. Nothing too deep just some nice flashy images
  11. Most of the movement is in the tyre itself. Flexing then snapping back, which what one tends to hear and feel. This video of the same thing on a Merc GLC, You can see the tyre deform. Thankfully my experience with the RC is no way as bad,,,
  12. No, what we are realising from this thread is that with the very low profile tyres and colder weather, we are noticing this 'characteristic' (as Mercedes Benz describe it ) at extreme lock. There is no 'poor' design with regard to Lexus or MB come to that.