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  1. The CLS came with Pirelli Zeros and they were, erm, interesting in the wet. I had to change them when only at 4mm. The Michelins would grip whatever the conditions (frost excepted, no grip.. another story. I fully endorse the use of winter/cold weather tyres) I ran one set down to the legal min without drama, no sudden change in character but... if "pushing on" there was a drop in ultimate traction.
  2. RC has 7 speakers as standard, optional 12 speaker with Premium Navigation or 17 speakers with Premium Nav and ML 12 speaker layout is, door speakers are dual cone, as are the speakers in the rear side panels. three speakers are in the dash top panel (each end and centre) and then there's the sub in the rear parcel shelf. ML speaker layout shown in this link
  3. One can apply any of the wax types on top of the coatings. Just avoid any that have fillers or abrasives. I use Meguires X-spress spray wax on my ceramic coating, just gives that extra slick feeling to the surface.
  4. Not on my RC but always on my CLS55, excellent grip, dry or wet. The Michelin PS just don't have a 'cliff' grip all the way down 3mm, possibly beyond but I always change at 3mm..
  5. Does a red light 'blind'? I can't say I've ever been dazzled by brake lights I'd rather those behind were in no doubt I'm stopped and brakes applied
  6. Buying locally is the route I'd go...
  7. If I understand you correctly, you wish to export your car to Spain permanently? If so yes you will need to change the headlamps to the European specifications. Cheaper to source the units second hand in Europe.
  8. I've noticed a similar whine recently whilst ascending a hill between high walls, windows down. I presumed it to be the electric motor(s)?
  9. You could try this?
  10. On my 2016 RC one can adjust the image quality using the Menu - Display option #4, do you have a similar option?
  11. I think this has to be set by the dealership, certainly on my 2016 RC it's a dealer configurable option.
  12. Did you try the hard stops? I get no 'judder' from the regen system on my hybrid. The only noise is a groan at the point of stopping and then only in slow stop-start traffic.
  13. I imagine the vast majority don't bother with insurance. Spend the money on vodka instead..
  14. I bet it would frighten his guide dog though....
  15. I don't need anything special, just usable. To say the Lexus Nav system is good or bad is very subjective. I grant it isn't intuitive in it's operation but practice makes perfect Personally I dislike "add-ons" and using my phone as a Nav system, it's a communication device. All very personal and subjective. I'm perfectly happy with the Lexus system