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  1. I want to fit a 12volt socket in the boot of my 2010 gs450 is it ok to connect it direct to the battery thanks.
  2. should my 2010 gs450h come with a red warning triangle.
  3. I didn't explain myself very clearly I meant parking sensors anyway Iv got it all sorted now thanks.
  4. I have a 2010 and that doesn't play DVDs
  5. the reversing beeper on my 2010 450 has stopped working I have checked the settings it's on volume no 5 but it's not working front or back thanks.
  6. I looked all over the door and couldn't see that lever found it now thanks.
  7. I have only just noticed on my 2010 gs450 one of the rear doors won't open from the inside I'm guessing the child lock is on but I can't see how to turn it of thanks.
  8. IV got a gs450h 2010 and I see there are quite a few with boot spoilers are these options or are they after market I quite like the look of them
  9. i think i found out what the shift lock does it allows you to put the car in neutral with out starting it so you can move the car if you broke down lost keys etc.
  10. i thought id try manual mode on my gs450 anyone ever use it i cant see the point every gear is the same it pulls away in 6th just the same as 1st
  11. iv had my 2010 gs450h just over 3 months now i think i must have the only one in the country lol.
  12. it's due a service in June I took out an extended warranty when I bought it ill get them to look at it then
  13. there ok I had a mini cooper s with hid lights and they were much better
  14. iv had my 2010 gs 450h a few weeks now getting on really well with it couple of small things if any one can help the sport mode what does it do doesn't seem to make any difference if its on or off also the afs headlights are they supposed to turn when you turn the steering wheel thanks
  15. newbie gs450

    thanks for the replies yes it's a Android phone and all it does is charge it