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  1. very good article well worth reading
  2. how does,that,work if you got four,bald tyres you won't get an advisory you'll get a fail
  3. I am talking about the side light bulbs I did query it with them and they said because the car wasn't made with LEDs they had to fail it they couldn't even give an advisory
  4. I changed my sidelight bulbs to led gs 450h took the car to Lexus on Monday for a mot failed the mot on the led bulbs they had to put the proper bulbs in,and do a retest and the LED's we're really white not blue
  5. I was just wondering when its time to replace the battery do you go for aftermarket or OE over the years I have replaced many battery's on different cars with so called top quality one's and have yet to find one that lasts any where close to original fitment
  6. water pump covered under the warranty getting it fixed next week along with the calipers Happy days😁
  7. I had a mot yesterday it passed OK but it needs new caliper's and a water pump its got full service history they said the calipers were covered under the warranty but they weren't sure about the water pump fingers crossed
  8. I need a new water pump 2010 gs450 52000 miles I'm waiting to hear back to see if its covered under the extended warranty just wondered if any one's managed to claim for a water pump.
  9. not to impressed with the lights on my 2010 gs450 I was thinking of replacing with osram night breaker's has any one used them or can anyone reccomend any bulbs which are a decent upgrade over the standerd bulbs
  10. I want to fit a 12volt socket in the boot of my 2010 gs450 is it ok to connect it direct to the battery thanks.
  11. should my 2010 gs450h come with a red warning triangle.
  12. I didn't explain myself very clearly I meant parking sensors anyway Iv got it all sorted now thanks.
  13. I have a 2010 and that doesn't play DVDs
  14. the reversing beeper on my 2010 450 has stopped working I have checked the settings it's on volume no 5 but it's not working front or back thanks.
  15. I looked all over the door and couldn't see that lever found it now thanks.