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  1. i think i found out what the shift lock does it allows you to put the car in neutral with out starting it so you can move the car if you broke down lost keys etc.
  2. i thought id try manual mode on my gs450 anyone ever use it i cant see the point every gear is the same it pulls away in 6th just the same as 1st
  3. iv had my 2010 gs450h just over 3 months now i think i must have the only one in the country lol.
  4. it's due a service in June I took out an extended warranty when I bought it ill get them to look at it then
  5. there ok I had a mini cooper s with hid lights and they were much better
  6. iv had my 2010 gs 450h a few weeks now getting on really well with it couple of small things if any one can help the sport mode what does it do doesn't seem to make any difference if its on or off also the afs headlights are they supposed to turn when you turn the steering wheel thanks
  7. thanks for the replies yes it's a Android phone and all it does is charge it
  8. hi just a quick intro I joined the forum last October when I was going to buy a gs 300 any way that never happened so iv just been and bought a 2010 gs 450h black 45000 miles realy pleased with it couple of issues if any one can help when I start it up from cold it ticks over realy fast faster than id like with a cold engine also just a little niggle when I plug my phone into the usb socket all I get is a message saying the phone is not connected properly tried a different cable but no luck thanks
  9. Hi I'm after some advice I'm thinking of buying a GS 300 2007 but I have come across some horror stories regarding oil consumption one place said all v6 engines in this model will suffer with this problem. I can't be doing with another oil burner just got rid of a r56 mini cooper s horrendous it was using 1 litre of oil every 800 miles main dealer said this was acceptable anyway are these stories about the GS true or is it just a few isolated incidents. I suppose another way would be to ask is there anyone with a GS 300 that doesn't use any oil thanks in advance.