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  1. ECP currently doing 30% off.. Pair of Brembp front discs and pads coming in at £214 with discount. Use code: Sale56
  2. Hi rusty out of interest what mode do you use on track? Im thinking sports mode with manual shift ? Or do you take traction off completly. I wouldnt mind trying a novice track day in the F
  3. Looks stunning. Enjoy it
  4. Pilot Sport 4s. However the new Pirelli P Zero came second in Auto express tyre test. I have them on the front and they are superb in all conditions.
  5. Hi Lee, Sorry didnt get any pics...Wheels in Motion fitted them for me, straight forward took then all of 2hrs. Plenty of Youtube vids if you fancy a DIY, its not that difficult. Ive not had much chance to play around with them, intially i tried 20 clicks from full hard out front and 25 rear and found it too soft, car would oscilate too much when you hit stretches of the motorway where you have a series of undulations. The standard 08 suspension did this as well I found, you would find your head bobing around with the bumps. Clicking them up to where I am now 18 clicks front and 22 clicks back has improved it as it reduces the rebound speed. Going to play around some more, there is plenty adjustment range so its a matter of experimenting to get it where you want however as these are budget coilovers the level of refinement is not going to compare with the likes of KW etc which allow you to idependently set the compression & rebound, with those people report a quality ride. Yes I went with 14kg/10kg spring rates as recommended on the US forums. You can request softer springs 10/8 or 12/10. Going to see how they perform over this year, can always change them out for something else at a later date. If your not intending on lowering then maybe try the Bilstein B6's ? Would be great to see if anyone is running them on their Lexus as they were on my list as well but I got the BC's at a no brainer price.
  6. So decided to swap out the standard 08 Suspension for a set of BC BR coilovers. Top adjustable with 32 damping settings. Lurking on the US forums and speaking to Figgs I went for 14/10 spring rates as I did not intend to drop the car and wanted to remain on standard rims. First impressions body roll had dramatically reduced in the bends and better under braking as a result of the stiffer springs. Comfort wise I need to play around with the settings a bit more but at present Im running 18 Clicks from full stiff front & 22 clicks rear. Little and mid sized bumps are absorbed better than the standard 08 suspension however larger bumps are still felt. Adustment is easy, remove side panels in engine bay and the adusters are located on top of the shocks. In the rear you need to take a few clips out and bend back the boot lining to reveal the top of the shocks. As the weather warms up will try setting the dampers on the stiffer side of their range. Happy for the price point, you can get these from BC Racing UK for £700 and can configure your spring rates on order. Im also keen to try the Bilstein B6 shocks on Standard or Tein H Tech springs which is another option some guys in the US are using, provides a more comfortable ride. Anyone running this combination ? If your feeling flush the KW V3s are supposed to be really good with the ability for both rebound and compression adjustment, but seen as though I wont be tracking the car it seemed overkill.
  7. Welcome, like the guys have said above. ECP is the place for Brembo discs and pads at a great price. Look out for their 40% off deals.
  8. Leaf Wrap
  9. Good deal at the moment. Got me a full set, going for the Stoptech Street front pads though.
  10. They look nice DT, did you get them in Silver or Black? Make sure you put up a pic when you have them fitted
  11. Lovely cars the M240i, interestingly they have the same torque as the M2. Good choice
  12. Out of interest, anyone know what the spring rates are for the early ISF'S?
  13. Would something like this be covered under Lexus warranty?