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  2. Looks great
  3. You can make your ISF feel just as light on its feet with sharp turn in. Upgrade your LCA bushes and suspension. My mate on here drove mine last week, his is standard spec and the first thing he said was how light the car felt compared to his and how sharp the turn in was.
  4. Great colour. Welcome
  5. Istl this £15 to get in or £15 to have a go up the hill in your F?
  6. Hopefully look to make this. Not far from me.
  7. Old E class convertible.
  8. Rarity 50% Reliability 30 % Sound 20 % You don't need to go quick in the IS-F. When you hear it with a H&S you know it's quick.
  9. If you have 2" movement in your suspension forward when reversing you need to check all your bushes and arms on that side. That's way too much movement.
  10. Looks great. How much did it all cost of you dont mind me asking?
  11. How new are you pads? You might just need bedding them in. Really warm the brakes up by doing some hard stops from speed, give them a good seeing to.
  12. I cant see adding valves to the standard exhaust system will achieve? Deffo wont improve sound quality. Replace the restrictive Y pipe and get some custom made back boxes, the valves usually go on the custom back boxes if you want the ability to toggle sound.
  13. On the tyre front more likely inside premature wear on front tyres. Alignment needs setting properly and USRS also helps.
  14. That sounds interesting, never heard of it before. Will give it a go!
  15. Meow... In all seriousness I have had this on a couple of ocassions. Apparantly its due to mould build up on the condensors, normally get it if the car has been stood for a while and its damp outside. Setting on full heat for 15 mins gets rid of it.