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  1. LC Arrived.

    which one would you buy?
  2. Test drives.

    thanks for the information, I may pop in then to have a look
  3. Test drives.

    well, just been in Bolton Lexus for service they said that noone had an LS500h test drive as the car is not here yet. Their technicians has just been to Milano ( I think) for training and that's it.
  4. LC Arrived.

    Nice one, hope you will enjoy! Don't forget to report your experience
  5. Test drives.

    Nope, it was Bolton. Fine team, no problem with them and had purchased a GS250 in the past from their team when they were still in Manchester ( before the Manchester branch closed down) But, they didn't call me back
  6. Test drives.

    well, in that case they are not particularly clever. I bought a new CT from them last year. I told them that I am interested in the LS500 and even sentthem an email asking them to let me know ASAP they get the car On September the 3rd I purchased my 67 plate 740d xdrive Msport with a list price of £91980 as I had no feedback and thought that LS wouldn' t be around for a year or so. If they have contacted me as they should, I would may have gone for the LS. How silly is that? Any way, the BMW is an excellent car so can't complain but there was an opportunity lost there
  7. CT - Autoexpress most reliable car!

    surprisingly the second best, that is the Jaguar, have a 31% of owners reporting problems - much more than third or fourth or the rest really - , yet it comes as second. A bit bizzare to say the least
  8. LC-F

    Base Aston DB11 costs almost twice as much as base Porsche 911 ( £144K vs £77K)
  9. LC-F

    competition would be the BMW M8 and the likes
  10. Test drives.

    is that the LS500h?? if that is the case I will be really cross with them
  11. New CT200H owner in the East Midlands

    excellent choice, enjoy trouble free motoring
  12. Car tracker

    can not recommend anyone in particular, I would like though to inform that direct line would Not insure my car if it wasn't fitted with tracker. interesting
  13. New CT!

    excellent choice!
  14. My lexus dealer advised me to use the cheapest I could find