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  1. Now that really is one sexy looking lexus probably the nicest I've seen. Those dual exhaust tips look awesome .
  2. Hello Jamie and a warm welcome to the lexus owners club 😀 What a lovely looking lexus you have there.
  3. Hello and a warm welcome to the lexus owners club. Lovely looking is250 f-sport you have there 😀 Hope you have as much enjoyment out of yours as I do with mine. They really are great cars.
  4. Hello and a warm welcome to the lexus owners club. It's always nice to see new members here and I'm happy to hear your totally loving it so far.😀 That really is a lovely looking lexus you have there. Happy motoring 😀
  5. Only another 70k to go before I join the 100k club. 😀
  6. Same here ahmedali44. My previous is220d would often slip out of gear, mostly in 2nd and 3rd. What a dreadful gearbox. More suited to a lada than a lexus.
  7. Why not just pop one into your airbox peachy and post back with the results. They are as cheap as chips to buy and last a lot longer than the oem if cleaned regularly. Personally I think it will give you the placebo effect like filling up with shell nitro and being convinced your car is now quicker.
  8. It's highly unlikely a panel will give you any extra power or induction sound. Personally I would fit the F-sport intake or k&N typhoon. Not cheap I know but could give you about 5 more horses and definitely sound better.
  9. I sure would buy another lexus. In fact I'm totally sold on lexus. My current is250 F-sport is by far the best car I've ever owned. Not a single problem whatsoever and nothing beats the sound of that lovely V6 engine 😀 It's just so nice to drive something different from the mainstream. Every other car on the road these days is either a bmw, mercedes or audi. Nobody gives these cars a second look but a lexus is eye catching.
  10. No scope for investigation Lol the penny's just dropped 😂
  11. Had a bit of rust bubbling on the previous is220d on front passenger side wheel arch. Lexus bristol advised me to rub wax into it every week or two. Thankfully no signs of rust what so ever on the 250.
  12. I'm pretty sure they are the g spider wheels. They really suit the car. I too have the F-sport white like yours and absolutely love the colour. Wish mine came with those lovely dark rose seats though. They are lovely.
  13. When I visited lexus bristol for repairs on the egr valve and 5th injector on my previous is220d I did ask about any previous work the vehicle had received. They where more than happy to oblige and after a quick check on the computer they confirmed the vehicle had a new head gasket replaced at 62k.
  14. Had a similar problem several years ago with my mercedes. As soon as I hit 70mph the steering wheel would start shaking. I took the vehicle to my local auto centre and they told me the wheels needed balancing. This was easily and cheaply fixed. Apparently they put magnets on the front wheels.