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  1. Had a lovely 150 mile round trip from my home town of hereford to Welshpool in mid wales today driving through the absolutely stunning welsh countryside. A leisurely drive to Welshpool returned an impressive 39mpg and that's on twisty hilly B roads. However on the return journey with spirited driving as I wanted to be home in time for tea I managed 35mpg.
  2. Still no letter for me yet 😔 I did phone lexus bristol Saturday morning and they said I should receive a letter within the next 2-3 weeks.
  3. I must admit kickdown on the is250 can be rather slow at times. Sometimes it reacts instantly and off she goes. It's a bit hit and miss really. I do find previous bmw's and mercedes I've drove with auto boxes definitely respond quicker. As for performance I'm pretty tired of reading reviews online saying the is250 is underpowered and lazy. Sure it could do with a few more ponies but I find the 250 has plenty of power. I had a bmw 320d last year with a 0-60 time of 7.6 seconds on paper. Despite the is250 being almost a second slower on paper my 250 definitely feels quicker and is a far better car to drive. I used to drive about in my dad's bmw 325i with the 3 litre engine and although the 250 will never beat it in a race it will certainly keep up with it.
  4. Hello and a warm welcome to the lexus forum. Happy to hear your very pleased with your lexus is250 so far. It's a lovely car and I'm absolutely delighted with mine and I'm sure you'll enjoy happy and trouble free motoring for years to come 😀
  5. Really cool video, particularly like the red rc-f or is it a 300h? Love the g spider wheels on the white is250.
  6. Some great photos there. The rcf by far the best looking car on display. Bit disappointed with the is-f apart from the tail pipes it looks like a regular is. At least the m3/c63 actually looks like a muscle car.
  7. Hello Kevin and a warm welcome to the lexus owners club 😀 Peachy I have to agree with you on regards to the is220d being uneconomical. I'm actually getting better mpg on my 250 than I did on my previous is220d. Driving around town in the 250 delivers slightly better milage but on a good motorway run I'm getting 43mpg. Something I never got with the diesel. High 30's at best. My previous diesel bmw's and mercedes would easily see 50mpg on a good run.
  8. Glad your happy Darren. I've only owned mine since November and I'm over the moon with my is250. Acceleration is much quicker than the official lexus figures and the sound of that lovely V6 when pushed is to die for. Looking forward to seeing some snaps.
  9. Great photos there, looks like a good turnout too. Hope you all had a lovely afternoon 😀 would have attended myself but have to work Saturdays. 😔
  10. At least she's looking a bit cleaner now ken and alexa is a really cool name 😀 Welcome to the forum.
  11. Hello ashleigh and a warm welcome to the forum 😀 That's a lovely looking lexus you have there.
  12. Nice move Darren 👍you wont be disappointed. Be sure to post some pics for us all to see 😀
  13. Hello and a warm welcome to the lexus owners club. That's a fine looking lexus you have there. Love the colour 😀
  14. Wow I love the colour 😀 What a lovely looking lexus you have there.
  15. That's amazing 😀 Best I've ever got was 43mpg at 65mph with cruise on the M54.