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  1. Indeed I am a 250 diehard. I still have my F-sport which I use for my daily commute. The ISF only comes out to play at the weekends.
  2. That's a bit rich coming from you. I believe you drive a RX450H don' you. Take a look at the performance figures for your 3.5 litre V6. Now your car really is slow.
  3. It's a well known fact that Lexus understate the performance figures.
  4. Totally disagree. The 250 is not slow. It has power. Ok I probably wouldn't want to race anybody in one but it can hardly be described as slow.
  5. Actually @peachy your story is quite believable if the ST was the 2005-2008 model as this vehicle had 150bhp and a 0-60 time of 7.9 seconds. In this case the 250 would certainly keep up with the ST. However the later ST is turbocharged with more power and torque and would leave the 250 standing.
  6. I think the fiesta ST reaches 60mph in 6.7 seconds so I doubt the is250 would match it to 60. Maybe he wasn't shifting up at the right time. But yes the Lexus is quicker than 8.4 seconds. About 7.5 tops.
  7. I've said it time and time again that the 250 without doubt runs better with super unleaded. It's noticebly smoother and more responsive. The transmission seems more eager to kickdown and I'm certain it releases a few extra ponies. On some occasions I've had no choice but to fill up with regular fuel and this is when the difference becomes apparent in a short space of time. It's no placebo effect. The 250 loves super.
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum. 😀 I'm currently on my third Lexus vehicle and would never consider purchasing any other brand. There is nothing like driving a Lexus 😙
  9. Only ever used shell nitro on the 250. It has all the additives needed to keep the system clean and the added bonus of 99 Ron which the 250 seems to love. It really does perform better on high octane petrol in my opinion due to the engines high compression ratio.
  10. New irish member

    Hello and welcome to the forum Lovely colour Lexus you have there 😀
  11. White isf on ebay

    It's an amazing experience. I'm totally in awe 😀
  12. White isf on ebay

    Thanks 😊 I've put nearly 300 miles on the clock already. My grandad loves it. He's a Lexus enthusiast himself and currently owns a GS 450h.
  13. White isf on ebay

    I picked the car up yesterday lunchtime. I'm absolutely delighted with it 😀 I can' keep out of it. Spent all yesterday afternoon driving around the brecon beacons. Drove up to welshpool today to visit my grandparents and show off my new Lexus. Will post some pics soon when I've cleaned all that welsh mud off.
  14. Average ISF driver

    29, veterinary nurse. Have my own practice in Hereford. Will be the proud owner of my first ISF and third Lexus vehicle this weekend.
  15. White isf on ebay

    Thanks 😀 The previous owner Keith actually lives 5 minutes away from me in hereford and I've spoken to him on a couple of occasions. I had no idea the car was for sale until I read this thread. I gave him a call yesterday and went round to view the car and we did the deal 😀