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  1. Erm don't think I'll be trading my IS250 F-sport in for one of those any day soon unless I wanted people to think I was a clown on my day off 😅
  2. My guess is you have air in the brake fluid or even low fluid. If your pads are fine and the brake fluid is fine then it's almost certainly a seized caliper and probably the rears. As I mentioned I had the same problem and my pads/rotors had plenty of life in them. Not sure what my problem was but after the service with the requested caliper clean and grease, the brakes have been superb.
  3. I had a similar problem myself when I first bought my IS250. After a full service at my local garage including brake fluid change and greasing of all brake caliper slider pins (which I specifically asked them to do) the brakes have been perfect since.
  4. Well having owned both the IS220D and the IS250 I strongly advise you go for the IS250. It's better in every single way. Light years ahead infact and probably the most reliable car you can buy. The diesel is totally the opposite. Just read through the threads here on the forum. I had a variety of problems myself with the diesel. Mpg was very poor for a diesel I found. Infact my 250 gets slightly better mpg. I can easily get low 40's on a good motorway run with cruise and even tootling around town I get low-mid 30's which isn't bad for a 2.5 litre V6 engine.
  5. Well I would much rather have the analogue clock than the 1970's one in my IS250.
  6. Hello and a warm welcome to the lexus owners club. You've made the right choice in purchasing the IS250. It really is a super car to drive. I'm totally delighted with mine.😃. Pics please ☺
  7. Hope you enjoy your lovely new lexus and looking forward to seeing you around the forum.😃
  8. I'm not 100% certain but I believe only the mark levinson system will play dvd's. Just pop a dvd in with the gear in park and see if it plays.
  9. Yours looks to have the standard system fitted or it would have the logo on the stereo. But don't worry the standard lexus system is superb. You can pop 6 cds into the slot. There are no hidden boxes on the car. Just make sure you give it a good run out whenever you can to stop any issues arising with the egr valve and dpf.
  10. Great pics 😀 Wish I had known about this meet as I would have come along. I've been in the area today visiting family just up the road in Llandrindod Wells.
  11. Hello and welcome to the lexus owners club. That's a lovely looking car you have there. Identical to my previous IS220D SE-L. you say your looking at 75% local driving and 25% motorway but really you need to be driving 75% motorway and 25% town in order to keep the egr valve and dpf from blocking up. Unfortunately I encountered these problems due to my mostly town driving. The levinson is superb and I've had it in all my lexus vehicles and really comes into its own when playing a cd loud. Head gaskets are a major concern on pre 2010 models. I do believe lexus rectified the issue on 2010 models and above. Mine was a 2009 and was replaced under warranty by the previous owner.
  12. When I bought my is250 in November 2016 it had 6 lexus service stamps in the book. Ideally I would like to have my car serviced at a lexus dealership as they will know these cars inside out. Unfortunately living in hereford it's over a 100 mile round trip to my nearest lexus centre which is in bristol. Luckily for me we have a toyota dealership here in Hereford. I recently took out a service plan with them and as an added bonus they promised to grease my caliper slide pins too at no extra cost. The service plan is considerably cheaper than what I was offered at lexus bristol and I'm certain the toyota mechanics know these cars just as well as the lexus guys. A full lexus service history stamped in the book would be nice but a toyota stamp is better than some back street garage.
  13. Your lexus looks absolutely stunning😀 I used to have a black lexus is and no matter what products I used and how much polishing /waxing I did I could never get it as good as yours. Money well spent I say. 😀
  14. Hello and welcome to the lexus owners club. Please spend some time reading through the many threads regarding the lexus is220d and then decide if this is the car for you. If I had joined the forum before purchasing the car I wouldn't have touched it with a barge pole.
  15. Hi and welcome to the lexus owners club. That white f-sport looks identical to mine. I currently own the is250 and it's by far a better and much more reliable car than the diesel. Trust me I've owned one. As for fuel economy I find the is250 slightly better than my previous diesel. I regularly get low 40's on a good motorway run and mid 30's tootling around town.