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  1. I kinda like it really. Lots of fluffy white clouds exiting the duel pipes when I look in the rear view mirror when stationary on a cold and frosty day.
  2. I've also noticed a rotten egg smell in the 250 several times under hard acceleration (more so in cold tempratures) Don't think it's anything to worry about. My vehicle has barely over 30k on the clock and passed every MOT with no advisories. Also has 5 Lexus and 2 Toyota service stamps in the book and no mention of any problems whatsoever.
  3. I use this on my leather seats. Not only does it do a superb job, it smells lovely too 😀
  4. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    Do they? I never noticed this in my 250 f-sport and 75% of my driving takes place across the very twisty roads of the Brecon beacons/black mountains. I consider myself an enthusiastic driver and found the brakes of the 250 to be superb in any situation. Sure you can fit the larger brakes if you wish but you won't see any benefit with the upgrade. Of course they will look better on the vehicle I guess.
  5. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    Personally I think the original brakes on the 250 are perfectly adequate. I own both an IS250 and an ISF. Obviously the ISF has bigger brakes but I find the brakes in the 250 as good as in my ISF.
  6. It should fit. As far as I'm aware the only change Lexus made with the generation 2 IS250 exhaust was the tailpipe design.
  7. Congratulations, you must be absolutely delighted 😀 The Lexus IS250 F sport really is an awesome car. Looking forward to seeing the pics 😀
  8. Lexus is 220d white smoke

    Unfortunately I sold my 220d last year and all the associated paperwork was given to the new owner so can't be of any help with the job number. They did explain the problem to me in detail, most of it I didn't really understand but basically the 5th injector was dumping unburnt fuel into the exhaust (more often than needed) and causing plumes of smoke almost every time I drove the vehicle while in the warming up stage. I recall the tech saying they had reprogrammed the software amongst other things I didn't really understand. Sorry I can't be of anymore help. It' a shame really as it' been a long time since anybody last sent me flowers. 😳
  9. £200 fuel bill in my first month of ownership Worth every penny though 😊
  10. As far as I'm aware all gen 2 IS models have 13 speakers fitted as standard and 14 if you have the mark levinson. The gen 3 IS has 8 speakers fitted standard. As for the USB I find it's only good for charging my phone. I use Bluetooth for audio and it's superb. I still own my 250 f-sport despite recently purchasing an ISF and I can't bring myself to sell it. It really is a fantastic car to drive and ive not had so much as a light bulb go yet after over a year of ownership.
  11. Totally agree @peachy Final post I make on this thread but @doog442 your IS200t is far superior and faster than the 250. Happy now? 😀
  12. I take it there's no interesting conversation happing on the 200t section then or is because nobody else owns/wants one? 😅
  13. Lexus is 220d white smoke

    I took mine to Lexus bristol. They corrected the problem in just over an hour and charged me £275.
  14. Well it looks like all 250 owners should rush out and purchase the same model that you drive then @Casa1862
  15. Lexus is 220d white smoke

    You need to take it to your nearest Lexus dealer. I'm 99.9 % certain the 5th injector is dumping fuel into the exhaust.