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  1. Hello and a warm welcome to the lexus owners club. Feel free to post some pics of your lovely new lexus soon 😀
  2. Can't really help with NW London but you can expect to pay between £50-£80 a corner. There are plenty of places that do wheel refurbishment, mostly based on small industrial estates. You just need to do a local search. As much as I love lexus I find the wheels dreadful for paint flaking. My previous is220d had bubbling paint on all four wheels. My current 250 fronts are now due a refurbishment but surprisingly the rears still look mint. I have a week off work mid June and will be booking mine in to have all four refurbed and painted black as I really think they will look cool on my white car. Ive been quoted £280 for the full set and I'll be without the car for 3 days. 😔
  3. I'm rather surprised you say your car is more jerky in standard mode madasahatter 😕 it's totally the opposite in mine.
  4. I'm not aware of any uk company offering a remap for the is250. It's possible with the is220d as several members here have had it done and reported positive results. It would be rather pointless any company spending time and money developing a remap for the is250 as there's just not that many about and the majority of owners simply don't go for performance upgrades. Would it be worth the £300 or so for a remap? Being a normally aspirated engine gains would be minimal. 5-10 extra bhp at best.
  5. Maybe it's just me then. I actually prefer driving the car with ect power off. The gear shifts are smoother and the cars less jerky when slowing down. It may be me again but the cars seems to accelerate slightly quicker too.
  6. I noticed something today. I usually drive with ect on but had it switched off today and it totally eliminated any brake groan. I assume it's because the cars not trying to lunge forward as much as it does with ect on.
  7. Hello and a warm welcome to the lexus owners club. Glad to hear your loving your new lexus so far 😀 it looks lovely. Just like my previous is220d which was also black. Probably best forget you have a 6th gear. Like yourself I couldn't see the point in it unless your traveling well over 80mph and want to get pulled over by the rozzers.
  8. Hello and a warm welcome to the forum. What a lovely looking lexus you have there. Enjoy 😀
  9. Hello and a warm welcome to the lexus owners club. Glad to hear your loving your new lexus is250. It looks lovely in black. You won't be disappointed with a lexus is250. It's by far the best car I've ever owned.
  10. Hello and a warm welcome to the forum. What a lovely looking lexus you have there. You must be delighted. Lovely colour too
  11. Hello Jim and welcome to the forum. Thanks for the pics 😀 what a lovely looking lexus you have there.
  12. Hello and a warm welcome to the lexus owners club. 😀 I'm pretty sure you'll be delighted with your first lexus especially as it's the 250 with SE-L trim Looking forward to seeing some pics of your lovely new lexus 😀
  13. Hi Pete and welcome to the lexus owners club 😀 I'm rather surprised you find your lexus to be a firm ride on 17" wheels. My previous is220d had 17" fitted and I found it to extremely comfortable and soaked up the bumps really well despite the poor state of our roads today. I have the 18" wheels fitted as standard to my current f-sport and despite it being noticeably firmer I still find it really comfy. Fitting 16" wheels should improve things but in my opinion look to small for the car. I also believe smaller wheels give slightly better acceleration too.
  14. That sounds about right. I only used to get around 30mpg around town and about 38 mpg on a steady motorway run. Very disappointing for a deisel 😔 I actually get slightly better with my is250 which as you know is a 2.5 litre V6 petrol.
  15. What a lovely looking lexus you have there, you must be delighted 😀 I also have the is250 f-sport in white and I can't tell you how happy I am with my car. I absolutely love it and it's a keeper.