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  1. Some truth there - the koenisegg Aguera RS hit ~280mph on Y rated Michelin tyres (186mph limit)
  2. Is it just a lack of appropriate tyres or something specific that makes the ls400 useless in snow? Just back from a 2hr round trip to London Town, amazed how many newish e-class Mercs I saw struggling with the slightest of inclines. Our 62 plate CMax just trundled on bye :)
  3. Just moved house and find myself with an elderly neighbour, who just happens to have an identical Lex to mine in green/ivory. He is the sole owner from new, full LSH, 2 cambelt changes (125k miles) and zero fails indicated on the MOT site. I will ask him to let me know when he decides to sell, or is 2 Lex being greedy?
  4. royzels

    Create an ad here:
  5. Agreed, if it’s the original item.
  6. If that is Euro car Parts, it doesn’t surprise me. Make sure to check carparts4less too, sometime cheaper although they have the same parent company.
  7. Yes agreed, thought I had quoted an earlier post were it was thought dhp wheels we’re Mk4 only
  8. There is a post on here sometime ago confirming dhp wheels, maybe not suspension, were an option prior to the Mk4
  9. ^ And that is the reason I love DHP wheels The Mk4 has a restyled front end:
  10. I think I prefer the maroon one I linked on the ‘Shortage of decent cars thread”
  11. Not keen on the colour schemes but don’t let that put anyone off
  13. Can we start taking about cars again? Threads going off topic is annoying at best, and becoming more prevalent in the LS section. Mr Doofa - the car looks/reads ok, but assuming you’re ok with a cosmetically (paint) challenged one, as sounds you’ll have to spend money to get the paint right Cambelt - isn’t there a year limit too or is it just miles? It hit 68k miles in circa 2005-6 so I’d be looking at changing if it was me. springs - I wonder if used springs were fitted to pass the mot. depends on your use case, if you’re happy driving as it is, great, otherwise it *may* be cheaper buying a better example to start with.
  14. Aftermarket tierods - Mk4 LS400

    Thanks for the replies. The tracking guy said he couldn't adjust as the outer rod was effectively welded together .
  15. Assuming you're trying from inside, Childlocks enabled?