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  1. Can you tap a torx bit into there?
  2. Is there any of the bolt head to grab? Or are they recessed? I've used Irwin bolt extractors before, big money savers in some situations. They work on round heads too.
  3. As well as the springs, the PO also purchased 2x rear KYB shocks, quality items and in their original boxes. Again, unfitted and new old stock. Circa 60 + vat each, would like £75 collected from East Finchley, north London. Postage estimated at £10
  4. This set of springs came with my car when purchased back in Jan; the previous owner had been advised during the previous MOTs that the springs were showing signs of corrosion, but obviously never got round to fitting them. They are made by Kilen, a Swedish brand and appear to be very good quality. They have not been previously fitted, hence i would describe them as new old stock. They retail for £60-70 each + vat - I'm looking for £150 for all 4, collected from East Finchley, north London. Potential to ship for £10-15. Pics attached. Cheers all
  5. Shame you're selling - have cross posted on the Pistonheads Barge thread for you
  6. I have a whine on my 98 car - it's the aircon compressor, easily tested.
  7. There are no claims of a higher octane from what i've read in the link. As well as cleaning abilities, it offers an improved fuel burn, fuel stabilization however i can't see either of the latter improving a sticky throttle body - I could be wrong? I used some BG MAF cleaner and cleaned the air inlet mix path - made a subtle difference to idle and pickup, but did nothing for the hesitation.
  8. Just back from a circa 90-100mile round trip, involving a mix of m-way and town driving, involving a fair bit of stop-start traffic as you can imagine between London and Surrey. Happy to say I didn't experience the issue once in this time. It does appear that I've overdosed on the treatments I've applied, in that I've used 20ml per 70 litres instead of the recommended 20ml per 100ml. To be on the safe side I will get an oil / filter change when I get the mot done in June (strong fuel treatment can lead to dilution of the oil, especially so in a thin /30 oil)
  9. This was the post I referenced when investigating - scroll down to a post from Yamae :
  10. i too thought the worst that it may be transmission related, but then i thought it would be a lot more prevalent, rather than happening intermittently if it were transmission. The fluid is still cherry red, doesn't smell burnt and I've adjusted the throttle cable to remove some slack - this didn't help with hesitation at corners, but did make changes softer and less noticeable.
  11. I've had my 98 LS400 for around 4 months now, and from day one its suffered the low speed hesitation issue when executing low speed turns or any scenario where you slow right down, then speed up again without stopping. The revs build, but speed doesn't and then with a jolt, everything syncs up and you're launched down the road somewhat embarrassingly. I've taken a 'lazy git' approach and reached for a fuel treatment, hoping to clean the injection system, prior to removing the throttle body for cleaning at a later date. I'm a sucker for wonder products, and this one seemed to have some decent reviews: Over the past 3 months (circa 1k miles), i've used the highest recommended dose of 1ml treatment to 5 litres of fuel on 3 occasions now, and have noticed a difference straightaway in terms of improved pick-up, throttle response and acceleration. Best of all, the hesitation is vastly improved - i won't say its gone completely, but in the last 50 miles or so, I can't say i've noticed the aforementioned symptoms. I've not checked mpg, but most reviewers seem to have experienced some improvements. The treatment is not cheap but appears to work in terms of general performance benefits (throttle response, pickup etc) and protection against ethanol content. I'll report back in few months time to see if its still working.
  12. Congrats, at circa 4K I would expect *everything* to work!