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  1. I'd never heard of a Century before, what a fantastic thing! What did the v12 come out of? I can't recall any Toyotas with a v12.
  2. Same for me, although my lowest for around town is circa 21-22.
  4. I think it's called 'detailing' these days .... Whilst the Mrs and the 3yr old are away, i got a window of opportunity to finally give the Lex a proper clean. This won't be a common occurrence ( a wash at most every other weekend) but i felt the bodywork was quite gritty so got to work. I used to be quite into 'detailing' but time is of the essence these days, however i still have a variety of magic potions and cloths in the garage. 1) Washed with Bilt Hamber Autowash 2) Rinsed 3) Smooth over with a clay-mitt (alternative to clay bar) 4) Rinsed 5) Two coats of the quaintly named "Soft 99 Fusso Coat Dark" Wax - I also have the BH Wax that won this test, however the Soft 99 is better at filling tiny scratches in the paint. 6) Final buff with a finishing cloth Came out pretty well, however it really does need a machine polish. With the amount of dings across most panels, probably something I'll undertake when selling it (eventually) Proof is in the pudding, the beads of rain showing its working as expected - may do it again next year :)
  5. Same as me, slowly grew on me. Lovely looking car Rock On, and it shows good examples are sought after for someone to travel that distance.
  6. 400 here
  7. Quite like the JDM (?) light clusters? Do you have a source for these?
  8. Eg
  9. Can anyone confirm the correct fluid for the mk4 transmission ?
  10. As well as the springs, the PO also purchased 2x rear KYB shocks, quality items and in their original boxes. Again, unfitted and new old stock. Circa 60 + vat each, would like £75 collected from East Finchley, north London. Postage estimated at £10
  11. Mk4 LS400 - 2x rear KYB shocks

    Monumental c0ck up - these are infact for the front of the car, not the rear
  12. Maybe one of your pulleys is at fault. E.g. Does it stop if you switch air con off?
  13. This set of springs came with my car when purchased back in Jan; the previous owner had been advised during the previous MOTs that the springs were showing signs of corrosion, but obviously never got round to fitting them. They are made by Kilen, a Swedish brand and appear to be very good quality. They have not been previously fitted, hence i would describe them as new old stock. They retail for £60-70 each + vat - I'm looking for £150 for all 4, collected from East Finchley, north London. Potential to ship for £10-15. Pics attached. Cheers all
  14. Set of 5x 7x16" wheels off my 1998 LS400 4 in good condition - some bubbling in the corners of the spokes, 1 in excellent condition and I believe unused, although with a minor blemish. Fitted with an unused Dunlop tyre, which although I believe is from 2004, is not showing signs of cracking and still maintains the original marking on the tread (re-use at your risk) Come with 4 centre caps and nuts 250 GBP collected only from East Finchley, north London
  15. Probably not enough to worry about - buy on condition and history
  16. This one doesn't look too bad?
  17. I've been using the link below for parts numbers/diagrams for my 89 Merc for just over a year or so, to avoid using the official Mercedes EPC route which can be a bit flaky in use. I see Lexus is also listed, which is nice; a few other manufacturers have been added recently too. Hopefully of some use
  18. UCF number stamped on the bulkhead/firewall IIRC? Open the bonnet and look at the metalwork under the screen
  19. Anybody wash and wax?

    Forgot to add, the Soft99 i use has a very strong chemical smell to it - the Mrs was not amused when i washed the applicator in the washing machine, it stunk for days afterwards :)