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  1. My is220d SE was in the local Lexus dealership yesterday having some recall work done on the passenger airbag release mechanism, got the car back and they had done a full valet + they put £25 of fuel in it as well. Lexus I cannot fault you!!!
  2. I have an imported BMW Z4 here in UK from Japan and it is in near mint A1 condition with zero corrosion, this is the third Jap import I've owned and they've all been the same. I thought Jap imports were popular in New Zealand for this very same reason?
  3. Stationary DPF regeneration P2002

    It's the way that you can get Techstream working, which was one of the questions, I just supplied the answer......
  4. Stationary DPF regeneration P2002

    I am running Techstream on an old Dell laptop with 32 bit Windows 7 installed and everything works well, wipe Vista from your laptop and install Windows 7 and you will be good to go.
  5. Navigation Disc

    I upgraded from 2006 to 2016 with a genuine dvd from ebay, cost me £50 - removed old dvd and inserted new one and I was good to go.....
  6. is220d MPG

    Just used my first full tank and refilled then worked out mpg, a disappointing 30 mpg! To be fair nearly all the journeys have been small and around the town etc. Is this the normal mpg that everybody else is experiencing around the town? EGR cleaned recently and engine behaving normally, I do tend to keep the rev's high to keep the DPF happy etc.
  7. My key fob has stopped working, hope it's the battery. How do I open up the fob to insert a fresh battery? Thanks in advance.
  8. is220d Keyfob Not Working.

    Thanks Shahpor.
  9. is220d MPG

    I love the is220d and since the egr clean it's a completely different car, I can even use 6th at 80 mph on the motorway and accelerate smoothly without the juddering and reluctance as it was before the egr was cleaned, I will keep it until the extended warranty expires in 2019 and then look at the is250.
  10. is220d MPG

    The longer I own the is220d the more a realise the is250 was and is a better proposition, however I love the is220d and will keep it until the extended warranty expires in 2019 and then look for an is250 to replace it.
  11. IS220D Mystery

    Mine was transformed at low revs after the EGR was cleaned - Best £96 I've spent on it! It seems to me that during the normal yearly service include the caliper slider pins lubrication and EGR cleaning and everything will be ok. On a side note head gasket failure is covered by Lexus extended warranty as well as many other parts like DMF and clutch release bearing etc. 2 Years extended warranty including top AA breakdown cover is a no brainer at £995 - 2 years worry free motoring, after my warranty expires I will decide to keep or let it go, the is250 is the one I would look at.......
  12. IS220D Mystery

    I agree entirely!
  13. I have just bought my first Lexus - a 2007 IS220d 113,000 miles with full service history mostly by Lexus dealer. I have noticed that with the engine running at normal temperature and in neutral that their is what can best described as a light rattling sound, once the clutch is depressed the sound stops. Is this the dreaded dual mass flywheel on it's way out or is it something else? The other issues are what appears to be a flat spot between 1100 and 1500 rpm, I can feel the turbo kick in at about 1900 to 2000 rpm and then the car flies! Also if I use 6th gear at anything less than 80 mph or less than 2000rpm then the engine labours - is this normal?
  14. New IS220d owner seeking advise.

    It's been identified as the clutch release bearing, will be going in soon to have it replaced and have the dpf and clutch plates inspected at the same time and if need be renewed, all covered under extended warranty apart from the clutch plates which I will pay for.
  15. Did you use a Lexus dealership or an independent garage?
  16. New IS220d owner seeking advise.

    Since having the egr cleaned it would appear that 6th gear is more usable because of the power increase at low revs (between 1200 and 1800 rpm). So some additional benefit from having the egr cleaned.
  17. Power between 1200 & 1700 rpm is abysmal, I have looked into this problem a great deal and have found something that can allegedly fix it - Sprint Booster by Boulekos Dynamic. Will this kit do what it says it will do and transform the car at low rev's? Has anybody fitted it? I would welcome your feedback. What about issues with insurance companies and Lexus regarding modifications i.e. extended warranty etc?
  18. To be fair mine had probably never been cleaned before and it has covered 113,500 miles, I agree town driving is not for the is220d and as you say motorway driving is a must occasionally. A lot happier with mine now and I took out the Lexus Extended Warranty for piece of mind regarding the failed head gasket scenario, only thing I will have to live with is the abysmal 6th gear - on a brighter note keeping it in 5th on motorways will also help to keep the engine free of carbon build up........
  19. EGR valve was inspected yesterday, full of carbon and clearly not functioning properly - after cleaning and reassembly car is a different animal, will now start using BP Ultimate or Shell V Power Nitro and see what transpires. New standard air filter was changed last month so hopefully the flow on the induction side will now be a lot more...... On another note courtesy car was a Lexus is300h - very nice motor and did not really want to give it back lol
  20. Is it a common occurrence for the slider pins to seize and need freeing and lubricating? All four of my calipers needed work on them to free of the slider pins recently, will this happen again and if so is their any way of preventing it happening in the first place?
  21. is220d brake calipers & pins

    Thanks for your offer, I've inboxed you.
  22. Decided it's time to buy the Lexus extended warranty before the car is 10 years old, I've been quoted £995 for two years cover inc RAC roadside assistance. Apart from having to service the car at the Lexus stealership is their any other terms and conditions or get outs that I should be aware of? Like is wear and tear covered within reason etc. And are parts like DPF and EGR covered?
  23. Lexus is220d Extended Warranty

    No juddering when pulling away, when their in doing the release bearing the flywheel will be inspected and changed if necessary.
  24. Lexus is220d Extended Warranty

    113500 miles, spoke about the flywheel being inspected as well and changed if needed, this again is covered under the extended warranty, wear and tear items I do not have a problem with i.e. pressure and clutch plates and if flywheel is ok then will probably have the clutch changed anyway whilst they are in there.